‘I Think It’s Gross:’ Andy Cohen Disgusted By RHOA Reunion Show Brawl

April 16, 2014  |  

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At this point, it’s been confirmed that a fight did in fact occur between Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams at the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion show taping. What’s interesting though, are the reactions to the fight by the folks who witnessed it first-hand. As you may recall, Nene Leakes recently expressed that while she does not condone violence, Porsha was provoked.

“They welcome a good argument, that’s always good television,” the “Dancing With The Stars” contender explained. “But to touch each other is really crossing the line. But they did get in a physical altercation. I feel like one was provoked, the other one, knocked her out. Like, ‘provoke me, BOP!’”

Bravo VP of Development and Talent and reunion show host, Andy Cohen, recently commented on the fight as well.

“There was an altercation that took place between Kenya [Moore] and Porsha [Williams],” Andy said during an episode of AskAndy. “They stood up…I think I stood up pretty quickly. It was such a flash, and it started to escalate,” he continued. “I was trying to prevent it, and a couple other people jumped in too. To me, it came out of nowhere.”

Though talk of the fight appears to have fostered greater anticipation for the upcoming reunion show, Andy seems totally turned off by the whole thing.

“The other women felt Kenya provoked her a bit…I was so shocked and surprised and really upset,” he said. “I don’t want that to happen. I think it’s gross. And I think it’s just totally inappropriate. It’s wrong. It’s not entertaining. It’s just bad.”

Watch Andy discuss the fight below.

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  • Jeff_Barge

    Kill me now.

  • Nirvana Eden

    So… now we condone excuses for violently attacking another person. A person can now say I was provoked… by words, by use of language, by a wand, and as a result I hit the other individual. Umm, how does that work in a court of law? Or, how about RHOA send the message that there is no excuse for such behavior (attacking another co-star). This is the 2nd time an attack has occurred on RH. Both incidents were excused by the VP and producers (NJ and ATL); in fact the production staff villainized the victim of the attack in both incidents (Danelle and now Kenya), and used public option to cheer for and excuse the attackers. 🙁

  • kaidence

    Well last time I checked there are all white cast s of housewives and they cuss fight and argue as well. Don’t pull that they make black women look bad acting like buffoons. Why is it when there is an all blk cast and they act a fool it supposedly represents all blk women and is gross, not lady like, typical and immature, yet when it’s an all white cast doing the samethings nobody utters a word? Not saying some of their actions aren’t immature b/c some are, but you can only push ppl so far before they snap and react out of the norm. If Andy was so grossed out he had no problem hosting the reunion for years, egging on subjects that were already heated and sitting there watching Kenya provoke other individuals. And I’m sure he wasn’t grossed out by that fat check he received for hosting the reunion. Porsha new she was wrong for going after kenya physically, she said so herself so she did take responsibility for her actions. She grabbed her hair and they fell onto the floor tumbling, ppl act like she beat the lady to a bloody pulp.

  • coolyfett

    Andy be like……

  • Rena Hastie

    I don’t think Andy anticipated a fight taking place, because everybody knows how Kennya is and how slick her mouth is and they’ve had other reunion shows with Kenya on it that didn’t end up in a brawl. HOWEVER, he absolutely should not have let her have the wand and the bullhorn. And i’m not buying that he was disgusted about the fight, because like many have already commented, he wouldn’t allow it to be aired on tv. I don’t know if he thought by saying he was disgusted by it, it would clear him of any responsibility but it doesn’t. Nice try.

  • AquaPetit

    It’s disgusting now when they fight huh andy ? well how about kenya and apollo .. and nene and her bullshit .. come on now .

  • tenekaray

    Andy cohen you know Kenya been needin that azz whippin a long time now. That b don twirled herself into that with all her childish antics.

  • M.L.

    But, it is gross. Whether you want to hold BRAVO and Andy accountable or not, these are grown women who are in complete control of their actions. You can be angry at Andy for his contributions to this mess, but you have to acknowledge that these two women acted on their own free will. Period.

    • Kristen

      You’re right, but I think the issue everyone has is that Andy is making money off of them – period. And he’s probably getting a bigger check the more they fight. So he can call it “gross” until he’s blue in the face but he’s hypocritical as well.

  • Toni

    Andy is really full of it and gross with all the lies. Drama filled loud mouth ghetto acting idiots is what they want on the show, so don’t get grossed out now that a fight ensues from all that inappropriate behavior. Girl stay seated!!

  • mmmdot

    First of all, why is that white chick saying “I heard Porsha ripped Kenya’s weave.” Um, Kenya doesn’t wear a weave and I believe she’s said that more then once. So why is she bringing up Kenya getting a weave pulled out? Would she say that if the bottle blonde Real Housewives of Orange County got into a fight, when people know THEY wear hair extensions? NOPE. ::Eyeroll:: Second, I don’t believe Andy as far as I can throw him. He specifically picks volatile people who don’t get along to be on the show for “entertainment” value. If not, where is Deshawn Snow today? Oh, that’s right, she was too “boring” to make it past the first season.

    • Yvette

      I noticed that too and I liked Deshawn. I guess they considered her “boring” because she didn’t yell, scream and act like a stark raving fool. She is better off NOT being on the show. Anyway, Andy really needs to stop it with the whole “I was disgusted” act because that is all it is……an act! He thrives on foolishness and mayhem (in my Neicy Nash voice.)

