What Is That Smell? 21 Celebrities With Terrible Personal Hygiene

May 23, 2014  |  
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Get ready to kiss a lot of celebrity crushes and idols goodbye.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

Someone might just be hating, but Hannah Hooper of the band Grouplove swears up and down XTina smells like hot dogs — and she has ever since she was a child.reporter from Arena Magazine once accused Xtina of stinking like “a 12-year-old girl’s bedroom on school-disco night.”

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers

How ironic that a woman who makes a living talking about people is likely getting talked about behind her back due to her odd routine of forgoing deodorant in favor of spraying her clothes and armpits with vodka and water which she thinks wanes off odors…

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe

Given what we just told you about Ms. Rivers, it’s odd that she’s the one who outed Russell Crowe’s B.O. She once said of the actor, “He has a body odor problem. I prefer to sit downwind of him at showbiz bashes.”

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

The” Twilight” star once told a UK tabloid that his schedule is so hectic that he won’t wash or change clothes until “it gets to the point where even I can’t stand the air around me.” Other people can’t stand it either. Reports from the “Twilight” set claimed Robert drove crew and cast members crazy “because he smelled so terrible.”

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

Johnny has never admitted to having a hygiene problem, but several sources have talked about the fact that Mr. Depp doesn’t like showering and will go days without one.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson

Jessica went on “Ellen” and admitted to millions that she doesn’t like how slippery her teeth feel after she brushes them — so she just doesn’t. Jess flosses and uses mouthwash but doesn’t scrub more than a couple times per week.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew hasn’t worn deodorant in 20 years. And apparently he can get pretty ripe. Back in 2008 his Kate Hudson, his Fool’s Gold co-star, begged him to wear some and even offered him her own. But Matthew refused and told her, “Women love my natural scent. I smell like a man. I smell like me.”

Bradley Cooper

Bradley told Esquire Magazine that he doesn’t use deoderant either…

Megan Fox

Megan Fox

Megan told FHM: “I’m horrible to live with. I don’t clean. My clothes end up wherever I take them off. I forget to flush the toilet. Friends will tell me, ‘Megan, you totally pinched a loaf in my toilet and didn’t flush.'”


Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

Apparently, Brad showers so infrequently that on the set of “Inglourious Basterds” his co-star Eli Roth had to teach him how to wipe down with baby wipes to cut down on the smell. Do you believe that?

Zac Efron

Zac Efron

Zac is another baby wipe believer who’s rumored to opt for the “wipe me down” method even after playing a sweaty game of basketball. Is a shower really that much effort??

Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox

Courtney’s ex David Arquette once said:

“Courteney may be pretty, but if she’s not on top of it, she smells like a truck driver and I like it.”

Well that’s certainly special.



Snooki admitted that she rubs cat litter on her face to clean it instead of going in for expensive spa treatments.

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper

On “Anderson Live,” Anderson admitted that he wears the same jeans every day…and rarely ever washes them:

“So the times I’ve washed my jeans — maybe twice in six months — the times I’ve done it, I’ve worn them and walked into my shower with them and put some soap on them and then air-dried them. Isn’t that how you’re supposed to do it?”

No Anderson, we don’t think that’s how you’re supposed to do it.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

The paparazzi are always catching Cameron Diaz in stained clothes with sweaty pit stains. How does that happen? Cameron told Splash News that she wears the same outfit for four days in a row and then throws it away. Oh. And she hasn’t worn deodorant for almost 20 years.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

Would you give up on hygiene to go green?

One of Julia’s former bodyguards revealed that America’s Sweetheart goes days without showering to save water. Julia herself has admitted to not wearing deodorant, rarely shaving and skimping on the hot water and soap.

Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen

How about for a movie role?

Castmates say Viggo got so into his character Aragorn in “Lord of the Rings” that he slept in the woods and rarely showered… and smelled like it.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

If what the help says is true, Britney may be the grossest pop star around.

Her former housekeeper reported that she’d often find half-eaten burgers, cookies and fries in Britney’s bed.

A former bodyguard outed her for picking her nose and refusing to shower or brush her teeth or hair for days. Oh. And she doesn’t wear deodorant either.

Why are so many stars not wearing deodorant?

Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom

Orlando’s hygiene problem was so bad that it probably lead to his breakup with Miranda Kerr.

Reportedly, Miranda begged Orlando to stop wearing clothes for a week at a time without washing them, to shower more often and to stop sleeping with the slobbery dog in the bed. Those all sound like dealbreakers to me.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

You have to take everything Alec Baldwin says with a grain salt but both he and Jason Bateman claim Jennifer Aniston has a constant case of stank breath — mostly attributed to coffee.


The woman drank her own urine. Do we really have to explain this one?


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  • celiayounger

    are you kidding?????? and you believe what they tell you? It is true some people preaspira more than others and pr have an inbalance hormons or…. that even when they shower in few hours smell again. 2. vodka does work for underarms (it’s alcohol) but only for few hours. …. it is better to use MILK OF MAGNESIA THAT LAST 6 OR 8 HRS. depending the person. That smells doesn’t mean that he or she doesn’t shower.

  • Mary Traywick

    This is my first time reading this article and I feel pity for the author. To display your ignorance so proudly…freedom of speech was not meant for this sort of irresponsibility. Any person who endorses your poor journalism is as limited as you. Good day

  • rod rodman

    mustn’t offend the black species. so not one mentioned here

  • RickyO

    I have always maintained that I can smell Snooki from here.

  • EricArthur

    If one doesn’t like to use deodorant, antiperspirant or other chemical products, that seems fine to me. However if that’s your choice, bathe, shower or wash often, even if it means more than once a day, 2 or three times if necessary! Nobody in western society should be excused for smelling like a Nigerian peasant, or the average FRENCH CITIZEN for that matter. Ever been in an elevator with a group of French tourists? For a culture that pretends to be so sophisticated, why do they smell like my SEPTIC TANK?

  • Pippi Detman

    Seriously, who gives a rat’s arse? It’s not like I’m going to be sitting next to any of them at an awards show or dinner.

  • a8mark

    damn if these women don`t take showers . why would anybody want to sleep with them. that`s worse then sleeping with a can of tuna on your night stand .that`s disgusting then they go out drinking and dancing with no underwear yuck!!!!!!!!

  • missannmcd

    Gross! Poor hygiene is breaker for me.a definite deal

  • oh wow

  • eastedie33510

    Cameron Diaz is pure ugly -her face is sinking in.

  • Riffy Raff

    What in the hell is this website about? It’s all about black people news and belittling/insulting white people.

  • Carole Kadrie

    That’s not lack of person hygiene with Jennifer Anniston, it’s just coffee breath.

  • satcey

    Not surprised that all of these people are white. That just proves that white people (and I’m white) has a very distinctive wet dog/skunk odor. African Americans have the best skin, shape and talent capabilities. Real is real…

  • Ram6

    All I can say is where were these people’s parents when they were growing up. You have to think that their terrible hygiene habits were allowed to fester (sort of like their smell) throughout their childhood and never corrected by anyone who cared about them. These are the “role models” of a generation or two, how sad!!!

  • Katie Kay

    Wouldn’t she prefer NOT to sit down wind of him if he as a BO Problem? If you are downwind of something that means you are smelling it… so she enjoys his BO stank?

  • chris

    OK, both my best-friend and a cousin went to school with Cameron Diaz at Hughes Jr.

    high and Poly High School, in Long Beach, CA. Both said that she always had on the same clothes and was not the cleanest of people..sweat stains and all…Well somethings never change

  • MildBill

    I think Joan Rivers meant to say she preferred to sit “upwind” of Russell Crowe, much like people who say “I could care less” when they really mean they “could NOT” care less.

  • Gil42100

    Hay folks here is a historic fact that you may not know and I will give you an example of why this fact came to ne, Viggo Mortensen got in to his roll in the Lord Of the rings right, well back in the days similar to this movie depicting the people at that time rarely bathed and in the so caled royal courts of Europe there came and invention know as “PERFUME” for one very outstanding reason, and that folks is that they stunk to high heaven, and at wedding they tried to cover the small by using flowers, and these people who live like these so called famous people what er their color are exactly what one post said , Pigs are Pigs matter what color they are, and as for David Arquette saying that truck drivers stink well for over 50 years I was a driver and almost every drive stops daily just to take a shower and eat especially after loading the trailer which may have them handling the pay load to load it and become stinky, and they like to sleep in a clean good smelling truck not a pig sty as this lover of stink claims because he like the way some woman smelled oh yeah, wonder how often she changed her underwear, let alone washed her possibles and you ladies know what that means.
    So as the man said Pigs are Pigs no matter who they are, and yes I shower everyday, and use deodorant, and feel good all under wearing my Hanes.

