Alright, Alright, Alright: Kevin Hart and Mike Epps Throwing Punchlines Once Again

May 3, 2014  |  


Earlier this week Bossip reported that Mike Epps was popping fly about the newly crowned “King of Comedy” during a radio interview on K104 in Dallas. The “Next Friday” star compared Kevin Hart to a “comedic Meek Mill” calling him loud, silly and overrated.

Well, it wasn’t long before Hart caught wind of the trash talk and responded on Twitter:

“Just heard @TheRealMikeEpps called me “Overrated” on the radio this AM! I missed it bcuz I was on set “WORKING”do u remember what that is?”

“Don’t talk 2 me until u start selling out ARENA’S @TheRealMikeEpps if ur shows aren’t sellin & u need sum help maybe I will send out a TWEET… OVERRATE THAT….”

“Oh one more thing @TheRealMikeEpps if you keep talking crazy I will book shows the same day as you in the same cities and shut yo s**t down”

“That’s called FLEXIN @TheRealMikeEpps ….I’m going to go take my OVERRATED ass back to WORK now, MY WORK HERE IS DONE BOOOOOOM!!!!”

Last month we reported the two coming for each other’s comedic throats, but they appeared to squash it all in the end. It was clear that Mike Epps got owned and apparently was a sore loser since he seems to have thrown the first punch in round 2.

We’re sure this is all fun and games, because it’s entertaining as hell, but just in case it’s not we hope both these men aren’t falling victim to the old “there can only be one of us mindset”. You’d think Epps would be proud that he could easily be credited as a part of the many who helped pave the way for Kevin Hart’s success.

Who do you think won this round?

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  • Pash-in

    I’ve seen both comedians in person. Hands down Kevin Hart is funnier, I was forced to watch Mike Epps as a celebrity guest comedian @ the Comedy Store in Hollywood. He was horrible, he killed my buzz! Went another night and he was the guest comedian again…..and again I wanted to pull my hair out. I stopped going because of him. He needs material and stage presence, I don’t even know how he is an actor

  • MonicaT

    The pictures of the bald headed monkey or ape said it all. Hilarious! Both are funny!!!!

    • MonicaT

      Sorry Mike Epps posted pictures of a bald headed ape that Madame does not show!

  • Laidback2

    I actually went to Mike Epps comedy show this past Saturday and he addressed this “beef”. He said something about being there for Kevin when he was just getting started and welcoming him into his house. However he said that one day he was in the same area/party as Kevin Hart and Kevin didn’t even acknowledge him. He said that now that he has money he acts differently Not sure how true that is, but he says he is just trying to keep him grounded because money doesn’t make you and the same people that put you on a pedestal will be the same ones who knock you off………

  • ladyday429

    Think kevin is right, i’ve. watched both stand-up comedy shows and must say KEVIN hands down.@ Mikepps and @Katt williams need updated material.

  • Machone

    Epps would beat his short butt…..

  • FromUR2UB

    I hope they’ve gotten together and cooked this up. It would work in both favors.
    It would just be too silly if it’s real. Beefs are so schoolyard.

  • Melody Carroll

    mike epps was 100 percent right kevin hart to overrated nhe not funny at all

  • Witchdoktor

    Epps is my boy. I think he’s funnier but he’s not taking advantage of his opportunities. He should be in more movies by now but hes only been in a handful. Wha’ppen?? Hart is funny but he’s already on the decline. All that hollering and screaming is not funny. But these guys shouldn’t be beefing with each other and showing jealousy. I hope it’s all a joke.

  • ♡《 Nurse Bell 》♡

    Truth be told I think its friendly rivalry

  • Christina K

    Mike Epps is NOT funny. I’m no Kevin Hart fan either but Mike Epps…god, I didn’t know how he entered the category. Acting stupid is not funny. Kevin Hart is borderline. Neither are no Carlin, Chappelle or hell, Chris Rock.

    • brian

      carlin is no funny. Kevin Hart is one of the 5 best stand up comedians of all time. Oh yea white comedians just are not that funny, sorry just being honest

  • eblock

    Let this dude have his time mike, you had your run,just as those BEFORE you had theirs, and it will be another one after kevin, it’s enough room for everybody , past present and future.

  • Tenisha Charmin Cozier


  • CAliQueen

    Yes Kevin is overrated but so was Mike when he was at the top of his game. Most celebrities are before the light starts to dim.

  • TakeDatTakeDatTakeDat

    I think they’re both overrated. But, that’s just me.

    • 9Boots

      it ain’t just you. It’s me too.

  • keciak

    Sounds like they could be getting ready to promote a movie or comedy show. Not falling for the beef. They both play too much for this to be taken seriously. LOL. If it is true they need to sit down and read my post and get to work. #teamgetmoney.

    • kecia mone’t

      I agree, I think this is a publicity stunt!

  • MzBrenda Tyson

    I live in Dallas and I love K104 but DeDe is messy, messy, messy. Mike Epps had never been and never will be as funny Kevin Hart. Kevin is not overrated he is just blessed to get the work that he is getting. They said the same thing about Eddie Murphy. Why must people act like crabs in a bucket. Be happy for the man and keep it moving.

    • Cris Griffin

      Because unfortunately black people can’t figure out how to say when their own people are successful.

  • Myeisha R Moses

    I don’t necessarily like either, but Kevin Hart got it..what is Mike Epps doing now?

  • BabyBlue

    When I first heard this I questioned if it was real or not because they’re both comedians. If I had to choose I would say Kevin. I don’t understand where Mike’s anger is coming from. The beef never ends

    • Reese

      Jealousy more than likely. They both have been in the game about the same amount of time but Kevin is blowing up right now.