When The Checks Stop Rolling In: Matthew Knowles Won’t Have To Pay Child Support For Another 3 Years…Find Out Why

April 24, 2014  |  

Sources: WENN, Inside Edition

Alexsandra Wright, mother of Matthew Knowles’ three year old son Nixon, is likely not a very happy camper today. For the past couple of months Wright has done interviews with “Inside Edition” and allowed photographers to take pictures of her and Nixon being evicted, all so she can let the world know that millionaire Matthew Knowles hasn’t been paying child support.

Well, that’s partially true. Matthew hasn’t been paying child support…because, as TMZ reports, he “grossly overpaid in the past.” 

Wright has been dragging him in and out of court for months and Knowles had been ordered to pay Wright $12k a month back in February of 2013. But a few weeks ago, he got the judge to reduce it to $2,485 a month when he reported that his income had decreased.

But sources claim that Matthew came back to the judge again, arguing that since he’s been ordered to pay only $2,485 now, he’s been overpaying Wright all along. He was paying the $12k when it should have been the lesser amount.

So how much extra had Knowles paid? Well, it was $110k. And since he’s paid this much in additional child support, the judge agreed to give Matthew credit for the overpay.

This means that Wright won’t be getting anything from Matthew Knowles, in the way of child support, for the next three and a half years. Sources tell TMZ, Wright plans to continue her fight.

There is one last twist in this messy and convoluted story. Since Wright has made it known that she is getting $300 a month in food  stamps, Welfare officials are likely to come after Knowles, sometime this summer.

This story, as we’ve said so many times before is the hottest of messes. It’s just appalling. Matthew had it all and squandered it for a woman who seems to have majored in messiness. Then instead of being a man and being there for his child, Matthew falls back but pays child support, based on his income at the time.Then when he starts making a little less money, he goes back and says he’s been overpaying. It all seems like nickel and dining to me. If you were making enough to contribute $12k at that time, how were you overpaying? That’s what you could afford at that time. I understand getting the amount decreased to match your income but how is it fair to assume that you should be credited for the money you paid when you were making enough to warrant those payments?

And we’ve talked about Alexsandra before. Girl, you had to have some type of inkling that Matthew’s morality meter was just a bit skewed if he was willing to sleep with you while he was still in a very public marriage. So perhaps, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he’s not gung ho about the idea of throwing money your way for the next eighteen years, now that the two of you, presumably, aren’t sleeping together anymore. So with that in mind, it’s time to activate that backup plan and make sure your son is good. Because honey, the checks ain’t coming in like they used to.

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  • timewillheal

    What did she do with all the money. The child support department need to investigate this woman, for misue of the boy’s child support. He will not have any child support, for the next 3 1/2 years, this is not right. She needs to pay it back. They also need to appoint a financial assistance to make sure all future child support payments, is not misuse and that it is spent on his needs.

    • Linda Blansky

      What do any of these girls do with the child support money?

  • allison

    I think child support is ridiculous….giving thousands of dollars to a person for a child that really only need a few hundred is crazy..the way I see it, child support should be called baby momma support cause you’re really just paying AlL her bills

  • System4kup

    This kid will hate his father and siblings and he will turn out bitter and to the mother I pray God send you help.I know people don’t have sympathy those days.but I feel bad about the situation..People quick to blame the woman but not the guy..if he was married why he sleeping with another woman unprotected..If he wasn’t happy with Tina why not broke it first before he cheats smh…all I can tell this woman now is get your self a job to take care of your baby at the end of the day your focus is your baby..


    Poor Nixon

  • Wise Guy

    SMH this is a perfect example of a gold digger who’s plan failed and I think she deserved it! This is sad because that child will grow up with an absent father but when he gets older he will be mad at his mother more then anyone else! it was her idea to have a millionaire’s baby because she thought it would set her up financilaly for the rest of her life…..#GetAJob

    • Linda Blansky

      I wonder how this would hav eplayed had the mother been white.