  • Tessie Talk

    not shaving your arm pits is NOT “bad hygiene”… my not be “attractive” to some, but guys RARELY shave their pits, yet they are not accused of “bad hygiene”… and if you bathe regularly, one does not “stink” any more because of natural body hair… before safety razors became common an hundred years ago, few women shaved anything… Can you imagine using a straight razor on your arm pits?

  • pwparsons

    This is one sick, F88k of an article!! You know what a regressive, oppressive, supressive effect you’re having on young people, who are increasingly aware of your conniving to “deliver” them into the great, soul less, puritanical maw of consumer capitalism!! Shame!! On you and your odious attempts to use guilt and shame on your fellow, beautiful creatures.

  • SallyWhitman

    I haven’t seen her in a long time, but looking at this photo — she’s has so much surgery that she looks like the Joker from the Batman movies.

  • Jaime

    maybe rather then joining in the bash feast here people should realize
    the bad personal hygiene is one of the first signs of depression. If
    Robin Williams death didn’t help to raise awareness of the fact the even
    the most successful ( in his case successfully funny) person can suffer
    from depression then well this world really does suffer from apathy and
    that makes me sad to think of the future my children will have.

  • Victor Trammell

    I can’t believe Megan Fox actually said that….No way!

  • StephenNewdell

    They’re really cats in people’s clothing. They hate getting wet.

  • Tim Passinault

    PIGS!…all PIGS! and their employers should ban them

  • John Hancock

    Disgusting pigs.

  • arielextis

    u know my husband even he dont take a bath for a days he still smell good he does’nt have body odor.he smell like a baby lol
    he also dont use deodorant but his armpit never smell bad.

  • João

    i love smelly women like Britney.

  • Diamond Ryan

    SMH your advertising pop-up in the middle viewing a subjected post, and having to flip pages and wait to populate is so annoying! which is why I wont share and subject my multi social network viewers to this annoyance or return here.

  • shilohdream

    I find it ironic that all of these celebrities are gorgeous with money!!! No excuse..Oh I heard beyonce had real bad breath but not sure if thats true. And Well, Flava Flav and Busta Rhymes look like they stink.

  • gary

    Regarding Joan Rivers’ comment on Russell Crowe. If somebody stinks you sit upwind of them not downwind. Duh.

  • João

    wow, i’d love smelling her!

  • Car Fish

    Who wrote this drivel?

    Joan Rivers wanted to sit “downwind” of Russel Crowe? Sure she didn’t say “upwind” so she could avoid the smell?

    And what exactly does “wane off” mean? Or did the author mean “ward off”?

    DeodErant? It’s deodOrant. As in odor, not oder.

    Oh wait, this is Madame Noire. Never mind. Excellent job, for MN!

  • Hershy2Sweet

    I have to say this… in the Black Commumity is get real when it comes to hygiene. I seen someone get cussed out at church for having a body odor. I kick my sons out the car twice for forgetting to put on deodorant. #HomeyDontPlayThat!

  • larry2012

    No! Please don’t tell me that those men and women appearing on TV and in movies aren’t what they seem? This is like discovering that Willy Wonka was a child molester. Oh, say it isn’t so!

  • alasia min

    okay deodorant is bad but why not find alternatives that keep the smell at bay

  • Mike

    No wonder Miranda Kerr was banging Bieber.

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  • Jacca Red

    If the only thing wrong with Jennifer Anniston is coffee breath, I would take that as a compliment, compared to the other skanks. There is no excuse for not having a wash/shower, using deodorant or brushing their teeth. I bet the room is eye watering at the Oscars, for all the wrong reasons.

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  • ladyv

    What is so sad is that these people are attractive and bad hygiene take away from it. My celebrity fantasies are those of Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt. Hugh! Not anymore.

  • Anderson

    While I was going through this it just made me think about how poor hygiene is often a symptom of depression which I think makes a lot of sense for some of the people on this list.

  • weenswong

    Megan Fox could pinch a loaf and not flush in my house anytime she likes!!

  • Gloric

    There’s a certain thing to be said about modern society’s complete aversion to any smell. It’s like they believe that everyone and thing should smell like lavender and vanilla. Sorry but things give off smells, and I think what some of these people say is uptight overreactions to natural odor.

    eg. I’ve had several people (I live in the city, not the country or otherwise where it might be more common) I work with comment that I smell like dog.
    You know why? I have 2 large, hairy dogs. I wash them every couple of weeks, both fully soaked at the beach and with dog shampoo when I get back. They still have smell because dogs are meant to have a little bit of a stench, to take that away from them would almost be damaging to their natural sensibilities. (you’ll get the kicker to this later, co-workers being who they are)

    However, I wash daily, sometimes twice if it’s hot or I sweat heavily. I never wear clothes more than once before washing them, besides maybe jackets/jumpers. and i deodorise. It doesn’t matter because these people still smell dog.

    Hyper sensitivity to smells trumps all of it, and I think it stems from this world turning current generations into mysophobes, the same people who don’t want their children playing in
    dirt/sand/mud despite it actually being beneficial for them to do so, etc..

    I live with a packrat guy who washes once every 2 months and his room stinks like stale arse and cigarettes, when he opens his bedroom door, the entire house is filled with a stench that makes me want a hurl. He never washes his clothes and his bed sheets are the same unwashed sheets from 4 years ago. And he himself stink so terribly it’s hard not to
    cover my face with my shirt or something when he comes near. I am not unattuned to smells, but some people are way way waaaaaaay too averse to smells.

    This has nothing to do with them being celebrities, this is just who they are and there are many like them. Sure some of them may actually be terrible at hygiene and keeping clean
    like my housemate, but how many of these are one passing comment from one meeting of this person? probably in the middle of a very busy tour of work and etc..

    I remember finishing work on a construction site one day, I had been sweating all day, 9.5 hours of hard yacka, stunk to high heaven and was working around plumbers and some sewage pipes too.
    I was picked up by a friend, almost instantly he said “man, you smell, you gotta shower”, “dude you know you just picked me up from almost 10 hours of labour work, on a building site where open sewage pipes and such?”, “yeah but you smelled like this yesterday too”, “yeah because I worked yesterday as well….”

    It’s like people think the instant you have a little stink, even if you’re in the middle of work, that you should take a shower to get rid of the stink. Just to go out and get stinky in 5 minutes. A really, really unrealistic set of ideals some people live by.

  • OrangeCountyCA2

    I would have no issue hoping in bed with Christina Aguliar, Cameron Diaz or Jennifer Aniston even if they all smelled bad! Jumping in bed with any of these fine ladies would be a once in a lifetime opportunity!

  • OrangeCountyCA2

    I think people who whine and moan about other people’s hygiene need to get a life. Part of accepting diversity is that not every single person you run into is going to be brought up the same way you were and you judgmental idiots need to stop treating it as if it’s a bad thing. There are a multitude of cultures out there and not everyone is going to think the same way you do when it comes to personal hygiene. My biggest pet peeve is not someone who stinks buy whiny passengers in public transportation who complain that another nearby passenger stinks. You don’t like stinky passengers? PAY FOR A FREAKING LIMO OR SHUT THE F— UP!!!!! Unless someone is committing a crime, you have no right to tell other people what to do or to complain about other people.

  • DZicyB

    Interesting all the celebrities were of a given race. No racism here of course. Hah.

  • joey jojo junior shabadoo

    call me crazy, but I find all of these “hygiene issues” extremely appealing

  • Geminiprodj

    Hey Anderson, the washing instructions are sewed inside the waistband of your jeans. It’s there for people like you that have to read the manual first! Just plain old simple common sense!

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  • truthteller

    This article is EXTREMELY racist. Every other article on this site is about black people, yet the instant you start talking about smelling bad, you make the list 100% white?!?!!!! This article is nothing but pure racist propaganda!

    • Gloric

      Anyone who notices race at all as a factor or even thinks of it (quite a
      few of them in this comment section) is just a sheer racist. Not giving
      any excuses. That’s just it, if race even entered your mind, it’s
      something that you think about often and thus you’re bordering on if not
      outright racist in thought process.

      Until I read the comment section, race of the people didn’t even come to mind.

  • millie

    not one person of colour in your 21?

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  • AndTheyCallUsNasty…

    Soooo, that’s what that smell is…. Black is beautiful.

