The Damage She Thought She Did To Me, Damaged Her More: Cynthia Pens Open Letter On NeNe Leakes

April 28, 2014  |  

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Remember back in 2010, when Cynthia and NeNe were discussing that super weird friendship contract? They looked like they were going to be buddies forever, right? Well, you all know, as the two are in the midst of their drama, that this is not the case. Though it seems like Cynthia’s the one always running behind NeNe and forgiving her foolishness, NeNe tried to get her fired from the show, suggesting to Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live” that Cynthia doesn’t add any value to the show. Trying to take food off her “friend’s” plate? Low down.

So how does Cynthia feel about this? Obviously, not too great and she’s letting the world know just what she thinks about Ms. NeNe Leakes in an open letter published on Uptown Magazine. She opened it like this, explaining why she’s writing the letter in the first place.

Since the airing of the “Watch What Happens Live” episode featuring my fellow “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member Nene Leakes that essentially gave her a platform to show how vindictive and vicious she can really be, I have been bombarded with questions and requests for interviews about my views on what really transpired between Nene and I, and why our friendship ended.

On how real their friendship was:

“The friendship you saw on camera between the two of us was genuine. We were very supportive of each other and talked every day. We even vacationed together outside of the show. In fact, when I joined the cast four seasons ago, I gravitated most towards Nene.” 

On the most challenging aspect of filming the show:

“The most challenging part for me has not been disagreeing with my husband on camera or finding out my family essentially considered sabotaging my impending wedding in my first season on the show or even the unfortunate argument with fellow cast member Kandi Burruss during the Pillow Talk party this season. In all honesty, it’s been watching someone who I thought was a friend first attack my husband and then attack me by suggesting I be fired from the show.”

Fans perceiving her as weak

Don’t let the pretty face fool you. I just choose my battles wisely, and prefer to get to a solution in a more appropriate and classy way. Frankly put, it’s just not who I am and I don’t respond that quickly in those types of extremely uncomfortable and volatile situations. In fact, I was completely stunned, and more than anything, I didn’t know how to respond in that moment.

B*tchgate and why their relationship really fell apart

The “bitch” incident was very disrespectful and a low point in our relationship. But as mature adults who genuinely cared about each other, we worked through the mess, and decided our friendship could survive. Don’t get me wrong; it was very difficult to forgive Nene for her harsh insult towards my husband because I would never refer to a friend’s husband in such a derogatory way. But we moved on.

We were all in a good place, or so I thought, until Nene felt that I was becoming too close to Kenya, “the enemy” as Nene referred to her on “Watch What Happens Live.” There is this ridiculous notion; of course being perpetuated by Nene, that Kenya and I have somehow become BFFs. Nothing could be farther from the truth. However, I am as friendly with Kenya as I am with Kandi Burruss, Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams. What I will not do is stop being friendly, cordial, respectful or accommodating to people just because my friend or anyone else thinks I should. I don’t do petty. It’s not in my DNA.

Because I allowed Kenya to host a model call at BarOne, genuinely felt sorry for her when she lost her dog, and was seated next to her at the reunion, I am now somehow her best girlfriend. That’s absolutely ridiculous. Viewers will remember during her first season on the show, Kenya caused all kinds of confusion at my Bailey School of Fashion during a model search.  On and off camera we had conversations about the incident and her unfortunate behavior. She apologized, we ironed things out, and moved on. Never have I gone on any talk shows or interviews and suggested that Kenya lose her job. And as far as I know never has she in regards to me. I think it’s unprofessional, divisive and petty.

But that’s exactly what Nene did when she appeared on “Watch What Happens Live.” I have seen the very best of Nene Leakes, and I witnessed the very worst of her during this appearance. What she did and said was not coming from a good place, and was downright dirty. The damage she thought she was doing to me, in turn has damaged her image more.

As I continued to watch, I began to feel sad for her. There has to be some personal insecurities and unhappiness she is dealing with to lash out so viciously at me. Then it dawned on me. Nene is hurt that I have moved on. In the end, I am relieved that our friendship is over.

And she ends it with this jab:

Famed writer and poet Margaret Walker wrote, “Friends and good manners will carry you where money won’t go.” Maybe Nene should embrace this and make it her personal mantra.


Cynthia brings up some very salient points but once again, she’s writing an open letter instead of a.) speaking to NeNe in person. (Am I the only one who feels like Cynthia never says the right thing when NeNe’s in her face?) and b.) why is Cynthia so pressed at this point? I believe her. It seems that she truly believed NeNe was her friend. But she’s proven time and time again, that she really doesn’t have Cynthia’s best interests at heart…like at all. It’s so obvious that NeNe liked hanging with Cynthia because she perceived her as weak, someone she could control. This is not a friendship you need to mourn girl. NeNe is a hot mess, just keep it moving.

You can read Cynthia’s full letter over at Uptown.

What do you think about Cynthia’s open letter? Are you surprised she seems to be so effected by losing NeNe as a friend?

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  • Ann Johnson

    Cynthia is so passive. And always has something to say about someone when they’re not around. She says Nene didn’t respect her? Well, who did?
    And Nene is childish. What a combination.

  • tbetter1

    Nene has only one friend and his name is Greg Leakes Whenever she gets broke, he won’t be her friend anymore.

  • Patricia Boyer

    I am glad that Cynthia spoke out on Ms Leaks she is not a friend that keeps confusion going. To fall with best friend because she believes that Marlo and Cynthia are friend is over barring, someone is not secure with their own feelings and she is jealous. It is sad that if you were my friend with someone Nene don’t like she is longer my friend. Good bye Ms Leaks and enjoy your life since no one is at your level.

