Apollo Nida Speaks On Being “Humiliated” By T.I., Wanting Phaedra To Stand By Him, And Possibly Being Separated From His Sons

May 20, 2014  |  

In an interview with V-103, Apollo Nida sat down and discussed everything that’s going on with his life since he pled guilty to a massive $2.3 million bank fraud scheme at the beginning of the month. While this would be a good time to stay with family before he finds out his sentence in July, Nida has been doing interviews, showing up at events, and getting confronted by T.I. of all people. In the interview, he discussed how he felt about being confronted by T.I. for comparing their legal situations on Twitter, where he stands with Phaedra, and most importantly, his fears about possibly not being there for his sons if he is sent back to prison. 

On His Sons:

“I hurt tremendously. At the end of the day, I’m so remorseful. I grew up without a mother and a father. What hurts me the most is the fact that I could potentially be leaving my sons. I resonate with Ayden more because he’s four years old now . So when he[son Ayden] cries out for me, and I’m not there for him, then potentially who knows what could happen? Let’s just say hypothetically, and hypothetically people because people love to blow things out, my wife wants to go somewhere else that means another man will be in my household. I don’t want that for my child.”

His Marriage To Phaedra At This Point:

“We’re still married…I try not to be astonished by anything that goes on. I think Phaedra, in a perfect world, should be supportive as a wife should be…If she chooses to derail from the plan, then that’s what she chooses to do. Apollo is prepared for whatever happens in life. Whatever’s been thrown at me, I deal with it. I would like to say I would want her to stay around and do what a wife should do.”

Committing Crimes To Keep Up With The Joneses:

“Apollo has never had a handout from day one. Never. Never asked for nothing, never been given anything. Whatever she has, she has…if I feel like I gotta do what I gotta do, and there’s no other way, and the checks aren’t being distributed equally, you gotta do what you gotta do. You could sit there and say, go get a regular job…but at the end of the day, is that paycheck going to be equivalent to what’s coming in the household?”

His Feelings On Being Confronted By T.I.:

“First of all, I’m out on bond. Don’t nobody really know me. You just don’t run up on a person and just demand anything. One thing you can demand is respect when it’s given. I felt really disrespected at that situation. But I played my cool. I have a lot of respect for T.I., I have a lot of respect for [Michael] Vick…

Once I thought about it, it was wrong. What I said was, my paperwork, Vick’s paperwork, T.I.’s paperwork is says the same thing, it’s language. I never said that T.I. was a rat, I never said Vick was a rat. I know Tip. I thought he was coming up being a man, being supportive because he’s been through that same situation. That’s what I thought. He was hostile. So I jumped back a little bit…because I’m like, is this thing about to go down?

Tip knows how to get in contact with me. If this was an issue, you just don’t make it an issue in public and sit there and try to make it a ploy, I feel, to boost whatever you got going on at the time.

I’m a real humble person at the end of the day, but I can’t tolerate disrespect. I really played that situation real humble. I was humiliated by it. I didn’t even know the cameras were rolling. Afterward I was just like, that is not how men handle the situation.”

On Understanding Why T.I. Was Upset:

“He resonates with the people in the streets. Nobody wants to be labeled a snitch. I know nobody wants to be labeled as a rat. I get that. At the end of the day, I shouldn’t have put his name out there like that, but I didn’t mean it like that.”

 What do you think of Apollo’s statements? Check out his interview with V-103 here. 


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  • Mike Pressley

    My question is why would there be that many places wanting to interview this P O S?

  • lisa morrow

    Apollo, 1 Please go back to 5th grade and learn how to talk. 2. As far as what “your wife should do”, she should leave your uneducated, narcissistic, dog a$$. 3. You are not Gods gift to women, and very few will put up with the bull that your wife has tolerated.

  • StopMakingUSLookBad

    Phaedra showed her lack of professionalism when she represented a male charged with drug possession. A review of the tape that dates back to her first season on RHA will reveal that she and her client lied to the judge in the case. She laughed and joked about lying to the judge while they were in the parking lot.