      • mmmdot

        EXACTLY! Completely agree. It would be nice to see some MORE black women who are not living up to some crazy stereotype. Cynthia is one–but guess who just called HER boring, Nene’s ratchet behind. SMH.

        • Guest

          Cynthia is an instigator and then sits back & acts like she didn’t do nothing wrong….the lady is just as ratchet as the rest of them.

          • mmmdot

            Okay, I guess we have to agree to disagree because I don’t think she’s that bad.

    • hi-liter

      Sprites think All black women with long hair wear weaves.

      • mmmdot

        I know, it’s freaking ridic. They always want to fixate on the black women that *DO* wear weaves and wigs and assume all of us wear them, but never want to talk about how many them don’t remember their natural hair color from birth or the fact that many of them wear hair extensions themselves. I’m over stupid white chicks like this.

  • lockstress

    Uhm…you gargle nutz and not grossed out by that but 2 sista’s get into an altercation and you’re now DISGUSTED? Maaan….sat down.
    How bout I boycot your damn shows.I don’t mean to say that its right that grown adults are acting foolish for checks but really? This hag….

  • Kristen

    Like I said on another post: Bravo (that means ANDY) should take full responsibility for the fight. Why? Because they allowed Kenya to have the props onstage that provoked Porsha. It reminds me of tacky Quad on M2M who had those stupid signs at their reunion.

    If Andy was really disgusted by it, he wouldn’t have allowed Kenya to bring that to the stage. She already had the fan last season! Bravo knows what they’re doing.

    • Tawanda Harris

      Not to mention they had them sitting on the same couch so that she could provoke her.

      • Kristen


  • :Les

    With all of the negative stereotypes that abound in the media these well-paid buffoons should all reconsider the images that they portray to the public…….

  • Nadifa Foulds

    A gay, white male media personality capitalizing off the negative media attention surrounding a group of black women. Surprise surprise.

    • Kristen

      Sad, ain’t it?

    • mmmdot

      Very typical. SMH.

  • newgirl

    No what’s gross is that this is what passes for Entertainment this days! I swear as much as I pay for cable there is never anything good on it anymore.

    • Dee

      SO TRUE.

  • Almond E. Brown

    I bet he doesn’t think it’s so gross that they won’t air the altercation. FOH!

  • bmj

    Really, Andy? As entertaining as I often find you, I am equally appalled that you would call this latest RHOA stunt “gross” considering you instigate much of what happens on these reunion shows, and you foster an environment that makes this type of behavior acceptable. You knew Kenya had that magic wand and that bullhorn when she came to the set, and you had to know she didn’t bring it for any good reason. I admit, I’m planning to watch the reunion just to see how this who debacle went down, but I’m done with the whole Real Housewives franchise. It’s focus is no longer on highlighting the lifestyles of progressive and productive women. There are some many interesting things to watch.

    • newgirl

      I don’t think Andy said it was gross when the 2 Joe’s got fighting on RHONJ and they are FAMILY!!!

      • guest_35

        Thank YOU!!!! or when the one chick slapped another on the Vanderpump rules. Their have been a handful of fights on these Andy productions so why all of the hoopla around this one?

        • mmmdot

          I never even thought of it *that* way before. Things that make you go hmm. Somebody should ask him about his different reactions to different fights on different shows.

      • mmmdot

        Things that make you go hmmm.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    All while cashing the checks…ok mr. cohen

    • Meemo

      EXACTLY! He was so grossed out that he left it in the show instead of editing it out and simply coming back on air and saying there was an altercation, we removed Porsha from the panel, blah blah blah. People in the media really think the general public is stupid.

      • mmmdot


      • Tahj

        Well you know… jews.

        • Beauty In Truth

          Okay that was just REALLY unnecessary. “Jews” aren’t making these grown, financially stable, some professionally “educated” women act like a ratchet mess. These women are not children and for all we know, they could have been paid to have a “fight.” Do you not realize that media is so skewed these days you can’t know what is “real” or for “reality.” Jennifer Williams went on air about this some time ago, and talked about how so much on these shows is doctored up. Even if they both fought, all BRAVO did was show it. People need to stop blaming “Jews” for everything bad in our community. It’s tired an played. These two women “shot the fair” and it aired. Point. Blank. They aren’t children. They consciously chose to brawl.

          • pragmatic maxim

            You do know who owns the media though?…or no?

    • Toni

      Thank you!!!

    • Willie Coleman Makn-Moves

      Exactly its sad how he is throwing them under the bus they could have clawed each.others eyes out he would not have cared

  • uniquefashionista

    It’s so unfortunate when adults resort to violence to try and get a point across. In my opinion, when you are in the public eye, you become some sort of role model whether you want to be or not. I think that the fight should be edited out of the reunion show. We all know that won’t happen because it is all about the ratings. Because that’s all that people have been talking about for weeks, that’s what everyone will be tuning in to see. It’s unfortunate that most reality shows are sending wrong messages to our children who are very influenced by what they watch. Our society today has changed the “morals” that so many of us were brought up on.

    • hi-liter

      He disgusted, not stupid, that fight will not be edited since every knows it occurred and will be watching just to see it.

      • MissDee

        Not to mention he’s the queen of throwing shade.