“People Always Put Us Against Each Other”: Ashanti Speaks On Beyoncé And The Musical Rivalry That Never Was

April 29, 2014  |  

In an interview with Global Grind’s Blogxilla, Ashanti talked about going head-to-head musically with Beyoncé during the early ’00s. If you’ll recall, the two were often compared once Beyoncé went solo, and an article in the New York Times from 2003 even boldly stated in its title: The Solo Beyoncé: She’s No Ashanti. Hey, the year before Bey dropped Dangerously In Love and was launched into the stratosphere as a solo artist, Ashanti was quite huge too, having released her mega-hit debut album of the same name, racking up awards, and being the first lady of the uber-popular (and now defunct) Murder Inc. But if you ask Ashanti, such comparisons then and now are tired. She says that she and Beyoncé always got along well and while they both worked hard and had a lot of buzz at the same time, their music was totally different (even though the New York Times described Ashanti at the time as Beyoncé’s “mirror-image rival”). This is what the singer had to say:

“I remember that [article]. I feel like ‘the critics’ and ‘the media,’ people always put us against each other, but we never had beef. It was always all love. ‘Hey!’ ‘What’s up!’ ‘I like your shoes!’ It was that kind of thing. I think we’re two very different artists. I think we bring our different music to the table and I think there’s room. Again, I didn’t like the fact that people always put us together, but it’s a competitive business. There’s only one number one spot. Both working very, very hard. I was extremely happy just being with Murder, Inc. We had an amazing wave and I loved the music we were doing and it just felt right.”

I actually thought they didn’t have all that much in common even then. But seeing as how the number of R&B singers getting shine continues to diminish, those out and doing well can’t help but be compared to one another. But what do you think?

Check out her statements during the interview at the 6:15 mark and share your thoughts:

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  • Rebbekah

    nahh… that’s all in her head. She WISHES people put her up against Beyonce. please.

    • Sha Har

      Accurate. She is the only one talking about Bey. Giving Bey more shine than she already has. lol

  • Sunshinegirl

    Of course Bey is the ultimate entertainer, but Ashanti’s writing skills are great. I think they are in their own lanes although who wouldn’t want to be as successful as Beyonce?

  • monitorette

    No comparison. Ashanti is an urban r’n’b artist, Beyonce is a pop singer.
    Ashanti has songwriting talents, Beyonce seems to have none.
    On a personal level, Ashanti belongs to the soundtrack of my life. Her music and her lyrics are timeless. Keep delivering Ashanti!

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  • Pick_A_Struggle

    Ashanti is an artist, songwriter, producer, published poet, actually has a personality, and is now head of her own label…and Beyonce is somewhere drankin watermelon and “sertbortin”, so no, there’s no comparison.

    • Sha Har

      Bey is still better. Your point?

  • Ashley

    This comment section will soon turn into a Beyonce bashing session , just wait on it.

  • txgrits

    There is no comparison when it comes to Beyonce.. at this point, it Beyonce then all others…

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    girl bye! lol…love u though…but bye

  • 5ktrinidad

    IMO there is no comparison!!

  • B.

    I’m really not trying to be funky, but perhaps I missed those years. I never remember Ashanti being compared to Beyonce. Perhaps it happened, but it’s nothing I recall ever being a big deal in the past. I’m thinking most people can’t recall that time either.

    • Guest

      Yeah they did. I remember when her song ‘rock with u’ and beyonces ‘crazy in love’ were out at the same time, people began comparing them. And (no shade) but it didn’t take long for everyone to realize that there was NO comparison..

      • B.

        Okay, thanks for letting me know. I genuinely cannot recall that conversation. I was done with her after “Oh Baby.” That song still gets on my damn nerves. I remember the Aaliyah comparisons because of that video.

        • Chey

          Lol “ah baby, ooh baby”

  • NeaJ

    Didn’t Ashanti write that 2003 article? Sike nah, but yeah, I don’t think there’s a comparison. One is the biggest female artist in the world right now & the other one isn’t!!

  • Shaun Harris

    I love Ashanti, she is HOT!!!!!!! Way better than Bey.

    • Sha Har

      Here goes the ignorance. Everything Ashanti just said. You an support one without tearing down the other.

      • Shaun Harris

        Well let me refrain from calling people names and rephrase what I said and should have said to begin with so there will be no misconceptions as to what I said and what I actually mean.

        I love Ashanti, she is HOT!!!!!!! I LIKE HER way better than Bey. I do not like most of what Beyonce does. I think Ashanti carries herself better, I find Ashanti to be more physically attractive than Bey and I think she is a better singer than Bey. I think they both should concentrate on being a real singer and entertainer instead of just being an entertainer without being a singer, being a studio singer can only carry you so far.

  • YouDontSay

    Why??? There’s no comparison. ZERO.

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