  • Don_Lo

    Ugh, I don’t know how these celebrities can live in a hot place like California and not want to shower. When I was vacationing in California, I was taking a shower in the morning AND at night. I couldn’t stand all the heat and sweat on my skin.

  • willgtl

    As far as Johnny Depp goes. It’s not uncommon at all for someone to not shower for 2-3+ days, especially in Europe and Depp admittedly prefers European culture over American culture (Hence why he lives in France and works in the US).

    Showering daily is an American thing. Same with shampooing and conditioning hair daily. Everyone else knows showering too often is bad for your skin and everyone also knows shampooing and conditioning your hair every day is horrible for your hair.

  • slickwillieisaliar

    “Xtina of stinking like “a 12-year-old girl’s bedroom on school-disco night.” – They should BOTTLE THAT SMELL!

  • Knowsbettah

    If I had hoards of people with no lives worshiping and trying desperately to get near me I’d consider this too, or at least enjoy the stories and whatever shielding effects it might have. “More power to the shields, Mr. Scott!”

  • BigCity

    racist article, 21 and all white people. Guess the ethnic types practice perfect hygiene.

  • Shayna Thomas

    Forget the question, “Why are so many stars not wearing deodorant?” The real question is, “Why are so many stars not taking better care of themselves?”

  • helligusvart

    I was saddened, but not surprised when I saw Britney Spears’ name pop up in here. I remember being totally obsessed with her. But I had read long ago that she is a pig. I think these celebrities are basically spoiled brats who have gotten everything they ever wanted from day one because of their talent or their parent’s money, so they think they can act any way they want and their adoring fans will worship them anyway. And, of course, we cannot discount the influence of drugs.

  • crazycatlady

    Snooki – probably scrubs with used cat litter.

  • Charles M

    Actually, Anderson Cooper is right. Most jeans-makers recommend washing denim as little as possible – especially when you first buy them. They’ll fit better and last longer. Washing damages the fabric.

  • lionfour

    With those t!ts who cares about Jessica Simpson’s teeth?

  • DerpyDerp

    Could you all just imagine that funk! Like that musty just smells like skunk in my opinion. So are you telling me that Brad Pitt smells like a skunk? But back in the day when I had white friends, all of them sticks in a very strange way that cannot be explained. One smelling like @ss-booty and the other smelled like unwashed menstruating vagina (because she said she didn’t shower frequently even on her menses). I honestly just think it’s the oil they secrete.

  • Jon Weiss

    I really have to wonder how these people got famous or are able to stay employed. I am just a simple old retired Soldier and when not in the field I showered at least once every 24 hours and often more than that, depending on the work schedule. Every morning when going to work a clean set of clothing was the order of the day, and there is rarely if ever a repeat of wear on a set of clothing before it is washed. During field training or deployment, the work schedule dictates hygiene and have gone as long as six weeks without a shower, but even then a “bath” in the helmet is in order at least once a day. Now that I’m retired, I shower once a day minimum and if doing work around the house during the day, there is at least a shower before bed time.

  • Patrick Gragg


  • Dean Tasvil

    Lol and if this list is anything to go by all white people stink as all these white people stink lol, this article stinks hahaha.

  • Pookabun

    Actually with Anderson Cooper’s jean – you are supposed to do it that way, especially with raw denim.

  • bill

    To the writer:

    Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

    How does it feel to make a living writing trash like this about other people? Where’s the benefit? Really?

  • Emma Jackson

    What really disgusted me was the last one!! I mean seriously drinking your own urine why would you do that!?!? Unless she was forced to do it i think that was pretty nesty that Ke$ha did that!!

  • Donna Manning

    Get out in the rain, for goodness sake!

  • ayyyyeeeeee

    I just read an article about men with multiple children with multiple women and all the non black people were making all kinds of racist remarks. Lol. Here is an article with all white people and the white people all are upset because everyone knows when it comes to hygiene white people don’t do so well.

  • Bob Lyle

    What’s wrong with these people? Do they think underarm deodorant is cancerous or something? Or are they all weirdos with big egos, in their own world and divorced from society?

  • David Starkey

    Well, Anderson Cooper’s mom was Gloria Vanderbilt, who MADE jeans, so maybe he knows something we don’t. lol

  • FredC1968

    Dirty narcissists.

  • Bettysnark

    I should be on that list, except I’m not a celebrity. I’m pretty gross:(- well relatively.

  • Cindy Finch Mass

    It is gross that Cameron Diaz wears an outfit for 4 days and then tosses it , but it’s sad, also. So many of us less fortunate mere mortals have so little .Why not bag ’em and donate to charity and the peasants can wash them for her ? Priorities ALL mixed up !!!! Hypocritical to be so concerned about the environment , and care so little for your fellow man/woman. Celebrities like this are sickening , and not just because of their hygiene!

  • darbtype

    I can’t believe Nichole Kidman isn’t at the top of this list. Or Madonna for that matter. Kidman has played Kidman and nothing else since BMX bandits: blunt, boring and bad.

  • Trini_Angel

    Ewwwww!! I have 3 showers EVERYDAY!! How in the hell are these celebrities going days without showering?

  • Jon

    What kind of idiot sits downwind of someone they don’t want to smell?

  • joeymegatron

    If Russell Crowe smells, wouldn’t you want to sit UPWIND of him, not downwind?

  • djs1138

    Julia? Say it isn’t so….

  • The Baroness

    I never understood why black folks always talked bad about how white folks smell. Than I moved back to Australia and couldn’t believe that Anglo Australians would talk about only washing their hair once a hair – some once a month! Um, NO. I’m Eastern European. I bathe twice a day – 5 minutes in the morning to wake up, a long shower at night to wash the day away. Brush my teeth twice a day, drink water to flush my inside organs, eat well, wash my hair every second day, change my underwear TWICE a day. Pumice my feet every night and put on sorbelene lotion with socks so they are extra soft, use my face mask once a week and scrub. Wash my bedsheets every second week, do laundry weekly, ish, I even wach my CEILINGS twice a year. All the Eastern/Southern Europeans I know are insane with hygiene and cleanliness. Anglo Australians – the total opposite.

  • Rick Diamond

    This is all just bs. Some. people do not use deodorant because there is no need to, They don’t have under arms odors like other who sweat a lot down there. I always wonder why some people think deodorant are always necessary. Personal hygiene and showers its all you need. Deodorant are only necessary for people that have poor hygiene and under arm odor to cover up the smell.

  • Angyl

    Everybody on this list is basically white… why does this site promote racism so much? Double standards, hearsay, and racism is for idiots.

  • 1rdd

    I’ve heard that you’re not supposed to wash jeans too often so he’s probably right.

  • Donald Weetman Cameron

    Wool or cotton absorbs sweat and dries quickly
    Drying quickly stops the bacterial activity and the smell they emit.
    Clothing with plastic threads like polyester and nylon can begin to stink within four hours or sooner.
    How many have not gone camping for a week?

  • Glenn Cabradilla

    How can you say not wearing deodorant is non-hygienic? I don’t wear deodorant (except for dates and parties) but I take a bath 1-2 times a day, I don’t smell… well not really bad at least.

  • Mike Roberts

    I served a celeb one time and he was FUNKY smelling….Either he’d just come from the gym or clubbing, but he was STANK!!!!

  • Lynx

    Pick 20 famous people and Snooki and put them in a list, what a load of nonsense this is.

  • Eric Matterson

    I would rather live with a cute, fat woman than a beautiful woman that doesn’t clean or flush after herself (Meagan Fox)

    • Gabriel Chase

      I’d rather have Megan Fox. But only if she doesn’t flush… 😛

  • Eric Matterson

    Good thing for Jessica Simpson that she had good financial advisors around her. She is an idiot!!!!Saliva in your mouth takes away the slipperiness

  • An Old Cynic

    I think it has something to do with the ink they use to print the paychecks or money these pampered pooches get entirely too much of for the small contributions they make to society.
    The fumes or aroma has the affect of neutralizing common sense, good judgment, common courtesy and personal hygiene. Start paying them minimum wage or what they’re really worth. At least then they’d have an excuse for not being ably to afford deodorant or a place to take a hot shower.

  • robertM

    Diaz looks like a bag lady.

  • ImMe

    W H I T E P E O P L E . . .

  • Robyn Hode

    What can we learn from this story? That the writer, Meg Butler, will do anything, write anything, no matter how offensive, to make a buck.

