“Phuck What An Old Thot Got To Say”: Rihanna Responds To TLC’s Criticism of Her Dress, T-Boz Clarifies

June 6, 2014  |  


People are still talking about Rihanna’s dress from Monday at the CFDA dress. Including TLC. In an interview with Entertainment Wise, T-Boz and Chilli slammed the outfit saying “Every time I see you, you don’t have to be naked. It’s easy to sell sex.”

And T-Boz said that it may seem like they’re jealous because of their age but they say that’s not why they’re pointing it out. “It’s hard for us to say anything because any time we do, they say ‘Oh TLC must be jealous’ but I call a spade a spade.”

But Chilli said they’re happy to have achieved so much success all while keeping their clothes on.

“We became the biggest girl selling group of all time with our clothes on and that says a lot. We could go around too with booby cakes [breasts] out all day long.”

Rihanna took to her Twitter page to respond. And you know she’s quick with the pictures.

Source: Twitter


Source: Twitter

And there was more.

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  • t

    Every time Rihanna says anything she just proves how stupid she really is. Maybe that beat down she got affected her brain.

  • Taahira Mcgee

    Who cares this girl looks lost. Why

  • DroppingTruth

    The TLC pic was for a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.

  • TheTruthIs

    I watched the interview and i did not hear anyone other than the News Team mention Rihanna’s name, also yes TLC has ONE picture of them Half naked lol #1 lol and they did not make a career out of selling sex like 98% of todays celebrities today. Stans will be stans and sometimes I wish these blogs will write posts with common sense. sometimes u gotta read between the lines, the industry is a big machine and will always support whatever Sells. Money and Morals have no place together in the music industry. sad but true.

  • K

    Didn’t Cher wear something like this years ago?

    • Embrace the nakedness lol

      she did, and she along with Madonna, and Janet Jackson, as well as a few others, were all a lil risque. However, what I got from them, like Rihanna, is embracing your body, however that may be…

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  • itsme

    Tlc need to go somewhere and sit down, hypocrits

  • itsme

    I liked the whole outfit and she pulled it off, all the haters just mad they don’t have the guts to pull it off.

  • Regina

    There are a gazillion Rihannas out there but only one TLC -she knows it -they know it. TLC were and still are and always will be totally awesome, original, superfunky -Rihanna just got lucky to be in the music game at all cause she is very beautiful(hence the desperate near naked shots which seems to get more frequent as well) Sorry Riri -it had to be said even if you have done very well with the little music talent you’ve got.


    First this does NOT compare. TLC did not practice this as way to sell records every day as a way of life? Second, their picture is selling the idea of sex appeal, & RiRi sold SEX! Coming out the house butt A$$ naked does not constitute an even exchange. Not to mention, these are totally different artists. If I had to vote, TLC would get my vote for CLASS all day every day!!!

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    Wonder how hard she had to google to find that one picture of them covering (not EXPOSING) their tittas. Girl bye.

  • BK

    Let the haters hate RiRi…it’s your time, enjoy life….NO REGRETS…

  • Steste luv

    Just keep doing you b

  • whogonecheckmeboo

    I liked the dress and honestly i’ve seen other celebs wear dresses just as revealing if not more. In other parts of the world its high fashion couture, here ppl think she’s just naked. Its all in how you look at it. Rihanna is from Barbados and their modesty standards are totally different from the U.S. Have you seen their carnivals for goodness sakes!?

    • Go RiRi

      IKR! some ppl are so simple minded and cannot get the past that she has boobs and a tush like the rest of us. It should never be about what you wear, but how you wear it…it’s about expressing YOURself, and I commend Rihanna bc she is always true to herself no matter what others think…ppl gon talk when she has clothes on, off or in between lol, can’t please everyone…

  • Antonia

    TLC’s pic was for a breast cancer awareness campaign. Nothing hypocritical about that especially considering they still weren’t showing anything. Also, why do all these sites keep reporting that they were talking about Rihanna and her dress? Nowhere did either of those words come out of their mouths. If people wanna get mad because TLC don’t want to see sex organs prancing down the street fine. Doesn’t make any sense but okay I guess.

