“When Is Public Nudity Okay?” Wendy Williams Goes In On Rihanna’s “Totally Inappropriate” See-Through Gown

June 4, 2014  |  


Yesterday we told you about the see-through Adam Selman gown Rihanna wore to pick up the “Fashion Icon of The Year Award” at the CFDA Awards on Monday night. People absolutely loved it or they hated it, and one person who was feeling some type of way about it is Wendy Williams. On her show on Tuesday, she shared a sentiment that many others had, which was that while Rihanna has a great body and looks good, her next-to-nothing look left nothing to the imagination and was a bit too much. Wendy even went as far as to say that such looks might make Ri Ri a fashion risk taker, but not nearly a fashion icon. Interesting, right? Here’s what she had to say: 

“Did you see Rihanna’s most recent red carpet outfit? [laughs]

She was showing all booty crack and all areola. You wanna know what? She’s got a really terrific body and she’s a really beautiful girl, but as far as I’m concerned, she’s totally inappropriate for leaving the house with this outfit on. This is the kind of outfit for when you invite all of your friends over and you’re hosting your down low sex party…THEN you wear this outfit And you smoke your blunts out of a cigarette holder and you walk around like you own the joint. But you don’t walk out of the house like this. You know? 

Here’s the thing…since when is public nudity okay? Here in New York, toplessness is legal. Like you can take off your top and walk outside the Wendy studios and the cops can’t do nothin’.

Rihanna is a risk taker. I don’t really consider her a fashion icon. I consider her a risk taker and there’s nothing wrong with that. I think that Jennifer Lopez is a fashion icon…Jennifer Lopez shows you just enough to leave you wanting more, which is what a lady does.” 

Check out Wendy giving her two cents below. Her opinion on Ri Ri starts at the 6:15 mark.

But if you ask Rihanna about revealing so much, which someone did on the red carpet on Monday night, she’ll ask you,”My t*ts bother you?” In the Bajan beauty’s mind, she was covered…in crystals.

What do you think of what Wendy had to say about Rihanna’s look? Does she have a point or is she way off base? Talk about it!

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  • Phoenix Starr

    The dress was designed for her. The designer and her stylist wanted her to wear it. And wear it she did. Now, in all of the uproar, people seem to have forgotten those that have worn the same, a lil more, or less. I dunno…CHER comes to mind. Google Cher 1988 Oscar Awards. she had on a see through black dress. in the 1970’s she used to walk around in next to nothing. that was before my time (i’m only 32). People are bashing Rihanna because it is her. period. Gweneth Paltrow has hit the red carpet in a see through top, so has Halle Berry..and let’s not forget Rose McGowan at the MTV awards when she showed up in less than what Rihanna did. And there’s always Madonna..circa 1980’s early 90’s…and her book. hahahahaha people are too funny.

  • Angie

    Leave baby girl alone! Rihanna could wear a paper-bag and would she rock the fashion out of it! Keep slaying RiRi!

  • hacker7

    Tommy Sotomayor will open your eyes to the truth !!

  • hacker7

    Tommy Sotomayor is my hero !!

  • Buhle

    Earth to everyone….you do realise Rihanna has all of u wrapped around her little finger. You are doing exactly what she aimed for…to get the public talking about her. The more u talk the more relevant she stays. She chose that dress for a reason and its proving itself right here right now. Look at u all bickering and pulling each others hair out! (Figuratively of course). Dont do this. Dont donate anymore of your energy on this. There are topics and incidents that warrant your opinions and this rihanna story ain’t it.

  • Voice of Reason

    Sorry I agree with Wendy. First let me say (in case this comes up later) that yes Rihanna is beautiful, and no I am not a hater.

    But it was just too much. She is not a fashion icon to me. She just wears expensive clothes. A risk taker definitely. But damn she needs to show a little more class and carry herself better. How does she expect to be treated of this is how she puts herself out there?? Forget about being a role model (that I am not a role model crap is a cop out. You are one whether you like it or not) but being a REAL woman. Sorry she is still very much a girl and she has self esteem issues. Yeah I called it…

    • Marc Hermitte

      I think when you’ve got a body like that, It’s a sin to wear
      anything else than this dress.

      • Voice of Reason

        So basically she is just a body?? She has been reduced to a piece of meat for your viewing pleasure?? This is exactly why dressing as she does is actually doing her a disservice. Holding herself in a higher regard will force people to see the whole person as well as her beauty. Thank you for proving my point exactly….