  • JustMyOpinion

    A word of wisdom/experience to the mother —If not already….Go back to school, and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN for you and ….your child. Do not sit and (not saying that you are…) and wait on a check. if one thing doesn’t work out for you DON’T QUIT or PANIC, take a moment to rethink of your next move that will benefit your family don’t worry about Mr. Knowels and what he’s not doing, your son will see the negative without you speaking a single word against HIS ….dad. If you do this I PROMISE YOU, things will work out for the good. #ISayThisWithMuchLOVE #KeepYourselfPositive #Don’tReadTheNegativeCommentsPeopleMake–Everyone does something We’ve all ….regretted at some time or another….#LiftingUpASister

  • Dee

    Matthew Knowles is stupid!

  • VVV

    Feel sorry for the child.

  • Arreba Alicia Stafford

    He is getting over on paying child support because of his fame and economic status. What I mean by that is this: Knowles either retained and/consulted with an attorney and was told to use the lower income argument to weasel out of paying child support. In this sense, he is wrong, wrong, wrong…plain and simple.

    Regardless of this woman knowing he was married, they both consented to this sexual-based arrangement and created this child. With that in mind, the child is…and should be entitled to the same standard of living afforded by his father. Neither the mother nor the child should be homeless like that…its cowardice and shows just what kind of man he is.

    • Annette

      The reason they are so called “homeless” had nothing to do with Matthew. He was paying $12,000 a month until a couple months ago. Didn’t you read that part? I’m pretty sure they aren’t actually homeless, anyway.

      • Arreba Alicia Stafford

        “The child should be afforded the same standard of living as the father…” Did YOU read that part? The woman probably never expected the child support to be significantly reduced and overspent because of it…her spending habits are not the issue though…Knowles’ refusal to help her and his child is.

        • smh

          Oh well. Her fault. Live within YOUR mean, not the child’s father. No matter what he was giving her, she should have been living in what SHE could afford with her own job.

    • Trisha_B

      He did not “weasel” out of paying child support. He’s been paying. A whole lot at that. At 12k a month for 3 years, she should have had a lot of that money left over b/c her baby doesn’t even use a fraction of that every month. That money should still be around to pay bills. God forbid Matthew was to die, how would she support her child? She doesn’t have a dime of that child support for a rainy day

      She could have purchased a home in full w/ all the money she received, her child could be going to the best private schools w/ all that money she received. But SHE did not ensure her child was living like his father. Matthew provided the funds & she is to make sure her child has the chance to have what his father had. She obviously failed at that. It is good the child support was cut b/c she doesn’t know how to handle that money

      Maybe Matthew should ask for custody to make sure his money is going towards his child getting the same life as him, while the mother gets a job & gets back on her feet

      • He absolutely should get custody seeing as she’s jobless and homeless. What father wouldn’t step in and make sure his seed was housed and fed? If he was worth half a d*mn he would have been on that long time ago.

        • Arreba Alicia Stafford

          If he seeks it out, maybe but he has not made any efforts to do that….

          • He most certainly hasn’t. He’s bitter as a mofo that this woman didn’t get an abortion and he couldn’t protect his family’s image. He is spiteful and she can bet that he will fight her on everything from her on out.

        • Trisha_B

          I agree

      • Arreba Alicia Stafford

        By finding that loophole and being exempted from paying child support because of it, he legally weaseled his way out of paying child support for three years…point blank.

      • elizzym79 .

        That’s one of the biggest problems I have the situation. People are going after this woman like she did this alone. Matthew also knew he was married, he just didn’t act like. He had more responsibility to that family than she did. Not excusing her role…but the fact that she’s getting stamped with a particular label and Beyonce’s father isn’t is interesting. I guess feminism only works when it works to benefit certain people?

        Talk about Matthew not giving a crap. This woman clearly isn’t good with money and she clearly doesn’t mind plastering her son’s face all over the television. Surely, Matthew could attempt to get custody. However, I’m assuming he cares. I have a feeling that he’s idea of being a dad is throwing money at the kid. But anyone worth anything, wouldn’t want their kid living in a shelter.

