“You DM Him You Might Be Talking To Me”: Yandy Smith Checks Women Inappropriately Messaging Mandeecees Online

May 13, 2014  |  

Source: Instagram

If you have to walk around with your eye on your partner’s social media, look in his phone, or through his emails, chances are, you don’t trust him. And while some people would say that’s a sign that you need to walk away, for others, like Yandy Smith, it’s reason to start checking thirsty women for doing what they do–being thirsty. And that’s exactly what the Love and Hip Hop New York star did when a few girls decided to make a play for Mandeecees’ affections on the low (or what they thought was the low). Seems that Yandy has access to Mandeecees’ Instagram account, and she has been calling out young ladies who decide to send risque (and weird) photos to her man. She posted some examples on her Instagram recently to put people on blast, and then decided to take the pictures down from her page. These images were snapped just in time by UrbanBelleMag   We all know that Yandy rides for her man like no other (she did wait for this man to get his legal situation together, and bailed him out with a $200,000 bond after he was in jail for more than a year), still, I don’t know if proudly telling the public #yeahIcheckthattoo is a good look. But hey, to each their own.

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  • applesauce585

    Personally too much “time” and too much “energy” policing a signficant other’s social media accounts. Not to mention the stress! He should be the one checking these “thirsty” chicks. jmo



  • Lynette Miller

    Just because she have his password don’t mean she doesn’t trust him or thinks he cheating that just proves he is not trying to hide anything from her i mean i got all my boyfriend passwords, and he got mines but it’s not because we don’t trust each other it’s just shows that we don’t have to hide stuff from each other. And sometimes he gotta check dudes just like i be having to check females because these people could careless u can be married with nine kids they going to still try and slide their way in

  • empress123

    I always wondered why so many women believe the bullcrap! Do you think Mendecee would love it if men were sending disrespectful crotch shots to Yandy? You saw how he acted when her own cousin posted pics of her working out lol why is it ok for men to check other men who are disrespecting their relationship but when a woman does it she is “insecure”? Some of these responses are coming from jumpoffs who do this and from chicks who just do not mind if their men CHEAT. Who is really insecure?

  • empress123

    You cant stop a man from doing what he wants to do but you can certainly research and remove yourself from him if what he wants to “do” affects your relationship negatively…

    • hey

      But will she leave? If not, why snoop?

  • CAliQueen

    Well hail while she’s checking his dm’s she might as well check his duffle bag, do a clean sweep of his car, and last but not least give him a cavity check just in case he’s back to trafficking drugs. If she is going live with an untrusting man why not suspect him of all evils. Lol I just don’t understand the attraction but to each it’s own.

  • Jordan Washington

    You can’t have a relationship without trust.. I think that it’s just ridiculous for someone to think that they’re doing themselves/their partner a favor by doing this. They just make themselves look so foolish. Why stay with a man you can’t trust, or vice versa?

  • MissRebel

    If I bail my dude out for 200,000 he mines for life.

    • Mya

      Lmbo! Right!

    • Tay

      Loooooooool…..Or i would rent him out…..loooool

  • heyheynow

    lol yandy we all know that it’s girls out here looking for a paycheck through sex what’s your point..you have his twitter password congrats lol


    Yall are too judgemental. How ya’ll know He didn’t give her access just to check these h*^s? You don’t know what they got. My man has let me see texts, fb msg and tango msgs from females, i let him check them but point is, i had access THROUGH him for that purpose and if i wanted to check them i would have and he would have laughed. Find something to do, ugh!

    • Jordan Washington

      Yeah, as long as you weren’t forceful with it, that a bit okay. Relationships of today shouldn’t be like this though. I’ve been with people in the past ho I trusted and we never had to go through each others phones/fb messages. If something is going on behind your back, it will rise to the surface give it time.

  • Guest

    What I am trying to figure out is why these women want Mendeecees at all! He probably has a million dollars in legal bills and his assets have been seized. Yandy better hope that her engagement ring is paid for and safe.

  • humblebee87

    She can respond from her man’s Instagram if she wants to, in sure he is right there and approves… Hoes need to respect folks marriages and quit being thirsty!

    • angeliese

      They are not married.

    • DeepThinker

      Hoes will only respect the relationship, if the man makes them. It is his responsibility to shut them down.

      • Machone

        BINGO! This jailbird is the common denominator.

  • Guest

    Wow. Even more surprising than the fact that she feels the need to police his DM is the fact that anybody else wants his raggedy behind. This is how you end up with deadbeat baby daddies. Choose better, ladies. Raise them standards!

