“You Have A Whole Lot Of Skeletons Up In Your Closet, Sir”: Mimi Faust On Steve Harvey’s Criticism Of Her Sex Tape, And Stevie J’s Threats

May 19, 2014  |  


Mimi Faust has had a rocky past month or two. That sex tape got out and the criticism poured in from everyday folks, Steve Harey of all people, and many of her co-stars. She’s been followed my TMZ photogs. She just lost her father. And if that wasn’t enough, she was threatened by Love and Hip Hop Atlanta co-star, Stevie J. Talk about a rocky start to 2014.

We caught up with Faust this morning to talk about moving on from her grief after losing her father whom she had been close with since meeting him when she was 16 (“We were just frick and frack [laughs]”). We also talked about those ugly statements from Stevie J after her dad’s passing (Bang Bang!! Your dad ain’t gonna be the only one. Karma is a b***h!), that sex tape, if Nikko is a user, why she’s not really feeling Love and Hip Hop Atlanta anymore, and how she deals with the heavy criticism from people, including Steve Harvey.

On Stevie J’s Comments After The Death Of Her Father:

“You know, he never ceases to amaze me with the stuff that he does. The day before I was on the radio, V-103 here in Atlanta, and they asked me about him taking care of his kids. I told the truth, and I think he got mad. So the day of my father’s passing, he sent me that text message. To this day he hasn’t apologized. He has not said ‘I’m sorry for your loss,’ he hasn’t said anything. I don’t even know who he is anymore. I have no idea who that person is. I really don’t. It blows my mind.”

Why She Hasn’t Been Watching This Season Of LHHATL:

“I’m a little indifferent. When you film, you think it’s one way, once it gets edited and you see it, it’s something completely different from what you thought. Honestly, I think we’re going on episode four–I haven’t really watched. It will just make me mad. It’s been that way since the beginning so I’m used to that. They keep you kind of in this box where they want you to be. It takes all different types of characters and people to run the machine of Love and Hip Hop. You have to have a villain, you have to have the stupid girl, you have to have the naive one, you have to have the bad girl. I get it, but am I doing cartwheels about it? No [laughs]. I mean, at this point, it’s a job and I look at it as such. So if the rest of the world wants to watch five or six minutes and judge my whole life and me as a person on five or six minutes that they see on a television show, then that’s there ignorance and there’s NOTHING I can do about that. I’m going to keep doing what I do, they can keep doing what they do, and it’s not going to make a damn bit of difference.

K. Michelle, Stevie J. And Joseline’s Response To Her Sex Tape

“First things first: K. Michelle and I are not friends. K. Michelle is a very messy girl and she likes the attention to be on her so whatever opportunity K. Michelle gets to have the attention on her, she takes it, grabs it and runs with it. K Michelle does not pay my bills. K. Michelle has no idea what really happened, so for her to comment on something she knows nothing about, again, is ignorant. If K. Michelle would like to sit down and ask me so she can be clear, she’s welcome to do that and she has my number and she hasn’t done it yet. So that’s her running her mouth, so I really don’t give a damn about what K. Michelle has to say about anything I do.

I want to be clear on Stevie J: He left his family for a known prostitute and stripper and “wifed her up,” so anything I do in my relationship with the person I’m with now, after you left me, should be none of your business. Don’t worry about anything I’m doing in my life. You’re not with me, I’m not with you. You’re “married.” Worry about your wife.

And Joseline Hernandez has no right to open her mouth and say anything about me. I’m trying to figure out why she’s upset or mad. I’m not with her man, I’m with my man. So why are you commenting on anything I’m doing with a completely different person. You took my man and this and that, and everything she kept saying last season. She has the big house and husband, why do you care about what I’m doing? The only thing I could figure out is that she puts her private parts on WorldStar for free. Maybe she’s mad about that. I’m not putting anything out there for free. Once I realized that my tape was out there and those people, Vivid, contacted me, I sat down and I did business. That tape was going to run around  the world for free, and I would be damned if it did that and I didn’t profit off of it. I was smart about mine. Don’t get me wrong, if I was your average person and was not on television, I probably, 9 times out 10, would not have made a deal with Vivid. But because I’m on reality TV and I am a public personality, do you know how far that tape would have been on every website? It would have been everywhere, like hers was. But I said no, if this is going to be out there, I might as well get something from it. That’s what we did. Period.”

