Is That You, Girl? Has Dawn Richard’s Face Changed?

May 30, 2014  |  

When you’ve spent years on reality television and in the public eye, your face and image is always open for speculation and opinion. We’re certainly not saying it’s right but it’s a part of the biz. Any little nip, tuck, weight gain, weight loss, fashion faux pas or alteration is heavily documented and open for discussion.

And as sick as this sounds, the people want answers.

I’m referring to Dawn Richard one fourth or one third of the girl group Danity Kane.

Now that the ladies have reunited and are touring, people are starting to pay more attention and a recent picture she posted on Instagram have many asking did Dawn do a little tweaking?

Personally, I’m confused. For the past several years, if someone showed me 10 pictures of Dawn Richard, I’d think I’d seen ten different black women. I thought perhaps she just has one of those faces easily morphed by makeup. But others are convinced it’s something else, something more permanent.

And it’s true, it does seem like the structure of her face has changed, her face is less fuller these days. If I were to guess she had any plastic surgery, I would say something is radically different about that nose. But Dawn has spoken about the rumors and she denied it, saying if she did indeed have surgery, she’d get her boobs done. And she would let people know because she has no problems with plastic surgery. She instead said that she’s been working on her skin, using Proactive and what not.

Really, at the end of the day though, it’s her decision whether she wants to speak on it or not. She doesn’t really owe us anything. Others argue that if she did have the surgery she should just own up and be a bit of a spokeswoman for people who are considering the option for themselves.

What do you think, has Dawn changed her face or is it just some good contouring and better makeup? If you’re still undecided, check out some of the recent pictures (like within a month) Dawn has posted on Instagram.

Watch the video of Dawn speaking about the rumors, which have been around for so long, in the video on the last page.

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  • Oury Sene

    After checking out her instragram, I think she had a lot of work done: face, nose, waist her waist is so tiny seems like she got some ribs removed… And she definitely bleached her skin. I am just saying…

  • geezxxx

    arrhhh obvious jaw/chin job. You can see her chin is more prominent, jutty and a bit more masculine then before and now is smaller and more feminine. Nose job too cuz many chin jobs require nose jobs too to create a sense of balance. General makeup contouring as well as alittle skin lightening.
    Looking at before pics I can understand if she felt a little insecure as her look before was a bit more unbalanced and masculine which can mess with a girl’s confidence. She looks more feminine which was probably the aim but gone alittle too far where certain identifying facial characteristics have been morphed so much its like looking at a different person. I do think she looks better in the after shots but I also think its sad how sometimes coloured women feel they have to change their look so much to be accepted, but I guess thats the fucked up world we live in.

  • boobooAINTnoFool

    Her nose has had rhinoplasty and her chin has been shaved down. The rest is makeup, she is still a pretty brown so I don’t see that she has done any lightening to her skin. But that nose and chin were done and it was done tastefully, she doesn’t look like lil kim so I don’t know why anyone who has work done that actually looks natural and good would deny it. She need to get off that river in the nile because Dawn it is very obvious you got work done and if no one knew your before pics, you would just be a new face to the music industry literally.

  • Fear and Loathing in Hawthorne

    She looks a lil Karlie Reddish in the face! I’m not feelin it! But, it’s her prerogative!

  • That’s an entirely different person in my eyes!

  • Khanisha.

    It’s obvious that she got her nose down. Stop the lies Dawn, it’s all over your face.

  • xFrenchKissx

    she most def got a nose job and shes bleaching her skin..why lie keep it real lol its they body

  • chanela

    Be a spokesperson for one of the most extreme forms of self hatred? Smh women are so sad

  • princesspr

    Well, she is doing something…but, hey if it works for her and makes her feel better and empowered, then go ahead gurlie!

  • Tamisha Wallace

    I am not sure what she did but I normally do not agree with plastic surgery but she looks really beautiful. Her surgeon did a great job.

  • Missedwards

    I think she looks pretty. Why do people insist that these celebs admit to things that are none of our business? If she did have surgery, it looks good.

  • It looks like she got her nose pinched. I don’t think she needed it but if it helps her to feel better about herself so be it. Just be honest about it.

  • kierah

    nose and chin

    • angeliese

      AND skin and cheeks

  • cocochanel31

    she clearly has had work done and is bleaching her skin. Girl just own up to your madness…smh

  • mmmdot

    At first I was skeptical about the idea of her having plastic surgery and thought it was really good makeup but looking at these pictures…I don’t know. Oh well, whatever she did, she looks a hell of a lot better. So cheers to her.

  • mesoclever

    she looks great, I want her surgeon. More power to her, she looking fine and all them guys that didnt want to holler or now trying.

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  • Dee

    I thought she admitted the nose job? hmm oh well

    • angeliese

      And admitted to cheeks.

  • cindaoot

    People can be so IGNORANT. She has had NO work done. It is called CONTOURING, HIGHLIGHTING and LIGHTING. You can literally see the darker shadow around the nose bridge. This makes her nose appear narrower/ sharper than it really is. Also, the style of her eyeliner is thick and curved, LITERALLY APPEARING to change the shape of her eyes. It is called MAKE-UP folks and that is ALL.

