Exclusive: Columbus Short Fired From “Scandal”

April 25, 2014  |  


Source: ABC

Sad news for Harrison fans this afternoon. We just received an exclusive statement from Columbus Short’s publicist announcing that the actor has been fired from “Scandal.”

It’s with sadness that I must release this official statement as Columbus Short’s publicist:

“At this time I must confirm my exit from a show I’ve called home for 3 years, with what is the most talented ensemble on television today. I would like to first thank Shonda Rhimes for the opportunity to work with such an amazing cast.  Thank you GLADIATORS, who have supported me throughout my entire career and of course to ABC and Shondaland for allowing me to play such a pivotal role in the Scandal series. I have enjoyed every single minute of it. Everything must come to an end and unfortunately the time has come for Harrison Wright to exit the canvas. I wish nothing but the best for Shonda, Kerry and the rest of the cast, who have become like a second family to me in such a short amount of time. For this, I will forever be grateful.”

Given the tumultuous few weeks Short has had, this news is likely not a surprise for many. The 31-year-old star is currently in the midst of a bitter divorce from his wife and facing nasty allegations of domestic abuse. That news came on the heels of a violent altercation the actor had with a man at a bar just weeks before, which, put together, one can assume became to much mess for ABC to deal with. Since the season 3 finale of “Scandal” ended with a cliffhanger we’re hoping that if Short gets his act together there’ll be some redemption for him like there was Isaiah Washington on “Grey’s Anatomy,” but for now it looks like we’ll be waving bye bye to one of our favorite TV characters.

Are you surprised by the news?

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  • Darlyn

    Honestly, he didn’t add much to the show. He was the least developed character. I wish they had killed him off, instead of James.

  • scandalous7

    Columbus is so stupid, so so stupid. That was a comfortable check! that was SCANDAL!

  • soisaid

    well, people come and people go. no big deal.

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  • chy.

    not surprised at all. he had it coming. he had a good thing and blew it away. CSI Dourdan did the same and got fired and nobody has heard from him since then. let this be a lesson to all black ple, because Shonda is black is no excuse to excuse violence. By the way, i believe Shonda is not the one firing him alone, she answers to ABC so the decision isn’t hers alone to make. the guy should take a fat sit and think about his life and make the right adjustment or he is done for for life or go back to dancing as acting may not be a likely norm form for now. i feel sorry for him.

  • ryeme

    My question is two-fold, 1 will they replace him and 2 if they do,who would/could it be?

  • uniquefashionista

    It’s a shame. What a waste. I’m not surprised by this. When you are in the public eye, so much is expected of you. We all mess up, but when it is publicized, it makes damage control more difficult. I hope he gets the help he needs.

    • NIk

      If the allegations are true, domestic abuse is more than just “messing up” and he very much does deserve every consequence that befalls on him. I hope he gets the help he needs as well, but we shouldn’t excuse his actions as a “mistake”.

      • uniquefashionista

        By no means was I referring to his “domestic abuse” allegations as messing up. As a black woman myself, I don’t condone any violence of any sort, especially domestic violence. I was referring to the bar fight he had and how he conducted himself during his interview on “The Tom Joyner Morning Show”. Both of these were mentioned in the MN articles I read. So, again, I’m not excusing his actions one way or another. He did “mess up” an amazing opportunity on being on a top rated television show. That is what I meant.

  • Gypsy

    I am a huge fan of Scandal and I think we have seen clues of where next season will take us.

    I don’t think (I might be crazy) that “Papa Pope” is Olivia’s father, I think the clue points to that terrorist that Papa Pope killed in OPA was her father.
    and that is where that DNA hair sample they took from him to fool the VP will be used as proof, that the man (Papa Pope) who killed the President son also killed her father.
    (Papa Pope gave Olivia a starting clue by telling her that the terrorist was with Mama Pope before and during the marriage).
    I also think Papa Pope knows that Olivia is not his biological daughter so that added to the pleasure of killing the terrorist.
    But that DNA will turn up with a match for Olivia, as part of season 4 scandal.