    Without a doubt, she had full knowledge of Apollo’s “business” transactions. Like Apollo, she should be facing criminal charges. Her finances should be investigated to determine how much she really knew. As greedy as Phaedra is (e.g., Undertaker, exercise video, lawyer), there is no way she did not have her hand in Apollo’s illegal businesses.

    A person’s significant other is the best predictor of who that person really is. Apollo and Phaedra are both rotten apples.

    Finally, she needs to stop referring to her children as princes. Doesn’t she know that princes have royal bloodlines not an ex-felon for a father and a miseducated mom.

  • Cally Trask

    I hate this scum sucker. Anybody that commits identity theft, swindling, and fraud deserves to receive the death sentence.

  • tutttul

    Every time Apollo opens his mouth in public he drops a little bit more about Phaedra’s involvement. When the chips are down – and before all is all is said and done – Apollo will be singing to the feds like a canary. Phaedra should be flipping it and rubbing it down every chance she gets until Apollo is “safe” behind bars – to keep his mouth shut.

  • tutttul

    “At the end of the day . . .” Apollo should just be quiet.

  • petgirl

    What an idiot! He looks more stupid every time he opens his mouth. So full of sh-t and self involved. He thinks he is all that and much more important than he is. He is nothing but an uneducated criminal who’s wife is on a TV show.

  • KLT3

    OMG! Little Miss Wordsmith must be “astonished” by how inarticulate her husband is. The fact that he’s trying so hard to sound more intelligent than he is made me cringe. What’s with the speaking of himself in the third person? No wonder Phaedra wants to “derail from the plan”. Whatever THAT means. I hope they have an English teacher in the pen…

  • Francine Williams

    He can always text Kenya and Phaedra can call up her fiancé that she dropped for Apollo. See it doesn’t always pay to marry for skin color and looks.

  • cocochanel31

    IN THE WORDS OF HIS WIFE..FIX IT JESUS!!!! #apolloisnottoobright!

  • Moni

    He admits to spending $3000.00 at a one night visit to the strip club, so what is he talking about how he had to provide to be bring equally into their household? What a jerk of him to do these things and ask how would Ayden take this? He did it to these children and his beautiful wife. A wife who gave him her all, even children. No exucse, Apollo. You did that yourself but that saddest thing is, as a man-father you drove your family down the wreckage.

  • hottlanta

    Little girls go to Build-A-Bear Workshop to get a teddy bear. Phaedra got her trophy wife Apollina from Build-A-Ho Workshop.

  • maryg

    Apollo is a thug who came into a good thing by marrying Phaedra. She was the dumb one in this deal. She is extremely smart and ambitious and could have done better. He is a bull sh???###er and full of himself. She is not the first person to fall for someone good looking and could talk a good line. Her pride is not allowing herself to admit to anyone she made a big mistake. He is like so many people male or female if their spouse has money they want supposedly to earn their own money and respect so people don’t think they are living large off of their spouses money but never find a profession that requires work ethics and earning a living the legal and responsible way. If he loved his children so much he would have never did what he did so don’t put the blame on anyone else but his own selfish egotistical attitude he is can do what he wants when he wants. He loved his family so much he blew his money at strip joints special way to take care of your children. Its all about Apollo so put the blame where it belongs.

  • Leon Gall

    I pray that the government doesn’t cut him a deal and thoroughly investigates his sow, lawyer, wife.

  • Meandmybish

    Y’all still team Apollo & Phaedra?? I keep telling people Kenya ain’t crazy there is something seriously sneaky and wrong with that couple.

  • Ricky Rice

    first of all t.i was with his boys like most thugs do ,if he really wanted check somebody why not by yourself anybody would back down when not one on one, you not tuff bringing some body guard with you.

  • on my level…

    Apollo, are you still talking???

  • IamMe

    Every time Apollo opens his mouth, I want to smack Phaedra!

    • Francine Williams

      Maybe Phaedra needed Mama Joyce for a mother.