    I think the LIGHTING is over kill– but certainly no surgeon has touched her face.


    NOSE reshaped & CHIN reduction.

  • shellyTheGreat

    she looks indian now. aw welp….rip to the black Dawn.

  • Frank

    Dark Skinned ladies are beautiful. Did you guys not see Lupita at the Oscars? Why change your skin tone? Your talent as an actress or singer does not depend on your skin colour.

  • Kanani Ventura

    1. Is it any of our business if she did get any surgery?
    2. It’s makeup. It’s CONTOURING and HIGHLIGHTING. Makeup can make your face look alot different. They have so many tricks nowadays.

    Leave that woman alone. Let her slay. Lol.

  • GirlSixx

    Nah, that is straight Banana makeup & contouring.. it can lighten your skin and give you features you weren’t born with at the same time. I done seent it with my own eyes. LOL.. that Banana base makeup is plastic surgery in a bottle..

    • NikiB

      What exactly is banana base makeup? Because uhhhh heh, if it can make you look anything like that, a girl needs to know lol.

  • MadBrooke

    Wow. She looks great!

  • hi-liter

    Eye lift, nose job, chin has been shaved down/or chin implant……..what else?

    • SunFlower78

      Exactly, I noticed the eyes as well. She definitely got a nose job and her eyes done. It’s obvious…I don’t know why celebrities lie about it.

      • hi-liter

        I know right! I mean, she does look better.

    • angeliese

      I think all that, but she always had bedroom eyes. They just look difeerent on the new face..

  • Erika

    Its a combination of a nose job, make-up, and some other changes I can’t put my finger on. But her plastic surgeon is good. They should use him/her for anyone going into witness protection.

    If she’s happy with herself then great. She looks good now. Not better than before, just different. Any more surgery and she will turn into Lil Kim.

    • Kenneka

      Right..that’s what I was thinking!! lol that is some GREAT surgery!

  • Dreama41

    Like she said, she’s growing into her own. That’s what I thought before even watching the video. Give her a break.

  • ladyofthought

    She looks different but let her be great

  • CeCe Ugonlearntaday Johnson

    If she didn’t change anything permanently, why does she feel the need to obviously look so different temporarily?

  • lizzy

    Nose job, bleach, butt enhancement imo. Sorry this aint the Dawn i knew

  • Stephanie Jones

    IN the youtube video she looks like her old self! Maybe its makeup, airbrushing and good lighting in the pics she posts. Because in the pics on instagram she looks a lot different!

    • Rebbekah

      That video is old

  • Mya

    As coarse as they may sound, she wad unattractive before and after whatever procedures may have been done. *shrug*

  • Ashlynn

    Looks like really good makeup to me

  • M.L.

    She definitely got a nose job, but whatever floats her boat.

  • Coco

    She had too especially now with everyone getting there lower half down, bigger thighs bigger butt you can definitely tell and since you can get shots to make those areas bigger people dont compare it to plastic surgery but still you’ve alter your body

    • Trisha_B

      She didn’t HAVE TO. Her talent could have spoke for itself

      • coco

        yeah and so could K michelle and every other woman who gets it done alot of it is peer pressure to look like everyone else

  • OSHH

    She has had lots of work done.

    • louvres

      But….I just can’t put my finger on it (apart from the nose)..which parts are changed? I mean..she doesn’t look the same but somehow I can’t tell what has been changed….looks like just some make up..

      • Teresa Brown

        look like she had something done to her eyes as well

      • Observe

        Maybe her chin has been filed down a little too.

      • angeliese

        Her nose, first, has been slimmed through to the tip. The nostrils look un altered.
        Her chin used to be more of a long U shape, and it’s been redone into a more V like shape.
        Her skin is bleached to hell and back
        She had something done to her cheek muscles, I don’t know what procedure they do, but her old smile you could see the line form below her eye and around her mouth on either side, and those lines are now gone. I don’t know if its just botox, or a filler or what, but its what KK did so she didn’t have that perma stank look.

        • louvres

          Thank you 🙂

  • enlightenment

    Pleaaaaase. That ain’t plastic surgery. It’s called having money…she’s taking care of herself! Plus, not to mention the flash & filters on Instagram can make anyone look lighter/prettier.

    • Bee

      Giiiiiirl, I don’t know about your eyes, but home girl is getting more than some contouring and healthy eating .. I eat great & take care of myself but I’m not looking like a completely different person.

    • Efe

      Lighter is not equivalent to prettier so I’m not sure what that slash is doing there.

      • enlightenment

        Oh? Is a slash an equal sign now?

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  • Looks like she got some body work done too…smh people in the public eye will no longer be authentic, shoot, regular people too. You won’t be able to tell what someone really looks like until they pop out a baby…lol You knocked up Halle Berry but your child come out looking like Gollum.

    And that actually really did happen with an asian family. The man sued his wife for having ugly kids…. SMH

  • Lexi

    I think she got a nose job..but to each their own.

    • tina

      That’s exactly what she did. That’s no big deal.