“You Stole My Life Away From Me!” Tina Campbell Breaks Down When Speaking On Teddy’s “Countless” Affairs

April 8, 2014  |  

If you’ve been watching this season of Mary Mary, you already know pretty well about the pain that Tina Campbell has been dealing with after finding out that her husband, Teddy Campbell, stepped out on her while she was touring. However, as the season has gone on, Teddy revealed to not only Tina, but Warren also, that he cheated on her with quite a few women, saying there were “countless affairs.”

In a clip from the upcoming episode, Tina emotionally cracks when speaking on the betrayal, and how it has been made worse by the fact that Teddy keeps withholding the full story about his infidelity and tells her a little bit here, a little bit there. She shared her feelings not with Teddy in the scene, but with Erica, telling her what she wants to tell Teddy:

“You stole my life away from me. I’m angry. Why you gotta do me like this?! I was good to you, man!”

In her anger, she says that she thinks she wants to move on from Teddy.

“I don’t want him. He don’t deserve me. I don’t want him.”

However, it’s the words of her sister that get her to calm down. Erica shares how she got through infidelity in her own relationship (yes, she states it clearly in the new episode):

“You said you’ve never been through this, I have…I’m a tell you how you get better.”

Check out the interesting tip she shared with her sister in the clip below and let us know what you think of the whole scene. It’s quite heartbreaking to watch.


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  • duh

    i wonder when we’ll hear about these mistresses. must be someone in the church if we havent heard anything for this long



  • I’ve been there. Healing is possible, but it takes time and complete openness. Teddy can’t piece this out at his time, he has to lay all the cards on the table. He thinks he’s making it easier, but it has the opposite affect.

  • Katherine

    THIS IS REAL. sHE AS A CHRISTIAN WOMAN was showing her honesty in reactions. she was upset and we a Christians need to let it out before the healing process can begin.

  • motorfingaz

    She’s going way over the top…

  • Debra Williams

    She has to get counseling..it sounds like a continous cycle from mom to daughters and I know they want the cycle broken before the girls grow up. Teddy was being selfish and greedy he has to deal with his issues or it may never stop.,he must decide whether he wants to be a husband and father or be a sex machine. It makes you wonder if he loves his wife and children.,Tina was right when she stated all of her faithfullness meant nothing to her husband..sounds to me like he does not want Love and Happiness but Sex and Pleasure..Spiritual Counselors Needed Immediately and lets hope thats on the Show.

  • nosrednakal

    Mann, whatever man. She can do what she needs to do. And he’ll (probably) keep doing what he does.

  • Natasha

    Why do men/women get married but can’t stay faithful to the woman/men they promised to be faithful to him/her? This is the reason why I rather be single, I’m better off single than being in a relationships, personally I’ve been cheated on, dumped in the worst ways and had my heart broken. I’m done with it, rather focus on my career and my life.

  • Sweet Ga Brown

    My only issue is that she isn’t getting counseling. No one told her to seek help?? She wants to talk out her problems there ppl that get paid to listen. Ijs.

  • Elena

    Men (and women) who cheat are worse than animals. They lack self-respect, respect for their bodies, minds and souls, and respect for others. They are behaving like dogs in the street, like sewer rats, sticking their bits here and there, dirtying themselves, but somehow thinking this is all fine and dandy, even “manly”.

    However, a true man is aware that he is a spiritual being having a physical experience and should come from his spirit and not his body. We are here to advance spiritually. We can only be truly happy when we come from the spirit and we all have a choice – listen to the lyrics to the song No Gray by Jonathan McReynolds

  • What people don’t get is when someone cheats in a marriage & there’s children involved, that sends the message “What I had at home wasn’t good enough, I wanted everything else too.” Teddy should be ashamed of himself. If Tina was faithful & loyal to you, why couldn’t you show her the EXACT same respect in return!!! When a wife or husband cheats, you’re compromising the home you shared with your spouse, a stable home for your children, & that spouse’s health (HIV/AIDS is real))!!!!

  • Elena

    Tina is a sincere person and she deserves better.

    When we speak of forgiveness, is it appropriate blatantly to continue with the same behaviour time and time again? Repentance is not sincere, if it is followed by constant repetition of the same, without true remorse and self-correction.