  • Ash

    Everyone keeps saying she shouldn’t have wore it in public, as if she was just out shopping and had this on. So if she was performing it would be okay, but not at a fashion event. This wasn’t the Billboard awards. If u don’t like it, then I guess don’t like it, but I don’t understand all those little qualifiers. Like if she was performing it would be okay or its different when she does it in magazine but just not at a fashion event where she’s being honored. I don’t know, I guess to each his/her own.

  • ladybug095

    It was tasteless and inappropriate. She is a beautiful girl and does not have to walk around naked for people to notice. Her lack of self esteem is very noticeable in what she chooses to wear and how she portrays herself. Please don’t say its her age, or she’s rich she can do as she pleases. True she can but please have some morals, and respect for yourself, and leave the costumes for the stage.

    • Are You Serious?

      You know she has low self esteem how? She comes from the Islands, being naked is what they do. She shouldn’t have to conform to Western society’s ideals and have some internet psychologist diagnose her with low self esteem when you truly have no idea what you are talking about. I’m not going to say it’s her age or that she’s rich, I’m going to say it’s her culture and what she is used to. Perhaps you should gain some morals and respect and allow a person to live how they please. May I also suggest you stay away from the Islands and countries where nudity is common, don’t want you to lose your mind.

      • Phoenix Starr

        omg…please stop…please. “Western society’s ideals”?!?!?!?!? where do you think Barbados is!?!?!?!!?!?!? omg, you are just as bad as the “internet psychologists” out there!!!! and it is not “the Islands”. there are many DIFFERENT countries…Jamaica, Grenada, Barbados, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Lucia….the list goes on.

        • I’m Just Saying

          You have issues, take your meds I think you it’s long overdue LOL

      • Phoenix Starr

        what the hell are you talking about…porn star?!!?!??!
        stalking you? don’t flatter yourself. but umm if you cannot comprehend what i stated in my comment, that is your thing. it isn’t hard to understand. I corrected you based on that statement that you seem happy running with about Rihanna growing up where naked is what we do. research where Rihanna is from. Barbados. in the Caribbean. the information about her is readily available. make Google your friend.

        • I’m Just Saying

          It would be easier to comprehend if you used proper grammar and punctuation, oh and capitalizing the beginning of your sentences would help as well. I am VERY intelligent and posses the ability to discern when I’m speaking with someone who truly has something to say versus saying something just to be saying it. You tell me to make Google my friend, how about you make a dictionary yours. SMH

          • Phoenix Starr

            are you kidding me. in fact, nah. I know those like you. when you know you are wrong, you find any and everything to pick at. i don’t care HOW intelligent you are. You are an idiot to suggest that we walk around naked in Barbados. straight talk. furthermore, common sense isn’t all that common. YOU ARE REFUSING TO UNDERSTAND THAT WE ARE FROM BARBADOS, NOT RASSHOLE BRAZIL! so stop with the gd comments trying to justify why she does what she does. what blasted country did she grow up in? Barbados. Do we walk around naked? hell to the no! it is illegal. period. so there is no way that she is dressing like this because that was what she was accustomed to seeing. instead of trying to correct me and school me on your intelligence (yay to you!), Google the woman. i ain’t knocking the rest of your comments, but THAT is crap.
            but, does it feel good to nit pick and try to invalidate my comment by trying to cry down my intelligence? haHA! i am so sorry that you foolishly feel that you know enough about me to attempt to insult my intelligence. oh my. thanks for the laugh though. you have no idea.

            • I’m Just Saying

              You have issues, my career entails that I take correction constructively you do not possess the ability to correct constructively which says more about you than it does me. Your “lesson” got lost with all your vile responses, maybe you should check yourself before leaving a link to your Facebook page and exposing yourself ESPECIALLY when you attempt to talk shiznit to someone you don’t know. You invalidated yourself by coming at me like the common hood rat you probably are instead of a woman that you claim to be. You come at me like a dumb biotch, I come back 10 times harder. SMH

              • Phoenix Starr

                thank you…for proving my point. again. I could care less how intelligent you are. for all your postulating and grand standing…you are still WRONG. use your “intelligence” to research makeup of Barbados and the rest of the West Indies instead of trying to make yourself feel so special by wasting time correcting me. TA TA!

                • I’m Just Saying

                  Your intelligence matches that of dried spit. Grow up, get a life and stop TRYING to match me with your asinine rants. Now let me get back to those on my level and when you’re ready elevate your game and you can rise too. Correct that!

              • Phoenix Starr

                and where, pray tell, are my responses “vile”? OF COURSE! I KNOW! when I actually had the AUDACITY to call you out on your foolish comment.

