Reality Stars Who Got Plastic Surgery As Soon As The Checks Started Rolling In

April 23, 2014 ‐ By Iva Anthony

What a difference money makes. These reality show stars used their checks to upgrade their looks, not with designers clothes or shoes, but by going under the knife for plastic surgery.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Porsha Williams

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” was a hit show long before Porsha Williams joined the cast. Brought in for the start of season five, Williams had a tough time getting along with everybody, especially with the other newbie Kenya Moore. Her short marriage to husband and NFL great Kordell Stewart fell apart during the offseason and Williams walked away with nothing. To celebrate her newfound freedom, Williams treated herself to a couple of breast implants. “[My chest] was something I always wanted to fix,” the 32-year-old said. “The day I brushed my teeth and they jiggled, I screamed with joy!”

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  • Joe Mc Geehand

    A plastic Tramp or $20 HOE

  • Nancy

    Maybe should of had Dr Ray do them. looks like a botched job to me. VERY un-natural looking.

  • Lorelei

    It looks like reality TV is for people who are almost pretty, but definitely desperate t be popular. Sad isn’t it?

  • Wolfdog

    Jeez Louise, ya think she got her money’s worth?! Way out of proportion for her size.

    • stareingharder .

      Her oversized breasts are fine.

  • bhavana

    Porsha’s breasts are way too large and fake looking.

    • stareingharder .

      Nothing wrong with too big or too fake

  • mlsj78

    Oh lord, NeNe the Monster need EVERY possible job known to man to fix her! Even though she’s had a lot of work done, it doesnt help bc she is a hideous monster with an ignorant personality!

  • BegoneFools

    There is literally no way those “jiggled.”

  • BegoneFools

    There is literally no way those “jiggled.”

  • mlsj78

    Dutchess NEEDED some boobs, LOL! She needs an attitude adjustment more than anything though.

  • Joan

    Dwight Eubanks=Michael Jackson!

  • Joan

    Bruce Jenner..SMH!

  • mlsj78

    She just f’ed herself up too! Now I’m wondering if all that butt she has is fake too? Being from ATL who knows…

  • Joan

    I don’t care for Tami! I dint care how much surgery she has, it wont make her drunken attitude any better! Seek therapy now!

  • Joan

    Renee looks like a puppet.

  • Joan

    Not a good look for Porsha! They are too big & don’t look natural!

  • Joan

    She looks like a puppet.

  • Joan

    Not a good look! They are too big!

    • stareingharder .

      Bigger is better

  • Bev

    Porsha should have invested in an education instead.

  • Jenna

    Really bad implants, very lumpy and bumpy and uneven

  • survon1

    Give a getto girl some extra cash and her ho gene rises to the top.

  • Whydid Youblockme

    These btiches are lying to the world every day with these fake bodies. It’s BEYOND DECEITFUL & pretty much like throwing a middle finger up to GOD. To be so SELF-WILLED to have a doctor CUT YOU OPEN, BREAK & RE-ARRANGE YOUR NATURAL FACE & BODY STRUCTURE & REJECT & CHANGE HOW GOD MADE YOU …… THAT IS BEYOND INSANE. And it’s done all in the name of VANITY. AN EXCRUTIATING LOUD CALL FOR ATTENTION. Self esteems must be alarmingly LOW & SELF-HATE alarmingly HIGH for a person to literally BE CUT OPEN & “EDITED”, have “things” inserted into your body to make them BIGGER, it’s FCUKING CRAZY. GOD BLESSED US ALL TO BE WHO WE ARE. GOD made us all Unique Individuals & HE blessed us ALL with our own set of Talents, etc., WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL IN OUR OWN SPECIAL WAYS. To be so extreme & reject your natural genes & DNA, how you are made, makes me wonder if there’s some kinda mental sickness going on – what’s worse is this is happening more & more each day – so many women are getting cosmetic alterations to their faces & bodies, you don’t even know who’s REAL anymore. Nowadays, when a man admires a woman’s body – her behind or her breasts, they’re asking “Are they real??” “Is that real??”
    At the same time, these BTICHES are running around with FAKE HAIR, FAKE NAILS, FAKE NOSES, FAKE BOOBS, FAKE AYASSES, even a “SLIM” female may be FAKE bcz she might’ve had LIPOSUCTION – and while these women have so many FAKE THINGS going on, THEY HAVE THE NERVE TO SAY THEY WANT A “REAL MAN”. And in the strip clubs, the men should throw MONOPOLY MONEY at these BTICHES bcz SO MANY of these strippers have FAKE BOOBS & FAKE BOOTIES. It’s a dayum shame when the days have come where you gotta ask a woman if her breasts are real I mean REALLY IS FCUKED UP …….

