On Top Of Child Support, Ludacris Ordered To Pay Tamika Fuller’s Court Costs Of More Than $35,000

April 10, 2014  |  


According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, outside of battling for custody and deciding how much is reasonable to pay in child support for 4-month-old Cai Bella Bridges, Ludacris was recently ordered to cover Tamika Fuller’s court costs, which exceed more than $35,000. You heard right. He was given two weeks max to pay all of it.

In the court documents, Fuller is stated as the guardian “for the purpose of representing the best interest of the child,” and Ludacris, “the petitioner,” is ordered to pay Fuller’s initial retainer of $7,500.

“The Guardian ad Litem shall be billed at a rate of $325.00 per hour. The retainer shall be paid directly to the Guardian ad Litem within 14 days of the entry of this order.”

Two days before this March 20th ruling, Fuller stood before the judge of the Superior Court of Fulton County asking to have Ludacris pay her court fees. Clearly, the judge decided that her request made sense:

“Petitioner shall pay to Respondent’s counsel, Thirty Five Thousand Dollars ($35,000.00), in addition to any amounts previously awarded or paid, as an award of temporary attorney’s fees and expenses of litigation.”

Ludacris was given 10 days to pay up the $35,000 (“Said amount shall be paid to Respondent’s counsel within 10 days of the date of this order”).

If that wasn’t enough, Ludacris was also charged an extra $2,000 in court fees for filing a request to have Fuller held in contempt of court (it’s unclear what he wanted her held in contempt for), but that request was denied.

This order was probably a major hit for Luda, who said in the past that he couldn’t pay the $15,000 she initially requested a month for child support because he hadn’t been getting paid for his work on the latest Fast and Furious film. The cast has been on hiatus since the death of Paul Walker in November.

As you can see, these type of court battles aren’t quick, they aren’t easy, and they damn sure aren’t cheap.

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  • “As you can see, these type of court battles aren’t quick, they aren’t
    easy, and they damn sure aren’t cheap.”

    Only if you’re male.

    If you’re female, they are FREE.

  • BaldheadedFoo

    I hate to say it but black men are incredibly dumb when it comes to women. how it continues to be “cool” to knock up desperate con artists and support them for 18 years is beyond me! its always the same result. these women are vicious these days! Yet very few black men see this. white men are gradually seeing it, asian men have always seen it and Hispanic men are better at hiding than black men. The best thing any American man can do these days is just go MGTOW and masturbate or date foreign women (maybe).

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  • Hawk

    Comments like the majority of the ones here a why men like me are refusing to marry and have children. All you women care about is money and yourself. You don’t care about men and you don’t care about children. Men it’s best you opt out in todays misandric society. MGTOW for life!

    • Sydney Molare’

      It is better if you have no interest in taking care of that which you help to create to refuse to marry and have little mini-yous, which by -the-way are truly blessings. And why would you say that a person that gets pregnant doesn’t care about men? The men of means line is pretty short these days. LOL

      • Hawk

        Didn’t use the men of means line, and again you don’t care about men.

  • flame

    when you bring another human being into this world you have to take care of them ”by any means necessary”. You not being paid or your lack of funds doesn’t mean the child should be deprived of necessities of life. If you eat they should eat, if you have they clothing they should have clothes, if you have a roof over your head they should have roof over their head and in the case of Ludacris he has those things. Even if the parent doesn’t have food, clothing, and/or roof over their head they’re still responsible for proving those things directly(you have physical custody of child) or indirectly( someone else has physical custody of child).

    • Torg

      Back in the day if the Parent lacked then the child lacked. What are you talking about? How can someone give what they don’t have? I am so tired of this system. It’s clearly not working!!! At the end of the day this justice system only hurts the child. No one else!!!

      Stop the madness already if he got custody I am sure he would have given every piece of food that came across his plate to the child first. But $15k to a four month old child is just absurd!!! She is clearly using this to buy the latest handbags or purses. This isn’t benefiting ANYONE but her ratchet self and you know it.

      And the worst part is – The White judge is laughing it up, so proud he could assist in continuing to perpetuate the core problem with our community.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    That’s what he gets for being an absolute donkey lmao!

  • Suzy

    You can go to community centers and get free condoms, beats out 18 years of child support. Luda cares about $ only in this case, shoulda wrapped his wee wee up while he was tapping her kitty and she shoulda practice birth control too but she wanted that Luda money.

    • soulwoman

      right on!!! It’s called family planning.

    • mmmdot

      “You can go to community centers and get free condoms” LMAO!!!!

  • forreal

    Condoms $2. Or better yet, stay home and watch reruns.

