Happy Cinco De Mayo! Celebs You Didn’t Know Are Mexican

May 5, 2014 ‐ By Iva Anthony

For many Mexican Americans living here in the U.S., Cinco de Mayo is a day to commemorate their Mexican pride and heritage. While many of us who aren’t Mexican join in on the celebration, here’s a list of celebs that you may not have known that are actually Mexican, either by ethnicity or nationality.

Celebs You Didn't Know Are Mexican


Taboo from Black Eyed Peas

As one fourth of the super group Black Eyed Peas, rapper Taboo has become an international superstar. Born to a Mexican American father and a Native American mother in Los Angeles, Taboo, real name Jaime Gomez, joined the group to replace one of its members. Black Eyed Peas went through a couple name changes and singer Fergie was brought in as the fourth member in time for their third album. Taboo began working on a solo album in 2008 but has said it will take some time to get his solo career off of the ground.

MadameNoire Video

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  • Tired of lies

    In regards to people born in Mexico
    The Mexican Constitution states that Mexicans Citizens by birth are:[1]
    persons born in Mexican territory regardless of parents’ nationality or immigration status in Mexico
    persons born abroad of a Mexican Citizen born in Mexico
    persons born to an individual after that person has become a naturalized citizen of Mexico
    individuals born on Mexican merchant- or Navy ships or Mexican-registered aircraft, regardless of parents’ nationality
    children born to Mexican Diplomats or Ministry of Foreign Affairs Personnel working overseas

  • geisga

    being half black and half mexican doesn’t make you “mexican” you can’t just CHOOSE to ignore the other half of their race and being “born” in a specific place doesn’t MAKE you that nationality, otherwise half of all military kids wouldn’t be “american”

  • ShawnCurtisLacey

    What the point? According to professor Gates of Harvard University and a historian from Mexico, more Africans went to Mexico than the USA. Also, I learned years ago that thousands of black American soldiers marched in Mexico and never returned.

  • ButterfliesNFairies

    Please stop with the Lupita is Mexican c r a p! They hate black people over there.

  • Jasmine Traylor

    And uh… Kat Von D is Argentinian.

  • Jasmine Traylor

    Who didn’t know that Eva Longoria is Mexican American?

  • williaml

    LOL! A couple months ago many of these people were Black.
    Most of them have the Coco Gene, that makes them Black.
    Besides that, they are Not Mexican unless they were born in MEXICO.
    If they are born in America, they are American

  • editos

    You guys are missing Anthony Quinn, Ricardo Montalban (fantasy Island and Kahn), Zalma Hayek, Santana

  • notconvincedgranny

    A lot of these are a stretch…Elastigirl can’t snap back from some of these.

  • ShawnCurtisLacey

    YOU CANNOT BELIEVE THIS LIE! Nicole Richie has zero Mexican blood! Her African American mother is the one who gave Lionel to him. Her father is the brother of Shelia E as they state. Shelia E is afro Cuban an their Cuban father is a famous percussion player. Lionel Richie and Nicole went on Oprah, and he told her everything as she hounded him for cheating on Brenda!

    • Gert

      Nicole Richie was born in Berkeley, California, and has Afro-Mexican, Creole, and Spanish ancestry. (This is what is listed on her official bio page)

      Sheila E is of Mexican and Creole Descent. I have watched plenty of Sheila E interviews and she has made this quite clear.

      • ShawnCurtisLacey

        You are an idiot plain and simple! I know Nicole’s mother is black, and her father’s mother is black, so where are you getting 100 different flavors from? Lionel never had a Mexican female backup singer in 1982; she was African American 100%. The only way she can have all these things is if the grandfather on the father side is Mexican, Creole and Spanish. We all have several ethnics, so hearing all this bull means absolutely nothing Only an idiot would try to tell Lionel Richie that he is wrong because they got information from a computer! Should I tell you the number of times that I have gotten the wrong information. Mexicans do not play bongos and congas and sing African style music. Surely, her grandfather would have sung some Mexican music if he was Mexican, right? Mexicans have never honored him or claimed him like they have Carlos Santana, so maybe we should listen to Lionel who actually knows.

        • Gert

          1. Where is my comment, did it call for you to be disrespectful in your tone.
          2. Where in my comment, did I say anything about Nicole’s mother…whether she is black or not.
          3. What does a musical instrument, have to do with someone’s DNA make-up.
          4. Sheila has verbally spoken about her heritage, I think I would listen to HER first before I take the words of someone with no common sense who likes to spit out foolishness on a web-site.
          5. I could care less who sang for lionel Ritchie or what he said about anything, at the end of the day he is not her biological father nor is he related to neither one of her biological parents.
          6. Your argument makes no sense, AFRO “which means of African descent…which means black.
          so what is your argument, because I stated the nationality of her aunt and father, never about her mother.

          • notconvincedgranny

            Let’s not feed the troll anymore.

            • Gert

              You’re right, fools are just ignorant…

        • latinoeastbay

          so many idiots here, nicole is not really NICOLE, she is Nicolaza Rios de los matamoros de sevilla emblematica del campo de oro, and she was born from her mother Anapancleata de los mores del santisimo celestial. in Mexico city.

