Now You See Them, Now You Don’t: 10 Super Reclusive Celebs Who Like To Stay Out Of The Spotlight

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If you’re looking for them, many of the people on this list can’t be found on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram. They’re reclusive. They don’t like to talk a whole lot and they don’t like to come out of the house for the parties, dinners and things that many of your current favorites put on designer threads for. These uber-talented people like to live privately, keeping their business on the low low and allowing their art to speak for them. Maybe that’s why we like them so much? Here are 10 famous folks known for being reclusive.




Only D’Angelo could step out of the spotlight after releasing his classic debut album, Brown Sugar, come back with the tightest set of abs for Voodoo, step back out and gain a smooth 100 pounds (which we only found out because he got arrested), drop the weight, and return as if all of this never happened. D’Angelo did some touring last year and talked about his music in Brooklyn last month for the Red Bull Music Academy, but for the most part, he weaves in and out of the spotlight, leaving fans in suspense about his next move (like when a third album is coming out!).

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  • S-H-A-W-N

    You forgot the Queen of hiding… Janet Jackson..

  • Vandellish

    I’d say Idris Elba too. He’s not in the spotlight nearly as much as he could be.

  • Blue Skittle


  • facts_r_facts

    Talent is rare appreciate it and it comes back…humble yourself…

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  • BobbyBrownsUnhingedLowerJaw

    where is Sade on this list, HELLO! Prince???

    • OSHH

      I was about say Sade should be #1 and I have tons of respect for artists like Prince Sade, D’Angelo and Dave Chappele for more reasons than one. The art comes first, and really that is they are serving and featuring.

  • RealBlackGirl

    Talented people don’t need the glare of the spotlight. They can go away for awhile then comeback cause they know that people will still be interested. They do things on their own terms although sometimes questionable.That’s why at the end of the day we have more respect for them then the thots who stay in the spotlight.

  • Meanwhile people complain about certain entertainers being over exposed.ha I guess you can’t win. Anita has a strong social media presence. I believe given the right songs to motivate her, she would be out and about. That divas vh1 show was to be a platform for her a few years back, but a falling out with a few folks behind the scene nixed that. If she were more visible, that probably would not have happened. She’s probably sold more record than Patti, but these young producers of that show aren’t familiar with her because of her lack of popularity, therefore did not respect her. Didn’t think she’s walk away not give her what she expected. I’m guessing. The entertainment business is an enigma in its self.

    • BobbyBrownsUnhingedLowerJaw

      i agree, Stoney, er Brenden…

      • GingerNHoney


  • Natasha3

    This article or post makes NO SENSE!! Half of these celebrities ya’ll mention are NOT in the same leve, are NOT interested in the same thing nor are they going after the same thing! Each of them have a different focused! You have to considered all of these things and also the level of the media interest of what these celebrities next move going to be. Lets not forget the effect that the media have in turning someone into a big star or…… Stop trying to start drama. Let these people live how they choose.

  • bigdawgman

    Dave Chappelle
    The Weeknd (I don’t even know who he is)
    Lauryn Hill
    Daniel Day-Lewis
    Sly Stone
    Frank Ocean
    Daft Punk
    Anita Baker

    • ohplease

      thank you

    • Amber

      lol thanks. I was not about to do all that clicking

    • GingerNHoney

      Sly Stone is homeless. I found that out just yesterday.