Family Wants Whitney Houston Lifetime Movie Shutdown

May 26, 2014  |  

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Last week we were geeked to tell you that Angela Bassett is directing a Lifetime movie based on Whitney Houston’s life, but it appears not everyone is excited as we are about the new project. According to TMZ, the family of one of the greatest singers of all time isn’t feeling the Lifetime movie, saying Whitney’s legacy is far to great for a simple television movie.

“Whitney is certainly worthy of more than a television movie,” Pat Houston told TMZ. “If Whitney were here today, this would not be happening.”

In an attempt to uphold what the family assumes would be Whitney’s wishes, the Houston’s are reportedly considering a lawsuit to block production since they already made it clear to Lifetime that they don’t support a TV movie. Sources say the family is also planning its own movie for the big screen “ala the ‘This is It’ Michael Jackson flick,” TMZ says.

Apparently none of the family’s displeasure has rattled Lifetime, who proudly announced their plans for the biopic, setting their sites on 2015 for the television debut. Without the Houstons behind it, though, we have to wonder where the information for the movie will come from. And, equally important, how does Angela Bassett feel about the lack of Houston support? We have a feeling this isn’t the end of the drama concerning this biopic.

What do you think about Whitney’s family saying the singer deserves more than a TV movie?

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  • TJR

    I’ll just sit back and wait and see what materializes. I Love Whitney Houston in Life and in Death. God rest her Soul! So whether in a Movie theatre or on TV I’ll watch them both; just like I watched Michael Jackson’s, ‘This Is It’! I’d watch Michael on TV too. I rest. . . .

  • Fox Boogs

    I think we just need to let sleeping dogs lie. I’m not gonna front- I’m not a diehard Whintey fan, but I understand/appreciate/respect what she did for both the recording industry and her culture to a wonderful degree.

    I also think what happened to her was NOT completely her fault. Just another Talent leeched dry to the bone by the White Hollywood Machine.

    Did ya’ll see Brandy sing part of “Always Love You” as “tribute” to Whitney? The part she sang was, “If I stay, I would only be in your way”…. it was just the weirdest thing to me to she the protege’ of such a great talent sing these words, when there are many other positive, beautiful lyrics in that song she could have chosen… like, for instance, just the chorus of the song’s title!

    I’m just saying… something is up with WH’s death- and it wasn’t just the drugs. The death, the aftermath, Bobbi Kristina’s spotlight in the media, now this half-ass Lifetime movie… it all points to something that is not as great as the sum of WH’s legacy.

    • TJR

      I’m a ‘Die Hard’ Whitney fan. Our families, hers and mine, many years back churches in Newark, NJ, visited one another on a regular. She is phenomenal as the little ‘Nippy’ back n the day to her rise in Stardom! You’ve so appropriately said everything right and how I was thinking it. One Love!

  • Lissa329

    Ok to be clear, this is not a bio pic. The statement said that this is a look at the relationship between Whitney and Bobby.

    • Mamas Gun

      We had the real thing already- “Being Bobby Brown”. And that, I feel, was a major brick in Whitney’s wall that she was never able to shake. For real, how many people talk about Whitney without openly saying (or inwardly thinking) “BOB-AYYYEEEE!”

      This, tho- this is purely for your fun and entertainment only. And that’s the major problem I have with it. Her music should be all the fun and entertainment you need- it was the gift she gave us. Everything else was a side-effect to her talent.

  • Ajuanya Washington

    That should be Whitney’s mom and daughter’s decision not pat houston.

  • Jaytee2

    Has anyone heard anything about a movie studio planning a feature film on Whitney Houston? Where will the family get the money to fund this type of project? Lifetime is just fine for me.

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  • kiki j

    I’m guessing miss Pat is mad her bank account won’t profit from it.

    • SunFlower78

      Exactly, at the end of that day Whitney’s family is a trip. A bunch of enablers (besides her mother, who was no nonsense…hence why she is not appreciated). Not Pat is concerned, I guess…I don’t trust a thing that comes out of her mouth.

  • Sasha Washington

    No comment!

  • mmmdot

    I agree with the family. I think she deserves more then a lifetime movie. She deserves a movie like “Ray” or “What’s Love Got to Do with It.”

  • cougar3

    That was just wrong and un called for i just hope you are the perfect mother if you have any children let us not forget we dont know what the future holds for none of us your future could be good one day and bad the next who are you to say what someone deserves it sound like to me you need praying for not whitney she made her peace with god now you need to work on your stop judging

    • Mamas Gun

      Amen- from your mouth to the Hater’s Ears!

