Happy National Siblings Day! Little-Known, Look-Alike Brothers And Sisters Of Our Favorite Celebs

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Did you know that it’s National Siblings Day today!? It’s okay if you didn’t, we found out via social media actually…
You still have time today to show love to your brothers and sisters for being your first friends and road dawgs, even when you were squabbling with them over the years and trying to borrow their clothes. To help celebrate the day, we picked out 11 famous folks and the little-known brothers and sisters they’re close to (and look similar to). Don’t forget to show love to your siblings before the days is over!

Bob Thayer/The Providence Journal

Bob Thayer/The Providence Journal

Viola Davis And Deloris Grant


While Viola is an Academy Award nominated actress, sister Deloris is a teacher, but the two are close and work together to help young people reach success. Together, they started a scholarship program to help students in Rhode Island attend college. The two women come from a large family, as there were six Davis kids growing up together.

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  • Udont Knowme

    I remember the group Gyrl!! They had like, 1 song… lol. Me and my girl Nita prob the only ones beside them that reemember it!! LMAO

  • Udont Knowme

    The Hardwick brothers tho….. gatdamn!!!

  • bigdede

    Omari is married to a white lady. I have seen pics of them all over. He takes her to his movie premieres. He’s not trying to keep it a secret.

  • reality1

    I love to look into ppl eyes, so much u can see and nicky’s younger brother eyes melt my heart. He seems to have such kind eyes, seems to possess a gentle soul. I LOVE that, He seems to b a good kid.

  • PolkaDots

    Alicia and Terrence’s brothers are FEO. Good Lord! Most of these entertainers/actors/singers don’t look like their siblings. So are we trying to make the siblings famous due to blood line or something?

    I don’t get it. Unless they have a talent or are working in entertainment there should be no write up on these people.

    • straight_up

      FEO? And Omari is married, just keeping it under wraps

      • PolkaDots

        UGLY – My bad.

    • alex

      Why are you being so rude…its not that deep…it was NATIONAL SIBLINGS DAY….thats the whole purpose of this article…no need to be rude and say ugly things about ppl who’ve done nothing to you….

      • PolkaDots

        There is NOTHING rude about what I said and I couldn’t care less than I ALREADY do about it being some IMAGINARY holiday that NO ONE RECOGNIZES….

        This isn’t about a fictitious holiday it’s about the media, YET AGAIN, attempting to make EVERYONE and ANYONE famous either because their alive and ridiculous OR are related to someone with talent.

        The latter doesn’t make you a celebrity and the former is just utterly RIDICULOUS.

        My opinion is just that and I stand by it.

        • alex

          I’m sorry but you sound so ignorant…MN Is not trying to make anyone famous but simply give you something interesting to read…your turning something so innocent into a something big…sibling day is not a holiday…but ppl DO use that day recognize their siblings… I don’t see how this article was written to make ppl famous….that’s all I’m saying…

          • PolkaDots

            Nawh, I’m not…This article is YET AGAIN trying to make famous NOBODIES….Don’t understand how? Look at SOLANGE…She’s TRYIN’ but no one really cares about her only the fact that she is DIM WIT’s sissy.

            And why do all you Black people use the same language – is “ignorant” you people’s favorite word or something? If you knew what that word meant you wouldn’t have used it as it isn’t applicable.

            National Siblings Day is YET ANOTHER DAY that does NOT get any attention nor will it ever. GTFOOH with the bullsh!t giving everyday and “special” name for a group of people that no one gives a f^ck about.

            It’s not Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, MLK Day etc. Stop REACHIN’.

            • alex

              1st of all, How do you know I’m black….2nd of all…your starting to sound racist and yet again rude so I’m done talking about this….goodbye!

              • PolkaDots

                Dude, you’re Black. And I could care less than I already do about what you think about my opinion. My opinion is just that and it STANDS.

                • elle

                  Ignorant is the universal word for ASSES

                  • PolkaDots

                    Yet another NEGRA who lacks decorum and the ability to comprehend. Say hello to the mailman when he brings your welfare check you G.E.D. recipient.

                    You will forever be a loser – hahahaha MUAH!

                    De nada!

                • alex


                  • PolkaDots

                    Gracias —- de nada

            • Sarah

              You seem very angry on this subject.

              • PolkaDots

                No I don’t pero I know you want me to be.