  • Dylan

    Apollo is really dumb. “At the end of the day,” you’re going to jail, Apollo. Hopefully, he can take some remedial English lessons in jail.

  • lakewood

    the most humble people I know always talk about themselves in the 3rd person. This guy is a douche.

  • grandinettimichael

    No excuses. We all struggle without stealing.

  • Gingertee

    In the end what I might think about how he handled his personal life means nada. He admitted to the crime, he’s willing to do the time and there is nothing more to say. The rest is up to the judge and the court. Best of wishes to Phaedra and his sons, I think they will be fine eventually but Apollo is right, Ayden is going to have a hard time because he has a relationship with his daddy and he will wonder where he is.

  • Name

    If he says “At the end of the day” one more time! So sad. Not very articulate at all.

  • ria

    No wonder he never held a “regular” job anywhere. He could not pass an interview, let alone a background check. Get real, you are a loser.

  • JoAnne

    What about the hardship of the people whose identity he stole and whose lives were ruined because of his crimes? Sorry – no sympathy. He doesn’t regret his actions and “AT THE END OF THE DAY – you do what you gotta’ do” ?? You gotta’ do time for it!

  • NoMoNeNe

    Good lord. I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many big words come out of the mouth of such a simpleton. Will somebody please advise this moron to shut the hell up? There were so many things I wanted to highlight and comment on, I can’t even remember them all. Bottom line-Fadera got herself a real winner. What did they ever talk about? When they weren’t doing gymnastics in the bathroom, I mean.
    At the end of the day…………..take a class or seven while you’re in the slammer, Apollo.
    At the end of the day.

    • NoMoNeNe

      AND another thing. Why is Apollo wearing sunglasses inside a studio? Did somebody smack him? Again?
      At the end of the day, a lot of people would like that chance.
      At the end of the day.

  • Ingrid

    In order to run a debt consolidating business, you have to go through a background check and post a bond – because you’re accessing confidential information through the credit bureaus. How does a convicted felon do that? As an attorney, Phaedra would have – should have – must have questioned that. She certainly knows what’s required, Yes? No?

  • MyOpinion

    apollo’s immaturity is evident if you watch rhoa, but sometimes he does surprise me. during this interview, his immaturity & sense of entitlement surprised me again in implying that his wife “should be supportive as a wife should be.” i am not aware of any rule that a wife should remain married to and be supportive of someone who knowingly commits a crime – – a crime punishable by imprisonment that will take the man away from his family. apollo was not “doing what a [husband] should do” when he was putting his family in jeopardy and now that he made the wrong choice and knows he will be going to prison, he thinks his wife needs to be supportive. she should & will do whatever she feels is right & no one is entitled to judge her for her decision – – but if it were me and my two boys left to fend for ourselves . . .

    • black_dontcrack

      But here’s why he THINKS he’s right. Fakedra was in on the illegal activities the first time he went to jail – so it’s not a stretch to believe she’s involved this time, or at least knew what he was doing and had no problem reaping the benefits. So yeah, he’s singing the “Thieves should stick together” song, or if you prefer “Birds of a feather…” song. So in his twisted mind since they were doing dirty together they should stick together. In that context he has a point. Teresa and Juicy (gag) Joe on RHONJ have stuck together through all of their mess. Those 2 thieves know how to have each others back. LOL

    • tutttul

      Maybe he meant “they” decided he would take the fall if anything happened and she would stay home with the boys – in which case she agreed to wait for him to come home from prison.

  • CD

    It is painful when a man has only looks, body and no brain. It’s annoying!

    • black_dontcrack

      Help me out here. I don’t see it. Why do women think he has looks? His mouth ruins his face. It looks like Marlo Hampton’s over used funk box.