  • Sharonda Harris


    • pika12

      I don’t think the producer or director of the movie has to be one of Whitney’s friends. They just have to be talented enough to be good at making movies, do their research, and be passionate about telling Whitney’s story. Friendship is irrelevant. I agree with the family though that it would seem Whitney was a big enough star to get a big screen film. On the other hand, lots of huge stars’ lives have been portrayed on the small screen. Maybe the Houston family shouldn’t rush to judgment.

      • biglittlemason3

        For example, the TLC movie on VH1….it got pretty good ratings and reviews, so a Whitney biopic on the small screen is nothing to sneeze at.

        • Mamas Gun

          I agree with the TLC thing, and it’s not the worst thing… but I think making a biopic about a star like Whitney is very hard to do, and will (more than likely) paint only one side of the story. For better or for worse.

          I think her legacy should speak for itself, and no movie- big budget or smaller- should try to CREATE entertainment, when the entertainment SHOULD BE her music- not the tumultuous lows of her life.

          Is that old white record exec in any way involved with this flick? I forget his name… the one I believe Mariah Carey was married to and later referred to as “The Devil”, that also managed Whitney? If so, don’t expect this to, in anyway, reflect what happened in her life correctly. From my research, he may not rule the Underworld, but he could definitely run for Surgeon General of it.

          • TJR

            Tommy Matola if I got his name right was married to Mariah Carey. It was that old man, Clive Davis who was Whitney’s record exec. and mentor/friend to her. However, I love reading your assessments. Have a nice day!

      • TJR

        @pika12: Now I respect your POV! Especially the last sentence.

  • SheDevilsRule

    One of the greatest signers of all time?? Nope, but yes, she could sing. She doesn’t deserve more then a movie of her life.. She was a dopefeind & a terrible mother. For SURE not a role model.

    • datruth48205

      I think you should go on youtube and educate yourself. Listen to one of her 86 or 88 concerts. She was THE BEST singer of all time!! Ignorance is bliss…maybe not your role model lol then again, who was…

    • kiki j

      Did you grow up in that household or is this based on tmz and blogs?

    • Fox Boogs

      Please- you try raising a child in that industry with all that controversy surrounding you. You wouldn’t exactly look like Claire Huxtable, either.

      She was a great talent, and from my perceptions of the extensive research I have done on her background/beliefs, was an incredibly beautiful human being with more love to give than toxicity.

      And I’ve never owned a Whitney CD. Love many of her songs, but I am by no means a WH fanatic. I just saw a light in her that was not indicative of a malicious human being. She was a great set of pipes attached to a black female body in an industry ruled by old white men gaining fame in her music genre for a time when it wasn’t the “norm” for a sistah like her to shine.

      I remember when folk said she was “too white”. She overcame that, tho.

      Singers don’t SANG like Whitney could nowadays. Rhianna? GTFO. Be-non-ce’? In her SWEET DREAMS would she EVER tap into that place in her soul where pure talent like WH’s came from. Nicki Minaj? When she DOES attempt to sing, she sound like a frog in a Disney movie.

      Compared to anybody that has released music since 2006 (maybe earlier- this depends on tastes of music), WH is, simply put, the BEST singer you could ask for.

      • TJR

        @☥Imi-ib☥: EXACTLY!

  • FromUR2UB

    I would watch a Lifetime movie. Not sure I would pay to watch a Whitney biopic at the theatre. Maybe on DVD.

    • MiaSara

      Thank you. I see nothing wrong with a lifetime film about her life. I still watch the Elizabeth Taylor biopic with Sherilyn Fenn. It’s good as he ll!

  • Whitneyfan

    If the statement had come from anyone but Pat Houston it might carry some weight. She should have objected to that wreck of a reality show on Lifetime. But then how could she…she starred in it. She should have objected to the circus surrounding her death, the pictures leaked and the release of the autopsy report…but she was busy make statements and holding press conferences to manage it. I can only assume that Lifetime didn’t talk about enough $$$$$ for Pat to be on board.

    • BobbyBrownsUnhingedLowerJaw

      THANK YOU! Whitneyfan! i remember in one of her “press conferences” she said that WH was doing and “infommercial” for her (Pat’s) candle line…i will have you know that i promptly went to that candle line website and let them know how i really felt! she know good and well WH was not one to endorse ANYTHING ‘cept for diet coke waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day…i can’t stand that blood sucking hussie and i blame her for her part in WH decline. end rant.

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