    • Blake

      There is no Internet record of TLC ever doing a breast cancer awareness campaign. Cite it or it didn’t happen. Plus, the photo objectifies women, so that’s a hard sell. Sorry, I’m calling b$ on your claim.

      • well…

        if they did or didn’t it doesn’t matter, any opinion is irrelevant because it is from their biasness..Rihanna is still living her life the way she wants…

  • Darling

    She’s young and with a great body. Leave her alone. When TLC came out their subject matter was risque.

    • well…

      exactly! they were about women embracing themselves and Rihanna’s goal is the same, she may go about it in a different way but she is who she is..no one can take that away…Embrace it or not, she will do what she wants…

    • vcubain

      that girl will be a crack head the way she is going low self esteem butt crack all out like a crack head trying to sell sex for crack

  • Catrina Paige

    Let me add that TLC were teenagers at the time…if Rihanna can dress how she wants for entertainment then people can say what the want about it since its obviously suppose to be for public amusement. However, we are not amused smh. There are no music legends that I can think of who pulled this type of stunt…but I guess longevity and being a legend is not one of Rihanna’s goals right now.

    • itsme

      Um it was mentioned that she wore the dress as a tribute for josefine baker, she had worn something similar in the past,

  • Echo Moon

    i think if she were comfortable enough and confident enough she wouldn’t have to dress in that way to show off, to get talked about or to garner pictures…..

  • blackrose

    Why does She always feel the need to respond to everything. To me that shows she is still young and immature. People are going to talk let them. I would think she is too busy and presently famous to have time to respond to everything said about her. If I had these people money and didn’t have to worry about paying off my college loans, mortgage, etc, Id let very few things bother me. Clapping back is not always necessary. If someone asks her to respond to TLC comments, Id say “I hadn’t heard them” or “who?”

  • Starr King

    Lmao, she only trying to say that shyt now because Rihanna put them asses on Blast!

  • mmmdot

    Um, I liked Rihanna’s dress but she needs to sit the hell down. TLC did not spend MOST of their careers wearing revealing clothing the way that she does. Sorry. MOST of the time they wore a lot of baggy clothes and MOST of the she’s worn revealing clothing. It’s not like they are really lying. Please. Second, calling them “old thots”? This disrespectful bxtch can drink a big glass of shut the hell up for that one.

    • Guestest

      Yeah, i think Rihanna did the most with this one. Calling them thots and making their picture her twitter background. What they said must have really hit home. Wow.

    • SunFlower78

      Rihanna is just flat disrespectful all the time…it’s easy to blast people on social media…I bet it would not have been that convo in person.
      She has a mouth on her…she is going to check the wrong person one day…everybody’s road will end at some point.

  • anonymouse

    She’s gonna be an old ‘thot ( ugh, that term is a grammatical nightmare) one day. She better enjoy it while it lasts.

  • barrystjohn

    TLC is broke and always been broke Ri Ri is a bigger star and very wealthy ! stop hating T Boz and Chili !

  • honeybee808

    I absolutely love her response, in all its shadiness…

  • Doll Phace

    Rihanna did it again!!!! Smdh some people can’t handle gettin handled Lmao

  • Cleveland Cutie

    Rihanna is disrespectful, she really needs to tone it down a notch. She’s irritating.

  • ilybrklynn

    Love me some Rihanna

  • JustSteph

    Rihanna.. does that make you a young THOT (gosh, i hate that term lol)? Rihanna, until you are able to carry a note, dance (well) AND still be in the game in your 40’s… then you can’t speak. Scrub…

  • Marisol

    I think that TLC pic is for breast cancer awareness. I love Rihanna, but she can be so ignorant! Someone is gonna come for her and shut her all the way down!

    • Blake

      You think? You think the Breast Cancer Organization would objectify women in an ad? Wow! Bizarre.

  • BossLady

    Rihanna is such trash, garbage, c*m dumpster! This dress did not surprise me at all! Like one Psychologist said “That is why you dont have a man!” She is a hit and run victim! Lol!