  • CD

    You should have thought about all this cheet before you decide to start tiefing. And don’t play that game… Phaedra was there for you before and you threw it away because of greed. You could have asked Phaedra to set you up in a legitimate business but you got greedy! Now, you want the lady to put her life on hold for you again? Go away, whatever your name is…

  • ShawnCurtisLacey

    This is a bunch of garbage and lies! Apollo and most of the viewers of RHOA know that Apollo have not learned anything from the first imprisonment. He gave us this same speech with his wife and Andy Cohen the first time! This is not an “oops I did it again” kind of thing. Acting as if Phaedra is upset with him, is a joke. How can the mastermind behind all of this foolishness and mayhem be upset? This is just a smokescreen to throw us off as well as her graduating from funeral home school. If you do not want to believe the first woman who is going to prison, what about the second one who did crimes with Phaedra? There is a scripture in Numbers 32: that says “And be sure your sins will find you out.” They both are a disgrace, for they have been given the opportunity of a lifetime. Apollo could finally earn honest money on RHOA as well as well as Fake-dra. I really think she is the one with that thievery DEMONIC stronghold. It is akin to the “A” list movie star who always gets caught stealing items that she could easily purchase. Phaedra would rather pretend than live a straight life; she has done this for years folk! Who does she think she is fooling with this little Black Georgia Sweet Opinion act? I would not let either of them in my house unless I had everything nailed to the floor! My mother always told me, “Son if you make you bed, you have to lie in it.” Boy was she right, and it has been the story of my life. God’s timing is always right on time. It will be when she least expects. No more pretending as if she is coy and the little old lady in “A Trip to Bountiful.” She is an actress for sure, both she and Apollo. The State of Georgia will eventually give both of them leading roles in “Gangstas With The Wind!” I remember a scripture my friend use to quote that says “Be not deceived for God is not mocked for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

  • Yo Mama

    Phaedra, leave the thugs/scrubs alone.

  • Vickie

    respect for Michael Vick…..are you kidding me…….Hang um high

  • morrow

    Apollo was scared out of his britches when T.I. and jis boys confronted him. That one T.I. guard out of the camera view wanted to beat Apollo’s arse.

  • Linda M McCuff

    I feel for Apollo’s family, but that was a foolish thing he did. Hind sight is 20/20, and I’m sure that he wishes that he’d chosen another route. And as for the well being of he’s family, things will certainly be out of his control if he is sent away. And that is the very thing that should have call him to reason. If he is sent away, Phadrea just might move on, and again that is something he should have considered. I pray that God is merciful to them, and that the family is spared that awful hardship. But at this point all anyone can do is hope for the best. If things should go arye the only one that can be blamed for it is Apollo.

    • ShawnCurtisLacey

      Oh really, do tell!

    • Guest

      What about the hardship of the people whose identity he stole and whose lives were ruined because of his crimes? Sorry – no sympathy. He doesn’t regret his actios -AT THE END OF THE DAY – you do what you gotta’ do ?? You gotta’ do time for it!

  • dee

    I am going to need Apollo to just stop talking because he keeps digging himself deeper and deeper into a whole lotta nonsense. First of all TI was upset because his name should have NEVER come from Apollos mouth period. Apollo can speak on his own situation all day long but dont start name dropping especially when it’s in the same breath as conversation about your own personal criminal activity. TI wants no part of it and was basically telling you “Keep my name out yo mouf”.

  • Amazing how the man who has been disrespecting his own wife is now complaining about being disrespected himself. Apollo needs to check himself cause T.I isn’t the problem, he is!

    • ShawnCurtisLacey

      Looks are deceiving! It looks this way, but she knows what he is doing. She has far more pull on him than you think. This is a Bill and Hillary kind of relationship!

  • MsLadyE

    Why is Apollo talking about being “loyal” to Phaedra when he left her outside a locked hotel room at 2:00 A.M., IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY? Apollo has disrespected Phaedra many times. He has the nerve to talk about “loyalty”. Bragging about spending $8000 in a strip club is not being loyal. Texting another woman who is not your wife or relative is not being loyal. Flirting with another woman in front of your wife is not being loyal. Apollo should be at home with his sons. Because if he gets 30 years, he’ll be a grandfather when he gets out. BYE, APOLLO!!

  • Yvette

    Stop talking Apollo!

    • MsLadyE

      Because he’s just talking loud and saying nothing.