  • Stephanie Damoco Yu

    just because some people don’t use deodorant does not mean that they have bad hygiene. i know people who do not use deodorant and still smell good. i myself do not use deodorant. it makes me sweat more than usual. some people do not need it, and well some people just do. your body odor is also a reflection of your diet. say healthier = cleaner scent. processed or spiced up food (loads of spices) = contaminated scent. they seep out your pores. search it up. i had a lecture about it in one of my psychology classes lol

  • Samar


  • Samar

    a big EWW

  • Bridgeton

    Actually, a long time ago I read that Brad Pitt had to tell one of his co-stars to use baby wipes. So, that makes me question the other information shared in this article….

  • Gladys

    Since when does not using a deodorant became a bad hygiene? I’m 26, haven’t tried using any deo, but yet the best part of me that my partner wants to smell is my armpit. Take a shower daily and you don’t need a deodorant to get rid of your stinky “wings”.

  • pimpmypajamas

    Sandra Bullock’s America’s Sweetheart, not Julia Roberts…

  • Rochelle Norona

    Because deodorant can cause breast cancer due to it’s chemical ingredients. that’s what I’ve read..

  • pgeetruth

    Now i know why celebrities marriages dont last.

  • JackofCanada

    Not a single black celeb…Humm, discriminating so as not to be accused of discrimination?

  • ThatRandomGuy

    I almost choked on my lunch when I read the bit about Snooki rubbing cat litter on her face. classic.

  • steve button

    Madam Noire…whoever the classless, tasteless skids are who wrote this utter crap….please, go get some medication. Or find a bridge with a very long fall…

    • steve button

      Same goes for the losers who think this is reading material for humans…

  • SOOZ

    Okay they missed Jennifer Aniston…worst actress ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robyn Hode

    Don’t get too close to Meg Butler, the “writer” of this garbage. The odor from what she writes is much worse than anything seen here.

  • spider69

    Maybe nobody advise them to use TAWAS. if they have no idea what TAWAS is ? I suggest them to ask a Filipino woman to know what & how to use TAWAS.

  • Angela

    I was disappointed with all of them. I think if someone doesn’t clue them in before they become celebrities, they think that they are allowed to be pigs because they are who they are. The general public treats them like gods so why not?

  • Victor_Velo

    These people smell bad because I don’t like them

  • inkyjones

    oprah winfrey takes a dump in her pants and walks around like that all day

  • Andrew

    do some research anderson coopers right.

  • thagreatestmanalive

    And people say foreigners are gross.

  • Steven

    These celebs ought to sue the hell out Madame Noire for this crap.

  • moe johnson

    I’ve never worn deodorant in my life. Neither does my wife. Our house smells so bad like BO! Just kidding, we’re vegetarians. We’ve never ate red meat, or any meat for that matter and exercise a lot. I’ve heard that B.O. is caused by too much protein and not enough exercise! I don’t know if it is true or not but I’ve never had that characteristic smell. We also drink a lot of water, maybe that comes into play?

  • txazpa

    So 100 more celebrities are a close 21.

  • bec2224

    The owner of Levi’s (can’t remember his name) has asked Levi wearers to NOT wash your jeans. It ruins them. They last longer if you don’t wash them. In Japan if you wash someone’s jeans you are going to be in deep trouble, lol

  • Rickrude

    The article is a load of crap based on hearsay … So-and-so says so-and-so doesn’t bathe; so automatically that person is branded as being unhygienic. Just because someone doesn’t wear a deodorant doesn’t mean they stink. That’s hogwash perpetrated by the consumer industry. Everyone has an odour, like-it-or-not. What’s more, reading the comments sadly illustrates how racist and intolerant humans are to one another.

  • shann

    actually, anderson cooper is correct. too much washing is bad for denim, and it helps it keep your form. unless you’re a mechanic or something, you’re better off rarely washing them.

  • anna2556

    Not a fan of this Snooki person…still can’t figure out what she’s famous for…but I have to defend her choice of facial. It’s not used cat liter, and though I prefer the minty green stuff from a tube, I have heard of others (including beauty specialists) saying that the clay from non-clumping cat liter is essentially the same as the stuff they put on cosmetic shelves, sans the essential oils and such. But that crap about Megan Fox (literally) is just naaaastyyy. Bad enough to do that mess in your own home, but to drop a load in someone else’s toilet and still not flush? Damn that’s foul. Rude too.

    • Angyl

      You are a moron for being this tripe.

      • anna2556

        Feel free to criticize. I actually take it as a compliment when stupid people disagree with me. 🙂

  • Christophe Silvey

    anderson cooper…nevernude

  • Doo-doo Man

    I’m white but I can wear the same sox for 2 weeks and they won’t smell. My sneakers do not smell. I don’t even need or use deodorant under my arms but my crotch is another issue. I think the wet dog smell is left overs.

  • mjphoto45

    Add Richard Gere

  • jb1907

    your teeth won’t fall out if you only brush twice a week. we are all scammed by the dental society.

  • LaQuita Jackson

    I just came here to read the comments! hahahahaaaaaaa it’s some funny ish in this thread!

  • Rick Hilton

    Ugh. It looks like the “beautiful people” are secret pathetic slobs. This is inexcusable behavior.

    • Samar

      totally agree with you.

  • Tiera

    I’m still waiting for the list of celebrity crushes! Who are these people they named? YUCK not anything I would be interested in!

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  • Kath

    Yup, you’ve got to be white.

    • Angela

      stop the racism.

  • Bob Ratcliff

    Hang on here – but they’re the beautiful & rich people! Having not been blessed with drop dead good looks, instead I’m anal to the extreme about cleanliness of home & body. I thought everyone lived that way. These people are GROSS! I’m so out of the loop, I only knew three of the stars. This time I’m glad:)

  • Kitty

    I agree with most of these issues except the deodorant/antiperspirant one. I’m not sure why people are in denial about the fact that 90% of them are bad for you. There are plenty of natural alternatives. I’m not judging those of you who wear normal deodorants, but how bad is your natural odor & how infrequently do you shower as to where do you feel you’ll absolutely die if you go a day or two without wearing it? Unless you play sports or work a job where you’ve got to be on the move (nursing, teaching, construction working, etc.), you don’t need to be rubbing toxins into your pits.

  • John E Strom Jr.

    WHERE is Angelina Jolie on that list of worst actors? She’s a disaster.

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  • Dee

    What happened to Bradley Cooper? o.O

  • smittyt

    No it’s whites period.

    • John E Strom Jr.

      smittyt, not blacks like you? You seem to have a blind spot or a special place in your “heart” for whites. Pigs are pigs regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or ideology.

      • Angela

        I agree. Everything comes in every color. Good and bad.

    • aaaray

      Smittyt, I grew up in South Central L. A. and believe me, it ain’t just the white folks who can smell like an open sewer!

      • AndTheyCallUSNasty

        No, they just do more often….

    • dal

      Now smittyt I use to work with one black gentleman who never bathed, even in the summer time. we did landscaping together and when he would get on the back of the truck you had better be up wind of him. Great guy, hard worker but stank to high heaven.

      • AndTheyCallUSNasty

        ONE??!!…Omg, that TOTALLY chumps the 20 above. Sorry, yall lose this one.

  • smittyt

    And these all the people BLACK people beat up bash and put down each other for.Taking baths in not in the white race nature in the first place.The Moors had to teach them how to bathe plus they come from caves anyway so they just want to smell as close to home as they can.Those white boys on my job stink so bad first thing in the morning.That it could be 16 degrees outside and we will ride in the truck with ALL the windows rolled down to get rid of that wild cave nature smell.And black people want to date and marry these trifling skunks.Well go ahead you are what you deal with.

    • Myeisha R Moses


    • Tommyboy

      So the white man invented indoor plumbing just for black people huh. If it wasn’t for white people negros would still be washing in the Congo river.

    • Sonny Kid

      You have that just the opposite, dear.

  • Alum or aluminum in deodorants is cancerous. A major cause of breast cancer in women.

  • but some people (*cough* Daywalker, Kitty, Stans4Real, No Shade, Woo Woo) like it like that tho lol

  • Gigi Sev

    Deodorants clog your pores it’s not good for you try all natural products that won’t clog up your pores.

  • prettyman

    I would lick Jessica’s teeth for her!

    • Angela

      That’s disgusting on any level. You can think some things without saying them, but posting it?

      • prettyman

        And I guess you have never tongue kissed anyone? That is all it is! Get over it!

