Did Y’all See? The Policing Of Beyonce And Willow Smith

May 10, 2014  |  

This week there sure was a great deal of female policing going ’round. From Bell Hooks calling Beyonce a terrorist to Willow Smith being accused of being sexually inappropriate, it seems once again that feminists have managed to be just as judgmental of women’s roles as the patriarchal society they are said to be rallying against. And for us, that’s a problem. Check out the video above to see the MN editors weighing in on Bell Hooks’ criticism and backing Jada Smith up on the defense of her daughter and, of course, we’re talking RHOA mess by way of Apollo and Pheadra. Watch and weigh in.

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  • rosie1843

    Why do people feel they have the right to criticize and preach about what other people do . . . especially celebrities? How sick.

  • linda m.

    let me see…… beyoncé can dress and act as she wants but she (and her fans) must remember that she is open to critique (it can be positive or negative). Showing your arse is not feminism. You just want to flaunt what your mama gave you period. As for willow, I think its time her mother starts acting like A MOTHER. At 13, the only men i could play with were my classmates and cousins and even then……

  • linda m.


  • mike

    what’s a bell hooks

  • Donella

    Idiot article writer, are you kidding? Beyoncé is a thirty-five year-old-woman (even though she claims thirty). Willow Smith is a thirteen-year-old girl. There is no comparison or equivalence between an adult woman and a little girl. Most people with a brain know this and therefore, the target for most of the scorn in the Willow situation is not actually Willow. Jada Smith, her rock-and-roll too-cool-for-school mother, is the one who is the object of public scorn and disgust for her neglect of her own daughter. This is why Jada’s going off rather than paying better attention. Will Smith, the father, seems to have nothing to say for himself so, whatever about his worrisome duties as a father. Thank God, FLOTUS and POTUS have stepped into the spotlight as parental role models because the Smiths…

  • jjfbin

    I don’t get the whole Willow thing…I mean, two men in bed..they weren’t doing anything…

  • Eyes4Daze

    bell hooks comments were disappointing. I expect more from feminists. I guess she call herself revoking Beyonce’s feminist card. The uproar over Willow Smith pic with her brothers friend is cheap.

  • Millerlight40

    wow there trying to justfy a 13 year old in bed with a 20 year old with his shirt off . …hmmmm
    i never hung out with a thirteen year old girl with my shirt off on a bed not even if there where someone in the room. and first of all yea they were friends when they where young just like me and when i was like 7years older then tha kids i was playing with when i was young but u get older and hang out with people your age!!! I’m 23 and u won’t see me with a girl’ i use to be friends with and me being 7years older and she 13 and I’m laying on the bed with my shirt off . …would u

  • Lola Mark

    Wow. I really didn’t expect to see this level of professionalism and class from this video. Very well done. Topics were discussed intelligently and honestly. I really enjoyed this. This site gained a new member!

  • tommy_one

    The girl in the blue lipstick tries too hard making herself look like an intellect while sounding like an utter dimwit. Using language out of context shows her low IQ. The poor thing is short circuiting her brain trying to make sense out of simple words. Scholars like Bell Hooks go right over her head.

  • Shanae

    I am so upset about the things Bill has had to say in regards to Beyonce. I think white ppl in general constantly look for things in our culture that they consider scandalous or attributing to what may appear as “our young girls demise” so that they have leg to stand on when they want to be slightly racist. I hope I am explaining that correct. For example: If I want my bestfriend to speak badly about a girl that I dont like that is her friend I will say she did something my bestfriend does not approve of in order for me to open the conversation up about how much I dont like her. I know that seems silly but I honestly think thats why Bill says those types of things.

    • MJLover624

      What would you say about the likes of Miley Cyrus et al…?

  • Chelley

    I didn’t see the Willow Smith picture as sexual in nature, but at the very least, it was inappropriate. Most parents would be far from comfortable having their 13 year old child in bed with a grown adult, and that’s a perfectly fine concern. The MAN (I don’t remember his name and I don’t really care) should’ve known better. I don’t know where Jada gets the audacity to call people “covert pedophiles”. Stop raising your CHILDREN like adults. It doesn’t work.

    • khan

      i like you Chelly,….i really enjoyed ur comments

      • Chelley

        Thank you!

    • Agreed. The picture was inappropriate at the least.

  • Val

    Meh, if you’re in the public eye expect some criticism. Is Beyonce beyond any criticism? Especially when she is trying to portray herself as a feminist?

    As for Willow I think people were just concerned about her.