  • Sweet D

    Well I have pretty much been Team Cynthia. Cynthia is classy and non-confrontational. I get it. However, I think if she genuinely thought of Nene as a friend, she should have communicated her ill feelings to Nene privately. A true friend would have expressed their feelings on the reunion show, but also taken Nene up on her offer to talk privately about the issue(s). It was almost like Cynthia wanted to prove to the other women that she had the balls to stand up to Nene (in the crowd). That’s not how you handle it, especially when you know Nene is animated. Nene was dead wrong for disrespecting Peter like that, but she WAS honest. He IS messy and into women’s issues like a “lil b…”. Also, on Andy’s show live. I think Nene was speaking from some hurt; she was clearly hurt by Cynthia’s behavior at the reunion show. It was out of pattern for Cynthia to behave that way. I was even shocked. Why Cynthia? Be who you are. If you are not confrontational and haven’t been during the years of your friendship, why put your friend on front street like that – especially six months later. You should have been gone to your friend and talked to her about your concerns. Now, months later you are “feeling some type of way?” It doesn’t make sense to me. So now you are upset about the after comments? Once again, not of the ordinary for Nene. She’s dramatic and prideful. She was being Nene, and guess what she was honest again. She was absolutely truthful. The only difference about the situation is that if Cynthia had not come off the way she did on the reunion show, I don’t think Nene would have voiced her opinion openly like that due to her friendship with you. Cynthia I think you messed up. Inspite of Nene’s antics (and I am Team Nene too, but she can go overboard sometimes), I thought you all shared good times together and were true friends. It’s sad that your friendship has been lost. I think you share in the responsibility of that loss because you wanted to prove something. Ijs…was it worth losing your friend? smh

  • Tiffany Alicia

    I love Cynthia! She is real, classy, down to earth, and just a genuine person. Nene is ruining the show, she really is. I chuckle every once in awhile when something comes out her mouth, but to much already it’s getting old! I feel betrayed as a viewer who supported Nene wholeheartedly in the beginning even when she was in the drama w/ Kim. How many good people does she have to run from the show before something is done about her? I don’t want to watch a show full of Nene drones!!! I want to thank Cynthia for keeping it classy 100% and not changing from day 1…happy to finally find someone REAL on reality TV!! Nene needs to remember its the fans who got her where she is…and she has let our love for her and Bravo’s manifestation of our old love for her inflate her head. When your wrong your wrong and Cynthia has been nothing but a great friend to you even to her detriment! I can’t she forgave you after you talked to her husband like that when you got in his face! millions saw it! Keep pushing Cynthia, maybe you should get your own show about giving young girls in ATL a chance in the modeling world I would watch!!

  • team cynthia

    nene is a monster, evil to the core. queen not. drag queen yes.

  • Marie Andrews

    Cynthia seems to go back and forth depending on the circumstance. it makes you question what to believe. She has definitely been all up under Nene until now. Hope Nene can’t get folks fired and that Bravo will make the decision based on the show. All of them can go at this point and since Nene is full of herself now and people are getting turned off quickly. Time to let the show go away for good. If they start firing folks and keeping others based on favoritisim, they will lose the remaining few people who watch.

  • Mik

    I think it’s a great letter….look at the reunion an watch Nene’s face…she seemed so angry/dismissive of all the others like she is better than them. I like Nene but she needs to take it down a notch, it’s not Cynthia’s fault she lost BOTH her acting jobs!!

  • heather

    Anyone notice that when Nene’s “career” started to slump, her entire demeanor started to change (on the show). Nene appears to me a very unhappy, troubled, and jealous woman. It’s unfortunate as I believe women, especially good friends, should support each other!! I admire the way Cynthia has handled herself!

  • de newman

    Well said Cynthia, Nene head has gotten so BIG, she can’t even carry it herself. I am glad she has succeeded in her “new career. however, you do not knocked people down that has help you to get where you are today, Ms. Leaks. Your five minutes of fame will not last for ever my dear. so enjoy the ride while it last.

  • Bobbi

    Nene’s treatment of her homegirls out side of the show speaks volumes. I have been awestruck at the way she speaks to them when they film with her and, if you notice none of them ever check her.
    I believe she punishes those girls by cutting them off when they step outside of the line she has drawn as a requirement to be her friend. Nene attempted to similarly punish Marlo by admitting she wanted to “take a break” from her. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see, after learning the details she was taking a break because Marlo had befriended Kenya. She was attempting to whip her back in line only it didn’t bring the results she normally gets from her homegirls. Now she’s punishing Cynthia. Who needs friends like that? Nene is the common denominator in all of her broken friendships which now includes everyone. She doesn’t have one left unless you count her new friend Phaedra. This is not a good look for her.

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  • MsLadyE

    Cynthia carries herself like a lady. She doesn’t have to be aggressive or loud to get her point across. She’s not “weak” because she isn’t argumentative like NeNe. Having self-control takes a lot of strength. NeNe needs to learn that the empty barrel makes the most noise.

  • Mavis

    Cynthia, you are lovely. I enjoy watching a level headed, intelligent, calm, genuinely nice person on the show. I feel that way about Phaedra and Kandi, too. They don’t start no mess, they just respond to it when it’s thrown at them. NeNe is a thug. I am sick and tired of her. Her apology to Cynthia was so insincere; it reaked. NeNe acts like people and her friends exist only to serve her. She takes but only gives when it doesn’t put her out too much. Look at how she treated poor Marla, her agent, and the people from HSN to name a few – like dirt. Fans have to wake up and start censoring this kind of behavior. I myself have had enough of NeNe. She gotta go – Bloop!

  • RastaMermaid

    Well, I’m not feeling it at all. This whole letter is just retaliation for what Nene said on Watch What Happens Live. Nene said that is Cynthia is a little boring, plain doesn’t bring much and she’s telling the truth. Nene has said the same about afew housewives so I just see her as keeping it real. We all know that Bravo does ask for her opinion so she stated it. She is the highest paid housewife of the cast for a reason. This maybe part of the reason, she’s real. She didn’t say anything about Cynthia that she didn’t say about Sheree, Deshawn and Lisa, their lack luster and didn’t bring much to the show, no substance. Now I know the truth hurts and what I’m seeing in this letter is a hurt person trying to hurt someone else. Now I really don’t understand why Cynthia would be so concerned about Kenya’s well being and to say that se didn’t feel threaten was a joke but true. Kenya wasn’t berating Cynthia she was attacking Porsha. I really thought Cynthia would tell her to cool it, but she didn’t. Not feeling this letter, hope they work it out, but if not…..sometimes God breaks things up, to teach that all you really need is Him and self. It’s your journey.