        But then again, if Matthew did get custody, I can imagine Thanksgiving would be ackward. I mean, I can’t imagine that Bey’s “perfection” complex would allow her brother to be integrated into his family. As much as people don’t want to recognize it, the kid is family. Maybe Matthew will be cool with the kid if in 13 years it turns out he can sing well.

    • Well she’s just going to have to play a long a** game of “catch me if you can” with him for the next 15+ years.

      Ain’t no easy money to be had in this world. You always end up paying sooner or later.

  • FromUR2UB

    Both of them are getting what they deserve.
    He must rue the day he met this woman. It must have made him feel so good to have a younger woman paying him some attention, laughing at his unfunny jokes. Now, at a time when he and his wife should have been enjoying the post-children part of their lives together, he’s divorced with another kid to get to adulthood. I always think about how the average woman must feel when she and her husband are few years away from paying off a mortgage and retiring, and they’ve made plans for how they’re going to live out the rest of their lives…maybe traveling, remodeling their house and just enjoying the grandkids, then BOOM!
    He has a baby outside the marriage. Blows everything.

  • Sucks for the child. Guess mom will have to work for the next 3 and half years like millions of other single mothers. While he will continue to hide his real assets. #realreasonhe’snolongerbeyonce’smanager.

    • Sandra

      Real reason is it’s going up his nose. Common knowledge in H-town. He’s an embarrassment to his family and don’t think karma ain’t getting him too. That baby got a jacked up set of parents. Matthew been a low down dirty dog. Search and read what he did to Destiny’s child’s first manager, Ms. Tina, his signed artist(s) now, non paid staff at his entertainment company. Karma is gonna be a son- of-a-gun when it hits him. He’s self righteous, greedy, foul mouth, selfish and indignant but God is sitting high and looking. He ain’t sleep

      • *grabs popcorn and a comfy chair* Spill more of the tea honey I’m all ears. LOL!

  • Ms.D19

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…Matthew and his baby mama are a ratchet hot mess!!! And like everyone else I want to know why this broad didn’t save a dime of the 12k checks? WOW!
    I know Beyonce, Solange and her mama somewhere drinking champagne and laughing it up! And honestly at 60 mama Knowles looks way bettter than this trollop he was chasing…SMH!!!

    • FromUR2UB

      “…at 60 mama Knowles looks way bettter than this trollop he was chasing…”
      That’s usually the way it goes.

  • PleaseDOBetter

    He must not want his child. The most baffling part to me in all of this is why hasn’t Matthew or the courts intervened to remove the child when it seems that she cannot provide a stable home. This is all bad, all around. I so feel for this child.

    • Nichole

      Why WOULD the child be removed? Lack of income/financial stability does not make one an unfit parent. Neglect and abuse does.

      • PleaseDOBetter

        I’m concerned about her ability to keep a roof over the child’s head and that is what I am referring to regarding finances. It is my understanding that a parent can lose a child if they cannot provide a stable home. Also, I was remarking how he is handling this somewhat different than others in his “situation”, since some of those individuals have sought custody to get out of paying child support. Lastly, it seems that when he was paying the money, she wasn’t being responsible with it (hence the present situation).

    • Linda Blansky

      Matthews new wife may not want the boy. If I were Beyonce I would purchase a $300,000 Townhome and keep it in my name and the childs. Let the woman and child live in it until the child is ready to go to college start a business he would have until he is 21. Then I would sale the home .Place the proceeds in a trust fund for the sole benefit of the child. He can use the money for college or life. Either way I would be done financially. I would also establish a relationship with my half brother without the mother. If I noticed any pattern of neglect I would petition the courts to have the child remove from the mothers guardianship. Of course this would mean I would pay for private school until the child graduated high school as well. Its th eleast a rich and powerful woman can do. While Beyonce did not create this mess it exists. The boy is her brother. Blood is Blood. He can benefit but not the mother. If she is smart she would work and save her money for the eventual day when the home is sold.

  • whycantpeopleread

    Where is her job? I don’t get this women. You have to be able to support your son too.