    • Anira

      I agree. I think the Willow thing is a rich people thing. Rich people do things different from us regular folk. There is no scenario ever in which I’d be laying on a bed with a 20 year old man when I was 13 because I didn’t have a brother. But rich folks are different.
      As far as Beyonce, I actually agreed with Bill. I don’t know about Bey being a terrorist but she needs to quit. All she does is empower girls to wear blonde weaves, dance, and not wear pants. She is open to criticism just like anyone else.

    • Unfortunately, the feminist movement some how got intertwined with the sexual revolution and now hypersexuality is confused with empowerment. It leaves those who know better scratching their heads and those who don’t know any better defending less than lady-like behavior.

      • Chelley

        It’s not about confusion or “knowing better”. Second and third wave feminists have different views on hypersexualization. bell hooks is second wave while the feminists of today, including Beyonce, are third wave. Also, saying that women need to be “lady-like” is problematic. It’s a patriarchal view that expects women to be submissive, feminine, and friendly. Any woman that dares to deviate from those characteristics are looked down upon.

        • Kiraohno

          I don’t think it’s about being lady like… what it’s about is self
          respect. You can be sexually liberated without (broadcasting it and/or)
          marketing yourself solely based on that aspect of your image. Beyonce
          can sing and she’s gorg. And even if she wasn’t, there are other ways in
          which she can market herself. I do not like Beyonce so I may be biased
          but I agree with bell hooks. There’s more young black girls out here
          trying to be drunk in love than educated. Not many girls these days are
          aspiring to be FLOTUS or other influential women who are contributing to
          our society on many levels. Just my opinion but Beyonce knows what
          she’s doing and it’s creating chaos in the internal world of black
          girls. Thus bell hook’s use of the term “terrorist”. Beyonce is causing more inner turmoil for young girls who are already confused and misguided.

        • First, thanks @Kiraohno for making the point that I was trying to make more clear. @Chelley: “lady-like” may be problematic for many women coming from the feminist background so I’ll say “respectable” instead. Is self-respect an equal trade off for the type of sexual freedom that objectifies us in the media? I thought women didn’t want to be objectified by men? No? Okay, I may have missed something then. Because, now men don’t have to objectify us… enough of us are doing it for them.

          I guess like beauty, self-respect is in the eye of the beholder; so we don’t have to agree on that one. Thanks, though, for pointing our that there is a 2nd, 3rd, etc generation of feminists and the do have some different views.

          I’m not a huge Beyonce fan, but I don’t think she’s a terrorist. She got talent, no denying that. And she has been an innovative force for our generation in terms of entertainment. And I do believe that she can do what ever it is that she wants with her body, money, time, etc… she doesn’t have to answer to me so I’m not worried about it in the capacity as some folks. But under the guise of feminism and that’s the majority of what she displaying… is feminism more than that? See where the confusion comes in? But…the bottom line is, although she is in the public eye, she is not responsible for teaching our boys and girls: that’s the families job first and the virtuous duty of the local communities next.

          However, because our youth is flooded with these mixed messages/provocative images from the media, because you have little girls who don’t always have their father’s around to teach them the meaning of true love and respect from a males perspective, because our girls are killing themselves to meet unrealistic expectations of beauty, etc., etc… I don’t know… I’m thinking “we” (the community, that is) should be concerned enough to broaden our perspective to include more than our agenda. Maybe? Or “Do What Thou Wilt”? No consequences?

          • Rayjulian85

            It’s funny, most actual feminists I know and the reactions I have read whole – heartedly disagree with Bell – Hooks.

            • That’s okay… it doesn’t change “my” perspective.

  • guest

    Both statements on point

  • Aoi Warai

    Wow, I’m extremely impressed. I was expecting a 3 people to just blanket agree with Bell Hooks, because of her authority/notoriety. I was impressed again at the contextualization of what actual terrorism is, then again with the overall independent, critical thinking on display, and the sense of temperance and personal responsibility. That’s not something I associate with feminism anymore, and it makes me feel extremely cynical. Thank you for violating my expectations, and not adding to my cynicism. Thank you for being rational, skeptical thinkers.

    • Chelley

      I myself found it difficult to criticize bell hooks in that regard because she is without a doubt more of an expert on feminism than I am, but I’m starting to learn not to be afraid to stand up to those who are older and more scholarly than me. After all, where would bell hooks be if she didn’t question people of an older generation than her?

    • tommy_one

      Scholars often speak figuratively to clarify analogies. The only problem is when speaking to non-scholars they are often misinterpreted. That’s why education is more important than money if you are really trying to solve The World’s Problems. Not solely existing to create Spin in an attempt at selling gossip clips.

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