“#ProudDaD”: Diddy’s Son, Christian Combs, Heads Off To His First Senior Prom As A Sophomore [Photos]

May 7, 2014  |  



Christian Combs, the youngest son of Diddy…Puff Daddy…or just Sean Combs, went to the prom for the first time last week. A sophomore at his high school, Combs, 16, actually attended the senior prom, rolling through as the date of an older friend (or his girlfriend–you never know. I knew senior girls who dated freshman boys when I was in school…). Decked in a white suit jacket, leather pants and sneakers, Combs did prom his own way, but still managed to coordinate with his date with an orange boutineer to match her orange skirt and lace top. For the night’s festivities, Combs and his date were driven in a Maybach (but now that he’s 16, he could have driven himself). Daddy Combs was quite excited about his son’s first prom, posting pics on Instagram with captions that included the following:

“My son who is a sophomore going to his first senior prom. Man life is moving faster than a muthaf**ka! Have fun tonight @kingcombs and don’t do anything I would do! Lol Love you king!! #CombsFamily#KingCombs”

“So fresh so clean! Christians 1st prom. Crazy#proudDaD”

Looks like a good time was had by all. Check out a few more of the pics from Christian’s big night out and share your thoughts.


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  • Nikki B

    So the post is all wrong, that is not his date and if you did some research on his page, you could have posted the correct information.

  • D. Blackwell

    She tryin’ 2 get n good wif the daddy!!!! He look like a 13 year old boy goin’ through puberty!!! That’s not a prom date that’s 1 of the teacher escorts!!!!

  • Reese

    She looks older than me. What are they feeing these young girls?

  • duh

    sheeees in high school??

  • Chanda

    The girl could be collage-aged (late teens-early 20’s). Everybody else is assuming high school.

    • lala

      She’s a senior in high school and he’s a sophomore. He went on her senior prom

  • Guestest

    He is handsome! His date looks like a full grown a s s woman.

  • hi-liter

    Diddy must have rented Christians prom date.

  • Sun-SHINE

    Everybody on here saying the same thing, that “girl” looks like a grown women, not just the body tho the face too! Or perhaps that boy just looks so young standing next to her making her look older! IDK LOL

  • NOPe

    Play on playa!

  • Moira

    Did Janice Combs’ dress style her??!! smh.. sorry, but if this grown heffa came to my door looking for my CHILD.. nah, boo.. I need to see your birth certificate and do a background check

    • Trisha_B

      Lmaooooo. Teens don’t look like teens anymore

    • Guestest


  • Cleveland Cutie

    She looks like she could be his mama!

  • Trisha_B

    No way that girl is in her teens O_O

    • mikki21

      I am a thick chick. and was built just like that in junior and high school. Yes it can happen.

      • Trisha_B

        It’s not just her body, look at her face! She got a grown woman face

  • Suchalady

    That girl is in high school?!

    Cute though, Puff didn’t even need Kim to make this one…lol

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  • honeypa72

    Is that his High School Teacher or date? I’m confused!

  • Mimsy

    Um.. that’s a grown woman, not a high school student!!! lol..

    • Stacy D. Smith

      I just said the same thing!

    • starapple

      Mimsy, you took the words right out of my mouth. Is that what a high school student looks like these days? Goodness!