  • Ben Dover

    damnnnn…time to put the hot dog in the bun

  • dmm1047

    A little too big for Porsha.

    • stareingharder .

      No such thing as too big

  • kennethgw34

    Looks like she has a lump in her left upper part of her breast

  • Angela

    I guess beauty under the knife is pain and sometimes complication and some cases death.

  • mindman

    Using the term reality with stars is an oxymoron. There is no reality and there are no stars in these low IQ shows. It’s a shame that TV has sunk to this. Maybe that is why streaming is getting so popular.

  • guest

    Now she’s a dummy with big boobs lol

    • stareingharder .

      Her boobs are the best thing about her.

  • James

    Big boobies are nice to look at, but small boobies are fun to play with. Give me a small boobied woman!

  • Toosmart2bfooled

    This just proves more and more of an “airhead” she really is. If she had to do something big, she should have opt to get her “brain” increased. This way, she’ll know that the underground railroad, what not a underground train. SMDH!

  • Vag Owner

    leakes looks like a simpson character with that nose.

  • Vag Owner

    i never noticed porsha’s chest before. maybe that was what she wanted, for it to be noticed. her body her choice. i’d rather get a reduction

  • Linda Sills

    Look so artificial. Look like what they are, two balls implanted into her chest.

  • cubanflowers

    i can’t stand all this clicking next shhhhhhht….just so the site can get their view count up!!!

    somebody should just put the names listed in this article to save others the stress…

    by the time i get to the last page my break will be over!!….

    anyway… porsha should not have messed up herself with those fake things….

    they were so unnecessary!.. not to mention they look FAKE and crazy….

    you want bigger tetas….. eat ground provisions… many are with a lot of hormone inducing…..shhhhhht that make the body thick…. .

    save your money…. to buy property…. books about american history…. or something…

    be blessed..

  • putyouonblast

    porsha’s right implant looks bigger than the other.

  • Sheila Ames Le Roy

    Iva Anthony .. wrtier of this artilcle . You need to check your facts and not be stupid in your reporting. FYI .. Bruce Jenner had a Tracheal Shave .. to flatten his Adams Apple .. Not His Stomach !!

  • gmvalentine

    A tracheal shave does not flatten your stomach. It flattens your Adam’s apple. Geesh.

  • waybackwhen

    She looks terrible and when she is 50 or 60 she will have them removed! The rest of her body will be sagging and those boob will be under her chin!
    A little goes a long way!

  • like it or not!

    Will the real Porsha Williams show your face! Fake hair, eyebrows, eyelashes (top and bottom) face (industrial strength war paint) , tits and teeth! Reality TV is so fake!

    • Whydid Youblockme


  • KJ

    Last sentence on Bruce Jenner’s write-up says he got a tracheal shave to flatten his stomach. I’m no expert in anatomy but… wtf.

  • If some of these women knew how ugly their fake breasts become when they lop on the side because of gravity during missionary-style sex, they would reconsider giving in the breasts bigger than the chest can handle. Sometimes the damn thing jiggle so much they become a turn-off.

    • atieno

      LOL experienced much ?sorry

  • Doug Walshe

    Her boobs don’t fit her body structure. Oh well, it’s there money and we will see them in BK court after the show ends.

  • Michele Kane

    Who’s the idiot who wrote the Bruce Jenner portion? Do you know where your trachea is? It’s part of your throat! A tracheal shave reduces the Adam’s apple. It has nothing to do with your stomach.

  • skulldruggery

    looks like a tranny…….

  • Rita

    They are new the skin will soften up and with time they will move slightly in time towards the waist, but that also depends if they are under the muscle or directly under the skin. If
    smaller then they wont always be notice under regular clothes, jackets, sweaters so you go a size larger. You don’t want to pay that money and while wearing regular clothes no one notice.

  • ak4ever

    these shows really should be called, “the fake housewives” There is nothing they do that is worth watching. Their screaming and back biting is appalling, their fake lips, boobs, and face is all vain glory. I cannot find anything beautiful about anyone of them. Its a disgrace that young girls watch this and believe these women are setting an example for them to follow. Where is the heart, love and care a mother or housewife should have? TV loves the fighting, it brings them money. What a shame. At least in my home they are not allowed to be watched, I would rather watch dumbo or cartoons than any of them,

  • She Codes

    Why did Porsha add those two small countries to her sternum?? She looks ridiculous now.