About The Tape:

“This tape was leaked out. This was something we did in the privacy of our own home and that’s what we like to do. I didn’t make a mistake. I’m not making excuses for anything I did. I made love to my man. We filmed it. It got out. The only thing I did was I decided once it got out to make a business decision. I’m going to be taking care of my daughter, so I don’t know what anybody is talking about saying I made a mistake.”

Steve Harvey’s Criticism Of Her Decision:

“First and foremost, Steve Harvey is doing his job. If he didn’t sit and talk about the hottest thing that was going on, he wouldn’t be doing his job. So I’m going to commend Steve Harvey for even sitting down and taking the time to discuss little ol’ me all over his nationally syndicated TV and radio. Thank you, Steve!

Steve Harvey has no idea what happened, and why I made the decision I made. I didn’t make the decision just for me. I think I would be a fool if this tape was coming out and my daughter was seeing it and I couldn’t do anything with it and it’s just all over everywhere for free. At least I will be able to take care of my child, in some form or fashion, and pay my bills. Stevie J does not help me with Eva, at all. Once again, I did not make a mistake, I did not make a foolish decision. This wasn’t something that I said, ‘Okay, let’s just do this.’ I had to think about this long and hard, trust and believe, before I decided to do what I did, as far as doing business with Vivid. Steve Harvey can not throw stones,  because you’re not a perfect man. We’re not going to go there. You have a whole lot of skeletons up in your closet, sir. Please….”

Explaining Her Sex Tape To Eva When She Gets Older:

“I will explain everything to her. I will explain to her how it happened. I will explain to her why I made the decision to do what I did when she comes to me. I will sit her down and let her know, just like I’ll have to sit her down and explain why she has to go to high school and there are kids stabbing up kids and shooting kids in class. There are a whole lot of worse things in this world that I will have to explain to my daughter than mommy and her boyfriend making love.”

People Saying Nikko Is A User:

“They don’t know Nikko. Love and Hip Hop will only show Nikko for two minutes. So you’re getting two, three minutes of a 24-hour day of a two-hour taping that they edit, and everybody is making judgment upon that. If I felt that Nikko was a user, I wouldn’t be with Nikko. We’re still together to this day.”

If They Plan To Marry Soon:

“I’ve never been the ‘Oh my God, I’ve got to get married, I’m 35 I have to get married’ type of girl. If the time is right  and that’s what we want to do, that’s what we’re going to do.  But that’s not where I’m at right now, and neither is he.”

Secret To The Shower Rod:

“[Laughs] The secret is that your partner has to be able to support your weight. I wasn’t just holding on to that bar, swinging from the shower rod by myself, he was holding me up. So ladies, please don’t go and hold on to that rod by yourself and start swinging because you’re going to fall, you’re going to break your neck, you’re going to hurt your back, it’s not going to be a good situation [laughs]. Your man has to be able to support your weight and hold you up. Nikko works out three times a day. Very, very strong. So that’s the secret.”

Dealing With The Negativity:

“I know who I am. What someone else has to say about me who has no idea about who I am, I have to laugh at it. It’s assinine. It’s ludicrous.

In the beginning, I was criticized for being so stupid. ‘You’re so stupid.’ ‘You’re a doormat.’ ‘You’re an idiot.’ ‘You’re a fool.’ That to me was bizarre as well. These people are acting like I’m the only person, man or woman, in the world, who has ever been cheated on. And I’m like, are you kidding me? ‘How could you let Stevie J cheat on you?’ I let him cheat on me? I know who I am and that’s the bottom line.

I would post things about my father, and I have people commenting on my father with the most horrible things you can imagine. I have people calling my daughter, my 4-year-old, a slut. It really shows me how much of the world is really screwed up. When I see people in the street, I’ve never had one person, not one, even to date, come up to me and say something negative to my face. If I’m out in public, I bet you they’ll ask me for a picture talking about ‘I love you Mimi! I love you, girl.’ And I kind of laugh at that too. I bet you won’t say it to my face, and they don’t.”

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  • DLove13

    I think Mimi speaks very well, very intelligent and a beautiful black sista. Her business decision is her business decision. I would have done the same thing and I’m pretty sure that if someone offered you a nice check for your tape that was going to be leaked out to the world…you would have accepted to. Be real with yourself! God bless you Mimi…love you girla!

  • Wanda Jewett


  • M.L.