  • destiny carter

    A few times for TLC vs all the time for RiRi

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  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    LMAO!!! rihanna gets on my nerves she funny as shat!

  • Aubree

    With Chris’s crazy antics and her unfiltered mouth…no WONDER why they didn’t work out. They’re BOTH crazy.

  • On_Point

    Lol @ wh0rihanna calling t-boz a thot, wh0rhirhi is one of the industries top slvts. She is known industry poocy and fuked her way to the top.

  • LaMina

    The question during the interview was a setup! If you read T-Boz was unaware of Rihanna’s latest outfit. They were asked a question and answered it honestly. The NARRATOR of the story is the one that implied they were talking about Rihanna.

  • Lissa329

    Again. This is why I dont follow Rihanna. She stay out of pocket!!!

  • girlllll

    Rihanna wants to have that shock factor. She knows wearing things like this will have the next generation talking. If her music doesn’t have longevity i guess her appearance will. her response was childish because she called them out of their names and she compared their two topless pics to her whole career. girrrrlllllll.

  • CaramelDream

    Rhianna needs to take some tips from Beyonce when it comes to class. She wore the dress for attention, so don’t be mad when all the attention is not positive.

    • !fetujbvx


    • Candi

      But Beyonce is singing about drinking watermelons, Monica Lewinky’ing on her gown.. O_o That’s classy?? I wouldn’t wear the RiRi dress, but I could care less what she wears.

      • CaramelDream

        But yet you care enough about my comment and my opinion to reply. Bye Felicia!

    • Trisha_B

      Check out beyonce’s most recent videos & come back again talking about class lol

      • CaramelDream

        I am not about to do anything, I am entitled to my opinion . . . don’t like it? Log off!

        • Trisha_B

          But why are you trying to start a Stan war lol. Rihanna has never compared herself to Beyoncé, so why are you? Your saying Rih will never achieve the success of bey, like that’s such a horrible thing. But you will never have the success of Beyoncé either so what does that say? Smh lol just like Rihanna goes by the motto “sx sells” so does Beyoncé. Prancing around in a thong while married & mother is not classy. The only thing she can teach Rih is to ignore the negative talkers, but being classy isn’t one of them

          • CaramelDream

            You’re right because I am an accountant, I don’t sing or dance or aspire to. Why does my opinion matter that much to you? Did I hurt YOUR feelings?
            What? A stan war? Find something better to do than defend someone who doesn’t even know you exist and surely wouldn’t do the same for you. How about you stop being a STAN? And realize everyone doesn’t worship Rhianna just because you do. She has no class . . . deal with it.

            I made opinion, you replied to me cause I guess you didn’t like my comment. Now you accusing me of some childish BS . . . girl bye!

            • Trisha_B

              Lol your whole comment is childish. I’m not a Stan. But what was the point of mentioning Beyoncé? Beyoncé name is mentioned in Rihanna post just to start drama. She has nothing to do with this. Simple. People need to stop bringing that woman’s name up in things that aren’t about her. She doesn’t involve herself so why involve her?

              • Chanda

                I don’t like the Bey and Rihanna comparisons either. One doesn’t have anything to do with the other except the Jay-Z connection.

              • SimplePseudonym

                Very true. It’s a weird comparison b/c Beyonce and Rhianna are like apples and oranges. I don’t even think they see each other as competition b/c they have totally different music styles, approaches, target audiences, images, etc.

            • kylie

              But… you’re defending Rihanna, so….

          • Guestest

            All of this is true!

    • itsme

      Um it was a tribute to Josephine baker.

  • shante

    I dont care what she wears but if i wore that in public i would get arrested…i guess i thought being exposed in public is illegal? u can clearly see her boobs/butt.

    • Neco84

      It’s not a federal law. NYC and other places you can be top less.

      • shante

        Really? so the indecent exposure thing must apply to pervert men who flash they thing at young girls!

        • SunFlower78

          I’m in Ohio and there is a such thing. If I walked outside with my shirt off I would be sited, definitely.
          Nothing suprises me about NY…

          • shante

            lol for real! but even if i could show it i wouldnt want to…these goods are for my husband, not for the world to visually enjoy. Not hating on Riri but thats just how i feel about the whole naked in public thing.

