Chicago Man Charged With Knowingly Exposing Girlfriend To HIV

April 28, 2014  |  

Source: Chicago Police

Johanson Little, 31,  of Illinois is facing felony charges after being accused of having unprotected sex with his ex-girlfriend while failing to disclose that he’s HIV positive, The Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Little and the unnamed woman dated for a year, between June 2012 and June 2013. Months after their breakup, in February, the woman tested positive for HIV, says District Attorney Dan Griffin. Though Little had initially told his ex-girlfriend that his wife died of ovarian cancer, she later found out from family members that his deceased wife died of AIDS.

Upon her discovery, Griffin says the woman confronted Little, who admitted that he was, in fact, HIV positive and was aware of this during their relationship. As it turns out, he has been aware of his positive status since 2003. Little has been arrested and charged with criminal transmission of HIV, which is a class two felony. Bail has been set at $750,000.

How awful!

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  • yupisaidit

    Before sex everyone should go to a clinic together and get tested for every STI so they both know what each are getting into…

  • 9Boots

    This is common practice today. Many men and women are upset that they have an STD and they want to infect others. You better test people before, after, and during your relationship.

  • Alexious Johnson

    Ladies and gentlemen please do not be ashamed or embarrassed to request that a new potential sexual partner is tested before in gaging in any and all sexual activities….If they refuse. ..move on…and even after, if they agree to testing, continue to use protection…
    Oh and birth control is you friend ladies…
    # wrapthatishup #implanon #thedoubletap

    • Kyle

      *In gaging*? Who taught you how to spell?

      • Alexious Johnson

        Samsung s 4 auto correct. ….you impoverished nigglet. …

        • Shawndrea Rachelle


  • PositivelyNotPositive

    Death by d**k. SMDH.

  • Sodia Sharon Napper

    Wow!! Soo scarry!

  • Brit

    He should be put down like a rabid dog. Why would you want to infect someone with that disease. Misery sure does love company.

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  • ok

    Right, stop having unprotected sex and get tested TWICE before having relations.

  • Ebby

    Ladies please make sure your boyfriend use a condom. CVS, Walgreens and Rite AID sells HIV self tests now.

    • Rebbekah

      Well the girl never got pregnant so obviously they used condoms… the disease is not stopped by condoms.

      • Lisa Johnson

        You can’t use not having gotten pregnant to prove that someone wore condoms. And yes, you can transmit the disease through oral and anal sex. This is a sad story . This disease hasn’t gone anywear. People need to stay ontop of their protection.

      • Former FortysevenPercenter

        The fact that she didn’t get pregnant does not mean protection was used…smh…I pray that all black women will educate themselves about all STDs. I’m tired of us being a statistic

      • Eva

        Damn girl, read a book!!

      • Genia W-m

        She was probably on the birth control. How old are you?

      • Nia

        But the first sentence of the article says they engaged in unprotected sex….

      • jazzy_lou

        That’s a really dumb statement. Couples sleep together for years and she may never get pregnant. But it don’t mean they weren’t using condoms.