  • MsLadyE

    And a backbone. NeNe’s mad because she can’t intimidate Peter like she intimidates Gregg. Instead of putting a stop to NeNe’s foolishness, Gregg just stood there and let it happen.

    • NameCantBeBlank

      He’s riding that gravy train. Let that train run out of fuel and watch him be the man he really is. AKA the one who stepped out on her multiple times when they were married the first time.

  • Sandra

    I agree with mzwalker I like Cynthia but she is a little shady.In the last show Cynthia did say that her and Kenya was good friends now.Everyone was hugging and here came Miss casper the friendly no boyfriend and hugged Cynthia and Kenya said can I now call you my BFF.Cynthia turned around and gave Kenya a big hug and say yes yes.Cynthia forget who was there for her when she thought her husband was spending all her money.Up to the wedding Cynthia wasn’t real happy to get married.I wonder if cynthias husband saw that clip of her crying.Because she didn’t want to get married.To this day she worries about her husbands shady ways with the money.If my husband used my money to go to a strip bar he wouldn’t be my husband.You watch what I am saying Cynthia will be divorced in less than a year.She is his money cow he can’t make any money at the so called bar he says he owns.When it was Cynthia’s money that paid for it.It is ashame that she is really making people feel like she is jealous because NeNe is making a lot of money now.And NeNe has to work hard on everything she has.She is in 2 different sitcoms,DWTS,Has her own clothes line out.And a movie coming out.Maybe it is because NeNe don’t the time for Cynthia as much as Cynthia would like.I say to Cynthia to put your big girl panties on and go on with your life.But make sure you stay friends with Kenya because I’m not sure either Cynthis or Kenya will be back next season.I do know if Kenya is back there won’t be any good ratings for RHOA.

  • mzwalker

    I like Cynthia, but seriously – an open letter about her grievances with Nene? I can barely take this seriously. A grown woman, again, telling all the world how badly she was hurt by another woman. I would have appreciated Cynthia growing a pair on air, not after the fact and after she got to see social media’s reaction. I mean, come on, enough with the airing already! First Twitter, then WWHL, the reunion and now this? Please. Sorry Cynthia, take some responsibility for the dynamics of your relationship with Nene. I do not care how big, how loud, how whatever Nene is, if a person feels disrespected, they need to say it directly to the person that is disrespecting them. Let’s be clear, no one has to be “turnt up” in order to firmly address another person, so the excuse that she has been “internalizing” her feelings or just handles things gracefully and is not weak, is a weak argument, IMHO. I’ve said this before and I will say it again – I do not expect strong personalities to become smaller so those that are weaker can feel more comfortable. Nene was clear and sincere in her apology – she apologized for hurting their feelings but stuck by what she said; just as Peter stuck by what he said and did not intend to hurt her feelings – both were right about each other’s conduct! If something is squashed, it is squashed, period. If Cynthia truly felt so strongly about Nene and their apparent lack of friendship/respect, she should have voiced her opinions before and not hung out with her after the show stopped airing. Funny enough though, as much as Cynthia claims she needs no storyline because people love the balance and entrepreneurship that she and Peter bring (love you Cynthia, but eyeroll), come next season Kenya will actually have at least one person in the cast to film with and Cynthia will still have a paycheque coming based on this fallout.

    • bsbfankaren

      So, let me get this right. It’s fine for Nene to go on WWHL and to write on her blog about Cynthia, but Cynthia can’t choose to address Nene in her own way? There is something very wrong with all the allowances Nene Leakes is given, but are not afforded to Cynthia. Makes no sense at all, actually!

      • mzwalker

        I never said anything about “right and wrong”, I said enough already. Cynthia can choose to address Nene in any way that she likes; I just do not respect her for finally growing a pair after apparently saying the issue was resolved and waiting for social media to react. I, personally, do not do passive aggressive, I’m just aggressive.

        • bsbfankaren

          O.K. Nene….sorry, mzwalker. It is one thing to believe an issue is resolved, it’s another to see the footage of the incident and get a good look at what you missed at the time. Those facial expressions Nene made that night were childish, insulting, and deserved more than a cursory apology from Nene. Saying that she can’t control NaeNae is not enough. I don’t blame Cynthia for revisited what happened, and while you may not have respect for Cynthia now, I’m guessing you didn’t have respect for her in the past either, so nothing as really changed. Oh, and by the way, Kenya is aggressive too. Let’s see how far that gets her!

          • mzwalker

            We will have to agree to disagree on this one as I do not think Cynthia or anyone else, for that matter, needed to see Nene’s facial expressions or read her blog to understand the depth, or lack of depth, of her apology. To clarify, I do respect and even like Cynthia overall; I do not, however, respect her finally growing a pair and addressing Nene for stepping out of line several months after the fact. I also think it is easier for her project her frustrations out on Nene as she surely is not taking her frustrations out on her husband, who has been very disrespectful to her on many an occasion, but that is between them and off topic. Further, there is passive aggressive (Cynthia) and there is direct (Nene) – Kenya is just a conniving, lying ish disturber who needs constant attention. It will be really interesting to see how this all unfolds next season.

            • CTROCK

              that last sentence i could have sworn you were talking abut NeNe

  • Yolanda Harris

    Great letter. I agree with her. She does bring class and balance to that show. Everyone can’t be loud, argumentative and obnoxious.

    “Nene Leakes is no Cynthia Bailey”…She got that right!

  • Shena

    I think Cynthia is weak and the fact that she pens an open letter to BLOGS definitely indicates that her decision to end her friendship with Nene is for a storyline. Fire her please and let’s move ON!


  • Cleveland Cutie

    Cynthia has always carried herself with class and I respect that.

  • honeypa72

    In my opinion, the apology we saw between Nene, Cynthia, Greg and Peter was not sincere and heartfelt. Cynthia said that once the season aired, and she saw all the shade Nene was throwing, and the fact that she still insisted on calling Peter Patricia really got to her. I don’t think anything is wrong with Peter expressing his opinion. Nene said that Peter should have told Cynthia to tell Nene he had a problem with her. Well why didn’t Nene follow that advice at the Masquerade Ball when she jumped in Peter’s face. I respect that Peter doesn’t back down. Who wants a man to come to a group function and sit on the sidelines like corpse? Nene is a bully and met her match in Peter, which is why she keeps trying to insinuate that he has a problem with the other girls. Meanwhile Nene has fallen out with Cynthia, Porsha, Phaedra, Kim, Sheree, Marlo, Kandi, Todd, Velvet, Kim’s two dogs and every other being on the show. BYE BULLWINKLE!!!!