  • IvLiberty

    Deodorant is a chemical that is applied extremely close to your lymph nodes. Your skin is your largest organ and it helps your body detoxify. To clog your pours with perfumes and dyes is counterproductive and could be causing you harm. Perfumes are irritants. Maybe this is why there are so many people with breathing problem

    • IvLiberty

      Also, am nursing and I hate wearing deodorant not because I want to smell but because I don’t want the chemicals. I reluctantly wear Toms natural deodorant and I skip most of the other crap we are conditioned to use…it is more marketing than necessity.

  • guest

    You can add Jamaicans & Africans to the list

  • guest

    I work at nursing home. ..The staff brings food sits it anywhere wide open every one touches eats unwrapped sprinkle potato chips on common work area station that every one touched and eats off the counter top. Unbelievable and we’re considered inferior

  • This is just their own style, they don’t even think what you think about.

  • donny j

    Wow all pink people lol. I thought lil wayne would be on here and every other rapper, they all look like they stink!

  • Keeping it 100

    I’m not surprised white people don’t bathe as often they don’t even wash their meat before they cook it

    • Tommyboy

      Wash their meat before they cook it, WTF?

  • tina

    Growing up in the caribbean, my mother said that when in school they got hygein books from England. The books suggested bathing every dew days. Generally speaking, I always thought that white people didnt like to bathe.

    • FromUR2UB

      Bathing every few days made sense in the days before people had indoor plumbing and central heating. In winter, those days may have been spread out even further. But, that doesn’t mean people couldn’t sponge bathe on the non-bath days, like my mom did in her youth. There’s no excuse for anybody with indoor plumbing not bathing at least once daily now. Some people just have an aversion to soap and water. I don’t get that because being dirty feels uncomfortable, to me.

  • G.W. G.

    The women have p-holes that smell like road kill!

    • guest

      Lol ..Bwaaaaaaaaaa

  • uniquefashionista

    I am offended that all these “celebrities” think its okay to be this way and offend others. They make all that money to have the best of the best showering aides. I take pride in my personal hygiene and will spend big bucks to smell good at all times. I guess the old saying is true, ” You can polish up a turd all you want, but at the end of the day its still a piece of s@*t!”

    • tiredofyouall

      agree !!
      there’s a little something out there that can be used in place of deodorant : baking soda ; its an old tried and true remedy especially for some like myself that have
      overly sensitive skin !
      when I was a kid, my mom would buy mum deodorant and it burned my underarms
      black – and still black to this day !!

      • IvLiberty

        I am looking for a good ph balanced recipe. Baking soda, coconut oil, and shae butter works really well but it burns my skin because I can’t figure out the right mixture to make it ph balanced…

        • tiredofyouall

          make up 3 different compounds (small) using less of each product –
          maybe that’ll help you find the right balance……

    • IvLiberty

      Then you are a victim of clever marketing! You don’t need all of those perfumes and dyes to smell good. Your skin is your largest organ and if you eat well, drink plenty of water then you won’t need a bunch if stuff to mask your body odor. Your skin helps your body detoxify…

      • FromUR2UB

        You’re right that eating lots of vegetables, fruit, high fiber foods, and drinking plenty of water affects the way you smell. If the body is clean (externally) in the first place, you’re not going to stink even when you heavily perspire either, unless the perspiration stays on your skin for hours. But, unless I developed an allergy or some other adverse reaction to perfume, I wouldn’t want to give that up. It would feel like a deprivation.

      • Transbutter

        Yupe! Diet and drinking daily intake of water is everything.

    • FromUR2UB

      Yeah, there’s something about stench that “hums”. Remember when Martin used to tease Pam about her breath humming? It’s true. It’s kind of constant and you can’t get away from it. Like the smell of garbage, it doesn’t fade or dissipate. Of course, that wafting funk is no better…when you suddenly catch a whiff of someone as they pass. Lawdy, lawdy.

  • Derma Smart

    Skimping on hot water and soap does not constitute poor hygiene – hot water is bad for your skin, as is soap. Lukewarm and cold water cleans you just as well as hot water, and if you’ve not been sweating, swimming, or doing other outdoorsy activities, you don’t need soap on every inch of your body every day. It’s actually bad for your skin to bathe every day, but I am an American, so feel that I must. But I just soap the underarms, feet, private parts, hair & face daily, and soap my back, calves, arms, etc. every 2-3 days (and always use a very gentle soap or body wash.) If I didn’t have really oily hair, I’d not wash it every day. I live in the hot South, though, so deodorant is an absolute must (as is keeping baby wipes and extra deodorant in your desk or purse at all times.) Also, not shaving frequently is a personal choice for both men and women – it has nothing at all to do with hygiene.

  • NegRican24

    OoooooooK Snooki’s exfoliating technique isn’t so bad as long as the cat litter ISN’t used and Anderson Cooper is ok too as long as he’s washing his body and changing his underwear; I have favorite jeans that I wash once a month or so and LOOOOVE to wear over and over for errands and things (never out to functions or anything but I don’t let them get too dirty anyway) Also washing the jeans with soap and water is cool HOWEVER does AAAAAAANYONE else see the pattern here…….take a WIIIIIIIILD guess folks!!!!!!!

  • Steve Stone

    I believe the Brtitney Spears stories and Snookie.

    The rest of it is some exaggerated bs

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    I personally never get musty so I don’t wear deodorant but if you’re stink & ppl smell you just wear it!!!

    • Brittany

      stop lying

      • Aaliyah Noelle

        Um ..

      • IvLiberty

        Everyone doesn’t have underarm odor…

    • JJ truth

      You’ve probably grown immune to the stench of your own body odor. Girl you need to deodor those arms asap.

      • Aaliyah Noelle

        You’s a cotton pickin lie.

    • guest

      Baby powdering the pits works too.

  • mmmdot

    I think I remembered seeing a picture of Britney walking into a PUBLIC GAS STATION BATHROOM with no shoes on her feet. Straight up skin crawling nastiness. Blergh.

    • NegRican24

      YEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!! I don’t even like walking around at home barefoot so I would NEEEEEEEEEEVAH go outside or in a PUBLIC toilet like that!!!!!

    • guest

      Yeah I saw that too. Gross !!!

  • keepitcuteorputitonmute#1

    They are all white people yuck

  • I clicked through every damn page…. that was funny.

  • Krystal

    i get the, “not wearing deodorant thing.” the typical deodorant/ antiperspirants actually aren’t good for you unless it’s the all natural kind (the aluminum found in deodorants has been linked to cancer and alzheimer’s). a lot of friends i have from outside of the u.s. don’t use the stuff we (americans) use, because there are so many risks and long term side effects linked to it. i don’t use it either, i use this stuff called naturally fresh deodorant crystal. i don’t really sweat much and i bathe daily and wear perfume. but, to each her and his own.

  • FromUR2UB

    I just scrolled down to see if there were the usual drool comments, like “Mmmm. I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed!”. I’ll give you one: “He can stank me up ANY time!” Where are the guys who still Jessica Simpson is a preferred catch? HAHAHAHAAAAAA!! You’re funny.

  • heartgrowsfonda

    Anderson Cooper is right though, that is how you wash jeans, or it was in the 60s. Possibly age plays a role. The no deodorant thing.. I’ve known several guys who thought this. It doesn’t work well if you have a stressful job though.

    • FromUR2UB

      The only people I knew who weren’t washing jeans in the 60s were hippies, and their jeans got so filthy they looked like they could stand on their own. I wouldn’t take any hygienic tips from them.

      • john

        The CEO of Levis just said to basically wash the jeans once a year…

        • FromUR2UB

          I bet he was a hippie.

        • guest

          He wasn’t talking about average basic folks wearing them jeans out and about. He’s talking about pampered people wearing very expensive top of line jeans that don’t crease up easily.

      • JJ truth

        Rofl! Jeans that stand and salute whenever you enter a room because the funk is so stiff.

  • I am GAGGING. All these Funky McNasty celebs not showering/brushing/applying deodorant to the pits….uggggggggh. PLEASE. You are not your ancestors in the olden days in Europe. YOU STINK! OH GOODNESS! YOU STINK! D: The only one I don’t side eye is Snooki. I’m assuming the litter is fresh, duh.

  • Cinnamon71

    Bad hygiene is one of my top dealbreakers. It is a non-negotiable. I don’t have time to give you chance after chance to get it right. Life is too short to be putting up with funk in close proximity day after day. If mommy or daddy didn’t teach you, google some tutorials on what good hygiene is.

