The Beygency: If You Don’t Like Bey, You Pay

May 4, 2014  |  


SNL included Spiderman star Andrew Garfield on some “Beysus” epidemic fun last night in a skit called “The Beygency”.

The four-minute clip opens with Garfield’s character hanging out with some friends and having some drinks. When the conversation turns to Beyonce, his character makes a big mistake by admitting that he isn’t the biggest fan of “Drunk In Love”. The comment sets off a collision course in his life as a group of secret agents known as “The Beygency” begin to hunt him down erasing his life as he knows it along the way. Even 24 actor Kiefer Sutherland tries to aid him as he runs from The Beygency.

The skit is seriously laugh out loud funny, as it mocks just how real it can get when you choose to rumble with the Beyhive. It’s kind of like how an outsider feels before they hit the “Post” button in a Youtube in a comments section on a Bey song that they’ve found the courage to say isn’t all that great. View the clip below (Warning, it’s Rated NC-17 for Mild Language Against Beyonce):

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  • Cleveland Cutie

    If that ain’t the truth!

  • TC

    I watched this over and over! Cracked me up. My fave line ” Time to go to werk.” Werk with an E right?” lol. And can I just say that Taran Killiam is the best thing on SNL right now, not only was he killing the “Put a ring on it” dance but every skit he is in makes me lmao.

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  • KJ

    The funny Beygency skit and the coonish slavery skit on the same show. Unfortunate.

    • TC

      Im rarely offended by things on TV but that whole slavery skit was unnecessary and way out of pocket. SMH



  • Taneesha The Diva


  • hi-liter

    I guess with Bill O’Reilly taking Shyt about Bey, the media has caught on to the Beehive in cyberspace.

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  • Queen2Cent

    I wonder if the Beyhive is attacking SNL’s Twitter and Facebook?

  • cha cha

    That’s hilarious… Put your hands up…now do this… LOL!



  • BabyBlue

    This was hilarious

  • Kelly

    The Rihanna is #1 Tattoo though! Lol

    • Guestest

      That part got me too LOL

  • bigdede

    This is so one point! One of the writers must have felt the wrath of the Beyhive so the wrote this skit in response

  • Just saying!!

    Too funny and yet too real!! Lmaoo

  • SimplePseudonym

    Woah! SNL has been rare hit and more miss lately. This hit was totally worth it! hiLARIOUS!!! HAHAHA

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  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas


  • Mirror

    Hilarious!!! It was funny, but not hurtful towards Beyonce’. I hope Bey finds humor in this as well.

    • v blackwell

      OR “they’ll” come to get HER?????

      • Pearl Carry

        my Aunty Amelia got a new blue Land Rover
        LR4 only from working part time off a home computer… helpful hints C­a­s­h­D­u­t­i­e­s­.­ℂ­o­m

        • v blackwell

          Another “Helpful Hint”…….WHO CARES ??? YOU GO TO THAT #$%^&*+_%&#=% SITE (or somewhere) YOURSELF…..TROLL!!!!

          Where’s a ‘flag’ when you need one, doggone it?