    • Coya

      Exactly and at the end of the day if Peter is at the event I feel he has a right to voice his opinion. And notice he walked away, he didn’t address Nene, she came up to him. And if you’re such good friends Peter shouldn’t have to tell Cynthia, he should be able to come up and tell you. And the apology wasn’t sincere because I feel like Nene was just apologizing for being “Nene/NayNay” and not the actual act. I’m glad Cynthia moved on, I feel like her and I are very similar when it comes to confrontation.

      People take remaining mature as weak. We can all say we wouldn’t put up with someone like that for long but when you have a good friend it takes a while for you to really see who that person really is. I think Cynthia’s was magnified because other people saw it from on the show. I’ve been in that position as well. So I’m glad the blinds were opened and the light was able to come in. Nene is a very controlling person and if you don’t do what she likes or tells or thinks you should do, then she has a problem.

      The only person I see that has a problem with friends is Nene. She’s lost friends she’s known for years and she’s the only one that has been into it with everyone on the show. It takes more than being a good friend than throwing around money.

  • Chaz

    I didnt think this was ever a real frienship anyway. But I can see that it was. lol. Like I always say, friends come and go. So y try to hang on to something that has always been tainted. Nene has showed her arse on more than one occassion. And its obvious that she has this thing going on to where you cant be her friend, and be friends with someone she doesnt like either. With the kind of personality that Cynthia has, she is better off without Nene as a friend. It takes a special kind of person to be friends with Nene.

    • disqus_CCQLAcDXkO

      ne ne is a beast she stift on d.s.i was voting for her she dont need to be own no one t.v. her feet is so big they could not find shoes to fit on d,s. on the reality show all that glue on that wig. please replace her bring in malo

  • Taunya73

    I think that NO ONE should fool with Nene. Nene is a bully and a user. She means no one any good. She claims that she is such a good friend but as soon as things don’t go the way she feel they should, then she wants to turn her back on u and walk away. Nene, I feel, is the prime example of a Frenemy.

  • Michelle Kane

    I just want to say this. Cynthis is a weak individual. It’s funny how she has all this mouth now. Peter is in her ear deep. They know they cannot afford to get fired from RHOA, that is why Cynthia now has a backbone. I’m sorry, but if you are my best friend and you know how that Kenya and i don’t get along why would you be friends with her. That is not loyalty. I have been #Team NeNe from the very beginning. No she is not always correct in what she does or says, but you best believe, I would rather a person that tells me the damn truth and that is NeNe. #Real Talk! NeNe knows alot about poeple on that show but she is not one to throw up your dirty laundry, but those other broads are. I wouldn’t be surprised if NeNe has helped Cynthia and Peter financialy to keep their heads a float. This is only my opnion. ijs!!

    • Coya

      Just because someone is mild-mannered and not turnt up on 10 all the time and doesn’t necessarily respond at that exact moment doesn’t mean they’re weak. Would you rather them take the Porsha route and end up in jail?

      Cynthia did the right thing and from the looks of the reunion she finally stood up to Nene and spoke her mind. Just because she didn’t cuss her out, roll her neck and snap her fingers doesn’t mean she didn’t defend herself.

      People really need to get out of this ghetto-minded mentality. Cynthia conducts herself like a lady and has from day one. She obviously doesn’t like confrontation and drama which doesn’t make her weak, it makes her smart. Just because I’m good friends with someone doesn’t mean I’m going to act crazy with someone else that they don’t like.

      Cynthia never said anything negative about Nene to Kenya or anyone else. Which obviously means she knows how to be loyal even in the midst of others. Nene is not always going to be right so that doesn’t mean that Cynthia can’t agree with Kandi if Nene is acting out. The only thing she shouldn’t be doing is talking bad about her, cracking jokes and then being all up in her face.

      Nene is the one that’s a bad friend. Throwing around money does not qualify you as being a good friend. Nene obviously has some trust issues because she can’t conduct herself like a good friend when she’s around other people so she doesn’t want her “friends” to do that either.

      Friends also don’t talk about each other make jokes and call their friend a “bi***” so what type of friends y’all have? #checkyourcircles

  • ACm

    Everyone is sitting here commenting on Nene looks and her attitude, which everybody that get money probably will act the same way and I no what you’re going to say I wouldn’t act like that but you are not in her position so you don’t really no how you would act. And before some of you talk about people looks check yourself out in the mirror. The most important thing is a friendship was lost. I agree with Nene because Cynthia did forgive her now she choose to open up old wounds when the show start seeing who need to return next season, that is not a true friend. As everyone can see Peter has messed up all there money so they need that income from Bravo. I watched this show from the beginning most of the women on that show got there story line from Nene. Cynthia is not innocent in all this especially with a husband like hers. That man in those women business and no other man that on the show act like him. Cynthia new how Nene was before she became friends with her so she no what she was getting into. Nene was not going to humble herself because Cynthia choose to be that way. Nene is not a humble person you either woman enough to handle people like her or not. There is many people like Nene in this world in my opinion they are good people to have as a friend because they going to give it to you like it is every situation do not need to be sugar coated. And yes Cynthia Nene is unhappy with that you moved on that is called being hurt see lost a friend near and dear to her hurt. Nene is being her an you knew that from the beginning she has never been fake with who she is, her personality never change only when she got money she had to change to deal with people at the top, and all the rich people act like that they step on weak people to stay at the top that is how they make an stay there so I not mad at the sister make your money Nene! Move on Nene because I see both points Cynthia shady too!

