Mimi Faust Responds To Sex Tape Release

April 16, 2014  |  


Source: Instagram

Aside from a few moans and groans and “yeah right theres,” from a p0rn0 trailer, about the only person who hasn’t had something to say about Mimi Faust’s upcoming sex tape is Mimi herself. On Monday we shared the news that the Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta vet — and mother — has decided to release a sex tape, which is far less sex tape and much more full-on p0rn, with her suspect boyfriend Nikko. We’re sure by now you’ve seen the trailer and read the hilariously shady responses from Joseline and K. Michelle, but now Mimi Faust has something to say herself, though it’s not much. Posting the meme below to Instagram, Mimi only had a simple caption for this photo: “!!”


Source: Instagram

Guess she told us…or not.

I’m sorry but I personally refuse to believe a sex tape is the only way Mimi can afford to pay her bills. What happened to her cleaning business? Where are those LHHATL checks? Isn’t Stevie J paying child support? Everything about this sex tape screams I want attention and will sacrifice what little self-respect I have left after letting a man I dated for 15 years dog me out on national television and then marry the next woman within a matter of a year or two to get it — and I don’t care about the repercussions for my child, who’s the main one who loses in all this. Mimi might think she’s shutting people down with this weak meme but I guarantee you people will continue to talk ‘cuz honey you got some major ‘splainin’ to do.

Mimi and Nikko stepped out recently at an Atlanta nightclub looking unfazed by all the controversy. In fact the couples donned matching hats that read: “Music, Sex, Fitness.”

What do you think about Mimi’s response?


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  • lovealways

    People have so much to say about this woman , check your own life. I’m to busy living my life too judge how someone else is living there’s. What is done is done, she can’t go back and erase it so why bash her for it. What is this 1910 , were throwing stones….

    • Chaz

      Would you be ok with your mom releasing a sex tape? ijs

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  • duck

    Mimi is pretty 43

  • Cheryl Robinson

    I just say if Beyoncé can sing about surf boarding, closing partitions, Kandi can sing about legs to the moon, ankles behind her ears while he beats it, Crisette Michelle can talk about Stilettos to the heavens, JLo singing I luh you papi, to try and stay relevant, then Mimi can make a sext tape. The only difference is hers is visible to the eye. All of these so called strong, intelligent, influential women and this is all they can do and sing about then one is no better than the other. It is so sad when all of the things going on in the world women in the entertainment industry have now taken on the role of degrading themselves for profit. I feel sorry for all the little girls in the world. Especially our little girls who envy and pattern themselves by these women.

  • Evon

    She is hurting her daughter!! Selfish!!

  • KcGemini4Life

    If you don’t pay my bills…hush, means since you don’t pay any..what she does is her business and can do what she wants. It got a response out of us and that’s what they were going for. Her response don’t mean she made this video to pay her bills….at the same time my first response was, oh but she had a daughter! Now if she wants her daughter to one day see her having sex with this man on video, that’s on her. Don’t get mad when/ if your child ends up just like that or even worse.

  • Guest

    Sad part about this is that she did this , and not once thought about her daughter .

  • CC

    She let Stevie J, kill her soul……

  • Name

    Mimi using the excuse of that sex tale paying the bills like Walmart ain’t hiring.

    • Name


  • Tara Turner

    everybody talking and typing and complaining but mfs still watchin it crazy because she gotta make how she can and folks been downing her from day one. I say gone with your life cause i seen bits of that tape and oowee that is waking up the dead.

  • MissDee

    Black Girl Lost…..

  • Diva

    Ok, so I don’t watch the show, and I honestly didn’t even know who she was when I first heard about this tape, but I am curious to know as to how people came to the conclusion that she needs money to pay bills. I read the meme above and I didn’t take it to mean that she was broke, I took it to mean that she was telling everyone to mind their business and shut the h— up since they are NOT paying her bills. Maybe because my mom used to say that all the time. IDK. Am I wrong? Can someone clue me in?

  • Donna

    Mimi isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  • Growth

    Ummm. Being hurt DOESNT make you release a sex tape. Stop trying to make an excuse for this chick. I don’t watch this show, but from looking at comments it seems she tried to dog another female about being a smut. She obviously wants attention. And if she is really 40+, she needs to see a shrink.

  • not surprise

    by FELECIA

  • not surprise

    by FELECIA

  • Anonymous Mysterious Person

    Just because she made a tape doesnt mean her daughter is gonna hate her some people are so ignorant and close minded she is a grown woman if that what she wants to do then that is her choice.

  • Linda S. Martin

    Really?! Girl bye! Fact of the matter she’ll regret this foolishness! Y because that money gonna run out and the shame still gonna be there. Hard enough for women period…. and you go do some foolishness like this… there isn’t an excuse in the book she can give to justified this…. any woman that defends her is just as ignorant, selfish, and self righteous as Mimi was. No woman in her right mind would deliberately place their child in chaos like this. It being leak is one thing but to make a conscious decision to sell it to a adult film industry I have no respect for you. You can’t defend stupidity…and we wonder y the generation is messed up look at what they are being exposed to. All money ain’t good money hunny & I promise you by next year she have that reality check. Nikko is using her and she to dog on blind to see it….baby it’s something in her that keep attracting trash hunny….Stevie J was garbage in my book and now she done upgraded to the CEO of the trash company!