    She’s always defensive. Probably because she knows she has made some big mistakes. But hey I won’t knock her for capitalizing off a tape. If she can look herself in the mirror, then do you Boo.

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  • Jordan Washington

    The one thing that I like about Mimi, is that she is able to articulate her thoughts very well. She could have been a mad black woman in her responses, but she wasn’t. At the end of the day, it’s her business. She looked at it as a financial opportunity to help raise her daughter and pay her bills. I totally believe her when she says that Stevie is a deadbeat.


    Why does her head look so big in that picture…she also has no a ss at all

  • bjcain3870

    That wack $3x tape

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  • Linda M McCuff

    After reading this article, I have to say that I understand her a little more. I was like the rest, and it was all negative. But she made the best decision out of a mess up situation. The fact is, at least she getting something out of it, and that does makes the matter a lot more palitable. My thoughts about Mimi from the begining were that she’s a decent young woman trying to make a better life for her and her daughter Eva. And I’m left with that same opinion. As for her haters, people are always gonna have them. I got them and I’m not famous.

  • I.am.ShaRee.Amor

    Well said Mimi. She left no room for interpretation even if some of her answers were more like excuses. The only questionable remark is the ones pertaining to Nikko…..hmmmmmm

  • Forrealz

    You’re ignorant if you believe anything this person says or does…

    • JPT

      For some reason you don’t like mimi, so stop watching her.
      you are a HATER?????

  • Forrealz

    If I thought you were a moron why would I waste my time telling you in public?

  • Guest

    Is it just me or does she look like a Bratz doll in that pic?

  • rocis

    She grown she can do wat she want y’all don’t pay that woman bills ,well y’all do cuz y’all do watch LHHATL and that’s pays the bills

  • ysit

    She still a hoe

    • ysit

      Like the rest of the “reality” people

  • tarrilove

    She right about Joseline and K Michelle. K.Michelle is a shamless attention slore and thot. She’ll give Trina a run for her money they must be seperated at birth. Big b@oty fre@ks that date only rappers and athletes. Joseline is so jealous she can’t see straight. Shes stupid, she missing her window of opportunity. Pop rap and hispanics pop is doing very well. While she wasting time with Stevie J. If they can make Iggy Azaelia a star they can do the same with Joseline. She better take one of those L&HH checks and get sia,dream, future, or sevyn streeter to make her a hit song. Before people start calling her old. Like she talks about Mim

  • Melissa Lowe

    9/10 women would have made the same decision Mimi did if they were in her shoes. Sex is nothing but sex and it was with her man. Why not make a profit to take care of your family on something that may get out for free, weather she leaked it or not, business is business and money can make a lot of things better, especially with a family. Its her life and who are we to judge, a lot of women has did worst and doing worst.

  • God is My Mojo

    People’s opinions can’t pay your bills. What’s done is done and black people’s self-righteousness is the reason why we can’t get ahead. You got skank plastic butt Kim K getting the “third” wedding of her dreams by one of hip hop’s most amazing talents and we mad at Mimi? C’mon son? The black community need to be boycotting Kanye…not caring about what ole Uncle Tom Rufus Big Lipped Steve Harvey is saying. Stevie J dogged the mess out of Mimi and his chickens will come home to roost. He’s certainly jealous of her. Let Mimi count her strange and leave well enough alone.

  • KayObvi

    Not taking away from her intelligence bc you have to be smart to survive after your mom abandons you at 14 for a cult then you don’t meet your father until your 16, she has been in the streets for a long time, Stevie J’s finds all his women the same way broken and abandoned looking for someone to save them.. that way they feel like they owe him everything.. Eve been in the streets since she was a teen, (she was smart enough to find herself and make a serious upgrade) Joseline in the streets from a young age, so what makes Mimi any better than her, they are both the same type of women period. Even the way she spoke in this interview she still feels some sort of loyalty to Stevie(” I want to be clear on Stevie J: He left his family for a known prostitute and stripper and “wifed her up,” so anything I do in my relationship with the person I’m with now, after you left me, should be none of your business. Don’t worry about anything I’m doing in my life. You’re not with me, I’m not with you. You’re “married.” Worry about your wife.) – Its ALmost like her relationship with Nikko is retaliation against Stevie bc she knows he can’t stand Nikko, like a bad child trying to lash out against its parent, believe you me if stevie dumped Joseline and said lets make it work she would go back in a split second period. I really hope she finds herself as well and stop trying to make this I am tough as nails so nothing affects me persona work, i know that ish is tiring as hell.. Just admit that man broke your heart and your soul and move on period.. Even Eve in every interview she says he was my first love , I loved him and at that time she would have done anything for him. she never really talks bad about stevie..So MiMi needs to take a page out of her book and upgrade don’t settle for a knock off like Nikko and he is that a KNOCK OFF..sorry for the book but this is basic pysch 101 honey child.

