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When Lil Mo first started to reemerge on the pop culture scene, I was all for her. She was loud and, judging by her thoughts on the whole Keyshia Cole/Michelle Williams situation, I thought she was going to be like the obnoxious auntie who speaks the truth no one wants to hear. And while she’s sharing things no one wants to hear, there’s more trifiliness than truth behind it. But apparently, this is Lil Mo’s brand these days, tacky tell-ALL. Anyway, here are some of the moments, most of them recent, that had us asking WTH is going on with Lil Mo?!

Crazy in Love

Before we get into the more recent shenanigans, let’s start with this cover of Beyoncé’s “Deja Vu” which Lil Mo performed back in 2007. Now, we can say a lot of things about Lil Mo but there’s no denying that the girl can sing and sang. But this performance of “Deja Vu’ was soo extra, we could hardly focus on the vocals. Mo was out here on stage like a Patti Labelle on speed.

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Introducing her new man

Lil Mo is out here trying to get this shine. She had to know that the last time we saw her, she was “happily” married to her producer husband Phillip Bryant. The couple had uprooted their whole life to move to LA. Yet, just last month, Lil Mo wanted us to know she had moved on and had taken on a new tenderoni. She didn’t say I’ve gotten a divorce and this is my new boo, she said:

“When a hood n*gga LOVE you and allllll the sh** you come with and don’t JUDGE you. And don’t ASK nor try to EASE his way on YOUR SHOW and loves his MOMMY and his MOMMY loves YOU and his whole family LOVES you for YOU, not the artist, you damn right I’ll give all this up for the LOVE.”

“But he said DON’T give UP, just give US a try. Mannnnn listen. I’ll kill for this ONE here!!”

It had us all like huh?! Then came the pictures of dude. Clearly, we didn’t know all we thought we did about Mo. Later, she would admit that she knew her marriage was over a long time ago and only upheld the image on the show because she wanted to promote the image of a unified family unit to the public. Judging by the way she’s speaking about her husband and father of her children, it seems like that’s no longer her main priority…but we’ll get to that later.

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Checking people on Instagram…and then in song

Since we were so confused about the timeline–I mean one minute you’re married and the next you’re introducing us to a new man–there were questions, assumptions and of course judgment. Not going to lie, I was probably among all of those groups. Lil Mo wanted us all to know that she was riding for this 28 year old professional boxer Karl Dargan and she had a few choice words for women like me who questioned or doubted her relationship.

… I’m finna stop sharing mine cuz these heauxs cant take it. They be in my comments on that tuna fish sh*t. B***h i do NOT care about ANYTHING that didn’t come out my Coochie starting in 2002!! Hello. Nor do iCurr if someone ran up in YORN and you Tryna reach out, and not getting NO reply on the gram. You gotta chillllll…

Unbreakable!! I will be sure to NEVER let anyone come between this what @dynamiteKO and I have right here. NOONE!! EVER!!! Beleedat. And if someone tries then I’ll snatch their vagina clean OFF and IG that sh*t (men included) lol – 

Lol and why iNEVER will be. I’m not on no hop around type time. But summa these fish and chips will NEVER get chose. They needy and have NOTHING but a hole to offer. We off that. IJS #repost @theroycemorgan

The part where she talked about snatching vadges though?!

But these Instagram posts weren’t enough, she also released a song called “Lookin Ass” where she spoke to the naysayers personally.

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Calling herself the hood Kim Kardashian

I always cringe when I hear women announce their plans to get married before rings have been exchanged. It’s just a crap shoot and you never know what could happen in a relationship. But I guess you can’t fault a woman who falls in love hard and believes it will work out.

“I’m like the hood Kim Kardashian and the ratchet Elizabeth Taylor. I will get married 10 times cause I always believe in love. I’m not going to just be his girl. We are going to get married. It’s not a game.”

Here’s just hoping Karl feels the same way. In this interview, he didn’t seem too sure.

Source: Honeychild Entertainment

Airing her husband on out in her mix tape on the song “Loyalty”

And since song is Lil Mo’s preferred medium, she didn’t stop with “Lookin’ Ass.” She took time out to clown her husband on a track set to Chris Brown’s “Loyal.” In it she taunts him with the fact that a young dude was able to steal her away from him.

She says:

“He said I ain’t livin’ right. Call Iyanla to fix my life, but first let me roll up cuz I’m about to take flight. Don’t be mad cuz a young boy cuffed your wife. It only took one try and I ain’t think twice. And I ain’t look back and now you look dumb. Won’t you go tweet that, since you thumb thug. See that a** in court, yeah, my second divorce. Nigga f**k your life, n**ga f**ck your force. The f**k I look like, beating that dead horse. N**ga youse a corpse, n**ga you just lost.”  

Again, like what?! Really, Mo? How are you going to teach your children to respect this man if you’re out here dragging his name through the mud?  If you’re interested, you can listen to the song in its entirety here. 

Source: The Breakfast Club

Threesomes, cheating and abortions

Today, Lil Mo told all of her business and had our jaws on the floor by the end of the 16 minute Breakfast Club interview where she revealed that not only did she and her soon-to-be ex husband used to have threesomes, she also admitted that she had an abortion because all he wanted to do was get her pregnant. And then she admitted that since their marriage was essentially over, she had no qualms about moving on to the next dude. Entertaining? Yes. Entirely too much information? Indeed.

Throwing out the old mattress

Three weeks ago, Lil Mo posted this video of her new man throwing out the mattress on which she and her husband used to sleep…and as Mo puts it “hump.”
Welp. Haaaaaaaa nobody humpin on num nobody else humped on. Beleeeeedat. Ok bye. Work flow

Coming for Stevie Wonder

Come on Mo. You know some folks are supposed to be untouchable. The legendary Stevie Wonder is one of those people. Just don’t ever do it. After the Trayvon Martin verdict, Stevie Wonder, along with a host of other artists, vowed that they wouldn’t perform in Florida, as a form of protest. Apparently, Lil Mo took issue with that. And she decided to share her thoughts on Twitter, using Stevie Wonder’s blindness as some sort of punchline. Sigh. Tacky.

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