  • Rena Hastie

    Yeah, I think people interpret Cynthia not getting turned up and expressing how she feels as being weak. Granted, there are moments I believe she should’ve checked Nene when she was out of pocket (cuz I sure would’ve), that’s not how she handles conflict. In the end, Cynthia is better off, because Nene wasn’t her friend. It appears that if you’re not kissing Nene’s butt and condoning her bad behavior, or are cool with people she don’t like, she turns on you and this situation was no different. Smh

  • Bobbi

    Why does Nene think she carried Cynthia on her back? Cynthia became her friend when none of the other ladies wanted anything to do with her. I recall a while ago Nene proclaimed that she is not on anyone’s team and that she is only team Nene. Cynthia should have taken the clue then. She was referring to all of her cast mates and her friend Cynthia was bunched right in with the lot of them yet, she expects total allegiance from everyone else who would dare call her a friend. It is easy to confuse her boorish personality with strength but in reality she is weak woman who is afraid of losing her #1 spot in popularity, her friendships, on the show etc. Folks with the biggest egos are always the most fragile.

  • Yolanda Hinton

    Now she is at a reunion show talking about why would I discuss my relationship w Cynthia w these ppl tht dont give a damn…girl bye tht is what the show is about….

    • Xzamilio

      Because she knew she was wrong. Even that whole time she’s throwing shade at Cynthia, she had nothing to show for it. As usual, Mrs. Leakes can’t stomach what she dishes out.

  • Yolanda Hinton

    Real…bc i would never call me friends man or husband a bitch….and Peter was right he was speaking to his wife when Nene turned around and asked him if he was mad or had something to say and he told her…I respect tht..and Greg was wrong and I know once he watched it back he owed Peter an apology…Greg was trying to stay on his wife good side instead of saying she is wrong…tht is what I think he went wrong….nene was all up in Greg face then…she can dish it but cant take it….

  • delilia norville

    Cynthia is doing what Cynthia does best, again she is being shady. This is not how you handle something like this. She should tell Nene these things face to face. She shouldn’t write a letter to tell Nene exactly how she feel, even if she didn’t think things through until now. Talk to Nene, let her know how she feels, not by letter but be a woman, be the better person. Have enough balls to face your foe, it will hurt her worse if you will give her a piece of your mind in a nice way, then let her know that you appreciate the friendship you once had but it’s time you move on without a friendship like hers. Also let her know that you feel sorry for that she need to do something about her insecurities because you feel very sorry for her. In other words, you need to let Nene know exactly how you feel, one on one. You two have been friends for so long it is sad to see it come to an end. I blame Peter. Cynthia, I know Peter is your husband but he causes a lot of drama. Remember what happened between you and your sister, PETER; between you and your mother, PETER. It’s always P-E-T-E-R. You might need to evaluate you husband to see what his issues are as well.

    • Laura

      Girl bye! Did NeNe tell Cynthia how she felt to her face? H E L L N O! Cynthia found out at the same time the rest of us did. I don’t understand why y’all feel the need for people to give NeNe courtesy that she doesn’t and will NEVER give to another person. NeNe doesn’t want friends, she wants cheerleaders. She thinks she’s better than everybody else and needs to be where she is, alone with Geritol Greg at her side waiting on her beck and call. Just bc Peter and Cynthia’s marriage isn’t what some might want it to be, doesn’t mean something is wrong with it. “Sweep around your own doorstep before going to someone else’s.”

      • delilia norville

        Woow!!!!!!! Did I hit a nerve? Sounds like u have some issues. It’s not that serious. I watched this show from the very beginning of airing, I know how shady Cynthia is, she does roll which ever way the wind is blowing which makes her appear to be shady. She wants to be liked by everyone, no one would ever be liked by everyone. THAT is one of Cynthia’s down fall. Say what you want or how you want to say it, I am TEAM NENE. 🙂

  • Thom One

    All Nene did was tell the truth. Peter did act like a b####. He was always in somebody’s business, was ugly to his wife, and acting like a peter. Nene called him out on it and Cynthia had to take up for him.

  • ann p

    Really, this is all fake, Nene knows her friend is boring and her job on the RHOA is in trouble. People read between the lines. Fight is FAKE!

  • Lovechild

    Jealousy is not the way to go Mrs.Leaks

  • NameCantBeBlank

    The fact of the matter is that Peter’s opinion of Nene’s behavior was accurate and based on facts. It doesn’t matter if he’s a woman or a man. If Nene doesn’t want to hear opinions, she’s in the wrong bloody country.

    Nene believes she’s a big star. Poor thing. The Hollywood machine is going to eat her alive. Expect her to be bankrupt with and getting divorced again when old guy decides to step out on her when she doesn’t have a dime.

  • Lovechild

    first off lets get it straight Nene Leaks is a user she knew exactly what she was doing when she first be friended Cynthia she had Nothing she and her man Hit rock BOTTOM No House NO money No Nothing and was on her way OUT OFF the show so she had to becoming some ones friend that had money had Image and had the Fans. After Kim was gone Nene was on her way OUT TOO. Am just saying…

  • eddie

    You people don’t get Nene . Nene is street , hard core and a no mess taking kind of women. If you are weak like Cynthia, she can only deal with you for so long. If you are strong you have to be just as strong as she is or you won’t last in her circle long because she doesn’t have patience for that. Nene brings all her hard knock life experience into this show and all the new ways and manners she has had to come up against now after being on TV , is just not where she came from. You the audience and cast can’t understand this. And Peter should have kept his two cents worth out of the ladies business, he did act like what Nene called him. His concern should have been keeping his bar open. Kenya should go because she has no relevance ,Cynthia could go because her input is limited all the time.

    • Yvette

      Basically you are saying a person must kiss NeNe’s arse in order to be her friend and that is not the type of friendship most folks want to be involved in. Friendship swings both ways. It should never be one sided. Don’t make excuses for NeNe’s terrible behavior. Oh and “we people” get NeNe just fine. That’s why we call BS on her behavior!

    • MsLadyE

      Sorry, but I disagree. Being “street” is no excuse to be arrogant, dismissive, indifferent, or cold-hearted when your friend is vulnerable. NeNe may bring “hard knock experience” to the show, but the way she treated Cynthia was uncalled for. A strong woman doesn’t have to be abrasive, loud, mean-spirited, or combative. Really strong women are humble, honest, respect themselves and others, and carry themselves with dignity. Not like no-class hoodrats.