  • lockstress

    And that ladies and gentlemen is what you call KARMA!

  • Just Plan Tired

    If you wont to be the Boss you got to pay the cost. LOL

  • thatguy0101

    So let me get this right, she takes him to court for child support..which I think is ok, but he ordered to pay her court cost?? Cot damn!! D*mn luda,.. you lost smh I might be judged on this but who cares lol this is the very reason why I dont fk with broke, lousy females.. marry or have kids with someone on YOUR level to somewhat avoid craziness like this..

    • baddaz

      Note it said “petitioner” to pay court costs. He petitioned and took her to court. He lost the case so It’s only fair that he pays for dragging her there in the first place.

      • mmmdot

        Thank you for clarifying that. What a ridiculous comment (the one you were responding to.) :EYEROLL:

      • CT


      • Ms_Sunshine9898

        He petitioned for full custody and yet the parent with no income or means to provide got custody. I don’t blame him for petitioning. . . .

        • theladymagic

          Petuition the court for custody of a child that he did not bother to even see yet. And you think that’s a good idea? I pray you are not a parent

    • forreal

      Helllooooo. This message needs to be relayed to men and women.

    • Maria Simpson

      really? close your mouth when grown people are talking. Those statements are absolutely ridiculous on so many levels. if you had read the article correctly in the first place…you know what READING IS FUNDAMENTAL!

    • lockstress

      He had someone “on his level” but the egomanical prick that he is chose to go to the skrip bar and roll raw dawg in her and yup…a baby was created.
      She wanted his assistance in taking care of said child…he cried broke. Dragged her to cour to acquire FULL CUSTODY of said child and now…the consquence and repercussion of his piss poor decision is…yes…you ARE THE FATHER and you got to pay up!
      So please don’t insult this poor woman. If you got a million dollar dyck…PROTECT YOUR INTEREST! You wouldn’t leave a million dollars worth of jewels laying around but you let your dyck swing every which way but where it needs to be…HOME WITH YOUR WOMAN.
      *just clarifying the story for ya bro* lol

      • biglittlemason3

        LO f’ing L……tell it now……”let your dyck swing every which way”….that was funny as hell….laughing into infinity.

      • mmmdot

        LMAO FOREVER!!!!

    • Kristen

      I think “broke lousy females” are on his level. He’s proven himself to be too stupid and irresponsible for anyone intelligent.

  • single mom

    So what is he trying to say? That he has no money? That he needs a movie to pay court costs? Hasnt he had hit albums? Hasnt he been paid for mega hit films? Hes not broke so what is the problem? Why do these rich men always act like it is such a financial burden to take care of their children or the costs associated with them? Yet, they have plenty of money to spend on trips and clubs (VIP section and its costs) which they proudly display on Facebook and Twitter. Get a grip Luda. Your child will be asking you about all of this in the future. What will you say then?

    • Hawk

      Taking care of the children is not the problem, the women living off of simply opening their legs IS a problem.

  • mmmdot

    And this is why it’s always better to keep child support and custody issues out of the courts. Maybe if he was ALREADY supporting that child like he was supposed to, he wouldn’t be in this position.

    • CT

      pretty much. I mean look at lil’ wayne – he got like what 10 kids or something? Ain’t none of his baby mama’s took him to court because he already doing what he suppose to be doing. Luda need’s to take note

      • mmmdot

        Exactly. Totally agree.

  • Cleveland Cutie

    Good for his a$$! I’ve lost so much respect for him in this whole ordeal…

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    I’ve always said if you can’t afford to have children then take a precaution to prevent them. At the same time if you are a parent who can’t afford to raise your child, then you need to turn over custody of your child over to the other parent who can afford the costs. It’s funny how these random relationships between these women and men seem to always end with the birth of a child that they want bookoodles of monthly cash for because they can’t afford to raise their child . . .

    • soulwoman

      Who can’t afford to raise the child? Baby daddy has made money—where the problem?? Child support is usually based on the earnings of the parent who has to pay, i.e., B. Spears. Not to mention the fact that the support is temporary. After all children eventually grow up. Just do the damn thing!!!!

      • Ms_Sunshine9898

        Why do you need child support if you can’t raise your child? Again why does custody keep being awarded to the parent who can’t afford to raise their kids when the other parent is more than capable?

        • theladymagic

          Really??? You can’t be a parent ,,, or even know anyone with kids. Why would you say that the person receiving support for the child cant raise them? All children need to be supported!!
          It took two people to make a baby, so it takes two people to support and raise a baby. Weather these two people are living in the same house or not. So if one parent, male or female is doing the majority of the day to day raising of the child, the other parent usually is ordered to help out with support, and that amount is decided by the income of the party that has been ordered to pay support. You seem to think that if the one parent leaves then the child should just do without because of what a parent did. Or to just give kids to the highest earning parent weather said parent wants to hands on raise the child or not. Or weather that is the better parent.. thank God you ‘idea” is not what is used to decide.

