15 Things He Deserves To Know Before You Get Married

May 15, 2014  |  
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Some of these are practical, some of these are romantic, and some are just funny! (But necessary!) Here are 15 things your guy deserves to know before he marries you.








What sort of home you want to live in

Perhaps he wants a house with just as many rooms as necessary, but you want one with five extra bedrooms. Maybe he wants several apartments all over the world, and you just want one large estate in one town. You may think now you’ll be happy living anywhere so long as it’s with him, but the place you wake up in and go to sleep in every day affects your happiness greatly.


How involved your family will be

If you have a super nosy family who will put in their two cents on every decision you and your guy make, and who insists on having dinner twice a week, he deserves to know that!






How many kids you want

If you think your love will carry you through this decision and naturally have the two of you land at the same one, you’re wrong. Talk about this in advance. If he wants zero children and you wanted three, one of you has a huge adjustment in thinking to make.






How attached you are to your city

If you’re the type who never wants to leave that city and wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else, let him know that. If you’re the type who wants to live in at least five countries during your lifetime, he needs to know that, too!



How you treat extra money

Do you invest it? Donate it? Spend it on travel? Spend it on things? Save, save, and save?









You hooked up with his friend that one time…

If it was a long time ago, and wasn’t his best friend AND was when you were single, it will bother him for a little while, but a rational guy will get over it. He deserves to know though! If your man finds out once he’s married to you that, back in the day, you slept with a friend he sees on a regular basis, he’ll feel duped.








Your family’s health history

If you have a genetic illness that could be passed onto children, should you have any, your man deserves to know that. If you have a genetic illness that could cut your life very short, he deserves to know that, too.







How important sex is to you (or isn’t)

Maybe you’re having sex all of the time now but, realistically, you’d be happy with eventually taking it down to once a week. Your man deserves to know what he’s locking himself into when it comes to sex.






How he can please you in bed

If you are still uncomfortable communicating to your man about what you need in bed, it’s time to get comfortable! In theory, he’s going to be the last man you’re with, so he better know how to please you!





What role your career plays in your life

For you, is the point of life your career? Will you put it before everything? Or, perhaps, are you the type who just works to have enough money to live and have fun?








Sometimes, he’ll have to cook

A lot of couples fall into the dynamic of either the girlfriend cooking, or the couple cooking together, or the guy is cooking for himself when he has to, alone. But in a marriage, sometimes you’re going to need your man to whip you up some dinner, and he has to learn how to do that!









Your stance on loaning money

If his brother came to the two of you needing a large loan to start a business or pay off debt, would you be okay with giving that to him? Or, are you the type who is always lending money to friends? If so, your partner should know that because eventually, that will be his money, too.









Your stance on borrowing money

Maybe you’re okay with taking out a loan, but your guy is absolutely against borrowing money. Or perhaps your guy likes to take out loans and you believe that you shouldn’t spend money you don’t have.

Whether or not you’ll change your name

You can probably come to an agreement on this pretty quickly, but you don’t want to surprise your guy when you’re getting your marriage license with the fact that you won’t be changing your last name, or that you expect him to take yours!





Why your other relationships didn’t work out

You may have spent your whole relationship avoiding the topic of exes but, if you’re going to get married, you should at least briefly talk about why your past relationships didn’t work out so you can avoid the same pitfalls.

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