The Person Who Sold TMZ The Solange Elevator Fight Video Made $250K On The Deal

May 14, 2014  |  

Source: WENN

We all knew that whoever handed this tape over to TMZ made all the money, but now we have some cold hard figures to back that up. Or at least we have figures provided by “a source” to the New York Post

According to this unnamed person, the video was shopped around for five days before the highest bid of $250,000 came in from TMZ. We actually thought it might have been a little more, but maybe the secret seller didn’t know they had a goldmine on their hands.

“There are only a handful of people who’d have access to that tape,” the Post quotes their source. “The Standard owns that tape.” The source goes on to say that Jay Z and his people were reluctant to fight it once the tape got out. Once it’s out, it’s out. And the only response we’ve gotten from any of the people involved has been on social media.

The hotel has hired a Hollywood lawyer, Marty Singer, to handle the investigation, the paper says. Jay Z, Solange, nor The Standard responded to inquiries from the Post.

The Post also tosses its theory about what prompted the outburst onto the heap of other propositions. The paper says it has a source who says Solange was drunk and has been coping with no longer being on the Roc Nation label and a move to New Orleans that has put a lot of distance between her and her family.

[h/t Hip Hop Wired]

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  • Mrs.Mason

    whoever sold the footage is definitely not worried or mad about getting fired! lol

  • ♡《 Nurse Bell 》♡

    Sure blame it on the alcohol! She looked pretty sober and composed exiting that hotel …just saying. I still think Jay Z ‘dissed’ her sister and she let him have it.Call it “alcohol” induced courage

    • Guest

      No matter what Jay-Z MIGHT have done or said….. It’s also domestic violence and a criminal act.

      • ♡《 Nurse Bell 》♡

        Never once said it wasn’t a criminal act

        • Guest

          But you didn’t mention it either. Let’s just gloss over the crime being committed and try to come up with things HE must have done wrong. When a man hits a woman, I never see you guys try to come up with things the woman must have done to provoke the beating…

          • ♡《 Nurse Bell 》♡

            Although your passion about the situation is admirable and duly noted, however your preaching to the wrong choir here…pretty sure he capable of taking care of whatever that ‘situation’ was. Fyi its human nature to do things in the heat of the moment, which usually isn’t the best decision. ..

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Until the hotel pursues them in court.

  • Felice W Lloyd

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  • myra

    Theyre more concerned with who sold it than who was psycho n violent. The real suspect here is jay z for pushing the sister over the edge. I heard it was about a affair. So beyonce was standing there probably with the “single ladies ” song stuck in her head lol

    • Shan_Love

      I’m sorry this is so ridiculous, there is no excuse for this grown woman to act like a complete lunatic beating on another person. We as women will shout and scream if the roles were reversed, if the video showed any signs of Jayz hitting her back, all heck would of broke loose. Calls for boycotts and trashing of his music and career..yet she does it and it’s deemed ok based on assumptions that none of ya’ll really know what happened, but you made decision to decide he deserved it or she was provoked..this is a grown woman, I guess maybe I was raised to know better than to act like a rabid dog and attack people regardless of the situation..ridiculous.

    • Guest

      No matter what you “heard” it was about, it doesn’t excuse what she did. The real “suspect” is Solange for committing a violent act. I wonder how she will explain this to her son. Or maybe he’s used to her violence, too.

  • NeaJ

    Whoever has the audio will be set for life!!

    • Rebbekah

      Do any elevator cams ever have audio?

      • Starr King

        No….in most states that is illegal

      • NeaJ

        Idk. I was joking but after this, they should!

  • Suuzie

    Can the Knowles/Carters sue the hotel or the person who stole the footage he he/she is ever caught?

    • scandalous7

      If you look closely, the footage was not stolen. It looks like they recorded the monitor with their cellphone camera.

      • Hmmm

        It’s still stolen. That footage belongs to the hotel. They had no right to record and sell it. That’s a breach.

    • Madeline

      If you read the article, it states that the Carters at least weren’t interested in trying to diffuse this matter. Which takes me back to this whole thing being a PR stunt. Now Beyonce has flooded her Instagram with pics of her and Solange. Stunts!

      • Guest

        This is not a PR stunt. PR stunts are usually orchestrated to drum up interest and/or help a person’s image. They’re already famous (some people even say Beyonce’s OVER-saturated) and this didn’t help the image of any of them. Believe me, with the money and team they have at their disposal, they would come up with something better than an attack in an elevator. This is just an unfortunate private family matter that was made public.

  • Trisha_B

    Welp, they better make that $250k last b/c I’m sure the hotel is gonna fire them if they haven’t already. They know who have access to the tapes & at what times lol

  • pattycakesz

    Dang welp I hope they won’t have to use all that money on a criminal attorney…

  • Rochelle

    wow.i thought it would make way more than that. like 600,000 or something. i guess common folk can’t negotiate.

    • Rebbekah

      yea I thought it was for at least a mill, sucker

    • hollyw

      Yo… this person was ROBBED lol. Welp, serves them right for stealing lol smh.

  • prettyredbone

    I think he should of got a lot more for that video I would have went 3 million or at least a million

    • hollyw

      Dude I’ve heard TMZ buy crusty baby photos for 3.million…this man or woman was a fool, simple as that. Smh threw their career away (b/c you clearly not gone get no more jobs in security after this) for a fraction of what the stolen item was worth, they should give up stealing after this lol…

      • Guest

        Exactly. People saying it was worth it aren’t seeing the bigger picture. This woman will never have another security job. And TMZ lowballed her because they knew they could and she fell for it. It shows she wasn’t looking at the bigger picture either.

        • hollyw

          Smh. The worst kind of thief is one who doesn’t even know the value of that which they steal…along with losing the item before you can even fence it, of course lol…

  • hi-liter

    I dont blame that person for selling the footage. $250,000 is worth getting fired over. However, I hope the authorities don’t get involved because that footage is the property of the hotel where the incident took place.

    • JustSayin!

      Problem is, it wouldn’t be worth the hotel’s effort to take thief/ex employee to court. The only one to get paid would be attorneys (in that situation). It would end up costing $250k (at least) and not getting anything in return – except being on record as “winning” the case against the ex-employee.

      • Guest

        Sometimes it’s about the principle. I would sue too. It’s a drop in the bucket for that hotel, whereas it’s a big deal for the former employee. The hotel needs to be seen taking the situation seriously because celebrities stay there and have events there all the time. But who will want to stay at a hotel that has such infamous security leaks?