She Tried It: Lolo Jones Throws Shade At Drake And Rihanna’s Relationship On Twitter

April 11, 2014  |  

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In the words of Rachel Jeantel: “Lolo Jones? She’s a hater.”

After growing tired of making jokes about Jeantel, the witness who testified during the George Zimmerman trial, and dissing her own fans on Twitter, Lolo Jones decided to take aim at the celebs and try to throw some shade at Drake and Rihanna.

You might have heard that Drake, a sports lover who can often be seen cheesing with and hanging with basketball stars, was asked to host this year’s ESPY awards. He said that it was something of a dream of his, and after his lauded acting/comedic work on Saturday Night Live, the producers behind the awards show probably were impressed enough to give him a shot:

“It’s been a dream of mine for a long time. I watched a guy that I look up to in every aspect of life — Jamie Foxx — do it and I always say if I can follow in his footsteps that’ll be a great career for me, so I was blessed with the opportunity to do it. “SNL” gave me the confidence to do it.”

Well, ready to crap on Drake’s enthusiasm, Lolo Jones came out of nowhere last night to give her two cents on his hosting opportunity, and to also call out Rihanna’s dating history. The Bajan singer has been linked to, and dated, a few athletes in her time, including ex-boyfriend and LA Dodger, Matt Kemp.

This is what Jones said on Twitter:

Of course, you know the Navy and just people who don’t understand her in general lashed out at Jones’ statements, saying everything from she resembles a man to bringing up the fact that she hasn’t been lucky enough to take home gold in the Olympic games (neither in hurdling or as a bobsledder in the winter games). Others actually found the joke quite funny. Jones herself defended her statements by saying that it was all a joke, and posted a video of Seth Meyers and his opening monologue at the 2011 show:


Neither Rihanna nor Drake have commented.

Lolo Jones just baffles me with the statements she makes on Twitter, but what about you? Do you think her “joke” was disrespectful? Or no harm no foul? Talk about it!

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  • Nisha

    I think she is just a little unsure as to who she should “be”. it’s the biracial insecurity thing and so I guess as doesn’t know you know should I play it hard should I play it soft and there’s no one to tell her she doesn’t need to be a baller to find her strength…I hate to say this but was her mom white?

  • mmmdot

    I’m sorry, but I think it’s about time Lolo drank a big glass of shut the fxck up now and give Twitter a break. She should have *BEEN* done with Twitter after she told a *FAN OF HERS* to get a *PERM* if she wanted to dress up like her for Halloween. This bxtch always THINKS she’s being “funny” but she’s really not. Period.

  • BlackBarbie2000

    there is so much imprisonment, injustice, death e.t.c. going on in the world that if we all put our energy towards helping it our world would become a BETTER place.
    but instead we are all twiddling our thumbs to see if two successful black women are going to verbally attack other. this is why the world is falling. look at our priorities.

  • CC

    Lol, watch Rih come at her when she least expects it. I’m surprised the Navy didn’t drag her further than that.

  • mal

    To Lolo: Just. Stop. Tweeting.

  • It was a funny joke. Just not from her. No one really likes her.

    • hollyw

      LOL you just summed it up. Reaction was like, “Ehhhh… okay, almost funny.”

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    u would think her dumb azz would’ve learned after the comments she made about rachel jeantel being madea & she got slammed…but no…she comes for the queen of the twitter diss lmao…i’m waiting with my popcorn get her rih!

  • Mrs.Mason

    now who is this chick again? lol

  • Erica Williams

    Non MF factor! Get a social life outside of twitter, go practice your hurdles so you can actually finish a race, do some charity work, or possibly go on a date….. something! Focus on something positive in YOUR life! Get out of this high school/mean girls mind frame and act like a grown women with some common sense if not just be quiet!


    Don’t send for Ri-ri.

  • Guest

    The Black Anna Kournikova strikes again. SMH

  • Clow

    C u next tuesday! That’s all I can say about her

  • Greentea516

    Given her tweet history outside of Rachel Jeantel and her fan controversy, I’d say she’s joking about Rih, that’s her humor. Do we expect differently from a Black/bi-racial female athlete? I think so and she doesn’t get that. Lolo is trying to be funny but in a way that is not working for her.

    Can pretty girls (bc Idk who’s worse: Lolo or Chrissy Teigen?!?) make jokes like this or do we leave it up to Joan Rivers and Sarah Silverman types, bc Joan would have said that same line.

    • Guest

      It has nothing to do with her looks or race. And you can’t compare her to Joan Rivers and Sarah Silverman because they’re actually comedians. She tried to compare herself to Seth Meyers, but the host of the ESPY’s is expected to roast the athletes. She’s not hosting anything. And she didn’t zing an athlete, she came for Rihanna. Girl has a serious malfunction.