  • Just Thoughts

    This man is so disconnected with reality…Why is he talking about himself in 3rd person???

    • Mya

      Conceited, self-absorbed, narcissistic people do. Many pro-athletes and actors do. He is selfish personified. I hope Phaedra moves on.

    • black_dontcrack

      Because Nene/Naynay told him to. It’s something narcissists do.


    “Tip knows how to get in contact with me. If this was an issue, you just don’t make it an issue in public and sit there and try to make it a ploy, I feel, to boost whatever you got going on at the time” APOLLO GO HOME AND STAY QUIET! A PLOY REALLY! U ARE THE ONE WHO PUT IT OUT IN PUBLIC BY SAYING HIS NAME. TI DONT NEED UR NAME FOR SH*T! HE ALREADY GOT HIS SH*T! DONT B MAD, THIS ISSUE W/TIP IS THE LAST THING U SHOULD BE WORRIED ABOUT. HOW BOUT THIS SPENDING TIME W/YOUR BOYS AND OUT OF THE CLUBS BE FOR U DO YOUR BIT.

  • black_dontcrack

    I’m soooo sick of the phrase “At the end of the day.” Apollcon is a straight up nut job. He has NEVER been loyal to Fakedra, but has the nerve to talk about what she “should” do. Boy go somewhere with that mess. What should you have done? IDK, maybe NOT left her sitting outside a locked hotel room in Mexico at 2AM to go back and flirt with Kenya. Maybe NOT brag about spending $8K at the strip club. I’ll stop right there. I don’t have time for this mess. Boy please. Can somebody please throw Apollocon some coins so that he buy a clue?

    • ShawnCurtisLacey

      You better say it! Read what I wrote about 13 comment above yours. It would be the first one and not the other two little comments. I think you would agree.

      • black_dontcrack

        Read it. People need to go to youtube and check out what Angela Stanton had to say the first time this mess happened, then come back here and talk about Fakedra doesn’t know. Yeah. Right. I gave Angela the side eye in the beginning, but my mind changed when Fakedra and Apollocon kept up the Kenya story line when it no longer made sense. I asked myself..do they think we’re stupid? What is it they don’t want us to see? That is the ONLY reason they kept after Kenya over some mess we all knew was bull. And it worked for the masses. Comment boards should have been lit up with people talking about Apollocon spending $8K in the clubs and wondering where he got the money from and connecting the dots to his previous felony record.

        • ShawnCurtisLacey

          It is only a matter of time before she gets what she has coming! Apollo has always worked for her, both he and his brother. She knew where the money is coming from because it is theirs. Young and old women look to her as a standard of excellence when all the time she is a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

          • CedarHill

            You & GetReal remind me of my schizophrenic uncle who thinks there are conspiracies around every corner. If the Feds had ANY kind of proof Phaedra was connected to his crimes, she would’ve been charged. We all know Angela is convicted felon & her word is as good as gold right(insert sarcasm).

            • ShawnCurtisLacey

              Narrow minded folk are extremely limited intellectually. Believe what you want to believe!

              • CedarHill

                And common sense aint that common.

            • black_dontcrack

              Well if you are going to throw shade, let’s throw enough to make it dark up in here. We all know that Apollocon is a convicted felon too – so we should believe him that Fakedra is NOT involved? That makes sense. Angela is an untrustworthy felon, but we can trust the two time loser felon Apollocon. See how that works? It’s called logic. Another thing we all know is that the Feds can file charges at any time. Now do you know something that we don’t – like maybe they are done with this case? How do you know they may not come for Fakedra in the future? They got Gayla St. Julien first and cut her a deal, and it was months before the came for Apollocon. What if Apollocon cuts a deal for less time and turns in a name? Do you know for a fact that name will or will not be Fakedra’s? Only time will tell. So maybe, just maybe Fakedra is innocent, but your comment really doesn’t mean a thing unless you’re the Feds and you want to reveal your plan to us here and now. No? That’s what I thought. Like other armchair legal eagles…take several seats please.