          • ShawnCurtisLacey

            You might want to tell that to her mother, who was a backup singer for Lionel Richie. Her father was also in his band. I am sure they would be glad to hear that you know more than they. Even her biological aunt, Sheila E would be glad to hear this news!

  • Maile00

    No wonder Shar’s kids with Kevin looked Latino

    • ButterfliesNFairies

      Ummmmmm, what do you think Latinos are?

  • rainydaze80

    I’m confused about shar jackson’s father. was he spanish, puerto rican and mexican or just puerto rican and mexican? Anyway, cinco de mayo has nothing to do with celebrating mexican pride and heritage. Its just an american marketing holiday to sell mexican beer and tequila.

    • ShawnCurtisLacey

      She is Rican, but they have everyone as being Mexican. Nicole’s father is Afro Cuban, and her mother is black. She was Lionel’s backup singer.

  • yasmeen

    Bajan – not Barbadian!

    • c.lux56

      Both are acceptable terms to describe people from Barbados.

  • Chanda

    Also Linda Carter “Wonder Woman” is half Mexican as well as Catherine Bach “Daisy Duke”, and Demi Moore but I guess that’s too old school for you whippersnappers.
    I’m surprised there’s no Nicole Richie background arguments yet. I guess this post cleared that up lol..

    • ShawnCurtisLacey

      Yes there is! Lionel made it clear on Oprah that her mother was his backup singer and an Afro-Cuban man who is the brother of Shelia E. Shelia E and her famous father are both Afro Cubans. I do not know where the Mexican comes in because his backup singer was black.

      • Chanda

        Sheila E. and her siblings are Mexican and Creole. It’s mentioned a number of times on her Unsung special.

        • ShawnCurtisLacey

          There is always a dumbass who knows more than the folk that actually knows. Since when does a Mexican plays the Cubans drums like her father did as well as she? So Lionel Richie DOES NOT KNOW ABOUT HIS BAND MEMBERS OR HIS DAUGHTER? This computer stuff is way off and is always wrong when it comes to someone ethnicity because they basically are guessing. Lionel Richie showed Nicole’s real father, for she has met him. Lionel Richie says he is Cuban, which is what I already knew. Do you think I will believe you over Lionel who knows? This web told me that Porsha was 41 years old until I found out she is 31. It said that Nicole mother is Mexican. Lionel did not have a Mexican backup singer but a black female singer.

          • notconvincedgranny

            Huh? Talent is talent – it has nothing to do with where a person is born. If Sheila Escovedo says she is Mexican and Creole, who are you to dispute it on the basis of their musical talent? And again, Cuba is a place, therefore being born there makes you a Cuban national. Don’t confuse ethnicity and nationality; there are black people born in France, and are therefore French.

            • ShawnCurtisLacey

              Give it a rest because you are all over the place. I go by what Lionel Richie who knows not an idiot’s opinion which is a dime a dozen! What are you going to do make Nicole be what you want her to be, for she stated that she is black on her show with Paris Hilton. Again, what part of being who you are and not worry about someone else? Besides, have you seen Nicole’s picture as a little girl before she started bleaching the skin and straightening and dying the hair. Until you do, stop the BS!

            • williaml

              some time ago they said Shelia E was Black.
              She does have the Coco Gene and that would make her Black but the bottom line is None of This Matters.
              I can find myself at an all you can eat Taco Bar Any day 🙂

        • Gert

          Yes, she has and in other interviews as well….

    • williaml

      How can anyone be Half something?
      This is not Star trek.
      Remember the episode where the half white was fighting the half black?
      This is like the guys in the Sonic commercial with all of the different flavors.
      Its all Good.


    y’all are seriously reaching with Lupita….

  • please

    Eva Longoria is the only one that THIS country would consider Mexican and she is American

  • TruthOnly

    Being born in Mexico does not make you ethnically Mexican…

    • Jen

      Thank you!

      • Facts

        Right!! when it said Lupita I was like err pause, lets be clear she’s Kenyan smh

        • Chanda

          Lupita’s Kenyan but Nationally she would be Mexican.

        • ShawnCurtisLacey

          Born in Mexico, not Kenya!

          • Mimi

            Lol, the comments. All I need is popcorn!

        • ShawnCurtisLacey

          Let it be clear; she is Mexican with Kenyan parents. She was born in Mexico and has a Mexican birth certificate.

    • bvictorian

      And that’s why the intro reads, “either by ethnicity or nationality.”

      • ZeroFuxGiven

        <3 <—– for you, I was going to comment the same thing.

    • k

      Yes I was confused like Lupita, Mitt and Kat Von D aren’t mexican and really none of them except for Eva.

    • Katiopa

      Mexican is a nationality NOT an ethnicity.

      • Sigh

        “Mexican” is a nationality AND an ethnicity.

        • ShawnCurtisLacey

          Surely, you are brighter than this? Is American an ethnicity? There are several ethnic groups living in Mexico; it is no different than being in NYC with all of its different groups.

    • Faith

      Thank you. I was wondering why they would list some of these people who were born and lived in Mexico be part Mexican? I must have missed it, I thought you have to have parents that are Mexican. Some of these people should have not made this list.

    • notconvincedgranny

      It does mean your nationality is Mexican.

    • Nah

      You know Mexico (like many Latin American countries) is diverse like America, right? Being born in Mexico DOES make you Mexican. Ethnicity doesn’t really matter here.

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