Love It Or Loathe It? Rihanna Picks Up “Fashion Icon” Award At CFDAs In Completely See-Through Gown

June 3, 2014  |  

Ivan Nikolov/

Not only is Rihanna picking up “Icon” awards for her music, but the beauty was most recently tagged as a Fashion Icon at the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Awards last night. She picked up the Fashion Icon of the Year award for her style moves, and proved why she is an icon by leaving jaws dropped on the red carpet. Ri Ri wore a custom Adam Selman gown that was covered in Swarovski crystals, and as you can see, was completely see-through. While she wore a nude thong underneath the dress, she ditched any pasties and let it all hang out. To accessorize, she went for a sparkling doo-rag (you know it looks like one) and a fur stole.

When speaking on the importance of fashion in her life, Rihanna said that fashion is “an outlet for me to express myself, to speak up, to say who I am and to be very loud about it at times. She added that when it comes to her style and fashion in general, “There are rules! But rules are meant to be broken.”

And she was not kidding. The star is basically known at this point for sharing every nook and cranny with us, and while I wasn’t crazy about seeing her breast for the umpteenth time at first, after taking a few glances more at this look, I will say that she does look pretty amazing. I would never wear anything like this, but it’s definitely this woman’s style.

But opinions have been mixed. People either love it or loathe it.

“Sorry… What happened to morals! Leave SOMETHING for the imagination!”

“Nice dress with a liner inside but like this im ashamed as a woman to see how we going”

“This look reminds me of a modern day Josephine Baker, the dress would have been just as gorgeous with a nude liner.”

“She looks amazing stop hating!!!!!”

“No one could pull off this look except for her. If my body was that amazing, I’d do it too!”

But what do you think? Check out more shots of this very interesting gown below and share your thoughts.

Andres Otero/ Andres Otero/ Ivan Nikolov/

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  • me

    Maybe it was the headdress or something … I just couldn’t get into it. I don’t have any issue with folks showing skin but I didn’t really think the outfit was that cute. Then too this child is nekkid all the time – is it shocking anymore?

  • Me`loe`

    Dam morales, what ever happened to class,it don’t take to show your _ss

  • Grody

    She is sooooooooo hideous!

  • Shan Frazer

    Somewhere a street walker is saying, “Rihanna done tried it!! She copied my style, but I do like what she did with that fur stole and sparkly durag”

  • H Town Psych

    She is an adult and so are your readers. What is up with the photo edits? The dress is not my style, but looked gorgeous on her.

  • Leroy Jenkins

    you blocked out the good SHlT

  • Chanda

    I wish I had an excuse to wear that. On the red carpet at least. Must be nice.. BTW, love LOVE the eye make up.

  • Catherine Todd

    I would never wear a dress like this, but why have you blocked out areas front and back? Are nipples and derrieres illegal on the internet? I’m sick and tired of having our body parts considered “taboo” and “pornographic” when men can show the same thing without shame. I have lived in other countries where breasts and nipples are used as God intended them, to breast feed children. And no one bats an eye lash, and no men are leering suggestively over the women. NONE. Only Americans and German males where this is still considered “off limits.” It’s time to let our body glow. Let freedom ring!

    • catherine todd

      But I agree that this transparent stuff is really unecessary, and hardly “glamorous” at all. It just panders to the sexual arousal that to me belongs in the bedroom. Or a nudist camp!

  • Tyquinn

    I liked what she did. I think he presence and comfort really presents her body as more of art with what she wore. With how the media pushes european features and body type as the standard of beauty, I think that this stunt by rihanna really glorified the black (original) woman’s body and raised up our women’s beauty and power in the media. Especially with that tattoo of Ma’at on her chest lol. Because we all know that the ancient egyptians (parents of modern civilization and most advanced culture in recorded history on earth) were black people.Its symbolism to me. The return of the prowess and recognized beauty of our people on a world wide scale. Whats best is rihanna doesnt have earopean features either. Big lips, eyes and a black nose. Truth is all the different races around the world are already obsessed with us. This is just making it known.

    • BeOpenMinded

      Agreed! She is confident with herself and is living her life…let’s not forget she is an entertainer, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it doesn’t mean they should water it down because they feel some kinda way…it’s all in perspective…

    • Shan Frazer

      But Rihanna doesn’t have the stereotypical Black woman’s figure though. Lupita would be the one to appeal to Black girls more so than Rihanna, ijs. I see where u are going with this but I disagree on a few of your points.

  • Ramona

    I don’t like explanation.

  • shannie4888

    I love this look. She looks amazing. I would’ve preferred leaving her nipples covered, but she looks amazing. Rihanna is one of those people who can really pull this off effortlessly.

  • She could have saved herself a lot of money if she made a jewel encrusted bikini top and thongs and wore THAT to this even instead.
    I mean, why try to leave anything to the imagination?
    That’s so old school.

