All Over Some Hair… Man Sentenced To 23 Years After Hair Weave Argument Ends In Senseless Death

April 30, 2014  |  

Source: Mugshot

Women often have these discussions about wanting a man who is able to defend her honor. But that might be overrated and dangerous, particularly if the woman is an instigator and the man has problems controlling his anger.

Because you could potentially end up in a situation like the one involving 21 year old Denzel Holder. Yesterday, Holder, from Brooklyn, was sentenced to 23 years in prison for shooting and killing Shawn Williams,27, over an argument about hair weaves.

The argument turned full-out brawl took place in 2011. According to the New York Daily News, a group of young women started arguing after one made a comment about “the inappropriateness of hair extensions and the victim’s girlfriend took offense.” Bottles were thrown, punches were exchanged and eventually the other girl called her boyfriend, Holder.

Holder ended up shooting Williams three times, killing him.

Supreme Court Justice Alan Marrus described the case very succinctly: “It started with a group of women who had a foolish argument over a hair weave. What a senseless tragedy.”


And surprisingly, even though there were several witnesses, the jury didn’t find Holder guilty of murder but the lesser charge of manslaughter back in February. The judge, Marrus, could have sentenced Holder to as little as five years but decided to sentence him to just two years shy of the maximum: 23 years. But Holder could get off in 17 with credit for time served and good behavior.

Holder spoke to Williams’ family saying, “I can’t imagine how you feel. I’d like to express my sincere apologies for your loss.”

Williams’ mother Deirdra Haynes said Mr. Holder left a hole in her heart. Unsurprisingly, they weren’t pleased with the outcome of the trial.

Williams’ father Leonard Saunders said of Holder, “He still got a chance to live. He has a chance to have a life after (prison). It’s not fair.”

What do you think about Holder’s sentence?

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  • flygirl

    This is all to sad. He should have gotten life and his girl friend should have been charged as well, if it were not for her actions the killing would not have happened. And as for his sincere apologies, I bet he can’t spell apologies. I wish they would send him so far away from home that his family can’t or would have a hard time visiting him. Now he is going to be with others who don’t give a dam about anyone like him, would love to see how much a bad azz he is now. Killing someone because you girl friend was upset about weave.

  • Amber A Maclin

    omg just leave people alone.. who cares about hair..such a senseless and inane killing. Over an argument about weave and hair. UGH!

  • Leroy Goldberg

    LMAO…………You just can’t make this kind of **** up!


    dont go proving Tommy Sotomayor right…

  • Carole Woodkins Johnson

    A weave ain’t worth dying or going to prison for nobody. Think first and always do the right thing.

  • BajanGuru

    I really have no idea where to start…lets see…So her killed another over an argument his girlfriend had with another about weave, so i do hope his girlfriend waits for him will he sits in prison for 23yrs on good behavior in 17yrs meaning around 38 or 46yrs of age will he be kinda a free man..hope the idiot you defended waits for you.
    You took a life over weave i will just say you truly are a dumb young kid. Instead of doing something positive with your life you did that.
    I hope that with time you truly understand what you did and how many persons you hurt due to your stupidity…how does your mom,dad etc feels now. how does the mother and father of the slain 27yr Old cope.

  • Joy Andrenette Cherry

    I’m with Williams father on this, Mr. Holder gets to still be able to get married, start a family and do things with his life after he’s out of jail. Mr. Williams son will never be able to do anything, ever again because his life is FOREVER OVER!!!

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  • Anesha Johnson

    I beg the question, “Was this really about hair weaves?”, I think when she called her “SIMP” boyfriend, she told him something different, to provoke his anger. He fed into her bullish as these types of “boys” do, and there you have it. Two lives gone, one dead, one in prison, over one common denominator, a raggedy, worthless female. There are many black men in jail or in hell because of a female. I urge men to steer clear of certain type, run like hell from these beasts.

  • Cinnamon71

    People need to choose their “battles” wisely. Hair weaves, fake eyelashes, and the like are not up for foolish debate. It’s a preference and people will have their opinions one way or the other. I think it’s best to keep yourself out of certain situations and certain group dynamics. If things start to escalate, it’s best to remove yourself quickly and keep it moving. This is why I don’t go to certain venues because I can sense when something’s about to go down and I don’t want to be in the middle of that foolishness.

  • soisaid

    the girls boyfriend should have done what a 27yr old man was supposed to do and squashed it before jumping on a girl. or allowing his girl to fight over something stupid. im sure holder didnt live 2 seconds away which means they all had an oppurtunity to leave. holder showed up and could have also removed his girlfriend but im sure she was beat the hell up was still going at it when he arrived. so he shot the guy. (assuming) people gotta value their own lives and not expect strangers to give an eff whether you live or die when you involve yourself in these types of situations. sad to say the girl he defended is not waiting around for him and went on with her life.

  • hub

    That girl should have gone to jail too. She ordered the hit

  • Trisha_B

    That girl called this man knowing how things would go smh. & he was dumb enough to get involved. If someone don’t agree w/ what you wear or have, who tf cares?! Why get in an argument & escalate into a fight? Smh I swear people are losing their minds. No one cares no more. No one thinks about the consequences. People are just doing things out of impulse smh

    • wasteofrace

      “no one cares no more”…….noo, this is how ghetto blacks move…..some1 said ot best above me, “i aint no punk” mentallity. Ego gets sensitive and they feel the need to prove other wise to save face.

  • genii love

    i blame the PARENTS! Their parents are the same as this. Holding petty arguments over simple things..the kid see this behavior and mirrors it. Kids go to school and get into fistfights because some kid sat in their seat are the lunch table. Someone isn’t telling/showing these kids what life is about.

