“We’re Just Not Cool Anymore”: Kandi’s Musical Premieres, And NeNe Drops Cynthia As A Friend; RHOA Season Finale

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While the season finale had quite a bit of must-see moments (including getting to see Kandi’s musical finally take form), it was the thirty minute one-on-one between NeNe and Andy Cohen at the end of the finale that shocked us the most. As it turns out, NeNe and Cynthia are no longer cool, and it has a lot to do with folks playing victim, and NeNe not appreciating her so-called “friends” aligning themselves with Kenya. Oh the pettiness. Let’s talk about it all, folks!


Kandi And Todd Talk Prenups

To open the season finale, we see Kandi practicing for her show. As Todd walks in, they discuss the last details of their musical, A Mother’s Love, and eventually, the conversation turns to the last details of what needs to be figured out before they get married: when Todd is going to sign that prenuptial agreement. He seems hesitant for some reason, even after Kandi tells him that all the other women’s husbands, including Apollo, had no problem (and no questions) when it came to signing a prenup. Todd doesn’t seem to be feeling the idea, but we all know that in order to walk down the aisle with Kandi (and keep Mama Joyce off his back), Todd is going to have to do what he’s going to have to do–sign!


Kenya Buries Her Beloved, Velvet

In a super dramatic scene, friends (two people, including Cynthia and her dog in all black everything) and family (her aunt) gather with Kenya to help say goodbye to Velvet. There are lots of tears, and even some sweet flashbacks of special moments between Kenya and her Yorkshire Terrier. With Velvet’s ashes in hand, Kenya bought a headstone for her beloved dog and said her last goodbyes: “She was sent to me during the lowest point in my life and I love her so much.” Velvet was eulogized by both Kenya’s aunt and Cynthia, and the little doggy definitely went out in style.


Phaedra Gets Her Mortuary License

Is it just me, or have Phaedra’s scenes been getting shorter and shorter? Any who, we catch up with her, and after a season of hard work (and trying to avoid Apollo’s negativity), Phaedra is now a licensed funeral director. Woo hoo! Ayden decorates a cake for her (which says “Congrats Mom”) and in only the way Apollo can, he celebrates her success and says that he hopes she will now be less stressed. She says, “Weeeeell” and we all know what that means–‘I would be less stressed if you acted like you had some sense …’


Porsha’s Divorce Is Final, She Leaves With Nothing–And She’s Totally Okay With That

While we all thought Porsha Williams (just a reminder that she dropped Stewart) was gonna be somewhere pissed off about the outcome of her divorce proceedings with Kordell, she’s actually celebrating. She says she wants nothing to do with Kordell, and says that in the end, she asked for nothing from him: “I can see what I want my future to look like, and it doesn’t include him, so why include his money? Shut the door!” The only last piece of the puzzle that was her marriage is her wedding ring. When asked when she is going to stop wearing it by her mother and sister, Porsha finally pulls it off, freeing her hand and dropping the fabulous ring in a glass of champagne.

Aka, she’s going to pawn it, and I’m not mad at her. With that big ‘ol house, she needs to pay those bills.


Cynthia Tries To Talk Dirty For Peter

Not sure what this scene was about, but Cynthia’s sister Malorie stops by to help Cynthia bring the fire back into her bedroom. They put out some fruit, Cynthia puts on a fabulous red dress, and while her makeup is flawless, her sex talk is wiggidy-wack: “Welcome home, papa.”

Not Papa though. With her Spanx on, Cynthia sexes it up and waits for Peter to come home. When he does, his first reaction was to bust out laughing: “How you gon’ be sexy with Spanx on?” But eventually, he succumbs to the booty and Cynthia has her Jamaican man in the palm of her hand.


NeNe Has Health Issues, Gregg Gives His Random Diagnosis

In a surprisingly short scene for the finale (and her only one), NeNe returns home to her very eager husband, Gregg, but she’s not as excited to see him as he is to see her. NeNe has been feeling pretty piss poor health wise, with pains going around her body. What does Gregg think it is? Gas. Of course, what we would later find out is that NeNe was actually dealing with deadly pulmonary emboli. So no, Gregg, she didn’t need to go somewhere and fart.