  • Guestest

    She is a trend setter and she can do wear what she pleases in my opinion. Y’all know how these celebrities are anyway,, they can dress in things us regular people can’t without getting a weird look from people. I would look like a damn fool walking down the street wearing that…

  • Rye

    LMMFAO she give zero fcuks

  • Gwendolyn Hardin

    Everyone has the right to do as they please, but should we all do as we please? This “right” to do as you please is the reason that we are where we are now, complete social mayhem. Now, there are no boundaries, and in my opinion, the innocent pay the price in the long run. Are we willing to continue allowing this escalating degradation? At what point should Rhianna and all of the rest of the people, who live their lives with little regard to others or rules and structure (not a 4-letter word by the way), be held accountable for the social side affects of living life as you damn well please? Just because you have some notoriety and some money does not exempt you from being a conscientious human being. It seems that Rhianna, like many of these “entertainers” have made a decision NOT to be conscientious role models to our kids but unfortunately they do influence our kids. So I think we parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles, cousin, and friends should make a decision to stop throwing our money at these self-centered, ungrateful brats with questionable talent and zero ethics. P.S. A silk liner would have made this ensemble absolutely beautiful!

    • Chey


  • honeypa72


  • mmmdot

    I love this look! It’s very 1930’s inspired. I don’t think it should have been see through, but for some reason, this look doesn’t seem trashy to me. Probably because of studied fashion history and this looks so similar to something that that Josephine Baker or Jean Harlow would wear (with the exception of being see through.)

  • ComeLetsTalk

    Wow this is revolutionary.. A naked Rhi never seen that before…*sarcasm*

  • FlemFlamington

    SMH its an agenda. if this becomes a trend for regular ppl, then im just going to stay in my house. But some flasher is in jail wondering why yall praise Rih and not him. Yall are being brainwashed!

    • Craig Short


  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    Whats so awesome to me is that her body is so amazing that she’s slaying without enhancements push-ups or pull-ins…thats just her body with a beautiful sheer fabric looking beautiful…she’s badd!…however her stank azz personality has left me feeling blah about her…ur a fashion icon & u make fun of a fan who idolized u by wearing a prom dress inspired by u…naw I don’t like her anymore

  • Kath

    Oh well..

  • Cleveland Cutie

    Her body does look amazing, but I think it would have been a little more classy with a sheer liner under the dress. I don’t understand why Rihanna ALWAYS has to be exposed in some capacity, sometimes it comes off like she’s screaming for attention??

    • Craig Short

      She is screaming for attention. She’s trying to keep herself relevant. That’s why she keeps doing thing like this.

  • BOOM

    KILLIN THEM! Yes RiRi! Wear that GOWN!

  • ♪Ms_Izzy♪

    She looks amazing. It works for her. Fashion for some is taken to levels some can’t fathom, clearly she is in a league superior to most. BE YOU RiRi!

  • Live_in_LDN

    Love the whole look. Her make up is amazing.

  • Kiki

    Now we are going to see bad versions of this dress on people who have no business wearing anything like that lol

  • imo

    I think she looks gorgeous. If she were just walking down the street, I would say that it was too much, but she is getting an icon award and I think that it suits the event.

    • ♪Ms_Izzy♪

      agreed…she showed why she recieved it too

  • On_Point

    Just a sloot doing slooty behavior*smh

  • ♡《 Nurse Bell 》♡

    Reminds me of that story about the Empire and his ‘new clothes’…heard they ran out of designer clothing for her, but I did’nt know that the situation was that bad. lol…

  • OSHH

    I thought she looked absolutely gorgeous, I loved the make up, crystals, scarf, shole and color of the ensemble, but entire posterior exposure/ butt crack and all, complete with bare breasts is a bit much for my personal tastes in public.
    Somehow I think giving the illusion of nudity is far sexier, because it makes you guess/use imagination.

    • ♪Ms_Izzy♪

      the entire ensemble was spot on. Folks loathing are those who are too afraid to step out the box or appreciate someone who is in touch with their body. Just because you can’t pull it off don’t condemn her.

      • Li

        That has nothing to do with. Some people just have more class. Just because you don’t have any class, common sense or self respect don’t condemn those that do.

        • guest

          She is dress appropriately for the occasion and it is inline with her image. There is no lack of class or self respect being displayed.

          • ♪Ms_Izzy♪

            she doesn’t know the difference of what’s stated here…waste of time…ignorance is bliss for her type…. those that pass judgement on others because they are lacking something in their own lives. SAD

        • ♪Ms_Izzy♪

          first and foremost I have a lot of class. If you properly read, it said love or loath “her” outfit you non reading SOB. I respect her desire to express herself however she damn well pleases. So take your grandma ignorant behind somewhere and sit down. You don’t know my class or the lack thereof from an opinion expressed online. The stupidity of your nature is evident.

      • guest

        Right. She looks great. Couldn’t be me but I have no problem with it.