    “i aint no punk” really means…”you hurt my feelings and i want an apology” but nowadays kids aren’t taught to say ‘I’m Sorry’ or ‘maybe i overreacted”. its kill or be killed…its so silly

    • thatguy0101

      Exactly! youre right on point. 90% of the time kids are a reflections of what they experience at home or are a reflection of there parents or the lack there of. Some people blame movies, rap music, or whatever… NO, kids dont just pop out the wound angry and mean and devilish… alot of this is learned behavior..

  • Arii

    Great. Ethnic cleansing.

  • Tee

    I think this is embarrassing. WHY WHY WHY must we pull out guns EVERY time someone upsets us? Is that supposed to be cute? It’s so stupid.

    • Yvette

      It is very stupid. Folks are dying over petty arguments. This is why I don’t fool with too many people. My circle is so small that it can really be classified as a dot. I value my life and I will not put it in jeopardy by dealing with hood-booger mentalities.

      • OSHH

        RIght..I am the same way but Yvette like I discuss with my mom often, you have to ignore ignorance. Every perceived slight, rudeness etc does not call for a response. Pay then them folks dust and keep it moving. You have to learn to let insignificant bs slide or else you’ll be fighting all day erry day.

        • Yvette

          That’s so true.

      • coolyfett

        Word! NO HOOD BOOGERS!

    • coolyfett

      Stupid and Tiresome

  • BabyBlue

    I think African Americans need to start taking mental illness and anger management seriously. The topic of this story is petty. So, my question is what’s really going on? Someone died because of hair weave?

    • Yvette

      It is this whole “I ain’t no punk” mentality which is absolutely ridiculous. I have the same question I had when I read the story about the 14 year old girl who killed another 14 year old girl over a boy and that is….now what? You killed this man over a darn argument about hair weave. He’s dead and you are going to prison for the better part of your life. Now what? Also, when addressing the victims’ family he said “I can’t imagine how you feel. I’d like to express my sincere apologies for your loss”. I always find it totally self serving when a person is “sorry” after they maliciously and viciously take a life. Think before you act and there would be nothing to be sorry for.

    • wasteofrace

      mental illness no, anger management, and sensitive ego trainning.

    • Ms Rose

      This is not just an African American issue, other races does dumb mess too. Please stop with the labeling over one incident. People always trying to pull the race card until we pull it than its a problem. African Americans are not the only group that needs mental illness or anger management…lets look at some of the school shootings that has happened in the past (its not nice to points fingers at one group of people, is it….no)…so say this African American needs mental illness and anger management classes. Please stop with the labeling of the whole group of African Americans, when I look at this incident I see a young man who did something stupid and was not thinking….and only God can Judge him….Bullies who get on line thinking its okay to label one group for the actions of one. But no one will never understand the struggle our black men face each day because of people who type in blogs and not think about what they are saying. You don’t know what being an African American means and you and who ever else who has something bad to say about African Americans will never understand.

      • BabyBlue

        I didn’t bother to read your comment. I’m aware about other races but my concern isn’t with other races my concern is with my race and my people. If I wanted to include other races in my original comment then I would’ve but I didn’t. So, take it or leave it. The “debates” and the back and forth about which race has a greater mental illness is ridiculous. I won’t do that. Forty five people gave my opinion a thumbs up. Make sure you message all forty five to display your “disgust”

        • Ms Rose

          You don’t have too but you seen and read what I had to say. We will not and do not have to have an back and forth debate is not needed. But you read what I had to say and I will say it again….STOP WITH THE LABELING ONE RACE WHEN NO RACE HAS ROOM TO TALK. WE ALL HAVE SOME WHO DON’T PLAY BY THE RULES SO THAT WAS ALL I WANTED TO SAY….YOU BE BLESSED AND YOU DID NOT HAVE TO RESPOND IN THE FIRST PLACE I SAID WHAT I HAD TO SAY…OKAY…WITH A SMILE

          • BabyBlue

            After I read your first sentence I was over it. I didn’t read your recent reply at all. ✌

            • oldschoolyrw52

              This reply is for Babyblue and Ms. Rose, we all are still (including me) learning and trying not to jump back when someone indicates – in any way- that they think we are wrong. You two are talking about it, but it appears that you did the same thing. No one was able to say (quickly enough) agree to disagree. “I didn’t read your first sentence..” and the all caps yelling. So you see how easy it is to get your back up when it’s in the moment.

              • BabyBlue

                I think we all know what agree to disagree means. If I agree I type “I agree” as a response if I don’t agree I don’t rely at all. That’s just me. The problem is some get egotistical and takes someone opinion and turn it to a debate. I said I said and no matter how long a response is my opinion on the matter is still the same. I think it’s ridiculous

                • Crissie Edwards

                  I am neutral, I will humbly say this mental health in the black community is lacking, for several several reasons, the stigma attached to it and also because most often the prisons are filled with black and other non whites, mental institutions the majority is white. Prison institutions are not designed or equipped to treat mental illness. They are escorted to get their meds that they spit out on the way back. There is no treatment plan for them.. When they get psychotic they are sent to a mental institution for a few months and sent right back. All races have issues, we just have to stop being in denial. To say don’t single them out it only hurts us more. The FACT is MENTAL HEALTH is HUGE ISSUE in our community that needs to be addressed. We can’t make it go away by comparing the races, its something that needs to be addressed. There are more issues I just threw those 2 out there.

                  • BabyBlue

                    That’s the point I was making. Mental illness and African Americans isn’t suppose to go together. The reply we’ve been hearing is to “go to church. G o d will get the illness out.” that’s not always the case

    • coolyfett

      We also need to stop trying to hurt each others feelings too Babyblue. It seems to be our favorite pass time…talking chit about one another.