  • Reality

    To the “writer” of this “article,” we don’t know the details of any conversations Cynthia has had in person with Nene. Why the open letter? Because Nene is a monster who refuses to listen to anything but praise. Would YOU want to confront that bulldozer with complaints? Once again Cynthia has taken the high road. Nene didn’t extend her ANY courtesy when she bashed her on WWHL, so why should Cynthia handle it any differently? You’re ridiculous.

    • Guest

      I agree. Nene bashed Cynthia in a public forum. It is only fair that Cynthia respond publicly too.

  • Jb

    Cynthia is such a breathe of fresh air,such a classy woman with a grace all of your own style. The letter is as genuine as she is and sometimes friends eventually take our kindness for weakness and while we never see it coming it does happen,in this case later than sooner. I hope NeNe see’s how she has hurt you and it can open her eyes. Karma can be a b####…… Truth was her testimony the Cynthia Bailey way!! I feel Cynthia brings a lot to the RHOA,and NeNe knows that. I would say it was rocks not shade that NeNe threw at her way. I hope Cynthia stays we just don’t see that kind of woman on tv anymore or not as much. I really have a lot of respect for who Cynthia is,she is beautiful inside and out. My heart ached for her that day,it was painful to watch her poor her heart out and NeNe was so cold. I wish it wouldn’t of come to this with these two ladies,hopefully one day far down the road they can come together. Stay blessed and strong.

    • Fyrefall52

      Cynthia has also been a two-faced backstabber. She’s not completely innocent. We’ve watched her create confusion by repeating things that were said in confidence. I love how they pretend that all disagreements and falling outs are because of things that happen on the show. I believe some of the problems are due to real life incidents they choose not to discuss on TV. Nene needs to check her attitude! She’s been lucky and I do think that she has hustled and worked hard to make in it the business but it rarely lasts forever for anyone.

      • therealnumber1

        They have all ran back to a person to repeat things said in confidence not just cynthia…kandi has run to kim and phaedra before…sheree has run to kim…cynthia has run to nene, nene has run to Kim (seems like kim was the head honcho lol)…they all run to somebody once something is told to them “in confidence” (and honestly is it really in confidence if it is being said on national tv)…cynthia even said she is no angel, so she is not claiming perfection at all…however cynthia is the most sane (well kandi is too) and classiest woman of the entire cast…she is the lesser of the evils I guess…

      • Jb

        I know Cynthia is not an innocent victim and like anyone plays both sides. However to me she is a very genuine human being and in order for her to survive on the show it made her skin a little more thick. I do appreciate how she handles herself and is grown enough to portray self control. She chooses her battle wisely and she’s is called WEAK?! Sad because beauty and grace doesn’t come with a bullyhorn,degrading with inappropriate name calling nor hitting below the belt. A spade is a spade and that’s what more a less she called her friendship w NeNe.

  • jtrose

    NeNe Thought Cynthia would just go away. Then NeNe would be able to call her and say ” sorry I had to slam you so hard” You know it all a game” NeNe need to go home because she lost her reality and it shows.

  • Sylvia Crawford

    Kenya said one thing right, if Nene can’t get along with Cynthia she sure can’t get along with anybody!

  • Cassie

    I thought Nene had changed. Money can’t buy class, as clearly shown by some of these women on the show(s). This was a sad season of what was supposed to be southern belles with a lil(?), teeny weeny(?) bit of class. Sadly, none of that was shown. Nene ran from Margo, but jumped in Peter’s face. I was expecting a lil bit more from her. Very disappointed.

  • pia

    I’m sorry by why all of a sudden do people feel a certain way about Nene?? She’s been that way! Cynthia does come across a little weak in my opinion which is why i never really cared for her, now I feel she is trying to get a backbone and “stand up” to Nene so she can have some what of a storyline for next season…..I agree with Nene I think Cynthia should go

    • Reality

      You think the public’s disdain for Nene is “all of a sudden?” You’re worse than she is lol.

    • Xzamilio

      Cynthia is fine where she is… she brings class to this show and an example of how a lady carries herself. If anything, Kenya needs to go, as it is quite clear she brings nothing to the show… just drama and a need to be in everyone else’s business.

      • pia

        I agree that Cynthia does bring a certain element of class to the show, I didnt really like her after she didnt stand up to her mother and sister for what they did before her wedding…I like her enough I just think she doesn;t need to be on the show

  • Kandie J Mack

    Seems to me that Cynthia isn’t missing anything about their friendship, actually everyone should try handling situations in this manner. She is classy and chooses to not be a trashy Black woman, in which the world loves to see. I’m personally pleased with the way she did so.
    I myself would Have JACKED NENE Jaw lol… but I’m trying to lessen my temper, cause I kind of have a horrible temper and it’s time to change for the better.
    WHEN you can Show how IGNORANT you are, then how about Showing How INTELLIGENT you can carry yourself.
    I used to Like NeNe she was my FAVE, yet now she’s A HOTT FONKEY MESS BURNING & a MESS BUCKET.
    Maybe Cynthia should open up an agency OF CLASS!!!

  • Afri

    That reunion definitely changed my perception of Nene….God doesn’t continue to bless the people who are so vicious at heart…she has a lesson coming

  • Jen

    Sorry But I’m not buying Cynthia mess and I can’t stand Nene either… But I think Nene was telling the truth and Cynthia needed a story line point blank…. Not buying it… sorry … Honestly this show should be cancelled altogether…. selling their souls is out of control and mental illness

  • Mary Johanna

    It is perfectly fine for Cynthia to air her feelings, she did it in a tasteful way. With the exception of seeing in one of the episodes that Cynthia’s dressing room is really kind of “messy” she seems otherwise the most together on that show. Nene, there is no right in wrong and eventually it’ll all catch up with her. Last season she was high and mighty because she had a “tv career” and now that that is dwindling away she seems to be loosing it. I wish them peace and happiness and lot’s of Aloha in their hearts.

