Things Every Woman Should Know Before 30

February 17, 2011  |  

As some of us inch closer to the 30 year mark, our lives become a time of reflection, decision making, and even a bit of ‘life cleaning’. Letting go of some bad habits, embracing new interests, and setting ourselves up for more financial, emotional, and mental stability seems to take precedence over ‘partying and BS’, as the big 3-0 approaches.

Some profess that life begins after 30. While I believe that life begins as soon as you actually have breath, turning 30 is definitely a pivotal time in a woman’s life. And although age alone doesn’t make you an adult, at the age of 30 you are assumed to be a ‘grown woman’. And grown women should know how to do grown women things.

From performing domestic tasks to maintaining emotional balance, there are some things that all women should know before turning 30. Check out our list, hopefully you know most, if not all.

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  • Mmhs3935

    For some reason i was looking for something more on this article…kinda lame.

  • SG1981

    I will be 30 in 4 days. Thank you. All of this mirrored the stuff I have been thinking about lately in regards to reaching 30. Although ever since my 25th birthday passed, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I would become in the upcoming years. I am planning to go to law school at 31, 2 months before turning 32, graduating 5 months before turning 35, and being married after that with 1 or 2 kids. I am on a journey and I hope all goes well

  • LynLy

    Haha.. This is good. It is best to think before 30 or else you will be falling back. It’s always good to plan ahead to get great out comes later on. Plus, who wants to be in the same pattern years later doing the same thing? Time to grow up! Time to make progress.. Time is now. =]

  • mohammad

    say 9 9 times you will get 30 beauty back

  • Oh Yes…I'm doing my Grown Woman thing!!

  • Good list. But I would def scale the age back to like 25. If most people know how to have healthy relationships with themselves by 25, a lot of the other stuff just falls in place–and 30s can really be fab.

  • ElleDanielle24

    I really liked this list!!! While I am great and/or good in some of these areas, I lack in others! Knowing is half the battle & although we subliminally know some of these things being reminded is priceless! I can now add these things to my already existing “Age 30 goals” and proceed! Happy 30’s to all of you!!! ~Elle

  • tory

    So true!

  • Someone pass 30

    I think these should be moved up to 40 for age because while these are very wise most women that are in there thirties are single broke and still a mess…

    • Jay

      If you wait until 40- to save for retirement, for example – you are way behind and will gave to work extra hard to catch up. You don't have to have it all worked out, but by 30 you certainly should be making moves to get it together. I'm 31, and I'm definitely a working towards all of these goals

    • Nickycade80

      You are so right I’m 31 and a mess insecure and lonely hopefully things will get better

  • Real Talk

    Great list!