Tamala Jones Says Porsha Chose The Wrong One When She Claimed Her Man

May 23, 2014  |  

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen our girl Tamala Jones, but a couple of months ago she popped up in the most unlikely of places when she took to Twitter to check RHOA’s Porsha Williams for claiming her man,Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, the son of African dictator Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, as hers.

Of course, when the “Castle” actress stopped by our LA studio late last week we had to ask her just what all that was about — and of equal importance what’s her status with said beau. Luckily, Tamala didn’t hesitate to speak on either situation, particularly her love life, pointing out that she’s a career woman and it’s going to take a very special someone to handle her lifestyle– which is probably why we won’t see her dating anymore rappers (R.I.P. Nate Dogg) anytime soon.

Check out our interview with Tamala Jones in the video above and tell us what you think. Is she right that Porsha was just looking for publicity when she claimed her man?

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  • kiki j

    I wonder how old she is. I seen her on 35 and ticking and I thought she looked old but this confirmed it. Still cute just….older. Anyway I’m confused is she single or nah? This interview was boring and confusing lol.

  • Collins Orman

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  • chaley

    I think shes just trying to get publicity…….. porsha even came out and said she never claimed him…… it was the media

  • Apye

    She is way more important in her head than she really is!

  • Matt L Parks

    They act like Tamela Jones isn’t working. She has a good role on a hit show.

    • funkmass

      yo you right man!! These is some hating a** folks up in here !! Tamala jones always been fine ..can’t turn the tv on without seeing her on something.. all yall talkin ish is a buncha birds

  • TallGyal7

    Ummmmm…no one really cares.

  • Dreama41

    Love her as an actress. That hairstyle doesn’t do her justice. The bangs need to go.

  • Sit Down

    Funny he has not said nothing. This is the mark of an insecure woman. Porsha did not say anything by her not responding immediately does not mean she claimed him she probably did not care or was about to ask her PR (her sister) to release a general statement saying “No I don’t date him”. These type of women are so afraid of losing a man they get threatened by something as petty as a TMZ report. TMZ is known for just saying stuff fishing to see what they can get out these celebs just for buzz. Why is she interviewing over this??!!! Get your life. Bye Felisha

  • DeDee82388

    Whoa that’s Tamala I know she got teeth and her breast done but it looks like went to Vivica’s plastic surgeon and got the framily plan

  • heather campbell

    Bye Felicia……………….

  • ♡《 Nurse Bell 》♡

    I always say its never a good idea to communicate via texting/twitting. It always leaves room for Miscommunication. Watching her video and reading her tweet is like night and day.

  • Jay Lane

    Girl, G’day. You need the pub. more than she does! Tam should really chill ’cause Porsha is walking around here with a beautiful face and a sick-en-ning body. If she really wanted your man she’d probably have him already.

  • Keinonya Metamorphasis

    She used to date Gip from Goodie Mob

    • divinnalafeme

      Yep I remember I always thought they were an odd couple.

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    I still can’t believe that’s my girl Tamala… What happened? She was everywhere in the late 90s-early 2000s & now she’s not recognizable…I hate her look too

    • Mrs.Mason

      she looks pale….I don’t kno what happened either but is she really trippen over someone claiming that man????

  • cece

    Girl stop thirsting after peen!! I used to like her, but I see she’s hopped on the skin bleaching train.

    • child Please

      I’m hoping it is just the lighting. My old driver’s license photo made me look light skinnned when I am VERY chocolatey.

  • me

    Why is everybody dogging her? lol I thought the interview was fine. To be honest I didn’t even realize she was on Castle since I don’t watch that, so I am happy she’s working. I had been wondering what she was up to these days.

    • tootoo

      Thank you Jesus at least ne positive person on here with some sense

  • Lost Soul

    I didn’t know she dated Nate Dogg.

  • Chirpin like a Parakeet. Girl. Find you some healthy millet and be quiet.

  • Tasha Iswi McKenzie

    hahahahahahaha is all i can do, who cares

  • Lovely Lady

    This was just sad, Tamala you’ve got to do better. The fact that you put yourself in this “lane” yet you are addressing Porsha who you took a dig at when you said reality tv is a grave yard of some sort. And I must agree she is exhibiting rat like behavior when she instead of addressing Porsha like a woman (i.e. phone, lunch, private email) she was petty and addressed her on a social network, people have lost their contracts on their tv shows for less. Grow up Tamala!

    • tootoo

      is that all you heard and saw in the interview? This interview was not just about porsha …jeez all you folk on here with ADD OR ADHD.. however you all are obviously Porsha srewart fans

  • snicker7218

    In one breath the dude is her man & in the next breath they are asking her is she single and she’s explaining what type of relationship she wants. Either you’re in a relationship or not. Is she sure Porsha is the one who wants publicity and not her?

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    girl bye!…nobody cares seriously

  • Get Over Yourself

    Tamala girl thats you?!?

  • candy cane

    Tamala LOOKS like a bird; and what’s up with the light skin? She wasn’t that light on ‘For Your Love’. All comments are right on; Porsha never claimed that dude; TMZ put that nonsense out there. What a WACK-O!!

    • Define2

      Dang, everyone is using that Michael Jackson cream…

  • juicyco

    porsha never claimed your man idiot and i hate porsha but how pathetic is it to try to get publicity by using a reality show star? sheesh go on some auditions.

    • MiaSara

      Right! who knew Tamala was such a bird?

      • guest

        I did

        • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas


      • totoo

        BIRD? only a bird think everyone else is one I’d love to see a pic of you , the real pic not the catfish version.. can you even read? Try reading tamala’s bio on IMDB..

  • bigdede

    She so pathetic! TMZ reported that, Porsha never claimed that. Why did she even get all mad over an evil dictators son?

    • tootoo

      Pathetis ??who do you think called TmZ and told them that story , A ghost ? obviously you don’t know how this business works!! Fyi … Tamala doesn’t need publicity from a reality star , she’s been on ABC’s Castle for 6 seasons now going on 7.. Do you homework !! She is 20 plus years in show biz ..umm Juicyco really??? you both sound like a bunch of idiots

      • bigdede

        I look like an idiot? Ok. Yet she’s dating a dictator’s son and is a third tier character on Castle. Do I care that Porsha may have called TMZ? Do you have proof she did? Besides who cares! Tamala went to twitter based on what a tabloid website says? How insecure can you be? Then the stupid trick, after Porsha responds, has her publicist attack Porsha on twitter. Between the fake boobs, skin bleaching and bad weaves, Tamala needs to work on her self esteem

        • tootoo

          sounds like you really have a personal hate towards her!!! I’ll pray on that for you !!

      • bigdede

        Oh and when you respond to someone, make sure you know how to spell before calling someone an idiot

  • starapple

    Petty and silly.