  • Kimmykblu

    Lol I know I’m not jealous of what,they lives are a joke so is her sex life everything’s out there now no secrets smh. Shows she can’t pay her bills or Nicko so she does that to get paid in order to keep him

  • Lady D

    The only person she owes an explanation to is her daughter everyone else needs to take a seat if your a Fan than your a Fan if your not than your not.

  • TheBigCheeFa

    what does her bills have to do with a sex tape???i thought the business she has was doing good??i guess not

  • Da’Connect MsVirgo

    Jesus take the wheel… I love money but I love myself more… Baby steps MiMi you not making $ like Stevie stop trying to live lifestyle. Teach your daughter to love herself!

  • sha

    The hats might explain it. Music – Nikko (snicker) Sex – now both of them Fitness – one must be in shape for that shower rod trick. I could barely do pull ups in gym in school. SMDH!!!

  • Curvii

    She is disgusting…she ran her mouth bout Joseline and Stevie and what was being done or said in front of her child but then she turns around and does the exact samething in a sence with some one who already has a questionable sexuality…just to get back her 5 minutes of fame…sad that she felt that she needed to do this..but whats worse is that you have a young daughter who will soon be entering school age if she hasn’t already and this will surely have a negative affect on her life unless she is going to home school her…smh

  • Tonya

    #girlbye You can’t tell people not to talk about you and your business when you put one of the most intimate moments between you and your boyfriend out there for the world to see. Making something for production and distribution means comment and give me your critiques.

  • Reese

    I can’t believe that there are women actually out here supporting her. I was looking at comments on the LHHATL Facebook page and one woman actually said MiMi’s daughter will be proud of her mother for the sacrifice she made to secure a better future for her. I was like WTF.

    • Tavia Fireinmysoul Rose

      ha! a woman worth 1.5 million sacrificing her dignity for 100,000 when the daddy is rich too…lmfao.. it used to be kids say the darndest things..

  • IG: Taneeka2012

    Mimi is regressing. At this point I have more respect for Joseline than I do for Mimi. I could understand the promiscuity & foolishly having a s*x tape “leaked” if she was still in her 20’s, but this is a woman that is 40+. A woman who, according to her, already had a business and/or businesses. People usually do the whole s*x tape thing early on in order to further their career. But she already had herself together. She was already well established enough to provide for her & her daughter. Which is why I don’t understand her purposes for doing this.

    • lovechild

      This right here is what I am talking about…… I agree.

    • Shana

      Thats my whole problem with it. She doesn’t really need the money. If she were a young mother struggling and she had to strip or make pornos for a living, then so be it. She’s on a tv show already. Unless she has a gambling problem or some other crazy debt, she’s not doing this to pay bills.

  • An Observation

    While it may not be for us to judge we are entitled to an opinion. If this is the only way she has to pay her bills, then perhaps she should rethink her expenses and the manner in which she is living. Polish more furniture not ……

  • Aneishia Richardson

    I don’t think the meme was a reason, it was basically saying, “You don’t pay my bills so you don’t have a say in what I do…” BUT either way this is something that is going to hurt her daughter in the future and it was really selfish, stupid, and scandalous! Praying to God for her to wake up and get out of the negative spotlight for her baby’s sake.

  • Mynx

    Just like anyone else… They throw their business out to the public, but then get “mad” when the public has something to say. She’s not mad… because when it comes to being famous, being bad is good publicity. So, it’s just a stunt to get her famous and for LHHATL back on our minds. She’s not the first and won’t be the last.

  • neesee

    Everyone has some type of sex life so that bull u pulled who cares u wasn’t the first and u won’t be the last but u tried lls I just though u were a lady

  • soisaid

    well, what else is she going to say? the tape is out there and she has to live with it.

  • newgirl

    The only one I’m sad about is little Eva, North and some might say Blue Ivy (according to Bill O’Reilly). At the end of the day I guess Mimi, Kim K and the rest are entertainers and this is what passes for Entertainment these days. I think morals go out the window when you sign on that dotted line. Price of fame I guess?

  • Simone Mackey

    Mimi is d**ked whipped which is sad. That Nikko……ewwww…….

  • 2queenhearts_5

    She gone feel the pain of this decision later on her life. Where’s her self respect? Any man that truly loves you would not share you with the world!

  • Sweetz

    Mimi was one of the classy ones. She could have been a news correspondent or talk show host. Now she just a silly hoe. And the nerve of bringing up her bills when she was all “I’m a strong black female entrepreneur” just last season. Now you just selling ur goods to pay the electric? Come on…FOH.

  • Yamine

    It’s a THOT response, goodnight MIMi

  • Melody Carroll

    she a hot mess what happen to her awful

  • Grey Goose

    …..a grown woman decided to do something on her own accord…so why does she have some explaining to do? Why does she owe us an explanation? And why the assumption that her daughter will resent hate her because “we” feel what she did was incongruent with the way “we” live our lives and how “we” view someone should be viewed in society?

    I highly doubt that those with with numerous kids by numerous people don’t have kids who say “I resent my mother/father because they were hoes”, unless they aren’t providing for the child’s well-being which clearly isn’t the case here with Mimi.