  • Damn me and my bf don’t do the whole checking phone/social networks thing .It’s too much.He should have checked the thirsty lady though

  • DeepThinker

    If a female is trying to connect with him via social media, she is pathetic. I would not waste my time acknowledging the thirst, but I guess if $200k has been invested, she feels she needs to do whatever to protect her possession.

  • Jackie Notyourusual Strickland

    Why is it that just because she have his codes she have to have trust issues?Why cant it be they have that type of open relationship to where everything is open an their are no codes ppl always want to belive the worst.

    • angeliese

      Mandeecee went to trial for having his step daughter bust him down. On the show Rashida had slept with him and said they used to clown Yandy. He had little Mandeecee while they were together. People always want to believe the worst cause it ususally is the worst. He ain’t for Yandy and she know it just as well as I do.

      • Jackie Notyourusual Strickland

        I dont follow the show and that maybe true or false dont know im speaking about the present and Yandy must feel he is bcus shes goin hard for him so who are to pass judgement and condemn…As if we haven’t been in love with the wrong person before…If she like it i love it at the end of the day the heart wants what the heart wants we aint there we dont no what he wants truthfully we on the outside looking in!!!

    • empress123

      Exactly! Men who have nothing to hide do not mind if their woman have access to their social media accounts or cell phones. If you are a woman who does not care that tramps are sending UNWANTED sexually explicit messages and photos to your man then maybe you really do not care about your relationship either!

  • Jules

    When the relationship is real and you got nothing to hide there is nothing wrong with your man having your password and viceversa…

  • empresstala

    I don’t think it’s about insecurity or no trust, some women pursue men they know are in relationships. these women are not just hoes but also women who just want to see if they can ruin your relationship. i can understand where Yandy is coming from, i mean they do have kids and he put a ring on it.

    • Laycious

      i.e. Matthew Knowles……had she been checking upon him….that lady would have never gotten near…LOL….but seriously…..WHO didn’t know that man was married….and I am sure she was quite comfortable in their relationship……

    • 80baby313

      I agree. It’s not about being insecure or not trusting. Some men may just ignore the women’s pics. It’s about letting them know that it’s not okay to send pics to her man or any man they know is taken. Some women never get blasted for hoe tendencies so they continue it. Sometimes you gotta be like don’t bring that crap to my relationship.

  • Tudbee

    I’ve got too much to do for all that policing. I like Yandy but what a life……. chasing the kids, running a business/ businesses and policing his phone? For how long?

  • juicyco

    you that desperate?? wth do you want with mendecee he’s got like 3 kids is out on bail and has a woman they must just send heaux pics to every “famous” dude

    • Ms. Kameria

      I was just about to type something similar. Who is really trying to get at him like that with all that baggage he has?

  • Yvette

    What I find sad is that these women know he has a significant other and is probably familiar with his legal issues and actually would want to be with him. I just can’t with the booty/coochie pics. Where is the self-esteem and respect? *long sigh*

    • empress123

      Thank you! Instead of trashing Yandy trash the desperate tramps who want her man even with all his baggage!

  • Trisha_B

    I wouldnt have made him check then…but it shows how disrespectful people can be. You know he has a lady, but will send him provocative pics smh. You cant find any single guys?

    • Mrs.Mason

      u know these ratchet heffas don’t care about that….hell they was probably waiting around the corner when she went to go pick him up after he made bail! lol thirsty chicks

      • Trisha_B

        Lol true. There is something about a man that is more desirable to these birds when he’s in a relationship. I don’t get it

  • Mrs.Mason

    Seems like he should have been the one to check these thirsty heffas….If your man can’t do it then why should you? I wouldn’t bother!

    • Kcar

      But who on God’s earth is checking for a jailbird with 3 different children by 3 different women?! (2 of which are born within a years time). These females kill me.

  • Emsy

    SMH. Just goes to show tht degrees dnt mean tht u av sense or self value. If you have to be doing all of that to keep a man nd worst a man tht u done waited for nd paid bail for, then…..sigh. #NeedsIyanla

    • Guest

      it’s *worse, not worst

      • Emsy

        lol. oh gee. Thanks much, i sure wld av been locked up for tht one

        • LMAO

          #grammar101 idiot.

          • MNEditor2

            No need to be rude.

          • Emsy

            Ok classy one. Thanks much to you too. smh

          • Machone

            I agree. I’m trying to comprehend what was written but it hurts my brain. I guess I’m just getting old. LOL