The Dream List: 14 Actors Who Could Play Whitney Houston And Bobby Brown

June 2, 2014  |  
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By now we know you’ve heard about the new Whitney Houston movie in the works on Lifetime and we’re sure, like us, you’re wracking your brain on who could play our beloved Whitney. Actresses and singers such as Rihanna, Tika Sumpter and even Paul Patton have been thrown into the mix of possible Whitneys! However, it isn’t just Whitney that needs to be cast, but also Bobby! Check out a list of actors who might could maybe play both — emphasis on might and maybe.


Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson would play in excellent Whitney Houston if you asked us! Not only is she can amazing singer but she is also an excellent actress.

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Meagan Goode

Prior to Whitney’s death, she and Meagan reportedly discussed Goode playing her in a movie. We’re not sure too about this pick. Thoughts?

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Angela Bassett

Although she is attached to this film as a director, we would LOVEEEEE to see Ms. Bassett play Ms. Houston. The two were very good friends and Bassett would kill the role.

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Tika Sumpter

Ms. Sumpter seems like a perfect fit for the younger version of Whitney. She could give some of these other chicks a run for their money.



Brandy would also be an excellent candidate for the younger version of Whitney, who was her icon and very close to her brother, Ray J.


Lark Voorhies

Would anyone like to see Lark Voorhies play the role of Ms. Houston? Rumors have been swirling that she is up for the role.



In an interview with MTV Rihanna stated she would give her life to play Whitney in a movie. Hmmm.


Viola Davis

Viola, Viola, Viola! She can do no wrong in our books. We’re not sure about her singing skills but she obviously would do an amazing job acting.


Derek Luke

Now for Mr. Brown. Derek Luke is one of our favorite picks for the role of Bobby.

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Chadwick Boseman

He’s already killed it as Jackie Robinson and James Brown, why not Bobby?

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Anthony Mackie

Anthony is quickly becoming a go-to actor in Hollywood. His roster includes an excellent portrayal of Tupac and a legendary superhero. We would love to see Anthony channel his inner bad boy side and play Bobby.


Eddie Griffin

Griffin would play an excellent older Bobby Brown. He could pull off the perfect amount of crazy and funny for the role.


Idris Elba

Oh Idris! Who wouldn’t love to see Mr. Elba for 90-plus minutes on the big screen tackling such a tumultuous character?


Bokeem Woodbine

When it comes to playing Bobby, Woodbine is the closest to perfection if you ask us. He has just the right amount of bad boy appeal to kill this role!

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  • Blah

    Paula Patton for Whitney

  • Kam

    They have already chosen Yaya to play Whitney Houston which in my opinion is an ok choice. But either Boheem or Anthony Mackie would be a good choice. But Im going for Anthony Mackie.

  • NYC Gal

    My picks are Rihanna or JHud and Anthony Mackie or Bokeem. It would be weird for Bobbi Kristina to play her own mother!

  • Chesmich18

    I think Joy Bryant would be good..

    • ashleeexx0

      yes she would be perfect and she looks like whitney too

  • Stacy D. Smith

    I love the idea of either Eddie Griffin or Chadwick Boseman as Bobby Brown.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Meagan Good, Lark Voorhees, and Rihanna have ZERO place on this list. I don’t think J-Hud has the look, but she definitely has the voice and enough chops to make it work. Viv has the look, but she might be a bit too old to play that role at this point.

  • Brivvy

    Angela Bassett. She is like the Leon of female actors. She should play all female singers haha.

  • Jill

    You all just naming people!! Put some thought into it! I believe Demetria McKinney from house of Payne could play Ms Houston. I agree with Derek Luke as Bobby. I also think Phylicia Rashād could play Cissy Houston!

  • therealnumber1

    What is wrong with Lark’s face!!!

    • yoda

      i think she has lupus

      • therealnumber1

        Oh…my bad…

        • yoda

          i was like that too before i looked her up

    • Guest

      Looks like she didn’t blend her makeup right

  • Chan

    I’m a huge fan of Whitney and def Bobby Brown New Edition.. So with that being said Brandy and or Jennifer Hudson easy as Whitney.. And real talk Bobby isn’t dead let Bobby play Bobby.. at least we know he won’t be acting he’ll give the real deal..

  • mireille

    Carmen ejogo(sparkle) as whitney Houston and david oyelowo(the rise of the planet of the apes) as bobby brown.

  • Hugz n Kissesღ

    How about Nicole Beharie? She’s young and fresh and Bookem would be perfect!

    • Jill

      Yes She would kill it!!

  • SchoolTeacher

    Paula Patton and Bokeem or Derek Luke

  • scandalous7

    Lillie McCloud from X factor…look up her performance –
    Alibaster Box…if she can act, she would be legendary as Whitney. She favors her without that giant wig she had on. It is perfect because she is unknown.

  • hahaha

    It think Tamara Grey from American Idol and Boston Public I believe is the name of the show I feel would be great.