    • lovechild

      Actually I have met many children,now adults especially boys who resent their mothers and/or fathers for their behavior with the opposite se– when they were children, I mean a ton. It is not always the case but many children are negatively affected by things like this and their relationships with the opposite s__ is negatively affected too. A lot of dysfunctional relationships have these underlying Mommy/Daddy issues driving them. I am hoping that the relationship between MiMi and her daughter is good but you cannot underestimate this at all. Issues like these may have been why Mimi clearly has some self-esteem issues. When you have children you have someone to think about other than yourself, that is all that is being said, even if you can do whatever you want, this has to be taken into consideration, is it good for us, not me.

  • HotJupiter

    Yeah? Cute signage but you still played yourself and you’re still tacky for this decision.

  • Jayda Brown

    Money can make a person lose self respect and throw their morals out the windows. SMH.

  • Tee Elyse

    Poor Mimi…. *Rolls eyes*

    But uhhhh… is it May 5th yet???

    • SoShady

      LOL!!! Exactly!!!!!!!

  • Keysha

    after I watched the atl season 3 trailer I honestly feel that nikko used mimi for his own personal gain. She was hurt by the fact it was “leaked” and I bet it was his idea to go to the company. Mimi isnt any different from any other female who tryna enjoy her relationship. Yes she should have thought about Eva but that doesnt make her a bad mother she just made a bad decision

  • Guest

    after I watched the atl season 3 trailer I honestly feel that nikko used mimi for his own personal gain. She was hurt by the fact it was “leaked” and I bet it was his idea to go to the company. Mimi isnt any different from any other female who tryna enjoy her relationship. Yes she should have thought about Eva but that doesnt make her a bad mother she just made a bad decision.

    • enlightenment

      Leaked? LEAKED? Girl if that video was grainy and had one camera angle or seemed like Nikko was holding the camera, THEN that would be believable. But this video was just a step down from a Professional Pornographic Film. Clearly there was a third party in the room, perhaps a fourth, to get all the right angles. This was a planned p0rn0.

      Mimi ain’t foolin’ no one. She knew good&well what she was going. 1. Make “s*x tape” . 2. Pretend it got leaked, cry. 3. Make a deal with Vivid Entertainment. 4. Make a coin!

  • TruthOnly

    This whole thing is just sad and pathetic. She has the lowest self esteem, and extremely little self respect but tries to act tough and strong on the tv show. She loves the so-called “men” that she deals with more than she loves herself, and doesn’t even think about how her actions will affect her in the future. No one in their right mind would ever take her seriously.

  • CAliQueen

    Who ever wrote this article was spot on. I can’t with Mimi. She just keeps getting dumber.

  • Whatever

    Chile please…

  • That’sAll

    At the end of the day that’s her business and her problem everything else is opinions…damned if she do & damned if she don’t…#Don’tBuyIt #Don’tWatchIt #simple

  • nss

    Smh she out here embarrassing herself for that Stevie J reject. He clearly doesn’t care about her well being. Wake up Mimi!

  • shante

    ok folks are saying that its ok because its her boyfriend, yea it is ok but why not keep that private? why shame your kid, and yourself? nobody wants to see nikkos ding a ling but her! ugh!

  • Ash

    Nikko looks like his breath stinks :-/

    • Chanel

      LMBOO! That MOUTH!!!

    • Mividaloca101

      Yuck mouth

  • Chanel

    She was just feeling thotchet (thot+ratchet) that day. Half of yall doing WAYYY more with random dudes for WAYYYYYYYY less. #sitdown

  • J

    Am I missing something? Where did it say that she released this tape to pay bills or for fiscal gain? Not tryna be funny, but can someone please show me the evidence that she solely did this for money? . . .

    • Guest

      She sold the tape to vivid..ketchup.

    • bedot

      and they also showed a clip in the trailer for the new season where they’re speaking to an exec with the company that would release the video and he mentions to she and nikko that they “… stand to make a huge profit.”

  • guest

    She was probably coerced and if this sells look for tapes from other stars they are looking for the next Kim K.

  • OSHH

    Honey, some money ain’t to be made and NO money is free.

    Cooning on reality tv included.

  • Name

    If she “can’t pay her bills” then maybe she should stop living above her means…..IJS!

  • Mividaloca101

    I forgot where I read it, but there was an article about how if she was a white woman she would not be getting this type of heat. White women can make s3x–err–p0rno tapes, but black women cannot. Lots of women choose to go in to the p0rn industry (which is a billion dollar industry) who have husband and children. I’m not saying I necessarily condone it–I would never sell my body no matter the price. SMH where DID her cleaning business go?

  • Jaz

    Literally lost the little respect I had for her. She’s disgusting.

  • May

    She officially sold her soul to the devil and chose money over Eva which is the BEST thing she’s ever had. I feel sorry for her.

  • SimplePseudonym

    Ummm…you join a reality show b/c you want people to care about your whack life and then want to get upset when people care about your whack life. Pick a team and stick to it, Mimi.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    A lot of the women criticizing her are on tape doing God knows what, with God knows who, for FREE. I clearly understand some of the criticism, but some women have gone overboard with their vitriolic responses. Including some women I know personally. Those whose sexual exploits I’m privy to. #sideeye

    • Chile Cheese

      Yo the side eye hashtag has me cracking up. But I totally agree.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        I won’t argue that it’s a wholesome image for her daughter, it’s not. Though I think the point about it being circulated into perpetuity is overstated. I’m not looking for skin flicks Janet Jacme did 20 years ago. Chances are by the time her child’s old enough, the footage will be difficult to find.

        I also don’t think it suggests a high level of self-respect, but we all exhibit behaviors that reveal feelings of inadequacy and low self-worth. MiMi’s not alone in that.