    • Dee

      she has fak hair fake teeth fake butt fake eye lashes , what is real about this women
      go back and look up her on utube when she called her self a preacher .
      she didn’t have all of the fake butt teeth .

      • Whydid Youblockme

        She sure didn’t. ALL FAKE. She might’ve had a nice lil slim shape, a pretty face & nice hair but she ADDED VERY LONG EXTENSIONS/WEAVE – and she definitely had surgery on her BEHIND AS WELL AS THOSE STUPID LOOKIN’ BOOBS. What gets on my nerves too is when these FAKE BODY BTICHES GET CALLED OUT, people have the nerve to say you’re a “hater” and “jealous” —- FK atta here – it isn’t jealousy OR hate, it’s the TRUTH. And it’s SICKENING bcz these btiches be getting all this cosmetic surgery & rockin’ all this FAKE SHT then turn around & act all high & mighty, foolin’ n199az with all that FAKE SHT — This EDITED BTICH sat up on Andy Cohen’s show & told a caller that her booty was NOT fake. Bullsht. That ayass is fake as a smile on the face of George Bush. She said she “ate cornbread, collard greens & yams” & THAT’S WHY her booty looks so full & round. She is LYING.

    • stareingharder .


  • valerie808

    Bruce Jenner & Ashlee Simpson shouldn’t be on this list since they already had money. To each their own, but I hate to see the breast implant surgeries the most. It makes me feel like they ‘sold out’ for some weird reason.

    Also, when did people start running out & getting breast implants like it’s just a quick trip to the grocery store? It’s a very serious surgery and it needs to be maintained. Why not go get some therapy on self-confidence instead?

    • Whydid Youblockme

      ” …. Why not go get some therapy on self-confidence instead? ”

      ^ ^ ^ ^ THANK YOUUUUUUU !!!!!!!!

  • morrow

    Porsha’s breast look so stupid on her chest, they are to large for her upper body. She was fine naturally but not anymore. I My o my how things have changed. Back in the day people wanted to make things look natural about them, be it hair or cosmetic surgery, but now they don’t care whether people know things on them are fake. This woman is on tv with nice small breast and the next time you see her they are huge. It is very apparent to me that women make these changes for them selves only, because me hate that crap.

    • Whydid Youblockme

      ” …. but now they don’t care whether people know things on them are fake.”

      ^ ^ ^ ^ Just goes to just how messed up people are nowadays. It is SO SICKENING — Men are accepting women with fake booties & boobs, they’re very attracted to it – they stop & stare at a female with a huge ayass & boobs KNOWING DAMN WELL IT’S FAKE but they don’t even care. If it LOOKS GOOD it must FEEL OR TASTE GOOD. In the meantime the females are prancing or strutting by with their heads & noses held high & proud, like they are the God’s Gift, knowing damn well THEY’RE FAKE. Some of these women even have the nerve to act all STANK & SNOTTY & TOO GOOD to holla back at a man if he says something to her – WITH HER PHONY AYASS – OMG wait till summertime …… so many women are gonna be running around dressed HALF NAKED with all those BIG FAKE AYASSES & BOOBS – these frauds are gonna be ADVERTISING LIKE A MF

      • morrow

        Maybe there are some men that accept that fake stuff, but i am not one of those and i really believe i am in a majority.

        • Whydid Youblockme

          I hope so. I don’t think ANY man should accept a woman who has or is getting FAKE BODY PARTS, because it’s NOT REAL. How are you gonna lust over & desire something that’s FAKE??? It’s just crazy. And it’s SICKENING to see all this b.s. going on.

      • stareingharder .

        I am very accepting

  • Dee

    Farrah still looks like Joe Camel…

  • B Cooper

    Porsha’s implants are too big for her chest build (if there is such a thing). They also look like they will explode at any minute. If she felt she had to do it, she should have gone smaller. JMO

    • hollyw

      1000%. Just ridiculous; first, she didn’t even need them. Then, the ones she got were like balloons. Ugh, I hate it, but I guess that’s how they start now on reality tv, before you even need it…poor choice, though.

    • stareingharder .

      No such thing as too big.