    Am I crazy?

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  • Gypsy

    Isiah Washington was fired for fighting with and disputes with other members of the GA casts, not just for the gay slur.
    Katherine Heigl was fired for publicly attacking the GA writing staff and refusing to submit her episodes to the awards committee.
    Chyler Leigh was fired along with Eric Dane because they wanted same money as Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey and they refused to sign on for less.
    T.R. Knight was fired because he was a trouble maker and they wanted to fire him at the same time they fired Isiah Washington but they couldn’t because it would look as if they were punishing the gay guy.

    • Gypsy

      The real boss on GA casts is Ellen Pompeo.
      The real boss on Scandal casts is Kerry Washington
      If these two are not happy with you then you’re gone. They are like mini Shonda on set.
      A new Shonda favorite is Sarah Drew (April – GA), Shonda likes her because she’s a really good actress and she’s loyal to the Shonda brand.

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  • Rabbels

    Damn Shonda got a bit of a tude, get over ya self Shonda they be a tv cast with real life stuff… the show is pretend and we enjoy it–their personal lives have nothing to do with the show, stop punishing us!

    • Guest

      Colubus’ personal life could impact the brand of the show in a negative way. I would have done the same thing that Shonda did.

  • IllyPhilly

    Am I wrong to just focus on the fact that he was a dry character that wore the same clothes every week?


    Funny how all of this happened just in time for the season finale

    • CaribbeanGlow

      I just listened to that Tom Joyner interview. It sounds like they sprung it on him, in the last month. They gave them the scripts and said “we’re shooting tomorrow”. Lol

  • DAMN!!!! Columbus, you got to get your act together!! I loved Harrison!! Hopefully you can return to Scandal the way Isaiah Washington returned to Grey’s Anatomy!

  • Jordan Washington

    They are probably going to kill his character off due to the last scene being him with a gun pointed to his head. To be honest, Harrison was getting on my every last nerve. It seemed like the writers were trying to keep his character ‘interesting’ by giving him these preposterous story lines. OPA is slowly falling apart without Olivia. I hope that she makes a comeback next season though.

  • Guests

    Interesting that Shondra doesn’t seem to hesitate to fire the black males from her show that step out of line in their personal lives or opinions (Isaiah, Christopher) but Katherine Heigel talked smacked directly about Shondra and the show for 3 seasons before walking away from the show on her own accord!!

    • Tia

      Shonda fired Isaiah and now Columbus because they couldn’t get their home lives straight… Isaiah was showing up drunk and calling everyone on set gay, and Columbus is handing out two-pieces (allegedly) and getting into street brawls with randoms…
      As for Katherine Heigle, her storylines were getting silly by the time she clocked out…and look at her career now, I think Shonda is having the last laugh.

      • Gypsy

        In an interview recently Katherine Heigl said she would love to return to GA if Shonda would have her.
        She also apologized to the GA writers for the crap she said about them.

        • NIk

          And wasn’t Shonda response like, we thank her for her support but we’re moving in new directions or something really fantastically hilarious like that?

    • Gypsy

      Katherine Heigl didn’t walk away she was fired. – Shonda first stop giving them a lot of dialogue and then at the finale of a season fire them, it’s a smart way not to disrupt the show and anger the fans;.
      Eric Dane was also fired. – He was kille off
      Chysler Leigh was also fired – she was killed off.
      Isaiah Washington wasn’t killed because she left her options opened because he was a good GA actor and if possible she was willing to have him back.

      It’s not a black or white thing, it’s just business, Isaiah hubris got the better of him.

    • SheDevilsRule

      Shondra didn’t let word’s affect her, all Heigel did was talked smack, stick’s & stone’s. Shondra is much bigger then that.