    • DeLeon629

      But let’s be real, If you were Brad Pitt…at the height of your career…would you really give a sh&t about anything somebody tells you? lol

    • Transbutter

      The best comment I’ve read so far!

  • PardonMoi

    How the fck you have all this money but are still dirty.WTF?!

    • John

      To play the Devils Advocate here, might be that they all do this because otherwise they’d get mobbed wherever they go, so they are creating a bigger zone of personal space.

      • LaQuita Jackson


      • Transbutter


    • guest

      Money don’t change all people. You can put lipstick on a pig. But it’s still a pig.

      • niggaholla

        like puting lipstick on michelle obama but he/she is still a pig.

        • FromUR2UB

          Awww. Look at you…all over the place trying to get people to notice you. Well, if your breath didn’t smell like dog booty, maybe they would. That’s why I’m going to ignore you now, ‘cause your breath stinks like hot garbage..and dog booty. Say “hi“ to the wife/sister and kids/nieces/nephews for me.

      • Angela

        Good one. All of these comments back and forth show how very common we all are. Reality is that what smells like something to one of us will not smell the same to another. In all cultures, there are myths and mores that have become traditional. Deodorizers and perfumes do go a long way to help all of us. Mouthwash is wonderful also.

  • Latoya Davis

    So….. there are NO African American, Hispanic, Asian, or Middle Eastern non-hygenic stars, huh? oh ok.

    • LOL we all know better. With all the oils, lotions, potions, and cremes we use…oh no no no. We shower and wash!! XD

    • Jasmine Rose

      Well, I heard Beyonce stink sometimes, especially her breath because she like garlic a little too much.

  • Excepcion

    … but apparently black folks stink …

    • white people smell

      sorry white people take the trophy for funk..p funk PURE FUNK!

      • FromUR2UB

        I don’t disagree. But, speaking of P Funk, I once heard that George Clinton stank… wouldn’t bathe the entire time he was working on some music. I’ve heard that from more than one source.

        • Excepcion

          Clinton doesnt surprise me really .. all that LSD and whatever they were doing at the time .. probably would spend endless amounts of hours high as shat in the studio making music.

        • NegRican24

          He said that himself…. they would all be so high and inspired (you know how TRUE artist are) that they would hole up in the studio for days on end and no one would bathe…nasty but the musc was epic

          • FromUR2UB

            Yeah, the music was great but, PHEW!! Can you imagine being holed up with a bunch of stinkin’ fumin’ people? Nauseating!

            • Tommyboy

              Especially black people, pheeew.

              • FromUR2UB

                The operative word in what you said is PEOPLE. How would you, a cave dweller with the odor of bear scat, know what any people smell like, especially black people?

      • Excepcion

        Lol I was being sarcastic .. we all know white folks are disgusting creatures for real.

        • FromUR2UB

          I think that’s why they love animals so much because their scent blends with the animal smell – might smell worse, in some cases – and animals can’t tell them they stink and need to go wash.

      • smittyt

        Yes they do and the crown too!

      • DerpyDerp

        And they take the trophy for STANK as well.

  • Lissa329

    ….There’s nothing worse than a stank a#$ man. You mean to tell me, you can’t get up and wash your a*$ when you roll up out the bed?!

    • smittyt

      A stinking woman is A LOT WORST but you know that already.

      • DerpyDerp

        Naw man, Men have this extra punch when it comes to them stickin

  • sammi

    Notice all these people were YT lol.

    • white people smell

      white people smell horrible anyway.. that wet dog smell has got to go. they talk about blks smelling like cocoa butter,, at least thats something we put on our skin not a natural dog animal smell they have when they wet themselves..

      • FromUR2UB

        What CAUSES that?? I hate to get on an elevator on a warm day with white men because that wet dog smell lingers even after they get off. They must have some weird chemistry.

      • sammi

        I dated a white guy and he didnt smell ever. We’ve been together while he worked out, sweaty, and all he didnt stink like dog like myths will have you think. He always smelled like cologne of detergant. At least this was my experience.

        • U_gon_learn_Today

          Some whites have other “mixes” in them (and some don’t even know it).. Maybe he wasn’t 100% Caucasoid. He might’ve had a cut of Indigenous or African blood like some Italians do.

          • sammi

            Well he was italian and polish so maybe thats why lol. Idk

            • smittyt

              That’s dumb Samb0 because that means he’s all white.

          • smittyt

            He couldn’t have been because all white men naturally stink.

            • Angela

              Stop that.

          • Debossman

            ALL Italians do.

          • Angela

            That doesn’t matter. A white professor says that 75 percent of the worlds population if mixed with something. Considering that men will be men, we could all be mixed. All of the historical battles usually ended in captures of some kind which led the men to take what they thought was their rights with the women.

        • donny j

          You was just in love and didnt realize it, but he was funky! lol

          • sammi

            Lol shut up. He didnt stink, whats so hard about that to wrap your head around.

            • donny j

              Lol girl its a joke!

              • smittyt

                Black women will go to war with you defending a white man.

                • donny j

                  I love me some black women yall can keep the pinks.

                • Myeisha R Moses


                • shesays

                  Yes, it’s all because the woman is BLACK and the man is WHITE. Just listen to yourself. It’s ridiculous.

            • smittyt

              I bet you stink though.

          • smittyt

            Yes he was but then she probably stink just as bad as he does.After all he lay on top of her and bad odor is contagious.

        • smittyt

          That’s was crazy love that crap will clog up your nose.I have seen women who was so into a man that she would set in the bathroom while he took a dump and it wouldn’t even bother them.Women are sick.

        • Angela

          Cleanliness goes a long way. Everybody smells like something different to other groups. What you eat makes worlds of differences also.

      • JJ truth

        The “wet dog odor” you post about is probably due to bad body odor from not washing or having hygiene. All white people do not stink—-only the ones who don’t have any kind of hygiene.

        • U_gon_learn_Today

          No, it’s not a myth. It’s real. I know plenty of whites that use deodorants and shower more than blacks but they still cannot get rid of that wet dog smell. It think it’s an oil that excretes from their skin that makes them smell like that. And the more white they are the stronger the oil.

          • smittyt

            You got that right,it’s not a myth!

          • Is it us, or Black noses? Both

            Only people with Black genes can smell it – IJS.

        • smittyt

          ALL white folks stink,it’s that wild game in you from living in caves.

          • Tommyboy

            All black folks stink’ it’s that monkey smell from living in trees and having sex with monkeys.

          • JJ truth

            You’re very disturbed. Your hatred doesn’t equate to truth. You’re just as bad as racists who lie about all black people stinking. Try some truth it will elevate you to a higher level. There are many real faults of whites & all peoples that can be noted without resorting to lies. I don’t have time to play this game. Peace out.

      • smittyt

        You’re right on everything you said AMEN!

        • grotto3b

          Wow, I’ve heard the same myth about black people for years, with the N-word, but I had always thought, “No, people with bad hygiene have a bad body odor”. I didn’t stereotype. I’ve smelled bad body odor on people of all races, and never thought it was their race, and don’t end this BS with an AMEN.

      • Tommyboy

        Blacks when wet have a natural monkey animal smell.

        • FromUR2UB

          What causes you and your monkey family to get wet? We know it’s not from bathing.

          • Tommyboy

            I’m white, I don’t stink.

            • FromUR2UB

              Yes you do. You’re just used to stinking and don’t smell it.

          • Tommyboy

            No dummy , you all are the monkeys and I gets wet from yo mamma’s saliva on my balls.

            • FromUR2UB

              The only balls you have are the ones hanging from your butt, where the rest of your d*ck is, or is that someone else’s? Stinky.

              • niggaholla

                hey n igger you ALL smell like dog $hit

                • FromUR2UB

                  You like dog shet. That’s why you got a dog so you can lick its butthole, Butthole.

                  • niggaholla

                    that’s weak ni99et

                    • FromUR2UB

                      But, you know it’s true. You’re over there right now licking dog butt, ya dog butt licker.

                    • niggaholla


              • LaQuita Jackson

                CTFU!!! I gotta use that one! bahahahahahahhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

      • Debossman

        Another RACIST.

      • niggaholla

        and n i ggers smell like dog $hit

  • H. Craig Bradley


    Actors who don’t take a bath are also known as ” Barbarians”. The Romans knew something we do not recognize. People here in Glendale don’t know what the word “barbarian” means. ( Public School “Educacion” really stinks too). Romans did not like barbarians or non- Romans ( foreigners or illegal immigrants). One of the tell-tale signs of being a barbarian was having light(er) skin color, an accent ( Germania or Goth), being uncultured, and stinking. Romans all bathed or used olive oil to hide their B.O. Matt and Brad: Take the Hint or dress-up like a Viking. Your movies are not selling so well.