  • I don’t agree with all the nudity in hollywood,rihanna,beyonce,miley and them have lost their minds. And i get it it’s artistic “freedom” but dang! You’re showing up in places in a thong,t*ts out,@$$ out. What is going on? Fix it Jesus!

  • Queen RiRi

    The pot calling the kettle black…Wendy! Clapback: Wendy Williams with her super caked on makeup, over sized watermelon breasts looking like a swollen Dolly Parton on crack. Her long Lion-King blonde (whitewash) hair…you know the kind we all wore around the house when we were kids but wouldn’t dare wear outside of the house cause we were shamed. Wendy has no shame…smh…and then she knocking Rihanna?! This is WHO Rihanna IS. She paid tribute to Josephine Baker from back in the day. Umm JLO & Beyonce have been 5 min away from being totally naked on the red carpet too! At least Rihanna owns it. Beyonce just does it to stay relevant! Rock On Baby Girl RiRi!

    • agreeordisagree

      Lol! U R dead on the later two stars have children well one is still married

  • ShebaBarb

    The dress itself is beautiful but definitely needs a liner underneath it. Ri has a beautiful body but she doesn’t need to sell herself so cheap. We know she doesn’t give a care and that is a problem that lies deep inside of her. You would think she would have some respect for her parents. One day this lifestyle will catch up with her and she will regret it I am sure.

    • Are You Serious?

      The woman grew up on the Islands where nudity is common place. Ever heard of Carnival? I guess there is a whole Island of low self esteem having people because they go naked on a regular. Don’t impose your taboo thinking on a woman who has seen nudity all her life.

      • Phoenix Starr

        and please do not show your ignorance by trying to justify an action using BS knowledge. nudity is common place is Barbados??? HAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! on what planet??? hahahahahahah ohhhhhhhhh my belly! Carnival, if I am not mistaken, is more a Brazilian set up. we have Crop Over. Google it. and Barbados while you are at it. she wore what the DESIGNER designed for her. period. and she is 26 years old. an adult. capable of wearing whatever she sees fit. just like you and I. I love how people try to psychoanalyze the woman based on what she has on. especially since she has a stylist at her disposal. sometimes what is, is what is. I mean as a woman sometimes I want to dress conservative, another day a lil more dressed up, and still once in a blue moon I want to push the envelope. but more often than not I don’t…simply because I don’t have patience to hear a whole bunch of people in my ears commenting or criticizing something that I, at 32 chose to wear. I mean if I work and pay for it, why can’t I buy it and wear it? same rule applies to celebrities.

        • I’m Just Saying

          WTF are you talking about. So combative you can’t read nor comprehend what I said, apparently in your rant you don’t disagree with her choice of clothes, well genius neither did I. At 32 you should learn basic grammar and correct punctuation instead of being a combative t**t

  • mmmdot

    Whatever. I think Wendy sounds jealous that she can’t pull that look off with her “P-shaped” body. And I loved Rihanna’s irreverent answer to that question about her dress. She really doesn’t give a fxck. LMAO!!!

  • Crystal Tobadsosad Wilson

    Her weave are horrible???? Are you a professional hair stylist? She’s a trend setter!

    • VarshaMoretoniss

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      Allison recently got a nice 6 month old Jaguar by working from a macbook.this website C­a­s­h­d­u­t­i­e­s­.­C­O­M­

  • humblebee87

    I love that Rihanna is a risk taker after all that’s what makes her stand out and keeps her current. Yes everyone is mad because a black woman came out and showed out with the body of a goddess smh. I have nothing but love for her and I say keep expressing yourself baby girl!!!!!

  • Sendec

    Wendy, please stick to discussing removable hair. It’s the only subject you have credibility on. If this were Madonna or Jennifer Lopez Wendy would sing a different tune.

  • Ifuaskme2

    What is there to like? Frankly I’m surprised ANYBODY approved of this mess. She had more coverage on her head than her body. This is a total embarrassment. Ri-Ri, you know damn well as a fellow Caribbean woman that this get up is only OK during Carnival season. You here too damn long

  • Ifuaskme2

    Nice voice???????????

    • Rayjulian85

      Lmao!! I like to say she can definitely carry a note (not live) and has a distinct tone. I like her my, but a great talent she is not

      • Ifuaskme2

        The only note she carries is in the key of off. BTW, nice moniker

        • mommywifedaughtertacher

          I like her voice. I dont know if she can carry a note or not b/c i dont check for her like that. I never heard her sing live. Im not a fan of rihanna. I dont consider her a great talent. But i’ll sing the hook and nod my head.