    • Lanna

      In case you haven’t noticed, Shonda doesn’t kill off the black male actors so she can bring them back to the show years later “for closure.” TR Knight’s character will never return to Greys because he was killed, horrifically at that–the last knife in the back to TR from Rhimes. She apparently has a double standard towards white actors who cross her. History has shown that Columbus Short will likely return to Scandal before the series end. Rhimes also bad mouths the white actors she falls out with but lets black A-holes get away with anything until her hand is forced. This is why I no longer and will never again watch anything associated with Shondaland.

  • luv scandal

    Maybe he will get another chance; Robert Downey Jr. has had plenty of them.


      Yeah but he’s white

      • SheDevilsRule

        yeah but he didn’t hit his wife..DIFFERENCE HERE

        • NIk

          True, but other white actors who abuse their wives are completely forgiven and its forgotten within a year or so. I doubt he’ll be able to find much work after this as many white male actors did, such as Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Tommy Lee, Sean Penn, Nicolas Cage, Steven Seagal, and hell, lets add a white woman, Emma Roberts. All of these people found great success after their abuse towards their partners and its rarely talked about afterwards, which is a big difference between white and black offenders.

      • CTROCK

        He’s not on any of Shonda’s shows so I’m not sure why him being white has anything to do with this article. And I could be wrong but I dont believe RDJ ever attacked his wife or anyone else or called anyone any derogatory names either.

    • SheDevilsRule

      Dude didn’t hit his wife. Plenty of drug abuser’s get more then one chance. That said, Hopefully Short will get help & get back to acting.

  • Gina

    Domestic violence is NOT ACCEPTABLE no matter who you are!! Nonetheless, I find it interesting that Shonda has “standards” for these actors for opinions on homosexuality and domestic violence, yet no standards for the characters she writes. No standard for the image she portrays to young women of a black woman who is “strong” because she can have sex where ever and with whomever she wants and still be the boss! When will black female characters stop being portrayed this way and we call it entertainment?! So, set a standard Shonda in all areas, on and off the screen!

    • Seriously?

      I see you missed the ENTIRE point of her character……..LOL

      • Gina

        I think not!…LOL! 🙂

        • Gypsy

          Gina, name me the other shows where a beautiful, smart upper middle-class black woman can be powerful and respected and her choice of most any male (black/white) she chooses.
          A show where both black and white viewers are obsessed with.
          A show where the star is a black female and it’s not about her being treated badly.
          A show that is for once it’s not about blacks suffering and being victimized.
          A show where a black female shouts at a president and tell a future vice-president to do what she tells him or she will destroy him.

          I could go on and on about how unique this show is and how it is now and will in the future change how black (especially) female is portrayed on TV.
          TV executives now see proof that a black female/male can command a successful audience appealing show, that both blacks and whites can love.

          • SheDevilsRule


          • Gina

            I respect your passion for the show scandal and the character that Kerry Washington plays as a strong black woman. However, I would like to question why Kerry Washington’s character has to play this role and be depicted the way that she is. I was raised by a single woman who taught me to be strong based on my own merits, my education, and who God created me to be. She told me that my beauty was not found in what I could get from a man with my body, but my beauty and my body were to be a holy gift for my husband. The character that Kerry Washington plays maybe a strong black woman who commands a room, and demands respect from those around her. However she’s also a woman who’s portrayed as strong because she can take her panties off for whomever she chooses. Now, I must question, does this make her a strong woman because she can do all of those things? Or is she strong doing all of those things minus her sexual prowess with any man?
            The conversation that you and I are having I feel is necessary so that both sides could be heard respectfully. I feel that both of our points should be heard by those that are creating and writing the shows and characters that people like you and I watch, and young women behind us.
            I watched only season 1 of Scandal, and it was a tough pill for me to swallow! I haven’t watched any other episodes of scandal since season one, and I don’t plan on watching anymore either. Now, that is my personal preference and conviction regarding the show. However, I do hope that the words exchanged by you and I today would be considered and deeply thought about from the creators of these black/white/mixed characters so that strong women can be portrayed honestly and with more depth.