  • Donna Lockwood McCool

    Cynthia,Peter is a bitch.He wants to be a house wife.Why would YOU ever want a husband that goes to a strip club several times a day.You dear woman are one of the most neediest woman on earth.NENE is right

    • Doll

      NENE is wrong. She has no business up in a man’s face which isn’t her husband. I think Nene’s husband is actually the weak one. He should have told his wife to get out of that man’s face, but he didn’t have the spine to. That’s why Nene remarried him. The only man who would allow her to control him.

  • Joanie

    oh grow up. This show would be nothing without NENE… Kenya must go she looks like a man when she gets mad.. She brings nothing to the show… Cynthia is a beautiful and likeable woman but you need a thick skin to be on any reality show…These women will stb each other in the back everytime. put more than 2 women in a room and there will always be a problem..

    • ameme

      Most of us would like to see a Mooseless HWOA ; )

    • omi

      Actually since Kenya arrived, this show would be nothing without Kenya. I really don’t like Kenya but the ratings that she pulls in proves that Nene is replaceable.

    • NameCantBeBlank

      You only need one man in a room to create a Holocaust. Try to remember that dear.

    • Maria

      Perhaps Cynthia brings a different perspective to the show. You see it as bringing nothing . Others see it as a BW with a little class. Maybe all you know are BW fighting and cursing and hand movement and crap …. Maybe that’s exactly what the show needs. The only person needing to grow up is you

  • Xzamilio

    As far as I am concerned, as a longtime viewer of this show, Cynthia gets nothing but kudos from me. She has carried herself as a lady throughout Nene’s crap, and still does so, even when Nene tries to talk down to her. I think a lot of us are happy that Nene appears to be getting her comeuppance because her attitude this season was beyond atrocious. She done went and let Glee and the reality TV circuit geek her head up and make her seem so important. I saw it with Sheree, I saw it with Kim, I saw it with Marlo, and I saw it with Cynthia. Nene needs to be the HBIC and when she’s not, she gets threatened. Honestly, though, I think the ones that need to go are Kenya and Porsha. Kenya is entertaining, but her entire persona is too made up and she has nothing going for her and nothing to bring to the show. Porsha needs to go, too… unless they can do more with her character and teach her to stop being the quintessential angry black woman stereotype, thinking violence is the right answer.

  • JM

    It’s unfortunate to say but Cynthia just doesn’t belong on this show. She has class.

    • Xzamilio

      I don’t agree. It’s nice that she carries herself like a real woman, and she offers a sort of balance to the show. If anything, she exudes class, unlike Phaedra’s tightly wound butt. I’m sorry, but Phaedra’s whole getup is so ironic to me: When she tries to sound like she is a classy woman, she ends up looking a gaudy, ratchet mess who needs to stop perpetrating like she’s some socialite. And Nene….ugh.

      • mmmdot

        Girl, yes! This is Phaedra to a T: “a gaudy, ratchet mess who needs to stop perpetrating like she’s some socialite.” Smh. I wish she would get a fashion tip, makeup artist, and hairstylist–seriously. And THEN really start acting like she has some kind of class. I remember that time she and Apollo had one of the nastiest open mouth kisses I had ever seen on TV. Ugh, once you see certain things you can’t UNSEE them.

        • Xzamilio

          LOL… okay, I’m not a girl LMAO… but I am gay so I guess that would explain why I watch RHOA, even though my straight guy friends watch it too (look at me trying to rationalize it).

          But as far as I’m concerned, Apollo is just biding his time…. you can’t tell me he ain’t using her for her money.

          • mmmdot

            Lol, wow. I’m really sorry. But thank you for putting into words *EXACTLY* what I find so damn irritating about Phakedra. I”ve never been able to *totally* put my finger on exactly what was “off” about her but you perfectly described all that girl’s issues, lol. As for Apollo–lmao! It is so obvious they have a sham marriage. Remember when he bragged about spending an obscene amount of “his money” at the strip club? Now we all know where he got “his money” from. I wouldn’t put it past Apollo to find a way to steal from *HER* and run off with another woman with her money. SMH.

      • MsLadyE

        You’re right about Phaedra. She’s SOOOOO irritating. Phaedra claims to be such a good Christian and “a Southern belle” while throwing shade and acting evasive when she gets called out on her fakery (the “butt dial” for example). She needs to stop pretending she’s a “socialite” because she’s not one. And NeNe? She’s just a total embarrassment. Cynthia and Kandi are my favorite housewives because they behave like rational adults. (Kandi did have a “moment” when they were at the spa, but she apologized for her behavior.)

  • morrow

    I don’t like Kenya but i like the name she gave NeNe when she called her Moose on the reunion show and Cynthia is right about the damage Nene is and has done to herself with the attitude she has. Cynthia might see Moose come down from her perch.

    • Beejcee

      I think Kim Z nicknamed Nene Moose when Nene nicknamed her Wig! LOL

  • Mscharley

    I agree with Cynthia and she is graceful, but she is also DULL, and she can’t control that husband of her’s, who seems to need a business class or two to keep from going bankrupt so much. Yes NENE has change, her head is the size of the Atlanta Dome, since she has become a b list star. She never takes the blame just like Kenya and thinks her way is the right way and only way. But I still like NENE more than Cynthia, Kenya and Pherdra.

    • ameme

      F-list not B-list and If violent rude gutter classless back stabbing bullheaded females are you cup of tea Nene is the one for you no doubt …

  • Tenisha Charmin Cozier

    it’s sad though that it has come to this…another friendship bites the dust from reality tv….sad

  • uniquefashionista

    I applaud Cynthia for doing this. I see myself in Cynthia in so many ways. When you are put on the spot, it is hard to get your words together and speak on the spot as so many wanted her to do. She took the time to digest everything that was said, was able to clear her head, and then put her words on paper with no distractions or interruptions. For some, including myself, the words flow easier when on paper. Cynthia, you kept it classy! Something that Nene will never be able to do. Nene isn’t on YOUR level, girl. With friends like Nene, you definitely don’t need enemies!

    • Divaliscious

      Amennnnnnnnnnnnn sister! Well said! Team Cynthia all the way!

  • therealnumber1

    Wait to go cynthia!

    • ImJustSaying

      way…to go -_-

      • therealnumber1

        LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!! My bad!!! I’m changing it now thanks!