        Some women have gone entirely too far in their criticisms of her. Especially when their indiscretions, while much lower profile, are comparable.

        • Chile Cheese

          Exactly. I don’t condone what she did but I am not going to judge her for what she did. It’s obvious if anyone had a look at her back story that she has issues. It takes some people longer than others to get over their issues. I get sick of coming on Madame Noire, a blog that is supposed to uplift black women, and seeing articles like this. This is not the first time I’ve come on here and read an incredibly scathing article that was based completely on the author’s biased, prejudicial feelings and then the sisters in the comments just go to town. It’s sickening

  • Mrs.Mason

    its waccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccck! if that is all she really had to say then she shouldn’t have addressed it at all….just get your 15 minutes on and KEEP on movin!

  • lockstress

    Who really cares. She’s right…I don’t have to live with you.
    I just wanted better for you after your monkey arse was boo hooing when your man left your for that tranny…but I digress.
    You can explain that mess to your daughter. The rest of us just gave you more credit than you were worthy of. Ok…Mimi we hear you.

  • lockstress

    Who really cares. She’s right…I don’t have to live with you.
    I just wanted better for you after your monkey arse was boo hooing when your man left your for that tranny…but I digress.
    You can explain that mess to your daughter. The rest of us just gave you more credit than you were worthy of. Ok…Mimi we hear you.

  • Alyse

    Even though I don’t believe the whole accidental release of this sex tape(porno) she has a point if you don’t pay her bills your opinions don’t matter. She has to live with her decisions and how they will affect her and her family until then everyone else can have several seats and go on dealing with your own sins and be happy they aren’t being displayed throughout the media.

  • shante

    people keep saying stop judging…why? she WANTS us to have an opinion whether its good or bad. look at whats happening here, we all talking about her! lol!

  • Tonie


  • Ashley

    I love the logic of some of these people commenting. ‘You all can’t judge mimi for selling the rights to her own p0rno, because i’m sure that you have sex in the privacy of your own home? Lol..really?

    Also, i see so many of you telling the viewers to ‘mind their business’. Who do you all think will be tuning in to the show and purchasing her p0rno? She would not be where she is today if it weren’t for the viewers. If the viewers ‘mind their business’ mimi will fade into the background and be another irrelevant, like she was before the show

    • lovechild

      Yup, it’s just crazy… asking someone’s opinion on something and when they voice their honest take on it, and it is not flattering to the individual asking, their panties get in a bunch.

  • Brandy Chynell Reed

    Mimi i just doing the same thing she has always accused Joseline of…..being a low class prostitute. At one point Mimi could at least say she had some class but now all that is out the window. NowJoseline is on top because at least she can get a man to mary her.

  • shante

    i think she tried to hurt stevie but he doesnt give a sh@@! she upset because he marries jos and this is the only way she think she getting back at him. Smh.

  • Chile Cheese

    Okay, first of all she DOES NOT owe anyone at Madame Noire or anybody else for that matter an explanation for anything that she does. I love how judgemental everyone (including other black women) are whenever a black woman does the same thing a white woman gets praised for. I don’t condone what she did but obviously she was not the only person in that d@mn video. Where is the blame for Nikko? At least she is getting paid to do what more than half of you idiots do for free on a regular basis with MULTIPLE men. She on the other hand was with her partner. It’s funny how you guys are now practically praising Jose and if I remember correctly he was a slore who broke up a home (such as it was.) It amazes me how quick you people are to turn on and off like a light switch on someone. How bout we stop living in glass houses and throwing stones?

    • lol

      You’re tired of people being judgemental, but turned around and called people idiots and joseline a slore in the same breath? You might want to start with the man in the mirror.

      • Chile Cheese

        Because they are idiots if they are judging her for doing the same thing they do. And did you not say the same thing in your comment about people having a seat?

        • lol

          Wow, in case you don’t know, calling people idiots is also judging. And i never told anyone to have a seat…soo yeah.

          • Chile Cheese

            ReplyKiaira • 7 minutes ago
            Im pretty sure the meme says “If you dont pay my bills….shhh” Not, “this is how I am paying my bills”…..but I’m sleep tho. She’s an adult, who made a decision to have sex with HER BOYFRIEND and its on camera. Please, have a seat yall.1


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            • lol

              Are you visually impaired? That comment clearly says kiaira, and mine does not.

              • Chile Cheese

                Ummmm that is the name that is showing up with your comment on my computer.

                • lol

                  Okay,but that’s not me. The username i’m posting under is lol. Have a nice day.

              • Chile Cheese

                And no I am not visually impaired. I can see quite well thank you.

          • Chile Cheese

            That’s not you?

            • lol


    • shante

      But lets not be foolish…we as black women have to hold each other accountable. We represent each other. It seems to me when ever a black woman does something negative thats all we hear about. we gotta stop giving them ammo to put us on the bottom. what works for WW dont work for BW. i dont like it but thats the reality.

      • Chile Cheese

        I disagree. I don’t hold anyone accountable for representing me. Especially someone on a ratchet reality show like this.

        • shante

          whether we like it or not…people of other races like to see us acting a fool and they make blanket statements like, see thats why black men go fow white women. they have attitudes, they tempermental, they this they that. i dont think thats right but the media should show another side of the BW other than this mess Mimi doin because this not us. Or at least not all of us. I dont understand…i expect my daughters to hold me accountable because im not selfish…my sisters too, whether i know them or they blood or not.

