Our Favorite Interracial TV Couples

June 6, 2014  |  
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Moguldom Films’ documentary, “The Swirl,” which looks at interracial relationships in America is now available for purchase on iTunes, Google Play, and VHX.

Since the U.S. Census Bureau has been keeping record, interracial marriages have been on the rise. While there are more than 2.4 million mixed marriages in the U.S., Hollywood has been a bit slow in keeping up with times and portraying more interracial couples, but low and behold we’ve managed to find a few favorites over the years. Take a look.

“I Love Lucy’s” Ricky and Lucy Ricardo

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were one of, if not the first, interracial couple on television. Debuting in 1951, “ I Love Lucy” made groundbreaking history when it aired with the real-life husband and wife stars. The show followed the antics played out by comedian Lucille Ball while her husband looked helplessly on. The show lasted for six seasons and more than 60 years later, “I Love Lucy” remains popular with over 40 million Americans still tuning in.

Source: ABC

“Scandal’s” Olivia Pope and Fitz Grant

One of the hottest shows on television right now is Shonda Rhimes’ “Scandal.” The hour-long drama centers around Olivia Pope’s professional life of being paid to put out fires while juggling a scandalous affair with the president of the United States. Even though she’s a Black woman and he’s White, rarely does race play a part in their relationship (other than the Sally Hemmings slave references). “Scandal” marks the first time a Black woman has been the lead of a network primetime drama show in 40 years.

“Boy Meets World’s” Shawn Hunter and Angela Moore

Ben Savage got his start on the coming of age sitcom “Boy Meets World” as Cory Matthews. His best friend Shawn Hunter was there for much of Cory’s shenanigans and while Cory pined over Topanga, Shawn was busy dating her best friend Angela, who was Black. Angela, played by Trina McGee Davis, joined the cast in season five and stayed on “Boy Meets World” until it went off of the air in 2000. Fourteen years later, the spin-off “Girl Meets World” is set to premiere at the end of June.

“My Name is Earl’s” Joy and Darnell Turner

Ok so this is a little dysfunctional but rock with us. Petty criminal Earl Hickey once decided to change for the better and put some good karma in the universe by trying to right the wrongs he made against people throughout his life. That was probably the only reason why he still kept in contact with his ex-wife Joy and even became friends with her brand new husband, self-described “Crabsman” Darnell Turner. Earl was even a father to her third child even though he looked more like Joy’s Black husband than Earl.

“The Jeffersons’ ” Tom and Helen Willis

When it debuted in 1975, “The Jeffersons” was on the receiving end of a lot of attention. Not only did it feature an upwardly mobile Black family, the sitcom also starred an interracial couple. The show may have been a comedy but George Jefferson held some of the same views many Americans felt at that time towards his neighbors Tom and Helen Willis. Tom was white and Helen was Black and they were the butt of many jokes by George. In real life, Roxie Roker was married to a Jewish man and they had one child, rocker Lenny Kravitz.

“Community’s” Britta Perry and Troy Barnes

“Community’s” Britta Perry may have had her eye on fellow classmate and disgraced lawyer Jeff Winger towards the beginning of the show but over time, her attention went to Troy Barnes. Britta and Troy tried to keep their relationship a secret at first but it was hard keeping the news from their study group. Britta and Troy stayed together until Troy, played by Donald Glover, left the show this past season.

“Modern Family’s” Jay and Gloria Pritchett

When the show first aired, audiences immediately related to at least one of the three couples on ABC’s “Modern Family.” In addition to the typical family with a husband, wife and three children, the show also starred a gay couple and a May-December romance with an older white man and a younger Latina wife. Jay and Gloria resembled a lot of real life couples in more ways than one. Jay played stepfather to Gloria’s son from a previous marriage before the two welcomed another son of their own.

“The Game’s” Jason and Kelly Pitts

When “The Game” first debuted, San Diego Sabres star Jason Pitts was happily married to wife and mother of his daughter Kelly. But over time they grew apart and finally broke up. Brittany Daniels, the actress who plays Kelly, revealed that the reason why her character was written off of the show was because she was dealing with a serious medical scare of her own, cancer. This season, Kelly is back on the show and Jason stopped his own wedding to Chardonnay, wife number two whom he eloped with, to declare his love for his first wife.