  • Trouble girl

    It’s something I like about mimi ,I’ve always been in her corner she seems like a strong person.The ppl who are trashing her are probably the fans of Stevie and Joseline ,K Michelle b/c it doesn’t make since that nobody hasn’t shut up about it yet. Move on ppl
    It’s her life ,her business b/c you know what’s funny that nobody said
    a word when Joseline put herself out there when
    she made a sex tape.And who says being in
    your 40’s makes you old? If we all keep living we
    will make it there too in the Middle age life.

  • Steve Stone

    She doesn’t sound like an idiot, I’ll give her that much.

    Plus she looked pretty good getting smashed on that tape

    • Krissy

      The tape was wack.lol

  • Krissy

    Thank you!!! Mimi sure was the other woman at first….funny how Stevie J said: Mimi sees herself in Joseline when she was joseline age, it’s sad when a man calls you out on your ishh!!.

    • Mpress

      Who believes any…thing stevie j says? ….or joseline. Or any of these ppl?? U cant have a factual discussion about any of these ppl. They are worse than rapperz. Theyll say n do anything for airplay. I dnt believe ANYTHING any of them say. They all reek of fraudulence.

  • kiki j

    She should stop explaining herself because she makes herself sound silly. Even though I get what she’s trying to say she doesn’t articulate it well. I like Mimi but she’s way too old to be so foolish with men. One bad relationship okay but two back to back? Did she really believe Nikko’s stolen bag had the tape? Who keeps a that kind of tape in a bag? The excuses that she falls for make her seem so foolish and naive. She’s the laughing stock of the show, but as long as she’s getting money (if money is all that matters to you). *Shrugs*

    • Krissy

      There was no stolen bag..they leaked that wack tape, all that was set up

  • Krissy

    Yeah she’s 43 yrs.old they know they leaked that damn wack, boring a$$ tape lol

  • WhatMoreCanISay

    Idc how she pays her bills. I don’t pay em.

  • candy cane

    How MiMI running around talking about Stevie and Jose(line) have a fake marriage but yet an still they not together so why is she concerned? GIRL BYE!!!!!

  • LVRS

    she sold it..but I still watched for free on worldstar and ddotmen..stop

  • LVRS

    She turned an oopsy into a business deal. I’m sure she wanted that to happen why she playing dumb like she neva knew it wud leak

  • 90’z Baby

    I don’t get why she’s upset with Steve Harvey I heard the audio and he wasn’t talking down on her like a lot of these other people making shower rod parodies and blasting her on social media he was just telling her love and respect yourself

  • Anre’ Brownlee

    The tape was not shot in the “privacy of their own home” either……It was apparently in a hotel,most hotels have their shower rods bolted. I saw the video and when they were doing the shower scene the camera angle changed,obviously there was a at least one other person there. #cameraman

  • Anre’ Brownlee

    She need to quit,I bet Mimi got shoes that are 35 years old. LBS

    • Media_Slore_Agent

      I don’t get calling someone old to be disrespectful. Getting old is a blessing I happily look forward to. Young and dead is not hot, lol .

  • Tanisha-Lii

    The real truth about the taped being so called “leaked” wont come out until her and nikko split. Then we’ll hear the truth.

  • CutieReppinNY

    Why does she keep saying it would have been running around for free, like she had no choice??!! She could have gone the legal route and sued every site/publication and had the video removed from the internet. Several true celebs have had to do this, so she can stop fronting. She took the easy way out and sold her dignity. Then trying to compare her explaining the tape to Eva to her explaining school stabbings, girl bye! Those things may never effect her on a personal level, but I bet her mother being a pornstar will SMH

  • Really loved how she answered the questions in this interview. I always liked Mimi for some reason. She really seems like she is a very nice person off and on the camera, I try to look at the good in people. And yes she made a tape but that doesnt determine who she is, so its time people get over it and move on. Constantly bringing it up, wont change a thing. But let this be a white women, Steve Harvey and all these celebrities would not be saying a thing. Its because she is black women, she is going to get judged twice as hard for what she does. I know she is probably so frustrated with all the negativity, but I wouldnt even respond to anyone. Let people think what they want.