          • mmmdot

            I’m from NYC and I understand the rationale for the law. Why are women’s nipples more sexualized then men’s nipples? Why can men run topless but women can’t? It’s about equal protection under the law. There aren’t many women who actually take advantage of the law and walk around the city topless, but it’s good to know that *IF* a woman wanted to try it, they could without being arrested.

            • guest

              Thank you. What the h3ll is so scandalous about nipples? Everybody has them.

              If folks stop sexualizing everything this society would be okay.

              • mmmdot

                You’re welcome. And I totally agree. If men’s nipples aren’t considered to be “obscene” public, then women’s nipples shouldn’t be either.

        • Francois

          It’s not against NYC law to walk around topless in public but it is illegal in other American states

        • Neco84

          Shoot! I hope not! But I know you can be top less. Not sure about bottom less.

        • SimplePseudonym

          Applies to all. Toplessness is legal. Bottomlessness is not.
          (THANK GOD!!!)

  • az

    We all have seen our round of trifling prom dresses. Well, call Rihanna the inspiration!
    Rihanna is trashy and not classy.

    • Trisha_B

      People were waring trifling prom dresses way before Rihanna step foot in america

  • Truth Hurts

    If you can’t be WOMAN enough to own up to what you say, then don’t say it at all.

  • Katrika

    Ummmm TBOZ you being in Australia doesn’t mean a damn thing! I’m in Trinidad and I saw Rihanna’s tits at the same time as everyone else. You know good and well you tried to throw some shade. Quit insulting our intelligence! On top of that….Thou protesteth a little too much hon! Now go sit down somewhere.

  • in_reality

    I think the dress and outfit was beautiful. People are complaining about her nipples, but I read somewhere that they only showed up in pictures. In person, the goods weren’t out for display. The material was translucent and was supposed to give the appeareance of nudity and her skin being covered in crystals. The only reason her nips were visible was because of the high powered flash from all the cameras.

  • me

    I can’t with these folks fighting on Twitter … SMH. It really is not that serious. That said, folks should know by know that Rihanna is one of those girls who isn’t gonna take a comment like that and not respond – especially when it seems you are in a glass house.

  • Shawndrea Rachelle

    Rihanna wants to be like Joseline so bad

    • Trisha_B

      From love & hip hop?

      • Shawndrea Rachelle


        • Truth Hurts


          • Shawndrea Rachelle

            Nope. Rihanna found out that people were making the comparison and started using Joseline’s comebacks, (like the one above) and taking pictures like her

            • donna

              She did repeat something that JoJo said at one time. I don’t remember what it was. They do kind of favor!

            • well…

              I think ppl make the comparisons bc they do have similar features, but that doesn’t mean that they copy each other…they’re just strongminded girls with a sharp tongue lol

    • donna

      Are you serious? Lol

    • her true colors are rising…

      hmmmm I don’t get it…Rihanna has always been the same to me, but she’s been opening up more because she can…this is what happens when you have a good following of fans and supporters for so long. She’s been in the entertaining industry for 10+ years, and she is more confident in herself so why not…

  • Trisha_B

    But tboz defended Miley saying people need to leave her alone lol. & Miley is way more crazier & nastier than Rihanna, but she put money in Miley’s pocket & basically endorsed her nakedness by bringing her daughter to Miley’s concert. Very hypocritical.
    White celebs get away with so much, while black celebs get called out & called names. By, shockingly, other black people smh.

    • Yvette

      Now there is some truth for your azz. Speak on it!

    • Janet

      But TBOZ didn’t say Rihanna’s name at all. That was added by the person who interviewed them.

