Solange Didn’t Tweet About Jay Z Hitting Beyoncé, Says Rep

May 13, 2014  |  

Source: WENN

Yesterday, as fans searched for answers regarding what would push Solange to want to attack her brother-in-law, Jay Z, a message surfaced on Twitter offering a possible explanation. The message appeared to have come from Solo’s Twitter account and told of possible domestic violence in the Carter home.

“He tried the right one,” the tweet read. “I keep tellin’ y’all he ain’t ’bout that life. You hit my sis, I hit you hoe. Talk what you know. Y’all don’t know sh*t!”

The message fueled theories that Solange attacked Jay Z in defense of her sister, Beyoncé. But as it turns out, the tweet was a total fake. Solange’s rep says that message was never posted to her client’s Twitter feed. In fact, the tweet never existed at all.

“I can confirm that Solange did not tweet that,” the rep told TMZ. “That is not a real tweet.”

And there you have it. The mystery lives on.


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  • sit down

    So this is fake? LOL. Ok several other sites captured the same tweet and other sites are reporting as though the reps are saying its fake, but stating its captured from her account. Of course that is their job to deny things that put these people in bad lighting. So when other stories capture a tweet its evidence and real? I have seen in a 1,000 news stories the media capturing tweets before it was deleted and no one questions if its real, deleted or not. But this tweet that many people saw on twitter, many people mentioned seeing this wayyyyyyyyy before the story took off, she has several deleted tweets around this time now missing, but this capture is fake? Their team is playing clean up. But because its Bey and Jay its fake. Oh ok. I am waiting on them to say that was not them in the elevator. Now this story is being spinned as Solange being crazy, mentally unstable and drunk. I am sure her people are dropping those seeds. I never heard or saw anywhere of her having mental issues. She cut her tour short because her Son was in school. No where ever has she admitted to having any disorders or hinted at it. The way people go to bat to keep Beyonce lifted higher than Jesus is hilarious and creepy to me. She does not need PR with her fans. Its like people need her to be perfect so they are throwing Solange (who is the most pulled together, politically aware, culturally inclined, intellectual out of the two sisters) under the bus to still save simple Bey. I believe her PR team is taking things to make Solo look crazy and drunk, to cover a real family issue. But I am sure I will be another hater, for stating what is front of you clear as day.

    • Angel

      I am feeling this Post and I am surprised it has Not been deleted

    • Britt

      If this was real tweet, it would show in Solange’s Twitter history regardless of the fact if it was deleted. The retweets would be in the thousands and it would still show up in her mentions.

  • CAliQueen

    I think people are really reaching with their domestic violence conclusion. I honestly don’t believe there was any domestic violence between Jay and Bey that lead up to Sol’s violent attack. If Jay hit Bey then he would not have hesitated for one minute to lay Sol out in that elevator. That’s just my opinion. People just don’t want to admit that they still believe in that old age double standard that women can get away with hitting men.


    I just looked at some tweets from Solange that was on the TIME mag website and they look EXACTLY like this one. Anyone can pay anyone to make something go away if you have enough duckets

    • hatecoons

      Exactly, these Beyonce obssesed stans are so foolish and naive in there thinking that they lose their ability to let common sense prevail and stay stuck in their incapacity to think for themselves. #annoying

  • cryssi

    Well it’s been reported that Jay said something that pissed her off when she got into an argument with Rachel Roy, Dame Dash ex wife, about 20 minutes before the elevator fight. The argument with Rachel happened when Solange was drunk, and it was said beyonce jumped into the argument as well.

  • Truth be Told

    I didn’t think it was real either lol

  • aty

    sigh i keep on saying let us move on with other worthy gossip stories that have proof,tmz does not have audio so they will never have to address this particular dirty laundry,
    people vilifying solange’s response is not fair as no-one knows the situation,just because her reaction was not smart does not mean she was the only one in the wrong , all in all i hope all of them will be okay as i hate how this is being spanned ,solange is the bad hat while bey and jay preserve their status quo
    there is more to this,we either be patient and wait for it or keep it moving

  • SunBubbles

    People be so anxious to see sinking holes in the Knowles-Carter marriage. Smh.
    Sister-inlaw attacks husband so tht must mean tht he is abusing her sister. sigh
    People I tell u

  • Britt

    Folks are REACHING with their “theories” that Jay hits Beyonce. You see Solange attacking a grown man and assume the man being attacked is an abuser. I’m pretty sure if Jay hits Bey, he wouldn’t have hesitated to hit Solange while she was acting irate. Women are taking part in the victim-blaming that they accuse men of on a daily basis. Trendy activists.

    • hi-liter

      **Hand claps** thank you Britt.

    • Alexandrea Desteny Gray-Corujo

      You go Glenn CoCo!

      • T. T.

        LMAO @ You go Glen CoCo! I get a kick outta these comments! #noSolange

      • NewYorkBunny

        Bwahahah Glenn Coco. I’m dying right now and I can’t even remember what damn movie it’s from. Lmao.

        • mvndi

          Lml mean girls

    • emphasis on IF….

      True, but then again there were camera’s, Jay knows better. I’m sure IF he does hit Bey, he wouldn’t do it publicly…

      • Britt

        They were in an elevator and who thinks about being on camera when they’re in an elevator? CLEARLY, Solange didn’t. I like Solange, but folks are finding any possible reason to cape for her when she was clearly in the wrong.

        • hatecoons

          Who thinks about being on camera in an elevator? Maybe celebrities, high class/status people, and rich folk who own their own elevators and know good and well that when they are famous there is ALWAYS going to be eyes on them. Bottom line, all you see is what you see. You don’t hear anything, you don’t what’s happening, and you probably never will. They are infamous for sugarcoating so debating it is pointless. I just hope the crazy Carter stans will realize that they don’t really know the Carters personally, and accept the fact that the media propagates and hypes up things just to keep people talking.

    • hatecoons

      Nobody is reaching, Jay-Z is a verified abuser. It just gets swept under the rug because of his stature. And no offense, but your theory abt “him potentially hitting Solange if he hit Beyonce” is absurd, because men who are women beaters don’t beat on all women-just the ones who they control. So it would make perfect sense for him to not have the cojones to stand up to a REAL WOMAN who isn’t super submissive.

      • Britt

        Your name is hatecoons. Do you also hate men? Seems that way.

        • hatecoons

          No just can’t stand people who can’t think for themselves and actually believe everything that the media propagates.

  • Trisha_B

    People & their photoshop smh lol. Can’t believe people actually believed this was real

  • Amarossa

    Fake tweet or not, I’m sure it’s not that far off from the truth. Why else would a tiny thing like Solange go for Jay-Z? Plus Beyonce standing on the side-lines looking on helplessly…smacks of a domestic disturbance to me.

    • Rena Hastie

      Yep, I agree. I don’t know what else would have somebody going nuts like that. Granted Solange has always spoke her mind and quick to check ppl, but spazzing out is another thing. I suspect some kind of abuse going on. I also think Bey kept her composure because she’s used to making things looks like they’re ok. When you’re a true professional you know how to keep your composure at all times so I give Bey kudos for that. Every marriage has problems, and now the world knows they’re no exception. They’re human. Hopefully everything works out for the good, though.

    • sit down

      Right and now somehow, some way people are now calling solange bi polar??? Wow. Its like when it comes to Bey people are so influenced their senses are off. Why would you get mad like that??