  • danielle83

    Why the hell do people like you keep sayin “old”? Since when is 35 old and apparently you have the key to stayin the same age forever?

  • dou

    It’s her life to live. It’s ok for one, but not the next. Steve is shady as they come. Look like a wife beater.

  • bitchtychic

    That lady disgusts me. Just looking at her is like ewwww. Damn fool.

  • Ms. Lady

    Well it’s her opinion and her right to do as she please. I don’t agree with everything Steve Harvey says & does, but he only spoke as a man would out of respect. I honestly don’t think he intended to attack or degrade her.

  • therealnumber1

    I do think people have been coming at her kind of hard…just leave the girl alone…stebbie and his chick both had plans to put out a “tape” and even a “book” and nobody gave them flack…stebbie had a stripper around his daughter and nobody said anything, nobody is wondering what northwest is going to say when she gets older and finds out how her mom came to stardom…I mean just leave mimi alone for crying out loud, or hey don’ leave her alone, all of this press is keeping her on and helping ratings for the show, im sure Mona, shed media and VH1 are loving every minute of it…Nikko on the come up?? Hey he very may well be, but he aint no different then anybody else on this show, they are all on the come up and using the show to come up and they have COME UP…well everyone except Karlie Redd po lil tink tink…lololol…

    • KayObvi

      Don’t sleep on Lopsided booty Karlie Redd, Think about it she is the only one on the show with a mabn who actually makes some paper .. Yung Joc, I still can’t believe he wifed her but that is neither here nor there, and even her dealing with benzino he has that I sold source magazine money, he has that hip hop weekly money, so ITs something about that uneven booty that attracts that gwap lol I think you meant to say Karlie Redd smart little KAching KAching lol

  • You’renotme

    She is delusional

  • DeepThinker

    YES and probably the other woman to all those other baby mamas. She had to be on Stevie’s level to be with him for 15 years. Plus she was supposedly swinging with him back in the day. you’re right she was Joseline.

  • Angela Thompson

    I agree with everything mimi has to say 🙂 🙂 🙂 they are only going to put out on tv what they want us to see:-) 🙂 and who am I to judge her not my place at all so you did right 🙂 🙂 get paid and take care of your baby 🙂 🙂

  • Kemi

    Sounds like she sold her soul for some paper and to get back at Stevie for “wifing up” Joseline and moving her into this big house. So it was pay-back time. She & Nikko concocted this scheme, and it worked like magic. Can’t be mad at her. As long as she can sleep at night, and the money was worth trading your reputation and dignity, then it was a success. I wonder if she’ll feel the same if/when Nikko bounces and “wifes up” the next good-girl-next-door who didn’t make a sex tape, and she ends up back in the same situation that Stevie put her in. Ouch.

  • Chaz

    Damn, I thought this was old news by now.

    • Yvette

      It is but folks won’t let it rest.

      • therealnumber1


  • here for it.

    Geeked up is an understatement!!! Her voice is so irritating…Mimi you are not that hard…take it down a few notches.

  • Frank

    One of the smartest chicks on reality TV

  • hopenodrama

    Good for Mimi. Get that paper. Ppl talking trash bout Mimi, at least she smart to get paid for her video and not stupid like some of these ratchet hoes that post naked pic on FB and IG for free.

    • Middi

      LOl I notice your wearing scrubs…nothing more needs to be said about why you agree…

      • Lee

        Hey I am not a nurse but she could be an RN. Dont judge a book by its cover and everyone has a right to their own views on this situation. That wasn’t nice at all for you to judge her on her views.

        • Shayla

          I agree. That was so tacky. Leave her salary out of it. Whatever she makes, I’m sure she works hard for.

      • fireinside

        Well let me stop you right there. I am a financial counselor in a hospital er. Every person wearing those scrubs in the hospital works hard.Not just the RN. And not just the doctor. So get off your high horse sweetie. All those folks in scrubs do work for you ungrateful a xz people.

  • Mrs.Mason

    she is not that damn old!