  • Kay

    Can we please start using the dictionary? IF TLC said this, they are not being hypocritical. A hypocrite is someone who does one thing then judges another for doing the same thing. Those TLC pics look like a onetime deal. They weren’t known for doing it and for the most part were known for their MUSIC. They didn’t criticize nudity/sex overall; it was the persistence of it. Their commenting on someone who can’t seem to go a day without showing everyone her goods is not the same folks.
    Granted, I’m a little old skool and don’t mess with Rihanna. But everytime I see pics of her and read about how she responds to folks, I just smh. She doesn’t exude one ounce of classiness or respect at all. Like, why do people like her? That being said, any discussions or comments about her dress or ubiquitous nudity are pointless because she doesn’t care. We should really be thinking about how to parlay this into useful dialogue with our sons and daughters about how to celebrate your body and sexuality without going to extremes. *Rant done*

    • CocoaLove

      Exactly .

    • guest

      Ok…so they posed topless once and that makes them less hypocritical?

    • WhateverNavy

      Why do people like her? I wonder the same thing. The only nice thing I can say about Rihanna is that she is attractive. On the other hand, she can barely sing, and her attitude is stank!! I don’t think T-Boz is being hypocritical either. TLC came out in baggy a$$ clothes and pretty much stayed that way. Rihanna is ALWAYS half naked and has to be to detract from the fact that she isn’t that talented.

      • Trisha_B

        TLC lack talent as well. Besides left eye, tboz & chili could not sing. A majority of their songs were sexual. They worse baggy jeans but they had on bras. Besides this dress Rihanna has been to numerous outings this week & the only skin that was showing was her arms & legs. So no she’s not always naked, that’s just what you &a the blogs chose to focus on. Yesterday there was a post on here about Rihanna’s charity work where she’s wearing this black leather dress. No nips showing, no belly showing guess how much comments that got? Lol

      • donna

        She can’t sing. To me, she sounds like a little annoying bug! But, if that is what people like then that is fine. She is a very attractive young lady!

    • SunFlower78

      Well said I agree!

    • 2cents

      I imagine folks only asked TLC to get topless once. That spread was enough.

    • donna

      Good Rant agree 1,000%!

  • CocoaLove

    They never said they haven’t showed some body before they said they were able to make it big by keeping their clothes on which is true .and that no one needs to see rihannas body all the time which is also true .her dressing like that is not Art and saying well they do that in Paris ….she wasn’t in Paris .there’s a time and a place for things .She was at a formal award ceremony .that’s not appropriate no matter which way you spin it .There’s no reason for anyone to expose their bodies to the world .she’s always under dressed *literally* .The dress was classless .If anyone else wore it a lot of people would be singing a different tune smh I usually don’t give a damn about things like this but too many young ones out here that think stuff like this is ok or will get them notices , it will but for all the wrong reasons

    • Trisha_B

      She was at a fashion event that celebrated the fashion world. The fashion world doesn’t worry about nudity. If this was the met gala or even the Grammys, the dress would have been 100% inappropriate. But for a fashion award that was streamed all over the world, like Paris where fashion is #1. It was appropriate

    • Mzfeisty

      Sooooooo Agree!!!!!

  • currvalicious

    I love TLC w/all my heart (favorite group of all time) however T-boz needs to take an english class. I didn’t understand anything she had to say. Who cares what Rihanna or anyone else wears, it’s their business.

  • DoinMe

    I’m sorry, but what was T-Boz trying to say in her response? My brain cells die a slow death reading Twitter status’ sometimes. It’s not for everyone.

    • honeypa72


  • SunFlower78

    I know Rihanna is not calling someone a THOT, whether old or young a THOT is still a THOT…the pot calling the kettle black. She will be old one day herself…hell at her age her body should look like that…I’m just saying.

    Rihanna is just immature with no couth. She just gets away with that BS cause her fans think anything she does or says and acceptable…everybody doesn’t ridge that gravy train.

    • ms stacye

      I agree…but Rihanna is young. She might look back on her behavior someday and cringe…might….I bet T-Boz and them had the same “if u don’t like it eff u” attitude at 24, 25 years old as well.
      She should have kept her mouth shut though. She looked great in that dress and she knew it, and she doesn’t need to defend her fashion choices to anyone.