    • MN Bye

      Girl Bye MN tickles me they are sooo biased. The only celebs a** that they kiss is Beyonce & Solange. Anytime all these other celebs say or do anything its trash. What if she said it was part of the Feminism movement. LOL. Its body her life. Kim Khardasian got so much money from it, so its becoming something celebs do to get more money, I personally do not agree with it, I have a moral standard different from others. I accept that. That does not give me the right drag this girl and call her names. I just cannot stand when I come on here instead of just getting the real scoop I have to read the authors thoughts, feelings and emotion sprinkled with a few facts. I get it its blog but show other views and let the reader come to a conclusion.

    • MN Bye

      I agree with you ….LOL Not girl bye to you. I meant to MN

    • general

      Great post…..However….lets leave the white women out of this…there a different case all together……you as black women have a different scale because of the different battlefield conditions. ……….and as for the nikko guy……what guy wouldn’t want bang her?!?!?!……but what’s more disturbing is the question”since when is it ok for women to be this aggressive,slutty,moral less and selfish”?????…look at the overall choices that get to be made by a mother!!!!!,whos directing the future of a little one…..thats just a peep into Our community. …….its embarrassing. …..where are our women that are enthusing our men(the most hunted men on planet earth)to be better than what their supposed to be. ..thats our real problem. !!!!!!

  • Kiaira

    Im pretty sure the meme says “If you dont pay my bills….shhh” Not, “this is how I am paying my bills”…..but I’m sleep tho. She’s an adult, who made a decision to have sex with HER BOYFRIEND and its on camera. Please, have a seat yall.

    • Chile Cheese

      Thank you!!! I can’t stand people’s judgmental a$$es. And most of them are doing for free with multiple men what she did with her BOYFRIEND.

      • shante

        and you know most people are making s3x tapes and putting them out publicly how?

        • Mo.

          Exactly lol. Straw statement if i’ve ever seen one before.

        • Chile Cheese

          You obviously don’t look at the internet do you?

          • Nikki

            I check that website daily, they rarely post p0rn. stop exaggerating.

            • Chile Cheese

              You do realize worldstar is not the only website on the net don’t you?

              • shante

                thats why i said AND WHATEVER ELSE***(underline)

                • Chile Cheese


          • shante

            but how can u say MOST people. world star and whatever else is just a small percent of the population. and im sure they wouldnt be showing their digust for what Mimi did if they have done it themselves. That dont make sense.

            • Chile Cheese


    • Krystal Young

      I agree!! But nobody talked about Kim the way they are blasting MiMi! Kim and Ray J were worshipped and that brought Kim a GREAT deal of FAME! But let me shut up before someone takes it the wrong way!!

      • Meagan

        Kim and ray j were not worshipped. Kim was and still is drug to filth over that sex tape. Difference between the two is mimi already had a buzz before the tape came out, kim was unknown, so she didn’t have any fans to disappoint or shock. Kim wasn’t in her 40s with a child either. Not saying that one is any classier than the other, but there is a big difference.

  • Krystal Young

    I’m really tired of hearing about it honestly! Celebrities are going to do what they want to regardless what the world has to say!! What was she suppose to say! She made the decision to show what goes on inside her bedroom with world not us! I don’t agree with it,but who are we to judge?? Just like people are going to remind MiMi’s daughter of her mom’s sextape , I sometimes wonder will they remind Kim’s little girl about her mother’s sextape also!! Because all of SEEK ATTENTION! But I don’t watch NONE of it anyway because TOO MANY women in the WORLD are letting these REALITY shows BRAINWASH the hell out of them! Smh

  • sheila

    Stevie j has his own problems but he knew mimi was not the person to put a ring on it he dogged her all those years and now she getting dogged again……

  • 4evadadame

    I don’t think she is saying this as a money issue guys, she is making a statement that says “if you not paying my bills then shut up” truth be told none of us are paying her bills and at the end of the day out opinions and thoughts are just that. We have no rights to criticize or down talk her because we are NOT paying her bills. It’s at that point we would have something to say!!!! If you don’t like the tape or her don’t watch

    • Mjfan

      If she had just kept this private, then she wouldn’t have to worry about this!! We are paying her bills, how you think she getting money for this reality show that she’s on……. Viewership, if nobody’s watching, then she couldn’t get paid!!

  • NeaJ

    We all have bills but you don’t see us all swingin on shower rods to pay them! We find other ways that do not put out morals, values & parenting into question. In the 1st season I thought Mimi had a little class but clearly that was the dust on my tv screen. I grabbed the windex to see that she’s just another classless, tacky & misguided chick who has sold her soul to the devil. Sad!

    • Niki

      she’s just another classless, tacky & misguided chick who has sold her soul to the devil. Sad <<<<<<

  • prettyredbone

    I think she did it mostly for attention and for stevie j’s attention, I think the money was just a added bonus

  • shay

    I would think her daughter would be just as embarresed by LAHHATL ….this is just the icing on the cake

  • Arii

    And that response was just as wack and weak as she is.

  • killer_queen

    MiMi must be a special type of stupid. She thinks she had to go on camera doing that mess to pay her bills? Girl bye! I’ve witnessed single mothers work 2 or 3 jobs to provide for their children. They did what they had to do for their children the right way. MiMi get ya life.

