“I’m So Embarrassed!” Scepters Are Pointed, Shade Is Thrown And Kenya’s Hair Gets Snatched: RHOA Reunion

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An hour full of watching people argue might be some people’s cup of tea, but it was a tad bit stressful for me, especially when one of those arguments turned into an actual physical altercation. But aside from hair getting snatched, there wasn’t a whole lot going on with the RHOA reunion (part one) so far, aside from it being The Kenya Show. Rumors were cleared up and shade was thrown heavily, of course, but that was about it. The conversation was definitely flowing on social media, so let’s get it flowing here!

Were You Feeling The Looks Of The Ladies?

First and foremost, let’s talk about how the ladies looked for the much anticipated reunion. Porsha was looking quite gorgeous in her Ralph and Russo London gown, hair fabulous as always, as she showed off her implants (“Do they look new?”). Cynthia shined with a red lip in black Alexandre Vauthier, while Kandi was sparkling in a gown that they couldn’t pinpoint because she had a last minute wardrobe malfunction and had to switch it up. Phaedra was lovely in laced Dolce & Gabbana, and Kenya looked ravishing in red J. Mendel. As for NeNe, she looked quite interesting in a bright pink Marc Bouwer gown with an equally bright blond hairdo. Whose look were you loving?

Phaedra Says She Wasn’t Involved In Any Of Apollo’s Legal Issues

When asked about Apollo’s legal troubles by Andy, Phaedra was told that some people (fans of the show) were wondering if she was involved in any of her husband’s dirty dealings, which include being arrested and charged with identity theft and bank fraud. She made it clear that no one (important that is) ever thought she was involved or planned to bring charges against her and that she has clean hands. “I have never been involved in any of it.”

NeNe Was Not Happy To Be Present

One thing I think everyone noticed who was watching was the fact that NeNe Leakes’ face was so turned up so early into the show. Being that this is her sixth season and therefore, her sixth reunion, and that she was painted negatively this season, it seemed that Leakes didn’t really want to be bothered. Did you forget that she’s a big star on Dancing With The Stars now? She has no time for this little show…

The Ladies Are Asked About Todd The “Opportunist” And Kandi Speaks On Shade From NeNe

After showing a very adorable recap of Kandi and Todd’s relationship, we found out for sure that Bravo has been following Kandi and Todd around as they prepared for their wedding, and that despite everyone’s previous comments, Kandi and Todd are happy. Cynthia was asked about assuming that Natalie (Christopher Williams’ wife) was calling Todd an opportunist, and if she really just felt that way. In response, Cynthia said that she didn’t know Todd well enough to to say whether he was or wasn’t using Kandi. After that, Kandi spoke about the success of “A Mother’s Love” (which she says Tyler Perry actually called her raving about), and NeNe was confronted about shading the play when Kandi approached her about being part of the cast. NeNe tried to act like she didn’t make the comments about not going from “a Ryan Murphy production to a Kandi Burruss production,” but Kandi pointed out that she wasn’t upset by Nene’ comments, because had NeNe been involved in the play, she would have been working for Kandi, and we all know NeNe doesn’t want to be working below any of her peers. NeNe basically told Kandi not to take her comments so personally, and Kandi said she didn’t. The shade was still very evident though. Moving right along…

Kenya Is Allowed To Bring In Props

While everyone just came in their glamorous ensembles, Kenya Moore decided to one-up her fan from last year’s reunion and bring a scepter. That’s right, a long wand, which she pointed in the face of or at her co-stars when they were speaking while she was. At one point, she pointed it in the face of Porsha Williams, who grabbed it out of her hand and wound up throwing it to the floor, but that didn’t deter Kenya. She brought out a megaphone, batteries hanging out and everything, which she used to yell at Porsha with. She would eventually regret doing this…

Ugly Comments Are Addressed

Kenya had the chance to play the victim role on part one of the reunion. She called out Phaedra more than once for calling her dog, Velvet, her “homie,” for saying that she had “scrambled eggs,” and for calling her a “wh**e” many times this season. Phaedra pointed out the obvious, which was that Kenya has always been one to make nasty jabs at people so she made them back. As for calling Kenya a “wh**e,” Phaedra told Kenya, “Maybe you should stop being a ho and maybe I wouldn’t call you one.” That’s what folks get when they cavort with other people’s husbands! 

Kenya’s Invisible African Prince Is Put On Blast

Phaedra called him “Casper the Invisible Boyfriend,” and it seems like everyone agreed. While Kenya has talked a lot about her “African prince,” whom she won’t even at least give a name for, he hasn’t been seen by anyone–except for NeNe. She recounted a time when she was ran up on late at night in Atlanta with a friend by an African man. He was speaking in a way NeNe says she couldn’t understand (including saying Kenya’s name wrong). When NeNe finally made it to her car, she says that Kenya called her and asked her what she thought of her boyfriend. NeNe says that’s when she realized she may have met the “African prince.” However, everyone else was pretty sure that he’s just another Walter, a fake boyfriend. Porsha told her: “You’ve stated everything about the guy except for showing him.” Kenya went on to say that she’s not desperate enough to pretend she has a man that she doesn’t, saying that with her looks, she has no problem getting a man. Instead, she just likes to keep her relationships “under the radar.” 

Kenya Plays Victim And Porsha Checks Her For Actually Being A Bully

Kenya made a statement during the program saying that certain women on the show (Phaedra and Porsha) spent a lot of time making fun of her situation last season, and her struggle for motherhood this season, that karma came back to bite them in the butt. Phaedra is having her marital issues and her husband stays in legal trouble. As for Porsha, her husband divorced her and left her an emotional wreck most of the season. However, Porsha wasn’t feeling it. She told Kenya that she was the villain from day one, happily so, so playing victim all of a sudden just won’t fly. Of course, Kenya tried to make rude comments about Porsha’s intelligence, and Porsha went off, calling Kenya a “sl*t from the ’90s” and saying “Your vag*na is so rotten nobody will claim you.”

Kenya And Porsha End Up Rolling On The Floor

Eventually, Kenya took to her megaphone and yelled out that Porsha was a “dumb ho.” Before we knew it,  Porsha jumped up, which caused Kenya to get up, and both women were yelling in each other’s face: Porsha saying she will f-up Kenya, Kenya coaxing her on, saying, “get fired!” Porsha then made the poor decision to grab Kenya by her hair and pull her down to the ground. The whole thing happened and ended in seconds, and Kenya jumped up, saying that Porsha needed to be removed from the show. Porsha stayed on the floor crying and embarrassed from her behavior as the rest of the women tried to comfort her, and in a scene out of The Bodyguard, a member of Porsha’s team came in and whisked her away to console her.

What’s Next For Porsha?

Andy, pretending to be so saddened by the fight (“I just feel terribly that it happened”–was he though?) went to the dressing rooms of both ladies involved in the fight, and while Kenya was raging, saying that something really is wrong with her co-star, Porsha was fully calmed down, more remorseful than anything. When asked why she put her hands on Kenya, Porsha said that she had just been through so much that she just couldn’t take anymore (including her divorce): “I’ve literally taken so much from her for two years.” Andy decided to send Porsha home to get herself together and told her that at some point, she needed to apologize to Kenya for her behavior. This was something many people on Twitter called BS on.

Should Porsha have to apologize to Kenya? Why or why not?

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