Bet You Didn’t Know: Secrets Behind the Making of “Breaking Bad”

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Breaking Bad

Although it ended last year, “Breaking Bad” is still a very popular TV show. Watch it on Netflix if you haven’t started it yet! But like many popular shows and movies, there are many secrets behind the making of it you might not know. Many folks might not even know what “Breaking Bad” means. Bryan Cranston who played the legendary character Walter White explained it as a southern colloquialism. It means when someone is no longer on a straight and narrow path.

But there’s more! Check out 15 more secrets behind the making of one TV’s best dramas ever!

Source: AMC

Bryan Cranston

Due to his many previous comedic roles, AMC didn’t want to cast Cranston as Walter White. But after a few of Hollywood’s best passed on the role, Cranston won it. And thank goodness he did!

Source: AMC

Mr. Chips to Scarface

The way Walter White was pitched to Bryan Cranston was as a character was a nerdy Mr. Chips. And by the end of the series, he would be more like Scarface. It’s safe to say Cranston definitely pulled it off!


Source: AMC (Vince Gillian)

The F-Word

Executive Producer Vince Gilligan said he could only use the f-word once a season. Therefore, he had no choice, but to use it wisely and effectively.

Source: AMC

Writer’s Strike

Executive Producer Vince Gilligan wanted to speed up the process of developing Walter White into a villainous character. Due to the writer’s strike and the show’s hiatus, he was able to do this. But that’s not all he was able to do because of the strike…

Source: AMC

Aaron Paul

Originally, Paul was supposed to be on the show for nine episodes, but due to the writer’s strike and his amazing performance as Jesse Pinkman, he lasted on the show for all five seasons.

Source: AMC

Giancarlo Esposito

Esposito’s character Gus Fring was supposed to appear in only three or four episodes. He refused to return unless he could appear in more episodes. He was upgraded to a series regular in season three.

Also, the character’s name was supposed to be Kesyer Söze in reference to the character from The Usual Suspects — a movie of which Esposito appeared in but it didn’t stick.

Source: AMC

Smoking Sugar?!

Actors who smoked meth on the show, of course, did not actually smoke meth. They were smoking sugar or rock candy, but they didn’t inhale the items.

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RJ Mitte

Mitte who played Walter Jr. actually has Cerebral Palsy like his character. However in real life, his is much milder than his character. The actor had to learn how to walk with crutches and slow down his speech for the part.


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Samuel L. Jackson

Jackson is a huge fan of the show. The Avengers was shooting in the same studio in New Mexico and Jackson wanted to play a cameo part on the show as Nick Fury walking into Los Pollos Hermanos unannounced — as if he were a customer buying chicken from the restaurant. Unfortunately, this cameo didn’t happen because of his shooting schedule.


Source: E Online


Wondering whose finger this is? It’s Bryan Cranston’s. He has the tattoo of “BR” and “BA” — standing for the elements and in the style of the show’s title.

Source: AMC

Julia Minesci

Minesci played prostitute Wendy on the series. She was so in character on set someone attempted to pick up the actress for sex.

Source: AMC

Marius Stan

Stan played Walter White’s boss at the carwash. Ironically, Stan wasn’t an actor before the show. He’s a chemistry genius (with a PhD) like Cranston’s character in the series.

Source: AMC

The Location

The location of “Breaking Bad” was New Mexico. And the location shoot helped bring $1M into the local economy per episode.

Source: “Breaking Bad” | AMC

Kevin Cordasco

Season five is dedicated to Cordasco who was a super-fan of the show. He passed away in March 2013.  Before his death, he was able to meet members of the cast and crew. He declined the offer to read the final scripts of the show since he didn’t think he could keep the secrets.

Source: AMC

62 Episodes

The series ended with 62 episodes. The 62nd element on the periodic chart is Samarium, which is an isotope that helps fight many forms of cancer. This includes lung cancer, which Walter White ( Bryan Cranston) is fighting in the series. Plus, Cranston and Aaron Paul are the only cast members to appear in all 62 episodes of the series.


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