            • tutttul

              Not really – people get away with it for years then one day it’s just over. Law enforcement takes the time to build an airtight case because they only get one bite at the apple – and if there is any doubt whatsoever a jury will let Phaedra walk for good even when she’s guilty – and she cannot be retried for the same crime. Phaedra is slick enough not to put anything on paper or leave a trail – she’s a criminal attorney.

        • GetReal2014

          Many times the “masses” fall for a lot of bull, that a little thinking would straighten out. Of course, Fakedra knew.

  • Stefanie

    I think it’s super creepy when someone speaks about themselves in 3rd person. I read this whole article and still don’t know a damn thing he said. TI is gonna kick his a**, where was all that mouth when TI was in his face. BYE FELICIA!!!!!

  • lockstress

    Excuses are for losers!
    This is not the first time that you are going to jail for the SAME THING!
    People that want to be with their families…DON’T COMMIT CRIMES!

    • Stefanie


    • MsLadyE


    • Guest


    • NUNYA

      Preach lockstress!!!!!!

  • sit down

    Apollo is very immature and I can tell that being with Phaedra he thinks being disrespectful is being a man because she makes him feel inferior. That is why he felt the need to brag about having all this money on his own separate from his wife and incriminated himself on TV. He wants his wife to have his back now? But he told her he is still going to speak and be cool with Kenya even though she asked him not to out of loyalty to her. He said “that’s between them”, he left his wife standing out side of a hotel room to go back and entertain Kenya. No that ship has sailed and you looking for loyalty? I am glad he signed a prenup because this type of dude feels entitled and obviously lacks tact. He would have cleaned her out. You calmed down with TI cause he is not the one. But you yell and scream with females. GTFOH!!! This dude is selfish and disgusting… saying Phaedra should stick around like a wife should?! He is spoiled by her and expects her to carry his burden and issues. This is a good example of looks vs quality. Phaedra married a selfish man due to looks. I really wish her well. Apollo’s attorney and Phaedra should really advise him to stop talking in all these interviews, he still doesn’t own what he did and little by little it seems he putting some of it on Phae…

    • Yvette

      You summed it up well. Enough said!

    • black_dontcrack

      That’s because some of it is on her. She was involved, or eventually figured it out. She can’t brag about how smart of an attorney she is then claim she was too dumb to figure out where her huzzzzzband was getting $8,000 to spend in the strip club when he felt like it. She can’t have it both ways.

      • JS

        Exactly!!! Plus we all know Apollo is not smart enough to do any of that on his own. But the real nail in the coffin is he claimed he had a debt consolidating business, how you going to have a business your wife has never seen or dealt with?!

        • black_dontcrack

          First or second reunion they asked Fakedra “Is Apollo a repo man?” And she said no he isn’t he has a job. When asked what his job is she hemmed and hawed for the right words then finally said he worked for a company that helps people get money they are owed that they don’t know about. Yes honey. And that’s exactly what he’s accused of. Using a “lost money” company for identity theft. And Fakedra had to know that his job didn’t pay the kind of money that let him throw down $8K in the strip clubs.

          • tutttul

            She said “He’s in asset managment” – but like e everything Phaedra does something is not quite “right”. There is no way Phaedra did not notice Apollo wasn’t cashing “paychecks” – and Bravo cancelled the series offer because they smelled a rat too.

      • Phaedra is only concerned with keeping up appearances!

    • MsLadyE

      I agree 1000%. Instead of doing interviews, Apollo needs to be home with his family. Even if he doesn’t serve all of his time, he’ll miss seeing his sons grow up.

    • NUNYA

      Like my mom use to say…”Let a man talk long enough and he will tell on himself”. Got rope…lol

      • black_dontcrack

        I agree that people can hide stuff. I’ve had it happen to me. But there have been people in Fakedra and Apollocon’s circle that said Fakedra was in on the first mess when he went to jail. Fakedra sued them. It came time for depositions and Fakedra wouldn’t appear to defend the allegations to stop the book from being published. Why? Because as an attorney she knew she had better not lie under oath. She dodged so many deposition appointments that her own attorney’s dropped her as a client. So yeah, sometimes wives/families don’t know…and sometimes they do. Ever heard of crime families? Where everybody in the house is a crook? Sure you have if you watch the news or read a newspaper. Fakedra and Apollocon are just another crime family like Teresa and Juicy (gag) Joe from RHONJ. Teresa denied she knew anything too, but we all see how that turned out don’t we?