  • Toni Jones

    On this show you have to have a tough skin. Cynthia does’t. I’m tired of commenting on this so all I have to say #Team NeNe

    • Zensa


      • mmmdot


      • E

        I dont know why I laughed soooooo hard!!

    • Chas

      I don’t think Cynthia is weak I just think she promotes a particular kind of woman. Its not always about being dirty. Sometimes the best shade you can throw is to keep quiet and let the other person act an a$$.

      • Divaliscious

        That is so true Chas…..people like NeNe don’t realize this until it’s too late! Enough said Cynthia! People can hate on Cynthia all they want, but know this is one Classy Chic who will go way far in life, than Moose! LMAO!!! Mean girl to the FULLEST, but what goes around, comes around in a Double Dose!

    • ameme

      Some times rawhide aka tuff skin it just tuff stinky and a waste of skin as with Nene…

    • Xzamilio

      Actually, Cynthia’s probably one of the toughest on that cast, because she doesn’t have to resort to cheap tactics and low hanging fruit insults, It takes a great deal of poise and restraint to not get in the troughs and sling mud with the hogs. And besides, if Nene or any of the other women (except Kandi, really) had tough skin, they would just ignore the insults and petty barbs… but they don’t. Stop pretending like a “tough skin” means you respond to every single bad word with more bad words.

  • keepitcuteorputitonmute#1

    This is the most attention Cynthia has ever gotten since she has been on the show lol she is very Passive Aggressive.

    • Toni Jones

      You said it in a nutshell!!

    • rag123

      So true !

  • mmmdot

    However that toxic friendship came to end GOOD FOR HER. Her life will be better off for not having a shady, fair-weather “friend” like Nene, who only wants to dominate and manipulate other people.

  • So Blessed Jones

    I met someone like her, She would go behind me and tell lies, What she did not know was other people did not like that, She lost her job in the process, So you see when you act like that, Good does not come to you

    • Divaliscious

      Amen so Blessed! When you have friends like that… don’t need enemies because you have them in your so call friend! We all have met TRIFLING people like that throughout our lives, but once we found them out…..they were cut loose IMMEDIATELY! Only good things will come to pass since Cynthia no longer have the Moose in her life! 🙂

      • So Blessed Jones

        Thanks Diva, You are so right

  • Iris Demar-Birdow

    There ‘s always two sides to any story….. i’ll leave it at that!!team Nene!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chas

      Have you seen Nene on the show??? Sure there are 2 sides but I’ve been watching since season 1 and Nene has become a bit of a monster. She can never take responsibility for her actions and cant stand to be read but is constantly reading people.

      • CTROCK

        Thank you! Nene is a bully and has been from season 1

      • bsbfankaren

        A bit of a monster? The facial expressions she made the night she made the derogatory statement about Peter ALONE said something is seriously wrong with that woman. This is no different than the falling out Nene and Kim had. Nene is a very possessive person and becomes vindictive when she believes her “friends” aren’t making her their number one priority! She must have had a seriously effed up childhood!

        • Chas

          I think she does have mommy issues…and daddy issues. But she is extremely possessive and dominant.

      • Tiffany Alicia

        Well said Nene has become a monster w/ a big head it’s quite sad as I used to love Nene!

    • Xzamilio

      The only two sides I see are the two sides to Nene’s face.

      • don’t forget the third when she is not wearing makeup

        • Xzamilio

          I hardly ever see that one.

          • Believe me when I say then you are truly blessed to have NEVER seen a picture of her WITHOUT makeup, it will just….mess up your day. I know that it’s not healthy for people to sleep with makeup on, but honestly in Nene situation, I would give her a pass. The first time I saw it, I dropped the magazine I was holding, it messed me up THAT much. I honestly thought “it” was a man….

            • rag123

              Grow Up…we’re not here to be childish.

              • It’s called my opinion, you don’t like it? Then don’t read it and move on.

        • belle


    • rag123

      Team Nene!

  • kb

    I just want to say that I can appreciate what Cynthia had to say in this open letter. We are all different in many different ways. While some people are quick to get angry and lash out, others choose to handle matters in a calm way and it has nothing to do with being weak. In fact, it takes strength not to react to every little thing like some of the ladies on the show have done. I’m not saying Miss Cynthia is perfect, (obviously not, she’s on this show), but you could see throughout the seasons, that she was not one to blow her top like the rest of them when she was confronting or being confronted. That just doesn’t seem to be her style. So with regards to her not going up against Nene when she called Peter that name, she probably internalized it, (as some often do), hoping they could get over it. It was everyone else who felt she needed to get “turnt up”. I met her once in 2011 at South Carolina’s Fashion Week, and she was the picture of class. Very professional. While seemingly serious in her demeanor,she was gracious enough to take pictures with us. I really appreciated that. And yes, we did see Nene apologize for calling Peter a @#$%!, but we also see her (in her talking head segments) make more snide remarks, so how could anyone consider that apology she gave sincere. That’s not how you treat your friends. Nene has a lot to learn about friendship. I believe Cynthia when she says that she will be alright without Nene in her life. Anyone would.

    • Zensa

      Hear Hear!!!!!

    • Chas

      Perfectly put!!!

    • truthhurts

      She jumped in kandi face. She has gotten turned up too. And she lied.

    • therealnumber1

      Well put!!!

    • thedoggonetruth


    • DNice in ATL

      BAM. Well said.

    • TotallyMeowable

      Well said KB. Cynthia may not be perfect, but she deserves better than Nene. Nene was never a friend, and as the saying goes, another one bites the dust. Nene has had falling outs with Kim, Sheree, Marlow, Dwight and now Cynthia.


      I am sorry that this friendship is ending. Nene has always said her friendship with Cynthia was very important to her. Nene has always felt like Cynthia is the real deal, she has charm and grace, very classy Lady.Kenya is out to make trouble and she Did. There are people who look for a weak spot or an opening to drop seed of discord. I have a friend in high places, He goes by the name JESUS, I am going to have a talk with him and humbly ask him to help these two wonderful women get back on track. I did not like this season there was too much violence, and silly stuff. pointless drama, Kenya is a big trouble maker.All I can say is watch out for Kenya, she does play dirty and she has more than one face,

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