Girl, What?! 8 Of Lil Mo’s WTH Moments

April 30, 2014 ‐ By Renay Alize


Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram


When Lil Mo first started to reemerge on the pop culture scene, I was all for her. She was loud and, judging by her thoughts on the whole Keyshia Cole/Michelle Williams situation, I thought she was going to be like the obnoxious auntie who speaks the truth no one wants to hear. And while she’s sharing things no one wants to hear, there’s more trifiliness than truth behind it. But apparently, this is Lil Mo’s brand these days, tacky tell-ALL. Anyway, here are some of the moments, most of them recent, that had us asking WTH is going on with Lil Mo?!

MadameNoire Video

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  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    she’s a clown

  • ITrue

    She speaks like a Gay Pimp.

    • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas


  • Judge Judy


  • Mr Magnificant

    You got to remember this chick got her head split with a champagne bottle back in the day and almost died.

  • Cleveland Cutie

    Lil Mo has lost her mind…

  • ash

    Platinum blonde does not work for everyone!

  • chilly most

    Hee kids is hella ugly

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  • Alesha
  • Boss

    i would love to get head from Lil Mo. Look @ those lips

  • I wondered wat evered happened to Lil Mo.

  • LaMina

    I think it’s something wrong with her, no one can change personalities that much in such a short span of time. I think she may have had a mental breakdown or on something. However, I hope I’m wrong.

    • Whitty Huton Wuld Toor AKA DD

      Looks like a early mid life crisis.

  • Suchalady

    Definitely not going to click through nine of Lil Mo’s anything. Y’all tried it. K bye.

    • S Jo

      Damn she ugly!

    • Cleveland Cutie


    • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

      i did & i feel 2 degrees dumber for it

      • Suchalady


  • Risse H

    Not saying this to be funny whatsoever. Especially after listening to the breakfast club interview, you can’t tell me she’s not mentally ill. She may have been saying it in a jokingly way last season about have a bipolar thing going on inside her. Yeah I think that’s really the case.

  • Brittany

    I’ma need her to get a stylist and come down off her high horse. I don’t mind her bein a lil silly on occasions, but to still be married and have this dope boy lookin dude that looks like he bathes once a month and hasn’t seen a barber in 4 months is an atrocity.

  • I just watched the Breakfast Club interview and I swear I was watching a whole new person from the Lil Mo that was last up there before RnB Divas aired!! I also got a sinking feeling she ‘on something’ but I hope I’m wrong and she’s just high on “love”.

    • Whitty Huton Wuld Toor AKA DD

      She said she was on 15’s the night before so she might be on something else as well.

  • Tiassopinkmommy

    This b!tch got to be a powder head or sum cause she go too many powder head tendencies and somebody please tell her to not put that bright a$$ pink lipstick on them jay z lips of hers. Look like a some swollen white lady vagina lips.

  • red

    another talented being lost to Hollywood’s #SeductiveDistruction

  • KING

    The beyonce song she was performing was “Deja Vu.”