Prom Night II: Throwback Pictures Of Celebs Dressed To The Nines (And Some Looking A Mess) For Prom

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I actually went to both my junior and senior prom near the end of May, but for many current high school students, prom season has officially started. It’s that time of year when your parents will happily pay hundreds of dollars for you to enjoy a few hours of dancing, posing, eating and God knows what else you were doing after the prom ended.

Good times.

Just as we did last year, we thought we’d give you the chance to see some of your favorite famous folks dressed up for their own proms back in the day, and we have 12 celebs ready to embarrass for your enjoyment.



Ah yes…both Ashanti and her friend’s prom dresses look like something I saw quite a few girls wearing to prom back in the day–a lot of velvet and sequins. Now as for those eyebrows…hey, you live and you learn.

LeBron James

Savannah Brinson–now James, has been by LeBron James’ side for a very long time. Here she is, literally by his side at prom, cheesing it up for the cameras way before little LeBron and Bryce were in the picture, and NBA fame made him an icon.


Taraji P. Henson

Henson acknowledged on Instagram that with the sleeves of her gown, she probably could have left prom by flying out of that joint. But hey, rip those suckers off, along with the tulle at the bottom, and she’s got a dress that folks could wear in 2014.

Porsha Williams

Before she was pulling out people’s baby hair as a troubled Real Housewife of Atlanta, Porsha Wiliams was trying to enjoy prom just like everybody else. As you can see, she has always had a love for voluminous hair. 

Beyonce Knowles-Carter

I’m sure you’ve seen this picture of Bey and her ex-boyfriend, the same one who has been talking to the media non-stop about how he regrets leaving her. Hell, I would too with all that money…

Anywho, psychedelic gown, girl! I’m betting this was a Tina Knowles creation.

Erykah Badu

Before the large head wraps, ankhs and hypnotizing rappers with her eyes, Erykah Badu was young Erykah Wright. And just like every other young girl, she wanted to wear a fly tiara and curls to prom, which she did.

Dwyane Wade

During happier times, Dwyane Wade and ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches were looking quite fabulous as they headed to prom. Two things stick out to me most in this picture though: Wade’s bowl hat and cane (very pimptastic, sir), and the decor in this house! Seriously, what was the theme the owners were going for!?


Gabrielle Union

Speaking of Dwyane Wade, the future lady of his life, Gabrielle Union, also did it big for her prom–as in, big sleeves, once again. Sign of the times I guess. Either way, she looked adorable, and her date was quite cute (and he had one of the cleanest high-top fades ever!).

Michael Jordan

We might know Michael Jordan for his days in red, white and black, but for his senior prom, Jordan was all about that white-on-white-on-white. As was his date, and they both looked quite fresh. But I’m trying to figure out, once again, what was going on in the background for the prom theme? What the hell type of plants are those?

Jessica Alba

I love Jessica Alba, but this dress is killing me softly. The little white rosettes on the black (or midnight blue) top of the dress were just not needed. However, she looks cute with her date, who looks super happy to be attending prom with the future movie star.

Chris Paul

Before he was dealing with the Donald Sterling’s of the world, Chris Paul was an uber-talented basketball player attending prom with his date,  who was in a satin-y lilac look. While his ensemble was a little baggy, he looked cute in his suit with his baby face. And kudos to whoever did the background for the pictures, because they put a lot of work into that…

Ellen DeGeneres

After Ellen showed off her prom picture on her show last week, I couldn’t help but track it down and find it for you. The platforms! The plaid dress! The fact that they literally have the same hairstyle! Now that, my friends, is coordination.


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  • ISIS

    Ciara had a boy cool.

  • queenie

    OMG! This really brings back memories. We r beautiful black women. Doing good things. But they remind of some of the girls i went 2 school with(Bougie).

  • R!-Goddamn-Diculous

    LMAO @ Taraji’s dress….

  • Dezi Dez

    Dressed to impressed? Really?

  • OMG Ellen

  • NeaJ

    Michael Jordan’s date looks like a church usher

    • Lubbya

      Maybe, but I appreciate the nod to modesty displayed in the 2 older prom dresses. I don’t know when that period emerged that said teen girls had to show cleavage and look like 25 year old women at the prom. I did it, but now I look back & wish I had been secure in myself enough to not feel like everything had to be in display…& not feel bad about ‘still’ having my v card.

  • Krystal

    it’s funny how people say beyonce bleaches her skin, she’s always been light bright. she doesn’t have to bleach, and i don’t think she would care to. either way she looks beautiful.

  • DeepThinker

    Taraji’s dress! Looking like she was going to fly away! LOL

  • These celebs looked older back then, than they do know. Wow the styles have changed since then. Love the pics!! Thanks!!

  • uniquefashionista

    First, love that pic of Ellen. Classic! Lol! This article brings back memories of my prom back in 1991. I remember how I got a dress made in fear that someone else would show up to prom with the same dress as me. For homecoming that same year, 4 other girls had on the same dress I was wearing. I took pieces from 3 different wedding dresses to create my original dress. I still feel it could be worn today in 2014 and still be stylish!

  • You’renotme

    DEAD@Elleb lmao!!! wow looking like she pretending! She been gay. Hell look at that fit

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  • You’renotme

    Dwade looks like he was unhappy right there! He been wanting to leave her lmao

    • MzBrenda Tyson

      I said the exact same thing

  • Who’s that lady

    Hahaha Ellen is the funniest

  • Annette

    Where is Brandy and Kobe?!