“Happy Endings’” Brad and Jane Williams

“Happy Endings” was only on the air for three seasons but audiences fell in love with married couple Brad and Jane Williams, played by Damon Wayans, Jr. and Eliza Coupe. The “madly” in love couple would often show their love and affection for each other no matter who was in the room, much to the dismay of their four friends. Although it was popular in the beginning, “Happy Endings” suffered a major dip in the ratings during its third season, largely due to an erratic shift in the schedule.

“Parenthood’s” Crosby and Jasmine Braverman

When “Parenthood” first debuted, youngest son Crosby Braverman was enjoying the bachelor’s life living in a boathouse and riding a motorcycle to work as a studio engineer. But when an old girlfriend popped up from the past with their young son in tow, suddenly Crosby was forced to grow up. He developed a relationship with his son and rekindled the romance with Jasmine. The show just wrapped up its fifth season and Crosby and Jasmine are happily married and welcomed a baby girl.

“Hawthorne’s” Christina Hawthorne and Nick Renata

Jada Pinkett Smith took a long break from television after “A Different World” went off the air but 16 years later she returned to television to star in and executive produce the TNT drama “Hawthorne.” Pinkett-Smith played Christina Hawthorne a single mother and head nurse at a hospital in Richmond, Virginia. Her romance with chief of surgery Dr. Tom Wakefield was nothing compared to the hot and steamy affair she had with Marc Anthony’s Detective Nick Renata. Despite its popularity, the show was abruptly cancelled after the third season.

“Shameless” Veronica Fisher and Kevin

Showtime’s “Shameless” centers around big sister Fiona Gallagher as she struggles to raise her five younger brothers and sisters. Her drug-addicted mom is non-existent and although her alcoholic father Frank is in the picture, all of the parental duties fall on Fiona. She leans heavily on her best friend and next-door neighbor Veronica and her husband Kevin. Kevin makes a living as the owner of a bar but after Veronica became pregnant with triples, he branches out into the world of pimping to bring extra money in. Not the best career in the world, but the two is honestly the most stable pair on the series.

“Girlfriends’” Toni and Todd Garrett

When “Girlfriends” debuted in 2000, it immediately found an audience with Black women. Fans tuned in each week to see the latest with Joan, Maya, Lynn and Toni. While each of the women had their fair share of men, it was Toni  who stepped outside the box when she married Todd, a white, Jewish plastic surgeon. Their yearlong marriage ended when he moved to New York and by the end of the sixth season, Toni, played by Jill Marie Jones, relocated to the Big Apple so their daughter could be closer to her father.

“Private Practice”

Kate Walsh’s Dr. Addison Montgomery first appeared on ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” before starring in the spin-off “Private Practice.” The show centered around the private practice Montgomery worked at run by her college friend Naomi Bennett and her ex-husband, Sam. But she overstepped her friendship’s boundaries by taking up a relationship with Sam, played by Taye Diggs. The two remained a couple for several seasons but Sam and Naomi found their way back to each other in the series finale.

“Sex and the City”

“Sex and the City” followed four women in their 30’s struggling to juggle it all while living in New York City. Cynthia Nixon played Miranda Hobbes, the voice of reason on the show. Hobbes, a successful lawyer, had her own hang-ups over men and before she settled down and married on-again, off-again boyfriend Steve, she dated a few men including the sexy Dr. Robert Leed. Played by Blair Underwood, Leed was employed as the team physician for the New York Knicks. However their relationship was short-lived; Miranda and Steve realized their love for each other and got married.

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  • pretap

    I knew that Cristina and Tom were NOT going to last from the very ‘beginning’, just like Det. Carter and Reese. Tom had loved Cris for a very LONG time but the Writers seemed to dumb down Tom’s character, and made him look like an idiot who didn’t deserve Chris’ love, especially when Marc Anthony’s character stepped into the series.
    As for Det. Carter and Reese (Person of Interest), I saw that one coming a mile away. Reese has a special way of wooing a woman and I Know that’s what he was doing with Carter.
    For all the years I’ve been watching t.v., sadly these special couples just don’t last, and I find this so very sad in this day and time.

  • Kjopo84

    Yay Shawn and Angela!!