    H. Craig Bradley
    Glendale, CA.

    • U_gon_learn_Today

      Romans were very big on hygiene and baths.These are the people that invented the first plumbing system – the aqueduct (sp?). it was a social thing to take baths (and led to 0rgies too).

    • Kay

      No so, the Northern races used soap made out of animal fat and woodash, the same way all soap was made up till last few decades, and water. The Romans used olive oil, steam and scrapers, indulgent and relaxing but not so efficient. Things got mucky in the middleages even with the elite, but nowadays we all wash like barbarians, quick, clean and efficient..

  • MzDiva1

    Though I do it daily, wearing deodorant is actually bad for you. Most of these celebrities buy all natural deodorant rocks or something similar. I cannot do that!

    • U_gon_learn_Today

      That hippie natural deodorant will only last for 30 minutes and 23 seconds. lol

      • LaQuita Jackson


      • Veronica Houston


      • Angela

        Not true. Been wearing a natural deodorant for years. Once your body gets used to it, you can wear nothing else and it lasts for days.

        • U_gon_learn_Today

          hmmm. interesting! I didn’t think of that

        • grotto3b

          Yeah, if you never perspire.

    • IvLiberty

      I totally agree. I am nursing and I hate to wear deodorant because it is so close to my breast. I have been wearing Toms, a all natural deodorant but I am searching for a more natural alternative. We must be careful of all the chemicals and crap we put on our skin which is our largest organ. I care more about my health than colognes, perfumes, and dyes.

  • Myeisha R Moses

    ALL of these people really have ONE thing in common.

    • Let It Be

      LMAO!!!!! I’m so glad someone said it.

      • Mary Traywick

        and let the racist peanut gallery chime in

        • Let It Be

          Oh look. Another “victim”. Careful dear, your fragility is showing.

    • JS

      *fallsout* Omg. Stop. I can’t.. LMAO!!!!

    • reeceecup™


    • hahahaha!!

      skin color

    • Jasmine Rose

      Ha ha! I was thinking the same! lol

      • Mary Traywick

        that would require the proper equipment…you did not think…your regurgitated ignorant thoughts…yawn

    • Catrina Paige

      Omg! I was thinking the same thing…. Lol

    • Aaliyah Noelle

      Lmao I hate you for pointing it out lol

    • ian mcgrinty

      All the above comments have one thing in common. Racism.

    • olivia

      Let’s not forget the group that indulges themselves in curry on a daily basis. They smell a block away.

    • U_gon_learn_Today

      The irony of this is that they are always saying how we stink. I guess wearing soap and deodorant is considered musty??? lol

    • IvLiberty

      What? Not wanting chemicals, dyes, and other crap on their skin? I do not wear perfumes and I reluctantly wear a natural (non aluminum) deodorant.

      • Myeisha R Moses


      • Myeisha R Moses

        OVERstood..NO excuse to not bathe..there are natural soaps, deodorants etc..I use them..and if your diet is CORRECT you should be able to go days without deodorant. Have a good day.

        • grotto3b

          Not in FL, sorry. All Races, All Genders, Vegans, Gluten-free, whatever, you have to bathe, brush your teeth and wear deodorant daily or you will smell bad.

      • sycamore

        I use natural deodorant too, but it’s STILL deodorant, and I don’t stink.

      • JudithNYC

        I am one of those folks who hardly ever use deodorant, maybe on a summer day if I am going to be exerting myself. But I shower and have a complete change of clothes twice a day, sometimes three. And since I don’t wear fancy jeans those suckers get laundered every time.

    • Ok

      Alright Myeisha, enough being mean to White people.

      • Myeisha R Moses

        Wow..I don’t think I was being mean.

        • niggaholla

          no you were not but i will be dog $hit smelling ugly ni 99er

    • niggaholla

      yes this racist n i gger magazine picked al white people so racist n i ggers like you can feel better about themsevles.

      • JA6180

        And you replied so you could do the exact same thing….right?

      • Myeisha R Moses

        Don’t get mad because you TROGLODYTES are filthy and vile beasts..WE taught you TROGLODYTES how to live civil and you still can’t get it right. Make this the LAST time you address me.

        • niggaholla

          civil? you ni 99 ers kill each other at a higher rate then any race in history. you ni 99er s were starving in africa before we taught you how to irragate and the only country in africa that was thriving was s. africa until the ni 99ers took over now it is a $h it hole. p.s b i tach i will address you whenever i want i am white i tell you what to do and you are one ugly bald n i 99er no white man or spish or asian would even give an ugly c u n t like you a look and you ni 99 e rs smell like dog $h it too.

          • ROFLat.these.idiots???

            Omg im in stitches..im black and from England with mixed race kids and just to think that people can just judge others by their colour AND THEN DISS THEM is actually laughable..REALLY??? omg Holla chill your beef and stop making steak outta porkpies mate…really????. soz holla but Mye is right..you white people are tramps..You spend more time cleaning your houses more than your front and that is rancid..Believe me I have friends of ALL COLOURS AND I HAVE BEEN ON T.V (only adverts) but I know that black people do sweat easily but at least they wash p.m.s.l….just stating FACT

            • niggaholla

              hey ni 99er maybe youre wh ore of a wife may stink and youre sambo kids too. but as a whole whites are more civil and smell way better then you dog $ hit ni 99ers

            • shesays

              I can’t believe you live in England and you sound so idiotic. It’s like you are making fun of black people the way you talk, but in fact, you are actually just that stupid.

            • DerpyDerp

              Whatever you say you gramcracka muthaf*cka.

    • shesays

      Hey, genius. Yes, the people chosen for this list are all white? I guess that means blacks don’t stink? We all know that’s not true.

    • What Do You Expect

      All smelly liberals ?

    • DerpyDerp

      BAHHAHA. I “noticed” too :33

    • Mary Traywick

      Yes they are all innocent targets of a biased and frivolous article written by a racist individual…anything else?

  • TheDer

    Anderson Cooper is 100% correct..you are NOT supposed to wash jeans very often. When you have high priced say Japanese denim not the crap you buy at the Gap or True Religion you are supposed to use cold water and no soap and wearing them IN THE SHOWER is extreme but some denim snob say that is the best way to “break in your denim.” Sorry MN you got this one wrong. Cooper is doing it RIGHT.

    • juicyco

      i was thinking that too like how often do yall wash your jeans? not like he said he wears the same undies everyday

      • U_gon_learn_Today

        Ok, I’m guilty of wearing my jeans more than once. But never the undies. And I always make sure my asss is clean before entering them. But I think 2 or 3 times should be the limit.

    • iWokeUpLikeDis

      so people are putting fashion before hygiene nowadays?

    • KJ23

      You’re right. His mother is Gloria Vanderbilt, a jeans tycoon, so he probably does know better than the rest of us.

      • Purplesunshine650

        I didn’t know that his mother is Gloria Vanderbilt. Wow.

        • Robert Flanagan

          Her Bottoms are tops!

    • Purplesunshine650


    • Whatevs

      You are right. High priced jeans are not supposed to be washed often if ever. However I do agree with the shower washing method. But for everyone posting who probably can’t afford those jeans…please wash them.

      • Bob Ratcliff

        We’re not supposed to wash our jeans? Oh, I forgot the solution is to simply purchase a new pair. I never wear any item of clothing twice and showering twice a day is typical in our home. Are there any clothing items we can actually wash?

        • Fred

          Twice a day ? Are you that stinky that you need to shower twice a day ? 😐 And btw, washing jeans too often will ruin them…

          • naomi lotts

            No are you that filthy where you run around all day and only taking one bath? At least Bob can say he doesn’t smell , however you on the other hand should look at Rosy’s comment .

            • Fred

              Taking a bath and washing in dirty water ? No thanks. I prefer shower… And don’t worry, I don’t smell, I’m just not a freak who thinks that it’s normal to throw 100 litres of water a day. But maybe that he wasn’t smelly, he wouldn’t have to take two baths a day…

    • sycamore

      I agree, you should rarely wash your jeans, but to wear the same pair everyday for months on end? That just can’t seem clean to me.

    • dal

      I wear Lee or Wrangler jeans and I wash them after every time I wear them, they hold up for years even with my work. I own nothing that has to be dry cleaned, you want to talk bad for the environment ! Good to know at least I have better personal hygiene than some of these Hollywood royalty.