            Take care! 🙂

            • GUEST

              WELL SAID!

    • guest

      I hope this means you DON’T watch the show

  • The Truth

    SPOILER(He’s character seemingly is killed) by Poppa Pope. So, this is not shocking.

  • Sumayyah

    No surprised after he called Tom Joyner the N word I knew he was done

  • ♪Ms_Izzy♪

    Unfortunately it is not a surprise. . . .too much going on back to back smh sad indeed.

  • keqi

    Not surprised at all…when the season ended I told friends if Columbus is convicted of anything or if his troubles continue he will end up dead when the show returns in the fall. Shonda don’t have time for mess she has a successful show and she want to keep it that way meaning not surrounded by scandal in the outside world and I can respect her decision.

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  • soulsis

    i heart you columbus 🙂

  • elizzym79 .

    If what is being said about his actions is true, not having a role on Scandal is the least of his issues. He seems to be imploding and if all of this is happening around the same time period, he needs to take the time to work things out. Scandal is a tv show. His character no longer being there isn’t a real world issue. But his personal issues are real world issues that will affect him and his kids. Hopefully, things will get better.

  • Yolanda Hinton

    No..and its a good hing he seems like he needs some time away from the light so that he can reunite with his real light…good luck….

  • Monica

    Not surprised but saddened by the news. I love his character and hope that Shonda Rhimes and ABC will reconsider their position if he cleans up his act. The great writers of Scandal can find a way to work it out.

  • donebrasko

    so we are just going to label him a monster and no one knows the details of what’s going on?

    • donewithbrasko

      The trash you are! “Facts facts facts.” Here’s a fact for you donetrashko! Threatening Women and beating them for ANY reason is never okay, (this wasn’t a case of him defending himself either) but then again your comments show you are probably the type to beat a woman. Because she always does something to “deserve” it. Get off this blog!!!!! TRASH! Yes, men who beat women ARE monsters. Floyd Mayweather, Chris Brown, and Miguel included!

      • donebrasko

        lol you sound like one of those people that throws paint on people that wear real fur. Please tell me where I said any of the things you bellowed about. I don’t condone violence of any kind period.I don’t know all the details but last I checked alleged means alleged. If he did wrong then he is wrong, but it doesn’t make him a monster. What’s done is done. If it was that bad then the wife did the right thing and get out which gives him the opportunity to get help if need be. It just amuses me that women will take the weaker sex label when it is in their advantage. I’ve seen women attack a man out of anger and then call the cops on him and he just pushed her off of him.i don’t agree with anyone hitting anyone so please sell your heart wrenching story to someone else. I’m assuming that you were in an abusive relationship and taking your frustrations out on me instead of where they should be. I MADE MY COMMENTS BASED OFF OF WHAT I KNOW WHICH IS THIS ARTICLE. you are truly amusing and sad at the same time. At least you are able to have a life in the cyber world. I’m going to enjoy my beautiful loving wife and four boys. Be blessed
        there may be spelling or grammar errors because of predictive typing but you just aren’t important enough for me to correct them

        • guest

          I agreed with you up to the words in caps “…WHICH IS THIS ARTICLE” The words after that weren’t necessary bro….

          • donebrasko

            Yeah the wife told me the same thing. I don’t do well with fanatics. I don’t apologize for it but I do agree with you. It wasn’t necessary.

      • Lost Soul

        MIguel, the singer? What did he do?

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  • gg

    I’m disappointed but not at all suprised, hope he’s getting help with his psychological issues.

  • drm

    Wow he definitely imploded. Saw him on Arsenio Hall show not too long ago and thought there was something weird going on with him.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Told y’all.

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  • Jill O’Really

    Here lies Harrison Wright. The Gladiator who fell on his own sword. I’ll miss him on the show, but I’m not surprised at all.

  • yoda

    the harrison character was weak so i don’t mind him being axed. sucks columbus is out of a job though. if he’s having problems, sorting them out should come first.