    • Niki

      BEST POST YET>>>>>>>Girl bye! I’ve witnessed single mothers work 2 or 3 jobs to provide for their children. They did what they had to do for their children the right way. MiMi get ya life.

  • Sharday Fonseca

    Soooo glad to read you feel the same way I do! She wants attention and Nikko needs a beard! I used to have an ounce of sympathy for her, now even thats out the window.

  • Ursula Rudison

    I think people should find themselves something more productive to do with there time

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      Yeah like get a real job to support your daughter and not show all your goodies to the world? I agree

      • newdnewd

        *sidenote how ready are you for the finale on thursday??

        • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

          Oooooh my gosh I am so pumped. Got my kettle corn on standby lol

  • ochocincos 4Head

    I don’t think this response is meant to imply that she’s paying her bills with this video, I think what she’s saying is that if you’re not doing anything or a part of my life then fall back. (So basically if you’re not paying her bills, you’re not her man, you’re not her children’s father, etc…) But as this will be a central story line for the upcoming LAHH show, we all know this WILL secure her storyline and, just like i saw the ad for the show yesterday, she’s got the lead photo and her storyline was highlighted – THAT IS paying her bills and securing those checks. She knows what she’s doing and though we might not agree, we don’t have any more concern over how her child deals with this than we do with Blue Ivy processing all of Beyonces soft port videos, ratchet lyrics, etc…if u don’t wanna see the train wreck that this sh*t is, then look awaaayyyy lol!

    • Guest

      how are they not doing anything when they are the ones tuning in to her show every week, and will be the same viewers purchasing her sex tape? She wouldn’t get paid for either if it weren’t for the viewers

    • Kendra Walker

      I agree!

  • Tt86

    I really wanna know y everybody is concerned in the 1st place? It’s her life right? She’s grown the last time I checked, y is everybody worried about her child obviously her child is Well taken care of, how about you all focus on your on lives and stop worrying about others at the end of the day she have to deal with all that not y’all so stop judging her……. That’s what’s wrong with ppl (too quick to judge)

    • ….

      You’re here commenting along with the rest of us, how are you any less concerned than we are? We all tune in to the show, so of course when there is a big scandal it’s going to be discussed.

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      Her child may be taken care of financially but who is going to help her mentally when she is older and this gets back out and people start to torment her about her mama busting it wide open for the entire world to see. On purpose. Besides she made her actions public so of course people are going to judge. Duh!. You know that and so does she. I doubt you would stoop to this level when you have children. Then again…

    • mosteezy

      Typical hood rat caught red handed with the cheese reply !!

    • newdnewd

      That is a stupid response, if you put your life in public the public will respond.



  • Mylilsoliliquy 

    Her daughter is too young to surf the net right now. But eventually she’s going to know because this will still be out there. She’ll go to school with kids whose parents know her mom’s claim to fame. People don’t think about that part of the internet when putting vile stuff out there. They don’t think about how the kids will feel.

    • lovechild

      I was saying and thinking the same thing, this will have far reaching repercussions, so I hope she is prepared for that, and I agree with you on this.

  • pam thierry

    Her daughter is….3 y/o. Is she going 2 be around? If so, she’ll just explain Mama had 2 do what she felt was necessary. In reality, most of the “Mimi-Haters” r doing the same thing 4 FREE.

    • Guest

      Nice theory…(sarcasm).

      • lovechild

        LOLLL!!!! XD

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      You can not be serious….

  • Chase

    No excuse for her actions. She did what she wanted to do – be it for attention or money. The concern should be for her daughter who will go through school taunted with unsavory images of her mother. Parents need to think of the full repercussions of their actions before making selfish choices.

    • biglittlemason3

      Absolutely…..her selfishness could cause that child to be bullied and ridiculed by mean kids who are looking for a reason to taunt. Her greed will reap consequences for everyone around her…..the damage is done.

    • MzDiva

      Why is it wrong for her to put a Video out there but Stevie J not wrong for the one he got out there SMH double standards, we don’t know if the girl will be tauted or not. They are both parents to their daughter and both have questionable behaviors.

  • Wainey

    Sorry Mimi, but No amount of money is worth, my self-respect.

    • Cleveland Cutie

      Thank you!!

  • Kya Weeks

    It is more about if you arent paying her bills she doesnt care about you opinion…… not that this is the only way to pay her bills.

    • Guest

      I always scratch my head when famous people tell fans ‘you don’t pay my bills’. True enough she has her own successful business and probably doesn’t need to do the show, but she wouldn’t be getting that lhhatl check if it weren’t for the viewers tuning in. So yes they are contributing to her bills

      • biglittlemason3

        LOL…you are so right about that….in the end, if you purchase this peice of shish, you have contributed to her light bill, her phone bill, her childs education, and any other bills she’s pulling in…..

        • ….


  • Amber Martin

    …and I still don’t know who the hell this person is

  • hollywood71

    She is so lame it’s ridiculous. .smh

  • NOPE

    Well at least no one is saying the video itself was wack.

  • Lisa Tate

    Nikko will not be around that long. She’s too dumb to realize that she’s been used.

    • BabyBlue

      Exactly. Lazy eyed b@stard.

    • Walter Mitchell

      It’s hard to find another Kanya

  • YeaISaidIt

    I don’t think about MiMi’s response. Just like she didn’t. #nonfactor

  • seabreeze

    Bullsh*t response. Girl please…

  • sharon

    She doesn’t have to explain anything to anyone. She’s an adult and she’s with her man not some random guy her child is to young to even surf the net. I thought this was the land ofthe free.