        • ♪Ms_Izzy♪

          Exactly I can’t do it but I’m not mad at her

      • DiannaFran

        Nope that’s not it. I think this boils down to the subject of exposing to much. You can be in touch with your body without over exposing yourself. The dress could have worked as stated by one of the commentators as an illusion. Leave a bit a mystery, to me that is maturity at its finest (maybe it will grow on her in time). People asking you to leave certain things to the imagination is not hindering her from expressing herself or does it mean there is something wrong with our esteem or having fear. I think its fair if people question is she has some dignity and respect for herself. But her make up is on point, and I looooove the head scarf I would rock it, if I could afford it.

        • ComeLetsTalk

          Exactly. Then why not just wear the head scarf next time and some heels and skip the gown part. I love the human body, I have no issue with nudity or my own body or seeing other peoples. And her body is banging, but its just so extra to me. Why isn’t a hint enough nowadays.

          • DiannaFran

            As questioned by MN in a recent post, It may just be down to living in a time where majority of this generation is over exposed.

            • Trisha_B

              But this is nothing new tho. Rihanna is not the first celeb to expose herself. So it’s not a generation thing. We just now have the internet & blogs to focus on it more. But Madonna, Cher, Halle berry, even Josephine Baker done exposed their bodies on tv, magazines, on stage & red carpets. It’s something that always occurred.

              • ♪Ms_Izzy♪

                Bingo she’s not the first nor will she be the last over the top artist.

    • NOPe

      We’ve already seen her nekkid a couple of times anyway, so to me this dress was even sexier. She has a sezzy azz back too. I love me some back.

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  • LeenaBelle


    • philly

      just wondering what does her mom,dad,brother,male members think of this and please don’t say ”she is a grown woman she can do what she wants” yes she can but actions have consequences and some of this consequences family will have to bear the embarrassment and the tackiness
      this is beyond tacky and designers should start creating clothes that show off our bodies without showing our bodies
      ”if you’ve got it flaunt it”must have been coined by a man so that women would get a false sense of esteemto bare it all
      she looks great but so unnecessary to see her boobs and butt

      • guest

        What is so tacky about a woman’s breasts?

        • Britney Robinson

          Showing them to the public is tacky.

          • guest

            Kinda like how you have yours pushed up in that pic? I guess that’s tacky too.
            She was dressed for the occasion. I don’t see how or why a body part could be considered tacky. They’re just breasts and she’s and entertainer known for taking fashion risks.

            • Britney Robinson

              I’m not naked, big difference to even compare the two makes you stupid.

              • MTL

                No it doesn’t make her stupid. Subjectivity is obvious here. What you find tacky, others don’t. See how that works?

                • Britney Robinson

                  Tacky isn’t that subjective.

                  • guest

                    okay…so clearly you don’t know what “subjective” means.

                  • HA!

                    …..and your comment’s aren’t?

                • guest

                  Thanks for the assist…
                  So I guess squeezing one’s boobs together and pushing them up for a profile pick is more classy than showing the entire breast.
                  Who knew?

            • Chelsea M

              I think she looked gorgeous as well. But nobody is talking about Nicki Minaj wearing that see threw top with her huge fake breast popping out the bottom. THAT sh!t is tacky. But nobody is talking about that. Is it because she had on pants????

            • well….


          • well…

            it’s all about perspective…

      • tsb

        She could careless what anybody thinks about what she does including mom and dad. Its shows in her everyday life.

      • Pam Cakes

        Rihanna is from the islands not only is it burning up hot down there but everybody is always half naked anyway lol

  • Pam Cakes

    Rihanna slayed!!!! I got all my life, some death and resurrection.

  • Sunshinegirl

    I’ll pass, but she’s gorg.

  • AbigailTea

    Rihanna will always get a pass no matter what she does. She is the new Beyonce. People are supposed to say nice things about her and agree with everything she does.

    • Bresha Calloway

      Amen….Love the sarcasm

  • Jay Lane

    Team. Too. Much.

  • Trisha_B

    I loved it. She could have worn pasties but she looks gorgeous! Very old Hollywood glam. I always loved their style. It fits her body & demeanor well

    • NOPe

      Yup. I actually went elsewhere to view the pics in order to fully appreciate her outfit and demeanor.

    • Britney Robinson

      No one was naked in old hollywood glam.

      • Trisha_B

        Ms. Josephine Baker was never n-de ?

        • Britney Robinson

          Not on a red carpet.

          • guest

            You don’t look old enough to remember who wore what on the red carpet in Paris in the 20’s.

          • Trisha_B

            But they were Hollywood glam

            • guest

              yes but not on the red carpet, and yeah there is a difference.

              • Trisha_B

                She went to events w/ her nips out. Google is a free service

          • folamix

            Josephine Baker had to travel to Paris to get her true recognition, and she was famous for her “barely there” dresses.

  • yoda

    she’s grown she can wear what she wants

    • SusieBartlettedo

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