  • nosrednakal

    Dang, it feels like abandonment. He hasn’t been convicted yet and he needs an income to support himself. This is tough. I hope he gets better and gets help.

    • CaribbeanGlow

      Too many similar cases to wait. I don’t watch the show so forgive my lack of emotional investment.

  • CC

    Why don’t people know how to act…keep your hands to yourself!! Ijs

  • natalie

    Hope things get better for him. Sad to see anyone losing their job.

  • Da’Connect MsVirgo

    Harrison you will be missed fellow gladiator… Ppl have bad weeks talk about getting kicked when you down. Good news tho He can get up and go forward working his way back we see the potential Godbless

  • CAliQueen

    So basically he was called in on his day off to get shot off the show, lol Shonda cold.

    • SheDevilsRule

      ?? You think he should be told over the phone??

      • CAliQueen

        No what I think is you scrolled through 90 comments a day late and a dollar short of a happy meal. You are a troll.

  • Excepcion

    Naw. No redemption. Shonda’s not playing games, especially with the white folks money. Sad thing for Columbus but Im hoping it serves as a wake up call for the kid.

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  • Mansa Keita

    I nominate myself to be his replacement on the show.

    • Laine

      Well, if that’s you in the pic you have my vote lol. And that Malian (?) name sounds

      very interesting and s a x y as well

      • Mansa Keita

        Yeah, that’s me. Thanks for the compliment.

  • Linda Whitlock

    Come on Shonda, you need to cut the brothers some slack. Why can’t we get breaks like Charlie Sheen? Geez…..

    • Guest

      Do we really want to be held to the standards of a crackhead like Charlie Sheen? I mean I get what you’re saying, but let’s celebrate accountability, dap Brother Harrison up and move on. Lol

      • Linda Whitlock

        Just an example of how many times some people get chances to straighten up. We make one mistake and we’re gone. I don’t condone Charlie Sheen’s behavior, but regardless, they gave him lots of chances to get his act together.

        • Guest

          I feel you. But Columbus didn’t make ONE mistake. He’s been in the news more than a little bit lately. When is enough enough? Shonda is a business woman and she needs to make sure everyone else’s money doesn’t get messed up because of one dude. Now, if Kerry Washington get to acting a fool out here in these streets, I bet she’d get cut some slack. It’d be really hard to have Scandal without Olivia Pope. Harrison? Mmmm, not so important. lol

        • Jordan Washington

          His getting fired wasn’t just because of one thing that he did. His wife and I have been having problems for years, prior to this. He also apparently struggles with some sort of violence.

    • Linda Whitlock Blocked?

      No! No! No! WTF? Now that is some race card bull. (I am a black woman) He is a domestic abuser! But we should keep him employed?! Does your husband smack you up, cause you sound really sick right now! You haven’t been in a DV relationship have you? I have, it’s not fun and “keep your job worthy.” If there aren’t consequences for poor actions in our community then what should we all expect? I guess our inner cities should be left to crumble too? Let them shoot each other up! Charlie Sheen is in a culture that glorifies this nonsense. We have different standards then the majority population-I would hope. One that does not praise violence against women in film then front it as “art.” Wait-your comment-That was satire? Right?

      • SheDevilsRule

        No culture glorifies Charlie Sheen’s nonsense. HE DIDNT HIT A WOMAN. That’s a big difference. He abuse’s drug’s, they give people chance after chance if they have a drug problem & not just white folk’s. Look how many chance’s “the dreaded white folks” gave Darryell Strawberry? That’s just one of many example’s. You can’t compare the two they have nothing in common.

        • Shana July

          No, Charlie just pulled a KNIFE ON His wife…it’s okay though, he’s white and the rules are different for them, PERIOD.

        • 1Val

          Charlie Sheen shot Kelly Preston.

      • Guest

        I said I didn’t condone his behavior! Charlie Sheen is ONE example, I can give many more. Also, I’m not going to dignify your ignorant question about domestic abuse! I don’t condone abuse of any kind. Charlie Sheen was messing up at work as well. We haven’t heard such stories about Columbus, that was my comparison.