    • Ms.D19

      I think she thought sleeping with rich, married men and having a baby was the job…sadly, it is not paying her well anymore…WOMP WOMP.
      I do feel for this child though, he got the crap end of the parent stick!

  • pscott

    oh no! you are not going to make this something that alexsandra did alone… Matthew was right there when this child was made… now this child becomes our (state/government) responsibility, while MATTHEW lay up with his millionaire wife and daughter… the child has to live in a cardboard box, somewhere USA!!!! I’m confused…

    • Leila

      The millionaire wife and daughter didn’t sleep with the chic, the only way they can be brought into the scenario is if they slept with Ms. Wright and got her pregnant!!! what did she spend 12,000 /month for 3 yrs on she could have at least bought a condo and put some of the $$ in savings. KARMA is a Bish!!!!

    • Wise Guy

      dont get me wrong I think mathew has to own up to his part in this matter….. but it’s obvious that she was trying to get money and get set for life by having a wealthy mans baby…..She dont deserve more then 1,350 a month if you ask me!! thats more then enough for a hoodrat to live ghetto fabulous…LOL

    • Linda Blansky

      Beyonce and Solange no longer have a business relationship with their father. That is one reason why his income has decreased.

  • Trisha_B

    Soooo where is all that money now? o_O Do judges ask for bank statements from the mothers wondering where all the child support goes? B/c being homeless & receiving $12k a month doesn’t even sound possible lol

    If she couldn’t manage 12k, she sure as he’ll not gonna manage $2k smh.

  • How exactly do we change the order and then give credit for payments that happened before the order changed? I’m super confused.

    • mikki21

      It sounds like the 12k a month he was paying during the time he said he shouldn’t have been paying was from a savings or a trust account, not actual money he was recieving on a month to month basis but from savings.

    • Musiiq

      With child support, from my experience, once the order is put on it can’t be changed for a certain period of time even if the circumstances of the person paying change. My daughter’s father pays according to what he used to make even though his earnings have now doubled but I have to wait another year before I can request to amend the order. In the meantime he just overpays voluntarily but I’m guessing that’s something like what happened with them

      • Nichole

        In addition to what you stated, many states consider “potential earnings.” Therefore, if a non-custodial parent mas making $150k for some years, even when it drops to $40k or zero income, the order isn’t automatically reduced as they bas the amount on his potential to make more.

      • Linda Blansky

        You just regualr girl. You gotta have bucks and know who to speak with. Plus this chick must rub everyone the wrong way. She must present as a money grubbing lazy chick.

    • Linda Blansky

      Its called being able to afford a good lawyer and going up against someone not white who can not afford a decent lawyer. She got hosed.

  • Sym

    wow. She probably thought after she got pregnant she was gonna be a set baby mama for the rest of her life…LOL nah boo. I’m always gonna keep my own income coming in to make sure I’m good and whatever baby daddy gives me is extra. I think 2000 is enough for a kid every month and 12,000 is waaaaay more than most people even make every 2 months. The parent he lives with is supposed to provide the home at least. I’m not taking him off the hook either because you should know that cheating on your wife and making a baby would be lifelong problems. I feel bad for the baby but not the mom.

    • smh

      How about having a HUSBAND to pitch in (your OWN husband..not someone else’s lol) to help take care of the child instead of having a “baby daddy”

  • Maxine Pulce


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  • Robin Matthews


  • hi-liter

    Lets see, February 2013 thru December 2013 (thats 11 months X $12,000 a month =$132,000) So where is all that money she was getting in child support last year? I’m surprised they even gave her food stamps. You cant really get any of that shyt (food stamps) without lying to some degree.

    • cnc

      She can qualify.. its based on present situation not past. So if she is homeless with no money now she is eligible.

      • FromUR2UB

        She must have something she can sell, to have blown through $12,000 a month, unless she was spending it on really stupid stuff like champagne baths and jetting around the world for dinner.

        • ladyc

          Champagne baths. I’m stealing that lol!

  • Kustanya McCray

    It all seems like nickel and dining to me.

    I presume it’s a typo but it’s… nickel and DIMING