So The Westboro Baptist Church Wants To Protest At Maya Angelou’s Funeral…

May 30, 2014  |  

Source: WENN

The controversial Westboro Baptist Church, popularly known for their outlandish attempts to protest celebrity funerals and LGBT events, have set their sights on the homegoing ceremony for Dr. Maya Angelou.

As we told you earlier this week, the beloved poet, writer and speaker passed away Wednesday due to apparent health complications. Members of the “ministry” made it clear that they have big plans to protest at Dr. Angelou’s funeral due to her long-lived messages of inclusion and acceptance of everyone.



Plans for Maya’s funeral have not be disclosed as of yet, and it’s currently unclear if it will be open to the public. WBC’s behavior isn’t exactly surprising, but it is very sad that they continue to carry out such hurtful actions, while claiming to do them in an attempt to spread the Gospel.

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  • Judy Bodnar

    Since the WBC protests everything good & Godly…I am now thinking it is a huge compliment to see them go so boldly after a true Christian as Maya has proven herself to be. For me, the WBC will stand for anything repugnant and be seen as Kudos for a life well lived to those they rise up against. Thank you a milion times Maya for evolving into the Godly person you will always be remembered as.

  • spin mind

    I think its a damn shame that the Westboro Baptist Church feels its necessary to Protest at Maya Angelou funnel. Maya was a member of the Church in Winton Salem for over 30 years. This woman loved her God and her Church. Shame on you Westboro Baptist. Church. Just remember what Jesus said; judge eh not. Westboro Baptist Church, it seem to me you are committing a sin by your own protesting this woman. God said in his holy word, we are not to judge anyone, leave the judging to him.

  • Warrior KM

    More proof. Everyone, PLEASE at realize that the Westboro “Baptist Church” are in fact spawns from the devil; wolves in sheeps clothing and counterfeit, fraudulent thieves that need to jump off of the highest cliff over lava and burn already.

  • nss

    They better disrespect her family like that, especially while they’re grieving..

  • helloitsme

    overrated poet

  • candy4747

    This is why i will probably always dislike white people.

    • Christan-Joy Demeritt

      Lol don’t let this “church” make you dislike white people…there are so many other reasons.

    • Jennifer

      Candy, Don’t dislike us white people over these stupid idiots. We (I) are not them. Hate in your heart makes you no better than these fools. White or Black we are all human beings, and no race on this planet is better than the other. Those with a logical mind and compassion in their hearts know this. Under your skin, our blood color is the same. We might look different on the outside, but the inside we are the same. We are all created by the hand of God. There are a lot of good white people out there, I happen to be one of them. Just as I know there are a lot of good black people. These westboro church people are filled with hate. They are not Christians at all! I loved Maya Angelou. She was an angel that walked this earth, and will be dearly missed. Put love in your heart, and forgive those that persecute you, for God will forgive you too. (hugs)

  • That Diva

    If the know like I know, if its here in WS, they don’t want ANY parts of “Tre Foe.” You’ve been warned….
    A resident of Winston Salem.

  • Byron Franklin

    They must want to get KNOCKED THE F OUT too. Oh please I hope yall try to disrupt our shining Black queen’s home going service

  • JT Boswell

    Often I get tired of people and their opinions of how other people live their lives. Someone always has something to say about shoes they have never worn. Now Ms. Maya is gone. I am offended for the family’s sake. They have lost someone very dear to them. Now a church is where your suppose to find refuge. There is nothing Godly or Christian about picketing a funeral where people are morning the loss of a love one. 1Corinthians 16:4 says,”Let all that you do be done in love.” This is not love this is hate. . Now Ms. Maya is dead let her rest let that family bury their love one in peace. We are suppose to uplift. Pray for Ms. Maya’s family everyone. JR.

  • mmmdot

    “Free speech” my black azz. Someone needs to kick the azz of every single last Westboro church member if they try to pull this shxt.

  • eve


  • killer_queen

    How could they call themselves Christians when all they spread is hate. They said they follow the Bible but they’ve missed where it says to spread love & don’t judge others. What they’re doing is not God’s work but instead just on a mission to hurt others.

  • donna


    • Yummybunny

      For real. What is the point of it in the little chance that their protest is successful? Not bury the person?

  • MsLadyE

    It’s sad when people use Christianity (or any other religion) as an excuse to spread ignorance and hate. It’s one thing to disagree with somebody; being hateful, angry, and rude is not the way to do it. Jesus wants us to love one another, whether we agree with them or not.

  • Livestrong

    Well the Bible did warn us about people such as this organization who are nothing but a menace to society and bullies. They claim to be a church but somehow I don’t think so. Their time will come.

    • Yummybunny

      With how crazy people are today, I am surprised they haven’t received an angry mob yet.

      • Erica LadiiBug Divaa

        I’m shocked no one has burned their church down…

  • FromUR2UB

    Many people don’t understand the difference between being assertive and being rude. Allow the woman to be funeralized as her loved ones would have it. What outcome is this church hoping for? The woman is dead; too late to change her mind about anything now. So, these actions are pointless and disrespectful toward her family.

    • donna


  • kiki j

    Some people are purely ignorant and foolish

  • Yummybunny

    I saw the title of this, before I clicked on this article and said, “What the f–!” I

    I am a Christian, and they give us real Christians a bad name. They respond to everything and everyone they disagree with with anger and hate. There is never any peace or forgiveness in any of their protests. They need to leave her alone.

    It’s not the Christian way to hate your fellow brothers and sisters.

    • Shadi

      These aren’t Christians. It’s not even debatable. That said, I’m of the opinion that they are given way too much attention. They aren’t spreading the Gospel; they are just a bunch of hateful, deceived attention, opportunistic attention seekers. Funny how you never hear of their more loving, more humane efforts. What cowards, shame. The less attention they are given the better.

      • Yummybunny

        True that. They get so much attention, because society is just out to bash Christians more and more. It’s sad how you cannot mention God these days, not even say God Bless You (especially on the internet) without a lot of backlash and calling all us crazy.

        It’s probably cause of these kind of groups of so called “Christians” and that is the only thing you see of Christians in the media unless you turn to some church channel.

        Why are they even protesting at her funeral anyways. Seems kind of pointless. What is their motive if the .00001 percent chance happens that their protest is successful? Not bury her? There are other horrible things going on in society today besides (what they deem horrible, which is homosexuals).

        You’re right though. They are a bunch of nutjobs using God’s name to spread hate.

        • Warrior KM

          Agreed. It’s crazy how the media portrays Christians AND Black people; typically showing the few bad apples to make it appear we are all retards. Even more crazy is that many believe this brainwashing bs.

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