    • This guy is no Charlie Sheen. Wow. Just wow. Enjoy.

    • NIk

      Ew no, what about instead of trying to live up to the despicable standard set by those who uplifted Sheen, we try to be better than them. I think I get what you’re saying, the double standard isn’t fair, but instead of trying to meet it, we should work on breaking it completely.

  • hollyw

    WHAAAAAAAAT?! Errm I actually AM surprised! Dag, I mean Charlie Sheen had to be literally say “Fu** you!” and house some pornstars beforr he got axed, and Alex Baldwin had to get caught saying a gay slur on camera! The abuse allegations don’t even been proven yet, and they dumped him?!?!?!

    #onlyinwhiteAmerica #icouldbewrong #butprobablynot

    • Guest

      Let’s remember that Charlie was the STAR of his show. Columbus played a relatively small role in comparison. A small role that didn’t have much depth to it yet. It would have been nice to see Harrison grow and flesh out, but when you’re not the star, you have less leeway for BS. We need to stop falling back on that “Well White people do it, too” mentality. We should want to be better. And we HAVE to be better just to get the same credit as them. It’s not right or fair, but it is what it is.

      • Sonya Johnson

        On point on all points

      • hollyw

        I don’t fall back on either aspect, just like to highlight them both… I’m not in any way condoning his antics, and especially not the alleged death threats… =/ Anyhoo, I actually have yet to watch Scandal, so I didn’t know he only had a small part..*sigh* was actually looking forward to seeing him when I started.

        • Guest

          You should definitely check it out! Catch up on the first 3 seasons while we’re all in withdrawal. Lol. It’s an ensemble cast so Harrison had his shining moments here and there, but the stars are undoubtedly Olivia (Kerry Washington) and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn).

      • Chey


      • Shana July


    • bigdede

      Charlie Sheen was a crackhead who was talking crazy. Alex Baldwin said a gay slur. Talking crazy and actually hitting a woman is two different things completely! Columbus has 2 cases from 2013 for domestic violence and child abuse and he has one this year. This isn’t something new. He even had a domestic violence case against his first wife. It’s only now that he’s well known because of Scandal, all his dirt is getting reported. Columbus and his anger issues isn’t something new. Shondra hired him anyway yet he didn’t take this good opportunity he had to get help.

      • KA

        Charlie Sheen also had allegations brought against him by his most recent former wife, supposedly that he pulled a knife on her.

        • Shana July

          Doesn’t count he’s white…

    • Tanycha

      Yep, he’s outta there. Does anyone know what percentage of Scandal’s viewers are women, or Black women? He had to go. It’s only smart.

  • candy cane

    I saw it coming so I’m not surprised. I hope that during this time he faces whatever demons that he has and gets help to deal with or slay them so he can get his life together.

  • Cdj

    Awwwwww dayyuuummmmm!!!! Smh

  • newdnewd

    Dam I knew this was going to happen, GET IT TOGETHER. Your personal life has to be on point if you are going to be a continued success.

    • Agreed. Especially if your work is based in the public eye such as film, music, tv

  • Penny

    Did he start acting a fool then got fired or did he get fired then started acting a fool?

    • Yeah I’m curious about the timeline of how this happened. He may have known for a while and just released the statement.

    • MzBrenda Tyson

      He acted a fool and then got fired. I hope he gets it together before the new season and she will let him back on.

      • Malone

        I do not condone violence. Columbus may wish to consider professional help for his issues, and I wish he and his (soon-to-be-ex) wife well. However, as for him returning to Scandal, that will NOT happen.
        Shonda is not a forgiving type. There will no loyalty or compassion shown toward the actor, as was none shown for Isaiah who did not call his co-worker a f%g but used it in a sentence during a discussion with another co-worker (Patrick) – she fired Isaiah quickly. He is back on Grey’s Anatomy for Cristina Yang/Sandra Oh’s exit and for the ratings his return will generate.

