Karrueche Upset After Being Called A Notorious ‘Side Chick’ By VH1

May 28, 2014  |  

Source: IG

When I think of Karrueche Tran, side chick is not one of the words that immediately comes to mind. However, the folks over at VH1 seem to have placed the longtime girlfriend of troubled R&B crooner Chris Brown into the side chick file. Their site recently posted a feature highlighting “10 Notorious Hip Hop Side Chicks” and somehow, Karrueche made the cut along with Karrine Steffans, Lil’ Kim and Tameka Fuller.

As to be expected, the sweet-faced stylist was seemingly hurt and disturbed by the feature.

“When no one understands you.. they misinterpret you.. judge you.. label you.. this is embarrassing to see, but I can do nothing but laugh because at the end of the day you can say whatever you want about me,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

“Label me however you please.. Your words do not define who I am. I’m happy with myself.. Flaws..wrong choices..mistakes and all and that’s all that matters. I usually don’t speak up on shit like this but whatever. I have family that has to see shit like this. I don’t even think we’re all on the same page as to what a “side chick” really is.. Either way .”

While the Chris Brown/Rihanna/Karrueche Tran love triangle was certainly a notable one, I definitely don’t think that situation qualifies her as a side chick. Or does it?

What do you think? Is the term “side chick” being used a little loosely here?

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  • Kai26

    The term ‘side chick’ is derogatory.

  • Ajuanya Washington

    Nobody really cares what she is. and as stupied and Chris Brown is, a side chick is the best place to be in his rollar coaster immature life!!!!

    • STAR*

      Correction: stupid, stupidity, stupidly, stupider, stupidest…stupied is not a word. Bipolar disorder and drug addiction can make a fool out of anyone. God bless Chris Brown and his girlfriend of 4 years, Karrueche Tran.

  • Yolanda Hinton

    She is right

  • Moira

    Rebound chick for sure.. Side chick for sure with him having inappropriate relationships while in rehab! Side chick while him and Rih were kicking it and getting back together. Rebound chick when Rih left to come back to her.. Rebound chick when he comes back to her after having groupies on his bus. Either way.. Chris has repeatedly disrespected their “relationship” and she still remains.

  • Rebbekah

    If she really cared about what her family thinks she would’ve kept her legs closed

    • Kai26

      She’s not allowed to have sex?

      • agreeordisagree

        Yes she can have sex but when you chose someone who is in the public eye and is very disfunctional and choose to disrespect her and laugh about it, you chose to have to deal with these lables the media will give.don’t allow “I want to win” over your integraty to prove a worthless point.when she decide to move on to bigger things this trash will show up when she don’t want it to

        • Kai26

          What does any of what you said have to do with ‘Rebbekah’ said?

          • agreeordisagree

            The concerned was ponder by you wheater she is allowed or not allowed to have sex.there’s always two consequences in every decision one make its either good outcome or its a bad outcome no in between.

  • Miss2Tru

    rebound maybe. side chick nah..

  • agreeordisagree

    Well when you opt for these types of relationships that are public, you have to agree with what comes along with it and that “also” comes along with the decision one makes.what defines you is what you answer and gives fire to.think about it.example our president and first lady been called a lot of negitive things,they didn’t give fire or answered grabage. Imjs.

    • Kai26

      No, one does not.

  • ZeroFuxGiven

    They might need to whip out the urban dictionary, because that’s not the definition of a “side chick”.

  • VVV

    I don’t understand why so much negative comments are sent this young lady’s way? I really do not get it. She never “stole” him from anyone. She was never two-timing. From what it seems, she was just a faithful loyal girlfriend to a man who has fallen out of favour with most of the populace. Why she stirs up the ire of so many is beyond me?

    • Pootytang

      Because many women are incapable of loving someone like that or have and still are loving someone like that, and they hate themselves.

    • Kai26

      I don’t understand it either.

  • BatWoman24

    I love how everyone clowns this girl for forgiving her man for cheating, but when a woman takes back the man who cheated on her and beat her until she grew horns,it’s “True love.” If anyone was a side-chick it was Rihanna.

  • kiki j

    How is she a side sick? And why hip hop side sick? White girls have side chicks too (Brittany spears, Angelina Jolie,). And anyway when men sleep with someone else’s woman no one goes around calling him a side piece. That’s so annoying how women are objectified and labeled. She is young and in love.

  • Jade

    This is my first time ever hearing of her.

  • AA

    I thought Rihanna was the side chick.

  • Antoinette

    She may not have been side chick but she sure as hell was treated like one. Chris wasn’t in love with Karrueche like he was with Rihanna.. That’s probably why he went back and forth between her and Riri.

  • lockstress

    Hit em where it hurts..$$$$$


    d@mn this is sad! I hate people call other women side this or that glorifying infidelity, it was a bad look for how Chr!s did both women.. down right disgusting vh1

  • Coco

    So when is VH1 10 Notorious Country Music side-chick list coming out? Or do they only clown Hip-Hop?

    • Guestest

      Great question.

    • mmmdot

      Exactly. And I’m sure there are plenty to be found.

    • kiki j


    • theonlydiva

      yeah Counrty got a few, miranda lambert trisha yearwood, yeah there are some in the counrty world

    • Dee


  • deebeezy

    I wouldn’t consider her a ‘side chick’…more like the Notorious Rebound Chick.

    • Roxy

      That’s the word: rebound more than side chick. Drake was also the rebound. But going back to the sidechick topic, men will cheat and abuse as long as women allow it. It is not her fault. She just didn’t have the tools to defend herself and she didn’t know any better. The same goes for rihanna. She went back to an abusive relationship. Abused women don’t know any better. They need counseling. If we as women don’t set the bar high, no one will respect us. This shouldn’t come as a surprise for Karrueche. Welcome to the world of celebrities. Not everyone will like you. There is always criticism. The issue is to not give motives to the media so they could make sport of you. It’s not like she didn’t see this coming.

  • mmmdot

    Wasn’t she officially in relationship with Chris Brown at certain points? That does not sound like a side chick to me.

  • hi-liter

    She wasn’t the first and definitely won’t be the last.

  • lexi

    Chris laugh at her when interviewers called her a side chick. Her anger should be directed at he so called man who loves her.

    • VVV

      I did not know that, perhaps you have a link you may want to share of that information.

  • Kylie

    This is disrespectful. Yes, things got (and still are) weird with their relationship, but she was at some point definitely his girlfriend, not a sidechick. On a sidenote, she is soooo pretty.

  • buhle

    This ladybis no side kick. She is a victim of the selfish annoying thing that was rihanna and chris. Her flaw is that she loved and still loves a trainwreck of a man who has unresolved feelings for his ex. Show me one woman who hasn’t loved hard before. She is not done with chris and she will know when she is. Til then, no one should be attacking this lady. Many women are in her position and they are the first to attack her so they feel better about theirs. I believe in Psychodynamic theory this is known as Projection: the act of placing onto others our own negative ideas and opinions about things we despies within ourselves. Its easier that way isn’t. Throwing stones and stuff…then when no one is looking u turn around and offer ultimatum number 20 to your indecisive boyfriend and threaten to leave for the umpteenth time.Karrueche is nothing but ur punching bag for your displaced emotions. Leave the girl alone.

    • Guestest

      People are so quick to call out other people’s problems but are totally oblivious to their own.. You’re right

    • VVV


  • guest1

    Vh1 owes Karrueche an apology.