        • Rayjulian85

          Lmao! I was being nice… Oh and thanks!

      • Rawtid

        she actually sounds pretty good live, i was pleasantly surprised.

        • Rayjulian85

          Idk… I have only seen one performance where I thought she did good. She’s usually pitchy and her notes fall short like she has poor breath control

  • Tyquinn

    wendy will talk sh!t about anyone they pay her to, and the flock of losers in her audience will clap at anything she spits out. Ever since she called chrisbrown a woman beater in present tense earlier this year on her show, I just think she is the ugliest person in america.

    • Dannii May

      I totally agree with you. The woman is so out of order. Since she said that stuff about Chris Brown I have hated her shows. She is so consumed with jealousy and it shows. it is so sad and uncomfortable to watch her bitter mouth spewing such bile and venom. She went on and on and on and tried so hard to put Rihanna down by evoking the picture of “areolas” and “cracks.” She honestly looked so foolish and jealous and her stupid crowd of robots clapped sheepishly as usual. The woman or ‘Man’ is a ‘Green eyed Monster.” soooooo jealous of others and it shows. She looked so bitter and ugly when she was criticizing Rihanna. Thumbs up for Kimberley Elise for standing up for RiRi!!!!!!!! infront of that dictator Wendy!!!!

  • Jaytee2

    Those 6 ft long cheap wigs she wears are totally inappropriate and yet she continues to wear them…

    • DressUp

      Riiiiiiigggggghhhhht! Brap Brap! Wendy Williams done shame Black Women along time ago. And she looks aight in studio light. You need to see that blonde wig mess in real light. It ain’t pretty!

  • ♡《 Nurse Bell 》♡

    I seldom agree with anything Wendy says; however this time I do.

  • patterson

    I dont see the difference in wearing this dress on the red carpet and posing for playboy or peta ads and selling those magazines everywhere lol i personally loved the dress and she looked great in it!!!!!

  • Trisha_B

    Idk why this is such a big issue when every couple of decades an artist has done the same thing. Walk the carpet, gone to events, w/ their nips & body out. What is it about this girl that gets people so riled up? Lol …she was paying homage to Josephine Baker, who wore a similar look to this w/ her nips out as well. You guys called her a legend, but you can go on google & see her entire naked body.

    This is was a fashion award/event. Watch any runway show, you are gonna see a whole lot of areola lol. Nips aren’t a big issue in the fashion/celeb world. Other countries don’t cry about nips. Everything doesn’t need to be sexualized. I do think some sparkly pasties would have worked better for the gown. But it really shouldn’t be that big of an issue.

    **& I wouldn’t call Jlo a fashion icon. She can dress but idk about icon

  • Lissa329

    The dress was beautiful. However, I would have opted for a little bit more fabric underneaath. I really enjoy Rihanna’s style of music but when it comes to her style, she takes things way too far and sometimes comes off looking cheap. You can take risk and still be fly and classy.. She might as well have come naked!

    • Lissa329

      Or she could have had the crystals gather more at her breast, vagina and butt.

  • Sunny

    I don’t take anything Wendy Williams says seriously. She sings people’s praises one day and throws shade at them the next. At any rate, whether Rihanna’s dress was inappropriate or not is beside the point. We’ve all seen this girls t*ts a million times. It’s just old at this point.

  • guest

    Rihanna needs to tame it a little she is going to attract the wrong kind of attention. She already has stalkers. There is a time and place for everything that dress was worn at the wrong time/wrong place. If you’re gonna go that far why wear anything at all.

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  • Are You Serious?

    She was paying homage to Josephine Baker who back in the day showed more than this. If she’s comfortable in it then I say do you. I truly get tired of Wendy Williams throwing shade. If her manly arse could wear it and get away with it she would.

    • guest

      Josephine Baker wore no bras while performing she never stepped outside like that let alone the red carpet. We live in different times. This young lady has stalkers, God forbid anything happens to her, and best believe if someone wants to get at her no amount of security will stop them. Gots to be more careful. There is one thing to snap a pic in the comforts of your own home we’re talking out in public. Stay classy not trashy. IMO

      • Are You Serious?

        I suggest you study Josephine Baker (and not from the movie they made) and you will see I am correct in saying she showed more than this. We live in a society where people want to criticize how someone else lives their life and Wendy is that person. Like I said, if her big manly arse could do it and not make all of America barf all over the place she would. Class is allowing a person to do them without judgement, so it looks like that counts Wendy and half the respondents on this thread.