A Mother’s Love Premieres

“When I get nervous before a show, I start fartin” – Kandi Burruss

This was Kandi’s frame of mind as her makeup was being done in preparation for her musical to make its debut to the good folks in Atlanta, and of course, to Kandi’s mom, who the show is inspired by. But as the show begins, with all the cast making an appearance to support (except for NeNe, who was battling her health issues), it seems Kandi has nothing to be nervous about. She sounds great, Porsha actually sounds great (guess she wanted to prove Ms. Lark, the stage manager, wrong with all those doubts she was having about Porsha), the cast is doing their thing, and everyone is loving it! Well, everyone but Mama Joyce it seems. That face stayed turned up!


What Does Mama Joyce Make Of The Play Based On Her Foolery?

Surprisingly, she says that she loved it. After having a mad awkward moment with Todd and his mother (who LOVED the play and can’t stand Mama Joyce), Joyce has the chance to talk to Kandi one-on-one. She says that she enjoyed the show, and understood that everything in the play wasn’t supposed to be 100% about her. But as for Todd, Mama Joyce says she’s going to let Kandi make whatever decisions she wants, and while she isn’t feeling Todd, “We’ll just have to agree to disagree.”

On a side note, I loved that Kandi’s dad, Titus, provided nothing but support to Kandi when it came to the drama with Mama Joyce and Todd: “I have faith that whoever you love, I love.”


How The Season Really Ended:

So what happened to the ladies when the show ended? Porsha received no alimony in her divorce, and yes, she had a boob job. As for Cynthia and Peter, Bar One is still in limbo, and they’re still trying to deal with their communication issues. Kenya and her “African price” are supposedly planning for in vitro fertilization TOGETHER in June (I’m shocked too). NeNe recovered from her health issues, and as we know, is rocking out on Dancing With the Stars. Kandi and Todd’s show was a hit, selling out five different times! Not to mention, they walked down the aisle this month. No update on Phaedra though…it’s like that Andy?


NeNe On The Reunion Fight, Pillow Talk Drama And Man-Ho:

This one-on-one extension of the season finale actually gave NeNe the chance to share her thoughts on the season, since as you might have seen, she was damn near MIA from the whole last show. She spilled a lot of beans, and put a lot into perspective.

On Porsha fighting Kenya at the reunion: “I know she felt bad. I know she wishes she could have handled it a different way.” NeNe did say though that Kenya kept on figuratively pushing Porsha, and her behavior just pushed Porsha too far.

On people blaming NeNe for the pillow talk event drama: She said that most of the ladies on the show agreed that it wasn’t her fault, and at the end of the day, in her eyes, it really wasn’t.

On Marlo: After calling her “Man-h0,” NeNe said that outside of being too friendly with Kenya, a big issue that caused the end of their friendship was the fact that Marlo was sneaky. Marlo started filming scenes with Kenya behind her back on top of other shady things. And as for the shade from Marlo and Kenya towards her career, NeNe says that when they can get an acting career like hers, then they can speak on the moves she makes.


NeNe On Cynthia, Why Kenya Is Good For The Show, And Who Should Go

The most interesting part of the one-on-one was when NeNe discussed why she doesn’t rock with Cynthia anymore. Surprising, right? As it turns out, NeNe was pissed that after the “Peter is a b***h” episode aired, despite the fact that Cynthia and Peter, and NeNe and Gregg worked things out, Cynthia was online “playing the victim.” She also didn’t like that Cynthia aligned herself with Kenya during the show, which Andy Cohen didn’t agree with (he basically called her out for being a little petty). The most surprising moment was when NeNe was asked if she thought Cynthia should be kicked off the show, and NeNe said that she really doesn’t bring anything to the show: “She’s okay…We’re just not cool anymore.”

She didn’t explicitly name who should go (though with her clues about people pretending they are living a life that’s fraudulent, most thought she was talking about Phaedra), but she surprisingly said that she knows Kenya won’t be cut because she’s good for reality TV: “I think she brings great drama, I think she’s delusional, I think medication is much needed. She’s great for the show!”

After the way NeNe was talking, we’re more than ready to find out what happened at the reunion and find out why things fell apart between Cynthia and NeNe. What were your thoughts on the season finale?

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