    • therealnumber1

      Forgot all about her…yea she would be good…

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    Anthony Mackie did a good job as Tupac? Now Madame Noire lets not spin tales here…

  • Christan-Joy Demeritt

    As much as I love Brandy, you gotta have an unknown for the Whitney part

    • Jill

      I agree are some who’s not as known in Hollywood

  • Too Lazy to sign in

    I say Tika Sumter ALL DAY and she doesnt even have to change for the aging, with all these make up tricks they can make her look 10 plus years older, Whitney still looked good when she died. As for Bobby, maybe Columbus Short, Bokeem would be perfect but a little too old for TIka, Anthony Mackey?? Hopefully one of those are chosen

  • Angela Banks-Opoku

    This role needs an exceptional non-famous character for both, but both of course will need to sing not lip sing the songs.

  • Chloe Anderson

    I think Monica and Lance Gross would be good young, and Angela Bassette and Bokeem Woodbine would be perfect latter versions

  • Halona Quantah’s Eldest Daught

    I think Monica and Tyrese Gibson should be on the list too!

    • Betty

      Excellent choice! The actress for Whitney should be able to blow and Monica is it or Jennifer Hudson plzzz no voice overs. Tyrese is great for the music/dancing of Bobby, and Woodbine is a great actor. Bobby was very good looking back in the day so not just any gap toothed actor plzzzz take it to the theatre my girl deserves better than 90 minutes plzzzz

  • pia

    I wish Viola Davis or Angela Bassett was a tad younger then I would say one of them for sure for Whitney but since they aren’t…will someone please look into Monica Calhoun. She can act and sing and I think she would do a great job…and as far as Bobby the Woodbine guy maybe…idk

  • blogsnob

    MONICA should play Whitney. She has the same body shape and singing mannerisms. Y’all have to come correct with a young Bobby Brown. He was super talented and engaging. You can’t just find someone with a gap and think you got it right.

  • DRUNK247

    And ariel alexus as whitney’s daughter

  • donny j

    Most of these picks are JUST AWFUL!!!

  • mimi

    Tyrese and Toni Belafonte

  • KJ23

    For some reason, I would really like to see Raven-Symone. I don’t know why, but I think it’ll be a good role for her.

  • gg

    None of these actors, find some unknowns.

    • donny j

      Deborah Wilson and Aries Spears


        Wroooong! LOL

        • donny j

          Oh come on!!!!! rofl

      • alexistee

        Best Whitney & Bobby portrayal to date LOL.

        • donny j

          Dont get any better!!! lmao

  • stragi25

    This list is horrible!! These match-ups…..really?!? Seems as if it was just thrown together with whomever they could think of… It needs to be fresh faces in Hollywood.

  • B Cooper

    For Bobby Brown, I say Pooch Hall or Columbus Short. For Whitney I think they should have a casting call and cast based on who the casting director feel that the director could turn this actress into Whitney Houston. She does not have to be famous already, the actress does not have to know she is auditioning to portray Whitney. We’d see some raw talent and a star in the making.

    • rainydaze80

      Columbus Short would be perfect! He’s got the right amount of crazy, musical talent and s3x appeal to pull it off. If he just did half of what he did in Cadillac Records playing Little Walter….ooh goosebumps just thinking about it!

  • MonicaT

    I don’t think it’s time to do this movie. Give it 5 or 10 more years! I think Brandy would be excellent as Whitney and I like Derrick Luke, but he has the guy next door persona so he would need to bring an edge, rawness and arrogance that Bobby was. Bobby and both Whitney were raw, uncut and what you saw is truly how they were. I would want to see the real Whitney from the beginning to end. This would require imput from not only their daughter, but Bobby who saw her day in and day out. Then again maybe it’s best this movie not be made.

  • IllyPhilly

    Bobby Brown should play Bobby Brown. LOL

    • therealnumber1


  • Zva

    Did you just say that Anthony Mackie played an excellent Tupac??? BLASPHEMY!!! He was TERRIBLE in Notorious! I didn’t even realize he was supposed to be Tupac until half way through the movie.

    Then again this is just a lifetime movie so whatever… Whitney seriously deserves better! She should have an oscar worthy biopic not some lame lifetime special. For God’s sake her albums went double diamond people!

    • therealnumber1

      I thought he did pretty good as Tupac lolol…really though I did

  • uniquefashionista

    I loved this article. I can’t wait for this movie to come out. I hope it gets the attention “What’s Love Got To Do With It” got or at least do as well as the TLC bio. I think Bokeem would be a good choice for B. Brown. I would love to see Lark V. play Whitney. With the right makeup and wigs, she could pull it off. Plus, she hasn’t done anything in a long time, so it would be good to see her acting again.

  • Guesty

    Meagan good as whitney? Uh…no.

    • JellyJessopiiy

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      computer . see post F­i­s­c­a­l­p­o­s­t­.­C­O­M­

  • TraceFace

    Wayne Brady as Bobby Brown. That is all!

    • uniquefashionista

      Ha, ha! Love it! You need to go to YouTube if you haven’t already seen it; Wayne Brady and Mike Tyson doing a Bobby Brown video to “Every Little Step”. It was hilarious!

  • damita

    Bokeem and Brandy!