      • louvres

        1- she is 26!
        2- A 24, 25 you are not a child anymore..you are a young ADULT..”adult” being the key word..but I’m not mad at her. To each his own…

      • SunFlower78

        I think the fact that she assumed T-Boz was speaking about her (whether she really was or not) speaks for itself. I liked the look (I’m always for being yourself and out of the box) …I am just not the type that thinks nipples showing is a part of fashion
        (I thought she would have made a bigger statement not showing her nipples) to me it took away from the dress and the design….
        She has a lot a maturing to do for someone her age.

  • Lol

    But models in Paris show off these same designer clothes that these so called celebrities wear in nipples and butt cheeks at the door as well? Nudity is an art, we were born naked right?? or no? lol lol

    • Guestest

      My mama said i came out the womb with a t-shirt on..

      • Ahhhhhhhhhhhh lmaooooo

      • T. T.

        That is the funniest thing I’ve heard/read all month long. Tell mama I heard that!!!!!! LOL!!!

        • Guestest


      • Doll Phace

        Tee hee !!!

        • Guestest

          She did Doll Lol

  • Ce1999

    I’m usually considered a prude and I actually liked the dress. I just didn’t need to see the nips. If she had pasties on I’d be all good. But Rihanna has shown she’s going do her, time and time again.

  • Jan

    Welp, there is that. I really wish Rihanna wouldn’t respond to so many opinions, but i will admit how funny she is at doing them. Yes, the dress was a bit much, but it was elaborate and so pretty to me. Many people don’t understand high fashion let along a woman secure with her body and sexuality. Would I wear it? Heavens no, but I can see why Rihanna did. She is grown so let her be.

    • MTL

      I agree completely with you. They do it on the runway ALL THE TIME and no one says anything about it because that’s what fashion is! It’s shocking yet beautiful. And it wasn’t just any ocassion, it was the Fashion Awards! Honestly, there was no better time and place for something her to wear that dress. It was gorgeous. I hardly noticed the nipz because it was so much more than that. The whole ensemble was stunning.

    • bigdede

      And people seem to forget Rihanna was channeling Josephine Baker who made a living dancing naked and wearing outfits like the one Rihanna wore. I totally forgot about it until Kimberly Elise brought it up on Wendy Williams.

  • MTL

    Why don’t people just leave her alone?
    No she doesn’t HAVE to dress that way but she WANTS to! She’s comfy looking like that and looks fabulous! Mind your own business… Especially when you’re within the same business. I don’t like artists speakin on other artists like that.

    • Tboz defended miley cyrus not too long ago.

      • bigdede

        She did yet she knocks Rihanna. Jealousy!

        • Self hatred too,imagine if we went hard in the paint for each other,when do rihanna ever factually bother anybody?people act like her nudity is brand new.

        • really?

          Can we please start using the dictionary? IF TLC said this, they are not being hypocritical. A hypocrite is someone who does one thing then judges another for doing the same thing. Those TLC pics look like a onetime deal. They weren’t known for doing it and for the most part were known for their MUSIC. They didn’t criticize nudity/sex overall; it was the persistence of it. Their commenting on someone who can’t seem to go a day without showing everyone her goods is not the same folks.
          Granted, I’m a little old skool and don’t mess with Rihanna. But everytime I see pics of her and read about how she responds to folks, I just smh. She doesn’t exude one ounce of classiness or respect at all. Like, why do people like her? That being said, any discussions or comments about her dress or ubiquitous nudity are pointless because she doesn’t care. We should really be thinking about how to parlay this into useful dialogue with our sons and daughters about how to celebrate your body and sexuality without going to extremes.

          • bigdede

            Why is it T-Boz can cheer on Miley Cyrus for walking around half naked all the time then she belittles Rihanna? Also, it is a known fact Rihanna did that in tribute to Josephine Baker who birthday was the next day.

        • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

          But she didn’t say her name tho so…

      • Doll Phace

        Right!!!! And she’s worst even with her clothes on! Lol

    • Kay

      People who are comfortable being who they are don’t feel the need to “clapback”

      • discount jeans

        you are bias. People who are comfortable with who they are don’t feel the need to trash another. Their behavior made them look jealous

        • Steven Jackson

          exactly. Its not cool for people to be haters

        • SunFlower78

          But Rihanna trashes and goes for people all the time for no reason…she is always putting people on blast on twitter and instagrhm.