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  • Chanda

    Wow! Aside from Girlfriends and the Jefferson’s reruns, I’ve never watched or got into to ANY of these shows. I remember an interracial couple on Fox’s True Colors from the early 90’s but it *the show* didn’t last long.

    • Lost Soul

      Wow! I used to love that show. Memories.

  • Candace La’Chelle Johnson

    What about Charlie and Ross on friends she left Joey to be with Ross

  • Davida Green-Norris

    I love V and Kevin on Shameless, but my absolute favorite is Simon and Alisha on Misfits (BBC). If you haven’t see that, you should check it out.

  • uniquefashionista

    Kelly and Jason Pitts were my favorite. I haven’t watched the show since she has returned, but I loved those two together. Love Olivia and Fitz (Scandal is my guilty pleasure). Tom and Helen Willis are classic (what I grew up watching). Tom would follow Helen like an obedient servant…….he was always say, “Coming dear” when she would call for him.

  • Guestest

    I liked Jason and Kelly Pitts!

    • Me

      Me too…they worked.

  • Jay Gee

    How could you forget Christina Yang and Preston Burke from Grey’s? They were my favorite couple!

  • Prefer Black on Black Love

    Don’t like any of them.

  • joy

    I love joy and darnell and toni and todd

  • juicyco

    Lol @ Ricky looked helplessly on he was on some shenanigans as well

  • Gabie Aldrich

    My Hubs and I just call it being married.. BTW..Earl Jr is not Earl’s kid!!( In season one Earl thought Earl Jr was his because Joy lied)! Dodge (the older son) was Earl’s which he found out in the series finale cliffhanger.. and BTW Earl was the only one in town who called him crabman! We never found out who was Earl Jr’s bio dad because the show ended on a cliffhanger. One more thing..What about Simon and Alisha from” Misfits”The man went back in time for eternity to be with her knowing that she was going to die so he could be with her in those last months of her life.

    • B.

      Girl, don’t get me started on my Simon and Alisha. Sigh. How I miss that show.

  • Trisha_B

    Could have just said our favorite tv couples -___- interracial couples aren’t aliens lol

    • joy

      The point is that they are all interracial. So why cant she point that out????

      • Trisha_B

        But what’s the point tho? They are regular couples. They no more special than black couples or white couples.

        • joy

          Why do you assume she is saying that unterracial couples are more special than other? Do you get this upset when they feature celebrity couples?

          • Trisha_B

            No, but what’s the point of singling them out? Why would I be upset by them featuring celebrity couples when this is a blog that features celebs? :/
            I just didn’t see the point of just focusing on interracial couples. Their relationships shouldn’t be so foreign anymore

  • B.

    I’m confused, so Lucy and Ricky were in an interracial relationship, and Hawthorne and Marc Anthony’s character were in an interracial relationship. Both men are latin, so how is it interracial with both a black woman and a white woman? Nothing annoys me more than when people think race and ethnicity are the same thing.

    • JamieMehmetril

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    • Gabie Aldrich

      They still call it a interracial relationship.. During the filming of I Love Lucy. The powers that be didn’t want Ricky even kissing her because they were afraid of a riot.. Gotta love the small mindedness of the 50’s.

      • B.

        Yes, but just because some people call it that, doesn’t make them right. Unless Desi considered himself black, which he didn’t, and he sure didn’t consider himself Asian, it’s not interracial. Listen, we know, it only took his accent for people to start acting up. And, sadly, that small mindedness is alive and kicking today.

      • juicyco

        Yea my grandma said she caught hell for that was called a n!99a lover and all

    • rainydaze80

      They were definitely and inter-cultural relationship, but it could have been interracial as well. With Desi being from Cuba, he could have had indigenous and/or african ancestry, as well as european. Lots of cubans have mixed ancestry.

      • B.

        I realize all of that, as I’m part Cuban as well. You missed my point. My point was ethnicity does not equal race. Very often people say race when they mean ethnicity. If he considered himself white, and as far as I know he did and was, then it was not interracial. Some people automatically think Latins can’t be white and that is just not true.

        • pretap

          B just because he considered himself white, doesn’t mean that’s how it really was. Sadly I’ve seen way too many Latinos, blacks, etc., deny a part of their ethnic or racial makeup, because they wanted to ‘fit in’ or are ashamed of it. I’ve seen photos of Mr. Arnaz that makes me wonder about the ‘latter’.