        • In my opinion

          So saying the f word in a sentence is okay/funny? I had a white screenwriting teacher say the n word as an anecdote about the controversy of the word. The fact that he said it was wrong period, context being irrelevant. I would fire him too. You can’t just say anything in public and not expect consequences! Should Shonda tolerate homophobia and domestic violence, she IS a Black woman after all. I applaud her for this: accountability is necessary.

        • bigdede

          Why should she show loyalty toward someone with known anger and domestic violence issues? Columbus been having these issues since he cheated on his first wife with Britney Spears. Heck he has 2 pending domestic violence and child abuse cases from 2013! His 10 year old son was involved in a dispute with his current wife. She had bruises because of that. She filed for divorce but then withdrew. Why should Shondra’s name be attached to that? Everytime they mention Columbus, you will see Scandal actor next to it. That can mess with her brand.

          • CaribbeanGlow

            I tried to look up the incident with his son and recent wife but cannot find anything. G00gle is clogged by this recent stuff. Where can I find more info on the son’s fight with her?

            • bigdede

              I’m trying to paste the link but I can’t. If you go to g00gle columbus short child abuse, the articles will pop up. tmz has one and urbandaily has one. i got the year wrong, it happened earlier this year. something also happened last year that’s why she filed for divorce but later withdrew that petition.

              • CaribbeanGlow

                Wow… Thank you. I will check it out.

          • SheDevilsRule

            Cheated with Britanny Spears? You sure? She’s a bit of a redneck, just don’t understand that hook up. What were either of them thinking…lol must have been high or drunk, one.

            • bigdede

              Do you remember the Black dancer she hooked up with before she got with Kevin? His wife was pregnant at the time. That was Columbus. G00gle it. You will see them in pics together.

          • Wow really? I never knew he had these issues

      • Jordan Washington

        I don’t think that he will be back. More than likely, they will kill his character off due to one of the last scenes being him with a gun pointed at his head.

    • Guest

      I’m pretty sure he got fired for acting a fool. But does it really matter?

  • Lynette Miller

    Well I will never watch it again thanks alot shonda

    • Nollie J Santos

      Yea right you’ll be back lol

      • Alexa


      • Lynette Miller

        Lol nope I am done

    • Sharon E. Young

      since nobody else has asked you this question, what does Shonda have to do with someone that has anger problems?????

      • Lynette Miller

        What you mean what she have to do with it? Did she not let him go because of his personal life which she have nothing to do with it

        • bigdede

          Her personal life could taint the show. You don’t want someone talking about an actor on your show who already has a case from 2013 for domestic violence and child abuse now he has these two cases from this year. Everytime talk about Columbus they have “Scandal actor” attached to his name. Why would Shondra want her brand attached to a guy who is a (now) known wife beater? Now that Scandal is so popular and with TMZ, now his business is really out there but this isn’t something new. Columbus has been having these issues throughout his whole career but because he wasn’t well known outside the Black community, no one knew about his other cases.

        • JustSayin!

          This is a business decision!! His personal life can/did have an adverse impact on her show – which is also her business line. Not sure where all this “we need to support his drama b/c he’s one of us” bs comes from. Shonda has a brand to promote/protect and he was messin wit her dough!!

        • Darlyn

          Uhhh….your personal life can get you fired, especially if your boss is Shonda Rhimes. It ain’t like working at Taco Bell. She got rid of someone who could possibly decrease the dollar signs – just like she got rid of Isaiah Washington (Grey’s Anatomy). Columbus Short is troubled, and he’s arrogant – a bad combination.

    • LTJ

      speak for yourself

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    Damn, now we have that cliffhanger solved already. So talented and blessed an he goes and mess it all up . . .

    • LadyT12

      Like Papa Pope said, “Oh to be young, gifted, and black. ” This is sad news but not surprising. I’ll miss Harrison.