        • Ifuaskme2

          No YOU check Josephine Baker. She clearly said she dressed like this only when performing and she’s right. She was covered in public

          • Beth Hunter

            So are you saying RiRi can only pay homage to Josephine Baker if she is performing?? That’s just dumb??? Why are we so uptight about nudity in public? It’s on the runways, in the clubs look around, its everywhere…puhleez! And Wendy can lick a rock with her shade, so over her

            • Are You Serious?

              I’ve seen worse in the clubs then you have holier than thou people criticizing Rihanna when they are closet freaks and would wear it too if they could get away with it and didn’t have to worry about soiling their holier than thou image. I live and let live, I don’t count another woman’s coochie miles, it’s not like she borrowed mine and have to give it back. SMH

              • Yvette

                LOL I almost spit out my tea. Dead@ “I’don’t count another woman’s coochie miles.” I must admit I used to tear Evelyn Lozada a new one on this very site for her sexcapades but in retrospect it really isn’t any of my business or anyone else’s for that matter so I must agree, and I certainly don’t want or need anyone counting my mileage lol!

                • Are You Serious?

                  Don’t get me wrong I used to sit in judgment as well until I realized my ca ca stinks too and who am I to judge another woman for decisions she make for herself? The dumbest crap to say is someone has low self esteem when you really don’t know them. Those same women screaming low self esteem are the same one’s showing their arse and ta tas on their Facebook page or going to clubs in their nieces clothes. Have several seats unless you are a saint and if that’s the case you need to have several seats and pray.

                  • Yvette

                    Girl you better preach. I’ve been working on myself and it is not easy but necessary.

                    • Are You Serious?

                      As women that’s all we can do is work on OURSELVES. I find that women who criticize or speaks ill of another woman based on aesthetics are the one’s who really wrestle with low self esteem. Having high self esteem means you don’t view what another woman does as classless, you concede that she is who she is and does what she does cause she wants too. It takes a classy woman to keep her mouth shut about another woman’s decisions. The moment I hear a woman speak on another woman’s morals, class or intelligence it really says more about her than it does the woman she’s speaking ill of. Do you lady and let the Negative Nancy’s live in their misery alone. Much respect to you Yvette!

                    • Yvette

                      Thanks a bunch. Same to you!

                    • Phoenix Starr

                      “As women that’s all we can do is work on OURSELVES. I find that women who criticize or speaks ill of another woman based on aesthetics are the one’s who really wrestle with low self esteem. Having high self esteem means you don’t view what another woman does as classless, you concede that she is who she is and does what she does cause she wants too. It takes a classy woman to keep her mouth shut about another woman’s decisions.”

                      I will be stealing this to post on my facebook page thank you very much.

                    • I’m Just Saying

                      Go right ahead.

          • Are You Serious?

            She was at an awards show which in essence was performing. Again research Josephine Baker in it’s entirety not just what you heard or depicted in a movie.

    • agreeordisagree

      Thank You you took the words right out of my mouth, Wendy is to hard and jugemental on black people she’s a brown noser , I have not once heard or seen her excuse or have compassion for her own she would throw her people to the wolves but others she would find all kinds of excuses for,now I expect Riel to wear that she’s single,with no children, bey nope she’s married and have a child. Wendy forget she has a child and she’s in the public eye she will want people “god forbid he began to run with the wrong crowd” to have compassion on her “lil Kevin”

  • Britt

    I somewhat agree with Wendy. For Rihanna, this dress was redundant. We’ve all seen her naked, either on magazine covers, album covers or her Instagram. It’s nothing new and it doesn’t shock me anymore. I think the only reason a lot of people were defending her dress choice was because it was RIHANNA. If this had been Miey Cyrus or even Draya from Basketball Wives, the backlash would have been even greater.

    Remember Jennifer Lopez’s infamous Versace Grammy dress that people went crazy over? Compared to today, that was TAME and she was fully covered.

    • louvres

      Yep and that versace dress was only ten years ago! It’s incredible how fast the things are getting…I sometimes ask myself how far we will be in 10 years..

    • T. T.

      Girl you know Wendy never has anything bad to say about J-Lo. Now had J-Lo worn this very same dress as Rihanna Wendy would have given her plenty of praises.

      • Are You Serious?

        True, she picks and chooses whose arse she’s going to kiss and acts accordingly. Wendy need to check her own backyard before telling someone how to maintain theirs.

      • Crystal Tobadsosad Wilson

        Not to mention J Lo going to be on her show in June!

  • Yvette

    I love the dress and Rihanna wore it well but I do think it was too much for the red carpet. In my opinion that dress is more appropriate for a private, romantic, intimate date with your man.

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