    • MrBearr

      You can also put jeans in a plastic bag in the freezer for a few hours to kill bacteria and odors in them in between washes.

      • Roy Strachan

        Yeah, but then your food smells bad…

      • JudithNYC

        Oh, gawd, that is even nastier. People are putting just too much importance on “nice” clothes.

    • grotto3b

      So if your jeans are so expensive that you shouldn’t wash them with even a mild soap, then I’ll just stick with my Levis, Lees and Wranglers. If not wearing them for yardwork, I’ll go a couple days before washing them. Anderson Cooper doesn’t qualify just for washing his jeans in the shower, to me.

  • Tee Elyse

    I watched Jersey Shore (don’t judge me! LOL) and I remember an episode in season 3 when Snooki left the club, went to work in the same dress with a t-shirt on top of it, left in the middle of her work day to continue getting drunk, got arrested for public intoxication, got out of jail, came home, got in bed, woke up and called her father to tell him about her incarceration, and ate dinner with her roommates all in the same dress! I was so annoyed!

    • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

      lol i remember that

      • MollyMackopo321

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    • Dee

      I also remember the times when she would go out and get sloppy drunk, pee outside without wiping, throw up, smash some random guy and then go to bed with the clothes on and get up the next day like I do this all the time.

      • Alan

        smelled good didn’t you?

        • Laurie

          I think you misinterpreted her post. She wasn’t saying SHE did it all the time but that Snooki acted like she did it all the time.

    • rosy

      The sad thing is they all white I work for a white boss her hair and feet smells like jungle cat they don’t like to keep clean especially wash their hands not trying to stereotype but how in hell black men love these white women just saying

      • olivia

        Black or white, for people to live like this is horrific. Speaking of deodorant, my grandson’s school provided him with deodorant when he was in the 4th grade. I was horrified to think of the chemicals that were being injected into all of these children. I don’t use deodorant either – I am allergic to it, but baking soda, milk of magnesia and lemons will serve as super alternatives. Moreover, I bathe at LEAST once a day. I heard that Mick Jagger’s ex, Jerry Hall, can be quite offensive.

        • smittyt

          Well we’re not talking about BLACKS @ss hole.

          • John E Strom Jr.

            smittyt, how do you know? Pigs are pigs – black or white.

          • DZicyB

            Yes how racist of you.

          • DEATH2PCness

            @ rosy and tracy,,,,but if we were talking bout blacks, all I can remember when taking the bus, and having a black person sit down next to me, is the smell of corn chips(stinky feet) and coco butter, made me nauseous, especially at 8 am. Then on the way home, sitting in a window seat, getting situated, then turning to look out the window to get a view, a view of what looked like grease and pubes stuck on the window from blacks leaning their heads against it falling asleep, again nauseating. BTW Tracy, you got those ashes under control? Just saying, blacks have plenty of flaws too.

            • hepette

              i remember the icky smell of sulphur products blacks used for their hair.

        • Roy Strachan

          Deodorant is a leading cause of breast cancer. Don’t use it but do take a shower.

          • Angela

            There are natural forms of deodorant at the health food stores. Trust me, we all need one.

          • Christine Gfeller

            that is not true – there is no conclusive evidence that deodorants cause breast cancer.

            • SOOZ

              That’s not true, Antiperspirants have aluminum in them which do cause cancer. Look it up. There is a big difference between “deodorant” and “antiperspirants”

              • Roy Strachan

                Pretty much anything that keeps you from sweating can be a problem since it plugs up your pores and won’t allow your body to eliminate problem causing waste. Some of that waste can cause cancer which is why underarm deodorant is a cause of breast cancer. You may have noticed that breasts and ‘pits’ are fairly close together.

                • SOOZ

                  Ya but you keep saying “deodorant”… what gives you the breast cancer is “aluminum” that they add in “Antiperspirants”, you can go to a health store and get completely natural deodorant. A deodorant is only to mask the smell it doesn’t keep you from sweating…since your under arms are the only natural way to expel toxins from your body via sweat… Where do people start sweating first? Their underarms! That’s why you shouldn’t get Botox or use “Antiperspirants” because it can lead to breast cancer, but so can drinking water from a plastic bottle that’s been sitting in your car.
                  There’s a Joe Jackson song from the 80’s
                  called “Cancer”…”everything gives you cancer, there’s no cure, there’s no answer” I’d say it couldn’t be more perfect lyrics for today’s world. 🙂

                  • Roy Strachan

                    Except maybe “don’t drink the water and don’t breathe the air”. :o)

              • Mike

                Nope, he’s still right. There’s no current conclusive research that proves that antiperspirants cause cancer. Look it up. It’s been debunked for a while now.

              • Tim Passinault

                Aluminum also causes ALZHEIMERS..so al of you out their drinking from aluminum cans and using aluminum foil on your food…watch out

          • Donna Manning

            I think that statement is too broad. Millions of women use deodorant and don’t get breast cancer. If women are going to get cancer, they will get it, regardless of whether they use deodorant or not.

            • Roy Strachan

              You pays your money and takes your chances. Your attitude is quite fatalistic. Millions of people smoke and don’t get lung cancer too. But smoking is still considered a leading cause. Diet plays a huge part in ALL cancers, take that into account as well. Avoid animal protein as much as possible, especially dairy. Spend a little time studying, there’s lots you can do to defend against cancer. Invest in a book called The China Study. The life you save may be your own.

          • Jon Weiss

            Cancer has no direct causes, some people get it some don’t, I lived the “healthy life” for 40 years and did all the right things, ate the right foods exercised regularly and didn’t use any “carcinogens” such as tobacco, and then at age 41, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. On the other hand, I knew a guy who smoked like a chimney for 70 years and he finally died of injuries sustained from a fall due to dementia at age 77.

            There are no guarantees either way.

            • Roy Strachan

              What do you consider the *right* foods? The two biggies most people think are right but promote cancer are dairy products and eating more than 5% of calories in animal protein.

              • Jon Weiss

                When I refer to the “Right foods” I refer to the fruits and veggies with a small supplement of meat proteins, mainly fish.

            • Riffy Raff

              Maybe that dementia he got stemmed from him smoking at the age of 7.

              • birdman

                i had a friend that quit smoking and got run over by a cigarette/ cigar truck

          • it’smeSue

            YA know there are health food stores who sell ORGANIC DEODORANT so there’s NO reason to go without it. If you stink have SOME DIGNITY AND COVER IT UP. BETTER yet take a bath or two!! AND THERE’S ORGANIC SOAP TOO!

          • larry2012

            Really ROY?

        • Donna Manning

          That’s interesting, Olivia.

        • larry2012

          Get a grip. You’re taking your life in your hands with everything you put on or in your body, including the air you breath.

        • celiayounger

          tell him to use Milk of Magnesium … it does work and doenst have chemicals and toxic bad stuff

      • U_gon_learn_Today

        I think celebs feel they are invincible (even to hygiene). I’m really disappointed in hearing about Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt being gross. There goes my crush. lol

      • mike

        LOL!!! You wildin at the in.

      • Debossman

        A bit racist are we ?

      • DickNCider

        RACIST B#%*CH, just saying….

      • white gyal

        lol your black ur pumpum smell ratchet anyway

        • DerpyDerp

          Why are you on a predominately black site then. gtfo plz. “Your black” get your racist disgusting anti-black deflecting @ss off

      • helligusvart

        I’d be careful about making a statement like that, considering that racists used to complain about blacks having “that funny smell.” By the way, I am a white male married to a black woman.

      • Mashlie

        WOW Rosy, bitter much? Way to be a racist moron. First off, learn how to structure a sentence properly. Must be a black thing. Second, how do you know what a jungle cat smells like? What an odd thing to say.

        The moral of the story here is stop making things about race, you flaming idiot.

      • johnny

        That’s funny…of the dozens of girls I have seems that smell like horse sh## none of them were white. Hmmm…rosy probably hasn’t cleaned btw her neglected inner,thigh region in decades. And she wonders why black men don’t want her.

      • Maybe we’re so busy sweating and running from all of the crimes you commit? I’m not trying to stereotype. just saying

        • WTF92

          racism isnt cool in any form dont encourage it by following up with another racist remark. you are better than that……….

      • Mary Traywick

        “not trying to stereotype”…but you are. Perhaps you should be less concerned with why black men love white women and more concerned with your understanding of the definitions for the words you choose to use…just saying.

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    • shilohdream

      LMAO!!!!! I remember that!!