The Perfect Date: Celebrities We’d Love To Take To Prom

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If you went to prom during your high school days, then you know that picking the right date is half the battle. Your dress is important but there’s nothing worse than looking cute and having a horrible time because you chose a loser. And since the date is so important, we’ve put together a list of celebs we’d love to take to prom, if we had the opportunity to go again…and had access to these celebrities. And to our high school loves, if someone in your class has some of the qualities of one or more of the men on this list, go ahead and make that happen. You won’t regret it.

Kevin Hart

Do we really have to explain this one? Kevin would be thee best date ever. Despite his fame, he’s managed to remain humble and accessible to his fans, mainly through social media. We can just imagine the whole room in a circle as Kevin gives you moves like this one in the middle of the dance floor. He’d have you cackling at dinner, he’d look sharp in his tux and judging by the way he rocked out with his daughter Heaven at her father-daughter dance, you know he’s not too cool to act a fool.


Lance Gross

Look at this fine specimen here. All the girlies would be so jealous if you rolled up into prom with Lance on your arm. Just imagine how gorgeous your pictures would be?! And you already know he can hang a suit. The stunt would be so real. But aside from his physical perfection, Lance is also a standup guy. For the past couple of years, he’s participated in Disney Dreamer’s Academy, a program which helps to inspire and encourage high school students.


Jimmy Fallon

I can’t tell you how my heart smiles every time I see Jimmy Fallon…anywhere. Whether he’s in a film or hosting his late night show, I’m always genuinely happy to see him, like I know the dude. I certainly don’t but that doesn’t hamper my love for him. He’s such a sweetie and I haven’t even gotten to the funny yet. He’s absolutely hilarious, you’ll be knee-slapping all night. And you don’t have to worry about Jimmy not knowing the songs the DJ plays, judging by his “History of Rap” collaborations with Justin Timberlake, you and Jimmy could not only dance but perform your favorites on the dance floor.

Justin Timberlake

You know we couldn’t rightly have Jimmy on the list without Justin. Justin is one powerful dude. For decades he’s held a spot on virtually every woman’s “fine white boy” list. He’s a cutie with insane talent. He can dance, he could serenade you throughout the night and the man wrote a whole song about draping a “Suit and Tie.” Win.


Michael B. Jordan

Ever since Michael B. Jordan got himself killed on The Wire, we’ve had a soft spot in our hearts for him. And we all noticed how nicely he’s matured since those days. He was an impeccable actor in his teenage years and now in his late twenties he’s a force to be reckoned with. (See: Fruitvale Station. Like literally see it.) He’s a conscious dude who is cool under pressure. We loved the way he responded to those who have a problem with him being cast as the Human Torch in the new Fantastic Four film.


Leonardo DiCaprio

We don’t know much about Leo’s personal life but he seems like a kind guy, very sweet. Plus he’s proven, time and time again, that he is down with Hip Hop. And if you two aren’t voted King and Queen of the prom, (EVEN THOUGH YOU SO DESERVE IT), you know he’ll be unbelievably gracious.


This guy. Yeah, so we all know Diddy is a show boat. And you run the risk of him stealing your shine. But he’s also a ton of fun. There’s a lot he’ll do in the name of fun. You know he’ll be the most dapper dude in the venue and he can teach the whole room how to Diddy bop. And you never know, if you have some type of exceptional talent, he might be able to hook you up…maybe.



We already loved Drake but after his recent meeting with Kennedy, the girl with terminal brain cancer, we have an entirely new level of admiration. Drake is a gentleman with a roughish side. He can transition comfortably across several environments, from picking you up at your parents house, entertaining you with his wit at dinner, to doing a slight jig on the dance floor, Drake is that dude.

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum is a fool in the best sense of the word. He’s that lovely blend of fine and funny that makes for a winning combination. That’s what every girl wants right? And even though he’s getting paid these days, Channing hasn’t forgotten his roots and he’s not too good to twerk somethin’.



Jamie Foxx

This one is a no brainer right? It’s no secret that Jamie Foxx is pretty hilarious. He’s not ashamed to break out in an impromptu dance. And not only that, you can see in the gif above that Jamie doesn’t look too bad in a suit either. Plus, the man has two daughters so he’ll be sure to treat you properly.

Did we miss anybody? Whether you’ve already gone or are going this year, which celebrities would you want to take to prom?

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