    • BabyBlue

      Land of the free to get criticized.

      • MindorMatter

        People are going to criticize regardless to whether your doing good or bad. Someone ,somewhere is going to be judgmental regardless to what it is, Everybody is always minding somebody else business. She’ll be okay

        • BabyBlue


          • sahar sunsis

            Aren’t we all Judging her based on our truth? I say live and let live, only her God can judge her! Opinions are like assholes…

            • BabyBlue

              What point did you want to get across? Are you judging me for judging? I don’t judge on the truth. She does have a tape, her daughter will resent her, her boyfriend is low down for “supporting her.”

              • Christina

                Her bf leaked it and talked her into selling it.It was already out.We just didn’t know until we heard vivid brought it and then posted the video.He isn’t supporting her,he’s pimping her.

            • Real Talk

              Quote Nazi intercepting on this comment: EXCUSES are like azzholes, not opinions….haha

    • Lisa Tate

      Yeah, Nikko is her man for now. Let’s see what happens to them down the road.

      • lovechild

        I know right, if he was a real man, he would get a real gig, so he and his old lady did not have to f**k on camera for some change. (Even though, I am not buying that this was entirely about money). Just saying…..

      • Brandy Chynell Reed

        Yeah no one has even mentioned Niko. He’s irrelevant and when he realizes that this didn’t boost his popularity or ratings he’ll be on to the next one n Mimi will be hanging her head in shame.

        • Lisa Tate

          Sad thing is, when it comes to financials, HE needs Her. According to Celebrity Net Worth. Mimi is worth 1.5 mil. Whereas Nikko is only worth $250,000. Hell the average person that has a full time job probably owns a house for that amount. So he’s an opportunist.

    • Justme14

      I’m with u. Y is everybody mad hell that’s her if she wanna make a video. And,who is Joseline to talk about her u were a stripper hun. Atleast Mimi know who she filming with dam ppl get over it..

      • ….

        I think you’re confusing people being shocked with them being mad.

      • NOPE

        Strippers are very talented people. They do what a lot of women try to do in the club or at home, except strippers actually get paid for it and look way better doing it.

      • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

        Thing is, Joseline Never pretended to be something she is not. Mimi always tried to make herself seem so high class and sophisticated and had the nerve to turn her nose up to Joseline like she was better. Thats why people are shaking their heads.

        • Lisa Tate

          You are so right. Joseline has never denied who she is or what she’s done. She’s owned everything.

        • Yvette


      • Cleveland Cutie

        She’s a pot calling the kettle black. She called Joseline everything except a child of God and tried to demean her in everyway possible. Mimi is all of that and a hypocrite on top of it, at least Joseline has owned up to who she is/was!

      • folamix

        And who is she to talk about Joseline. At least, Joseline was up front about herself. I have the feeling Mimi was project something that she really wasn’t

    • Guest

      Well, when you put your personal business out there to be viewed by whoever, you open the door to criticism and judgement. She knows that

    • smh

      her boyfriend. That man is not her husband, he has no intention other than to profit off her. You’d think after being a baby mama/girlfriend for years, she would have learned her lesson

    • lovechild

      Her child might be too young to surf the internet now, but by no means is this going away, that tape is FOREVER, when she grows up she still has plenty of time to see it for herself.

      • NVAdamzz

        As young as these kids are learning to use these smart phones and iPads and whatnot, that baby is bound to find that tape herself. And soon. The real world isn’t filtered for children’s consumption. She should’ve been more careful.

        • lovechild

          You are right, NVAdamzz, I had not thought about the fact that many of these children are quite tech savvy…

          • Gert

            Yes, it only takes one google search. It’s sad that some people will put being seen by any means ahead of being conscience about what you are putting in your childs life. To think that this will not affect her daughter in anyway to me is just ignorant thinking.

    • An Observation

      I think a lot of the criticism comes because MiMi was so judgmental of Joseline. MiMi called her all kinds of names just because of J’s stripper past and now she turns and does the same if not worse and has the nerve to ask everyone to be quiet if they don’t pay her bills.

    • Lady D

      i do not agree with what she did, but i also do not agree with everyone attacking her for it everyone saying “ohhh what about her daughter” dang yall care that much about her daughter when she needs a babysitter i hope she can call on yall lol

    • folamix

      oh please

    • Suchalady

      You realize things on the internet are there forever right? Her daughter may be young now but eventually she will see it. That goes for her trifling daddy too.

  • Jordan Washington

    I kind of find it hard to believe that she’s using this to pay her bills as well. It’s her life, and if she wants to go along with this, then so be it. I wish that she would have really thought about this, and thought about her daughter.

    • JaneDoe

      Junkies don’t think

  • Cleveland Cutie

    OR NOT…that ish was weak. She’s trying to make it seem like she’s unaffected by the negative backlash, but I personally think that she thought the response would be different. She thought that sh*t was cute.

    • Ms.D19

      I really do think she thought this was going to be thought of as something really cute and well percieved. Women think they are going to get some Kim K shine, what they fail to realize is Kim may not have been as infamous, but she was already rich. Broke broads with sex tapes are just broke, naked and eventually embarassed women with sex tapes to explain…

      • Missy

        Chile amen to that!

      • folamix

        She saw that Kim went from her back to the cover of Vogue and said “Why not me?”

