Did Y’all See? Black Men In Hollywood Acting Up

May 3, 2014  |  

For the third or fourth week in a row we’ve been plagued by stories of violence and nonsense, unfortunately at the hands of some of the most talented Black men in Hollywood. Fresh off the heels of accusations of domestic abuse aimed at Mike Epps, Kevin McCall, Columbus Short, and The Game, came details of producer The Dream strangling his pregnant girlfriend and Eva Marcille being granted full custody of her daughter with McCall, who’s not even allowed visitation rights at this point. As if those reports weren’t disappointing enough, D.L. Hughley jumped in doing what he does best (or perhaps worst) which is make light of situations with comedy, but unfortunately no one found his attempt to discredit Tanee McCall’s story of domestic abuse at the hands of her former “Scandal” star husband a laughing matter. All of these stories begged the question: why don’t men hold one another accountable and MadameNoire’s editors discussed that very topic in this week’s episode of “Did Y’all See?” We also had to call out a couple of “R&B Divas” whose shenanigans we’ve just about had enough of.

Check out the video above and weigh in with your comments below.

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  • brian

    Are yall serious? Wow lames

  • Lee

    Stop generalizing about men, especially black men. I mean, any intelligent person knows that not all black men act the same. You have to be lazy not to mention that not all black men are bad. It’s really not that hard. It won’t take you more than 10 seconds to say that.

  • Lee

    What kind of nonsense is this? The black men they’re talking about are not even A-list celebrities. Floyd Mayweather is a boxer, not a Hollywood employee. Notice that Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Michael B Jordan, and Idris Elba, Anthony Macky, just to name a few, are not acting up but are being responsible and taking care of their families. Yes, I hate when even one black man acts a fool in the spotlight, but that’s only because the mainstream media love to exploit the angry black man stereotype, while they ignore… or try to ignore all the black men in Hollywood with commanding and positive qualities, who have much more to offer. This video is nothing but a vent session that has nothing to do with black men in Hollywood in general.

    • Shawndrea Rachelle

      All of those men you mentioned do get a lot of praise though…

  • MrsMommy

    SAME old sheeit. Whether in H’wood or on main street. Women allow there lives to be played and wasted by men.

    • clarke 2.0

      They get their child support out of it. AND lifetime b*ttchin, moanin and complaining privileges.

  • SimplePseudonym

    Spring cleaning to make room for the summer madness? There’s definitely a less dramatic and violent way to break up with your winter cuddle buddy fellas.

  • FromUR2UB

    The prospect of having not one, but two babies that might look Floyd Mayweather. What to do, what to do?
    And D L Ughley trying to be a cheater? I can imagine what the women who would find him attractive look like.

    • Blackhawk

      DL Hugley is famous so you know he has a plethora of women throwing themselves at him

    • clarke 2.0

      LOL QUIT FRONTIN All y’all looking at are the zeros on a mans bank account statement. If racist @$$ Donald Sterling can pull don’t think DL will have a problem.

      • xxdiscoxxheaven

        DL aint got nearly enough money to be on Sterling’s level

        • clarke 2.0

          As if it matter’s. Don’t you see all these dumb Black ho’s on MAURY gettin knocked up by dudes that don’t have a job, much less any money.

          • UOENO IT


  • Blackhawk

    LMAO! I see the k00ns who made this video erased my comment. I guess you are scared to get exposed by Blackhawk. Good Job lames..

  • Blackhawk

    This is for the four k00ns that made this video.. that bytch aborted this man’s kids and lied to him saying she had a miscarriage. I know none of you ever had a man before which is why you cannot relate.. all i got say she’s lucky Mayweather didn’t strangle her @ss

  • Kim Jones

    Where is Steve Harvey, he is always the first to attack black women over everything.

    • truthseeker2436577@yahoo.com

      We shall see Sister if Steve Harvey will say something or not. Regardless, more and more men have to condemn these evils of violence, disrespectful comments, etc.

    • clarke 2.0


  • empress123

    I have been asking this question forevvvver! Stop giving these men passes and maybe they wiil stop the crap!