  • Beffa

    when she said that stuff about Rachel Jeantel someone tweeted to her “you’re a virgin who can’t jump” that pretty much sums up how I feel about Lolo. The way she presents herself is really sad.

    First Rachel Jeantel then she criticised her own fan who tweeted a pic of herself dressed as Lolo for halloween. She also criticised being on the bobsled team or whatever winter olympic team she was on. And now this.

    This is not about not having a filter this is about not being happy. A happy person is not negative as often as this poor child seems to be. It’s really sad.

  • Truth Hurts

    You can look in this chic’s eyes and see that she hates herself.

  • TC

    It cracks me up how people have nothing better to do but hate on others on social media, but when so called celebs do it to each other its just outrageous. Do you think your star is gonna shine a little brighter because you’re throwing shade on someone elses? SMH

  • Observe and Report

    LMAO yo this chick be going in, no filter at all. However she better DM Teyana Taylor for a heads up cause Rhi Rhi Navy will drag you til there’s nothing left.

  • lockstress

    Sits on porch sippin on cold tea as the Rhianna’s “navy” comes to sink battleship!

    • B Cooper

      They already sank the ship! They “drug” Lolo to her death (twitter)! For instance, Too bad Drake won’t be handing you an award! LOL

      • lockstress

        The ship has sunk huh??? lol…

  • hi-liter

    Wonder what RiRi’s comeback will be……………………

    • Guest

      Nothing, I hope! This insignificant tool is looking for her 5 minutes.

  • M.L.

    Eh, I don’t care enough to have any feelings either way about it. I don’t know Drake or Rihanna personally.

  • Trisha_B

    Wasn’t funny at all. This chick is never gonna make it or win awards b/c she doesn’t know how to keep her mouth closed.

    People always making comments about the amount of men Rih been with, but she only been seen w/ 3 men smh

    • newdnewd

      that number is a figment of your imaginatiton

      • Trisha_B

        How? Lol I don’t know Rih, but the media has only caught her out w/ 3 guys. You a fly on the wall in bedroom? Lol

        • newdnewd

          Exactly you don’t know her, therefore that number that you put out there is your imagination

          • Trisha_B

            Your lack of comprehension smh

            • newdnewd

              The only one who is lacking comprehension is you.

              • hollyw

                No, it’s you. She said “seen with 3 men”, not, “I know her personally and she tells me everything”.

                • newdnewd

                  Both of you are idiots being “seen” with 3 men is not solid proof or a fact, therefore unless she KNOWS her that is a number that she is just throwing out there.

    • guest

      Who cares how many men she has been with? She is young and beautiful. This is no one’s business but hers.

    • hollyw

      Naw, she won’t win no awards b/c she spends half her training time online lol… Errm what other Olympians do we see practically living on Twitter (and clearly the magazine’s and tv)… we’ll wait.

      • hollyw

        …. okay, wow, Trish_B was right, reading comp really isn’t your strong suit…or logic. Your own argument defeats you. Her argument was never that Rihanna never dated multiple men; only that it cannot be proven smh. Then you jump in, with no comprehension, obviously, trying to argue that just because you don’t see them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist…DUH! That’s exactly the point! There is no definitive proof of her mates past the three, so anyone supposing otherwise, i.e. YOU, is purely speculating! Smdh good grief, the U.S. education system fails us again…

  • BabyBlue

    I thought about saying something horrible but, I’ll wait until Rhianna does it lol.

  • Clarify

    Lolo needs a filter and maybe a break from social media. She always tries to play it off and say she was joking.

    • hollyw

      Right, like she don’t get that 1. her jokes are corny, like her, and 2. just because you think something offensive is funny and call it “a joke” doesn’t absolve you of ownership over any ignorance it may convey.

      … and if it’s anything LoLo has conveyed over the year, it’s corniness and ignorance, ijs.

  • Clarify

    *Waits patiently for Rihanna to clap back. I usually don’t like when Ri ri comes for people via social network, but Lolo, boo you walked right into that one. #dontcomeforher

    • BabyClover

      Something tells me that Ri Ri is just gonna ignore this one to show how irrelevant ths young miss to her.

    • ZeroFuxGiven

      ‘Cause you know it’s gonna be one for the books when she replies. *sits indian style with popcorn and a Sprite, the Sprite is for Lolo, she’s thirsty for attention.

    • CC

      Rih usually comes for people that come out of the blue at her. Everybody excuses it when it’s someone being mean to her but when she hands it back to them, then she’s the bully???