          • Ms_Sunshine9898

            Why would any caring parent be so selfish to deny their child their basic needs just to prove a point by making the other parent pay child support when that parent can’t even support their self? That’s like Chris Bosh baby mama saying she has no income, no job, can’t put roof over her head but wants him to pay untold thousands in child support while refusing to relinquish custody for a child she has no means of providing for. Why then does she or any other woman in her situation need custody? Because she’s the mother? You can’t honestly believe Luda’s baby mama was honestly not looking for a come up when she got pregnant. She don’t have a job but she can request $15,000 in child support up front. In 3 months she’s would have gotten what some people made in a year. Not ask for child support of some kind, but outright ask for $15,000. *Blank stare* You can’t be serious. If she can ask for that much money up front clearly she’s privy to making moves on someone known to have extenuous amounts of income. Most women ask for child support not demand a preset amount. Let’s not forget you ignored the fact that he asked for full custody as well. *sarcasm* But these men ain’t sh!t. Some of these men are more than capable of providing for their children, not their coparent. It’s not even about receiving child support. He should pay child support instead of being giving the opportunity to raise his child compared to a woman who can’t do that without his help. It’s about the fact these women can’t even provide for their selves and expect to use child support as a crutch for living. Girl bye! Smh, the lies we tell ourselves! If you can’t support yourself independent of your child you do not need child support, you need to give your child to the parent who can afford to raise their child until you can get on your feet. Child support: funds given by the absent parent in support of raising a child the receiver is the primary care giver of . . .

  • Jay Lane

    …nor worth it. I hope he takes this as a lesson learned. Btw, he should also take this as the universe telling him to get a financial adviser b/c if what he said is true, he blew through a hell of a lot of money.

    • CT

      Right? He has platnium albums, congac, acting on tv and in movies, i think he has a restuaraunt and real estaste. I can’t believe he got the nerve to act like he broke. And if he is broke, like you said he need a financial advisor asap

  • Laine

    Hasn’t it happened many times before though? It clearly says Ludacris is the petitioner, which means he filed. He then “lost”. In cases like this it’s not out of the ordinary for the petitioner to pay the court fees of the other party. Don’t be mad at the woman, be mad at the lawyers. Or change your career or something, and start going to lawschool. I want to be payed 35000 per case, too…lol

  • I am so glad for her,men like ludacris only love and respect their almighty dollar,i hope it hurts twice as much as he hurt eudoxie.

    • Rae

      Honestly Im happy too. I dont condone the many women out there looking to make salary off having a baby with a wealthy man but that being said maybe these men will actually think twice and learn that being faithful is the best bet for your relationship and for your pockets. He slipped up big time and tried to give this woman pennies compared to what he was earning, then tried to get full custody. Please.

      • I wish i could like this 100 times.

      • Jay Lane

        I hear you about being faithful. What I don’t get is why they continue to expose themselves to all these diseases AND risk bringing them back home. Folks out here thinking ish is sweet…until it ain’t. Smh

        • Trish Chasity

          That is the true question to ask

      • hollyw

        … and being responsible (to you AND yo “fiancee”) and SAFE. They all think they’re Superman until THIS (or AIDS smh).

    • alexia wynn ✌

      amen to that! I feel for women who stay with trifling men after they’ve hurt them so. Especially fathering another women’s child! I too, feel for Eudoxie and although they may stay together, i hope he has an extra home to house all of her resentment smh #FellasDoBetter

    • blastah

      Hopefully this will break the myth that white women take black women to the cleaners. Far from the truth.

      • BaldheadedFoo

        American women in general take men to the cleaners whether he or SHE did the cheating

    • Hawk

      Yep you are the reason why I will never have kids or get married, and more men are becoming like me. Be aware, you created us.

      • You got the wrong person,you need a poster who gives a hoot ,

        • Hawk

          Exactly you and the majority of women don’t, which is exactly why more and more men everyday are rejecting marrying and having kids. Enjoy.

    • BaldheadedFoo

      this has certainly become a lucrative career choice for many women that’s for sure.

  • newgirl

    Condoms $3 vs $35,000. Geesh!

    • Cha Cha

      Exactly! Wrap it up!!!!

    • biglittlemason3

      Dumb f*ck…..should have stayed out of that thang….now you’re in it Not to win it…lol.

    • BaldheadedFoo

      masturbation $0