          Too me it seems Rihanna can dish it, but has a hard time receiving it.

          • discount jeans

            what you don’t know is Rihanna reacts to people who come at her. She don’t just start with you. From Teyana, Charlie Sheen and now TLC. People should keep in mind that when they say things on celebrities they have people watching and reporting to them. She will not say why she let them have it but if you research you will see why. Her music is not my style but I cannot be bias

            • SunFlower78

              I don’t agree, there has been plenty of times that she has come for people and it was not in retaliation. She even puts her fans on blast…who does that? She makes fun of people and says disrespectful stuff on social media all the time…it is not always because someone came for her first.

              I’m far from biased because I don’t like Rihanna or TLC, never have. I liked a few of Rihanna’s songs in the past but I am far from a fan..I guess some peoples opinion on respect for others is different.

              • discount jeans

                If you are not a fan following Rihanna you will not know what I am talking about so you are like many bias people who are talking without knowing. Its ok because she will be coming soon with another outfit that will get some people blood pressure up

            • really?

              What about the girl who wore the black dress inspire by Rihanna her self and instead of complimenting her she made a negative comment and after that Rihanna’s fan dragged that 16 year old girl for hours. Rihanna has to know how mean her fan base yet she always add fuel to the fire. Stop acting like Rihanna is just oh so innocent.
              She was rude to that girl but when Family Guy mocks her for wearing that see-through dress she gives them credit.
              Rihanna starts stuff as well she makes plenty of rude comments however her fan base takes it as “keeping it real”.
              I look at artist like Beyoncé or Janet Jackson who have been criticize numerous amounts of time for wearing little to no clothes I have never seen them respond the way Rihanna does.
              She just seems to have a bad attitude. A school raised money for Rihanna to come and speak she was 4 hours late didn’t even say sorry stayed for like 10 mins and left.

              • no boz-cee lol

                Let sleeping dogs lie down, dont pull the lion’s tail, if trouble aint trouble you, don’t trouble it. R to the I. Ri to d world

              • SunFlower78


            • Mz_educated1

              No offense but Rhianna did put a high schooler, who was a fan on blast because of an outfit the she copied from Rhianna. This is a fan who adored her (Rhianna) sense of fashion so much she wanted to wear a similar version to prom. What did RiRi do? CritiCize and compare and contrast with a side side photo of herself on Twitter and Ig. What was her purpose for that? 0_o #Ijs That was just plain mean and rude for someone of her status to do that to a fan!

      • Steph

        Kay you better PREACH!!! Rhianna remind me tof young girls saying “I’m grown” grown women..real grown women don’t ever need to say they are grown..other people say it for them…if Rihianna is being her..then why clapback? Besides attention..there’s no reason for her to really say anything….I lost respect for her when she went after that high school girl who was a fan of hers and made her prom dress like one Rhianna’s outfits..and Hello Beautiful pointed out that TLC always use their platform for a social agenda, so I’m pretty sure that pic was for some form of awareness and not just to be tatty free. The dress was beautiful and it was elegant and I believe naked is awesome. I think she looked good in..I just think at 25 it’s time for to grow up…she’s in a industry where people are going to talk..if you looked good and Anna Wintour of Vogue gave you the award..whatchu worrying for boo!?

  • Tasha Iswi McKenzie

    hahahahahahahahahahaha. Well I guess they forgot about those.

    • When trying to read get you read! Loool

    • mikki21

      But that is only one picture. Like Chilli said, “make a living” from it. To be considered trying to make a living from being naked means this is the “norm” for that person. Rhianna seems to be loosing more and more material each time we see her. So Chilli does have a point, and Rhianna just seems to be pulling at straws.

      • SimplePseudonym

        But TLC was ALWAYS naked, though!

        • Kay

          when were they always naked?

        • LaMina

          That isn’t a true statement. They actually always wore baggy clothes.