      • biglittlemason3

        The truth has never lied……

  • Brian Marshall

    That’s a tricks response. As long as I get paid for f****n n suckin.That’s the business folks

  • lovely

    Like she said nobodies paying her bills who cares

    • BabyBlue

      What do you care about?.. Nvm

    • Cleveland Cutie

      She’s a pot calling the kettle black. She called Joseline everything except a child of God and tried to demean her in everyway possible. Mimi is all of that and a hypocrite on top of it, at least Joseline has owned up to who she is/was.

      • Missy

        Right! And at least Joseline does not have a child who is being affected by her decisions.

    • tamie pate


  • BabyBlue

    Why does it always have to go back to paying ones bills? I think people are thinking about her innocent daughter that has to be haunted by her video. Her daughter will hate her so, if she is putting money over her daughter it says a lot about her. Doing that tape was literally her last resort? That’s ridiculous. Does she not have a college education? A degree? That says a lot about her man. A real man will help his “struggling woman pay her bills.” What man would put his woman through that or would agree to do it.

    • Noelle Moore

      well… you know, mimi herself had mommy issues, if I can remember. She’s just playing apart of a vicious cycle that will cause her daughter, like it caused her, to resent and despise the mother figure.

      • BabyBlue

        Yeah your right. It’s sad to me.

      • arieschic

        That’s true. Smh she should actually want to break the curse. This is the reason it took so long for her to have a child. Like Stevie j said he gave her what no other man would do. And this foolishness shows why no man want to implant their seed in this woman.

    • smh

      If she is having problems paying her bills, maybe she should have just kept messing with stevie in private LIKE SHE HAS BEEN DOING ALL THIS TIME instead of doing all this with a boyfriend. At least stevie is the kid’s dad

      • BabyBlue

        She never had a problem getting gifts and money from him before.

      • Mrs.Mason

        lol she probably is still on the “Stevie bus”

    • guest best

      But we do pay her bills. I thought we were the viewers that watch her reality show, the ppl she soliciting to buy her “sex tape” and the consumers she needs to keep her cleaning business up and running. But we don’t pay her bills??? *kanye shrug*

      • BabyBlue

        Her response was just weak. I made a vow not to pay her bills any longer. I’m not watching the foolery

      • Von

        We do pay her bills we watching the show and without the viewers she would be broke.

        • tamie pate

          Well stop watching it then Cuz it sure as hell ain’t paying urs

      • Missy

        Almost hit the floor! Ain’t that the truth!

    • Ms.D19

      I totally agree, a real man helps out…a scumbag pimps you out so he can make money off of you! She is nothing more than a fool. I really feel sad for her.

      • JaneDoe

        Mimi has the characteristics of a broken junkie

        • Ms.D19

          sad, but true

        • redbee

          I know she is an alcoholic!

      • GHOSTHHB29

        I’m pretty sure she pulled the strings on this one.

    • JaneDoe

      Her man’s thought process is if Stevie pimped her so can I.. A man does what he is allowed to do

      • BabyBlue

        Very true.

    • Redd

      So dang true! I’m just really sad bc if her daughter and all that on tv for the world to see. Disappointed in her! I’d rather Have a man that knows my worth and wouldn’t dare see me doing that. She lost herself behind a man AGAIN…what about the baby bc both parents are with crazy, immature, trifling ppl. Praying for her daughter.

      • BabyBlue

        I can hear it now. Her daughter is at the playground and the little girls are saying “At least my mama not a h0e.” she goes home crying. Never ending cycle. I pray for the baby.

  • Tanya

    This is a clear example of her thought process…SHORT and limited. Girl BYE!

    • newdnewd

      You should see the birds on there cheering her on “don’t mind the haters, they’re jealous girl” it really is sad and disgusting.

      • thatguy0101

        aint it?! smh some of our women are truly lost. Always thinking someone is hating smh..

        • arieschic

          Yes. Like please redefined hating? These women who are encouraging this foolishness are just as weak minded as Mimi

      • JaneDoe

        Yes!! I was listening to the morning show here in Atlanta and one female listener called in and stated she didn’t see anything wrong with the video. Really sad state we live in. Home videos will be the new normal as well as stds

        • newdnewd

          It is sad. I also think people are confusing a home tape with po*n, a video between two people that they go back a look at between eachother is NOT the same as “leaking” a tape and then getting paid for it.

      • The mind set of today’s black women is disturbing.

        • jsut sayn

          not just the minds of Black women, it’s the minds of the people in the world today period. there are no morale’s, values or integrity anymore with every race. everyone wants to be seen and heard and it’s all about me me me! Lord please hurry up and come back!

          • hollyw

            Right. Let’s not forget who did it first. Errm, Paris and Kim K., anyone..?

            • Yoooo23

              Yeah but Kim K didn’t do it for the world to see it she did it with or partner

              • Wainey

                Kim K did it for the world to see..ppl just believe her vs others because shes’s WHITE!

                • Amuse4god

                  That too, and furthermore, Kim K. and Paris didn’t have children. The only one I believe was actually leaked was Pam Anderson’s.

              • Wainey

                Kim K did it for the world to see..ppl just believe her vs others because shes’s WHITE!

      • NapturalFlostress

        Lol i saw it too , disgusting

    • Rosetta Stone

      LOL. YES

    • 1Val

      “The way of a FOOL is right in his own eyes.”