  • Mrs.Mason

    I’m glad that she is able to talk like she has sense…other reality tv stars don’t…

  • Gia

    I really like Mimi and people need to shut up and stop putting her down. She did nothing wrong! Love her beautiful & full of personality daughter. Hope we get to see her daughter on the show this season.

  • “B”


  • Bye molly the maid.

  • lioness domain

    I can’t understand why people are so concerned with how the tape got out there. If it bothers you so much don’t watch it and don’t follow or comment on her. Personally i don’t think she leaked it, i think Nikko leaked the tape but either way its their business. I don’t consider her a hoe, a hoe is someone who sleeps with different men: a loose woman. She was having sex with her man that she has been with for sometime. Now i don’t think that the tape being out is a good thing but if it was leaked what do you all want her to do!Even if she put the tape out, what if she needed the money? I’m sure the same negative people would complain if she turned up broke. She has made her choice and she is the only person who will have to answer for those choices. Speaking negatively and calling her out her name doesn’t benefit you, but you will also have to answer for your actions…be careful what you say about others. We all need to practice being less judgmental to others!

  • Guest

    Leave Steve Harvey alone! He has a right to state his opinion.

    • therealnumber1

      The interviewer asked her what she thought about it…and like mimi said, steve was just doing his job…

    • Letitia Lee Wilkerson

      She said Steve was doing his Job she was not criticizing him

  • tellinitlikeitis

    Mimi is so fake and a Liar “once I realized my tape was out there” The guy from Vivid said that Mimi came to him and asked him to release her tape. I bet she doesn’t watch because she can’t stand her Phony self

    • Yvette

      When did the guy from vivid say that MiMi came to him? I missed that.

      • Sean

        On tmz

  • KW

    People that have something negative to say about what other people are doing with their life have the most messed up life themselves. It’s HER life. If you don’t agree with her lifestyle stop watching the show. I can’t be so critical, negative and opinionated of someone else’s life that has nothing to do with me.

  • Simone Mackey

    People should get over it and move on. If it was them in her position they’ll be saying the same thing.

  • Guest

    Lets be real. You didnt make a sex tape. You made a p0rno. There is a difference. And you released it for distribution for the money. Its just crazy to me how much people are willing to sell their souls for a little bit of change. How are you going to explain THAT to your daughter? Nothing about this situation is ok and I’m so tired of this generation trying to make sex for profit ok! It just aggravates me that we as black women we treat our bodies with such a cavalier attitude and we pass it on to our children (both boys and girls) and then we wonder why they dont value anything. Smh.

    • Thebadnews83

      Absolute truth

    • Krissy

      Agreed 43 yrs.old and pulling stunts like this she do look stupid tryna sugar coat all this ishh, she know she mad about that boring tape.lol

  • BabyBlue

    This old hag still saying its an “accident”

  • keepitcuteorputitonmute#1

    (What I would tell Mimi) get your money, take care of your daughter, and keep your eyes open with Nikko because I don’t trust him at all!You are glowing and look the best you have looked since the show began so it shows you are happy!Let the haters hate!Most of them struggling day by day and mad because they see you grinding and getting money!

    • Ms. Lady

      She got the breast implants now she need to booty implants…lol

  • Carol

    I wish you well. I really do. You sty way more years with Stevie J than you should have. You had to know he was no good. This new guy seems shady to me… from the day he had you do that video. Don’t waste any more time. Its ok to be alone than to be really alone with someone who isn’t good for you.

  • courts

    she’s still stupid

    • Nessa Fox

      And so are you

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    She likes to be clear a lot

  • Stacy D. Smith

    She had some surprisingly well-thought out responses. End of the day, it’s her business. I saw the full film over the weekend. It’s fairly well done.

    • Tonie

      She’s always well spoken. She’s not stupid by a long shot, but she makes terrible choices and justifies them.

      • middleagerant42

        I totally agree with you. You would have to be deaf dumb and blind not to see niko don’t give a damn about that little girl or mimi for that matter. And she is the type to stay just to prove people wrong.

      • kiki j

        Very well said

      • Forrealz

        That is called being stupid.

        • Tonie

          I respect that. To some she would be considered STUPID, and I wouldn’t blame them for thinking that way. Contrary to popular belief, a foolish action(s) does not make you stupid. We’ve all done foolish things. The fact that she justifies her foolishness makes her seem STUPID but it does not make her unintelligent.