        • Leon Gall

          Finally, someone who sees through Fakedra too. Guilty by association and fake as hell.

          • black_dontcrack

            I don’t know what NUNYA and others like her are thinking. Let’s keep this simple. Even people with below average intelligence would notice if there was an extra $1,000 in their household and definitely would notice if there was extra THOUSANDS in their household every month. So no way Fakedra didn’t know.

            • NUNYA

              I know you are not referring to me as unintelligent????? We are all entitled to our opinion…Like I said…YOU DONT KNOW WTF HE WAS TELLING OR SHOWING HER…I know how to make jury summons with the seal and I dont work in a fk’n court…so you have your fuck’n opinion and we have ours…everyone can’t be as brilliant as you..SAB!!!!

  • B Cooper

    Regarding the incident with TI, I can understand how two black men with criminal pasts being sentenced in the same same state could have the same language in their plea agreements. It might not be true but it IS believable. Weren’t they both federal charges?

    • coolyfett

      I think so, and to be honest that is a situation where you call a brotha and be like……Bullies know who to Bully though. TI doesnt want to out grow his street friends, which is sad because even his lil “Pigglett” wife dont want him no more.

      • hottlanta

        Apollina is a punk he was allll over Kenya trying to embarrass her but when approached by another men he had his head in between his legs and yet Fakedra was acting like a proud peacock to the world being married to a BYTCH. That is why he was fighting at the pajama party he was practicing on how he will have to fight behind bars.

        • coolyfett

          Im not gonna speak on the Kenya thing. I just think TI as a MAN should have handled it like a MAN. Trying to give a tough performance is wack. Never try a man on camera, just so people can run it back. That sort of thing is corny. If TI approached dude with the intention of intimation, thats wack and he is wack for doing that.

      • REELTALK

        Haha! I think he’s the best thing Pigglett has ever had

  • janelle

    Apollo needs to get hooked on phonics.

    • B.

      Lol. Why, because he resonates with his son? I laughed so hard. He is such a fool. What about him trying not to be astonished? LOLOLOL. I can’t.
      He is such a fool, he can’t even pretend to be sorry. His, “you gotta do what you gotta do” defense is disgusting.

      • So I googled resonate because I knew what it meant but I wanted to be sure that I wasn’t an idiot. I can’t. LMBO. He has used that word twice in place of relate. Come on dude!

        • B.

          Listen, I realized this many years ago. Usually, when people F up a word, they tend to repeat it. It’s like part of the idiot’s guide to incorrect English. The sad part is you know Apollo thinks he is so intelligent using polysyllabic words. If ever “keep it simple, stupid” applied to someone…
          The even sadder part? An educated lawyer chose him to spend her life with. How could anyone have a serious conversation with this guy without cracking up?

          • Drea271

            Yeah, that’s the really sad part that Phaedra chose this loser as a husband and father her children.

          • tutttul

            The lights were off . . .

        • REELTALK

          He reminds me of that Damon Wayans character on “In Living Color”. You know that one guy in prison that tries to show off the fact that he’s been reading the dictionary but uses the wrong words? Trying to sound intelligent but comes off sounding reeeeeeal stupid? Apollo Apollo *facepalm*

    • Amazing how the man who has been disrespecting his own wife is now complaining about being disrespected himself. Apollo needs to check himself cause T.I isn’t the problem, he is! Phaedra is only concerned about keeping up appearances, so Phaedra is NOT gonna divorce this 3rd grader unless she has no other choice!! Apollo is an embarrassment to husbands everywhere. And to think, Phaedra had the nerve to talk about Kenya!

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