    I have been cheated on and know the pain, but it is possible to find a man who is faithful, sincere and true and believe me, the torture will stop and your mind and spirit will then be at rest.

  • teesa

    And u dont miss your water til your well runs dry..

  • teesa

    She telling her story before anyone else does. Im glad she did. I just see things alittle bit the way she does. She cant trust him. well with GOD she can do all things.. But wat if she just wants to leave him because really he dont deserve her.. 1st time okay mistake, accident,, but over and over and over.. I personally would leave him where he stand. He has no respect at this time in his life. not for her not for himself or their children. He has gone too far. God only knows what else he has done.. We all fall short of the GLORY of GOD. and I;m all for keeping family together, but he not the one who told her in the first place.. he knew he had to tell her about the others cause she took it to the media.. smart girl, it all was gonna come out anyway
    I just think he crossed the line too far wit this.

  • The Bronxster

    Tina is going through a lot. Regardless of what anyone says, it’s not easy making choices when emotionally stressed. I’m sure she regrets revealing the affair, especially since she thought there was only one affair at the time. I’m praying for her and wishing her the best.

  • nikster

    I don’t think I could have had the courage to share this on TV, HOWEVER I think that Tina doing this is wake up call that the gospel world needed. So many people shy away from the church and religious people because they sweep EVERYTHING under the rug! This is a woman that has taken the VERY FREQUENT offense of infidelity on her back and said let me show you how the devil will attack NO MATTER how much Jesus you sing or talk about. It will be debatable until the end of time as to whether or not she should have put this out on national TV, but if this is HER family’s way of healing then nobody can say if she is right or wrong. I have a new found respect for Mary, Mary versus ANY other reality stars because they know the risk they are taking could smudge their image, but they commit to authenticity over staged drama.

  • Cali’sGirl

    Her truth is her truth, she felt the need to share something personal in her life and I say more power to her, cause so far she has handled it better than most… She’s not in jail or on “Maury”!

  • Rosemary Marie

    I’ve been where she is and I didn’t get it all out like I should have. It festers. My advice is whenever you need to feel it whatever it is, pray first so you have spiritual strength while you feelin it. Then pray again after your session, thanking God you have him to hold onto. He will give you the strength to do what needs to be done.

  • Cat

    I don’t watch reality TV, so I don’t know the entire story/backstory and really none of us do – probably not even her. I truly feel for her having to (contractually) share her pain with the world. My problem is this talk of forgiving someone (her man) who doesn’t seem to want to stop this behavior! If he were truly trying to heal, he’d come clean and try to be accountable and regain her trust, but it sounds like he’d drop a little bit of information or share what he wanted to share. I’m all for reconciliation, if it’s possible, but I’m not down with signing up for the same thing over and over again.

  • Dominique Thompson

    How exactly did she find out that he cheated? I think I missed that.

  • deeva

    I mean men/women get cheated on everyday.. Im just tired of hearing her talk about it. I wish them the best though

  • Tara

    I COMPLETELY AGREE with Tina you cannot live your life with pain. And if it is not dealt with it will rear its ugly head again and come after you. She needs time to mourn and feel broken. We are human and life is not always happy. Let her have her moment of sadness and anger.

  • Sheri Cross- Smith


    • ms stacye

      Absolutely! “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off”

  • karmyn

    I met her in person and she is probably the most vile woman I have EVER encountered. I would imagine that it would be he’ll on earth living with her. Hopefully, Teddy will move on and be the bachelor he so desperately wants to be

    • belle

      spill the tea… what did she do that made her vile?

      • karmyn

        Ugh it’s so long, imma try to condense it. OK she and her sister had just got done performing and they came to the movies with a group of people. I didn’t go to the concert so I assume background singers, makeup artist, crew etc. Erica approached the window for a ticket and I cannot even explain her radiance. It was like she was glowing from the inside, very very sweet woman. I sold her a ticket and asked for her autograph she signed her name and gave the pen to Tina and Tina starts yelling what am I signing this for? Am I go get let ion for free? No? Then I ain’t signing nothing! She went on like I’d asked her for a frickin kidney. Erica was like cmon sign she’s excited. She was like if she so excited she need to let us in. What she excited for? Then she slammed her money on the counter rolling her eyes and she snatched the ticket out of my hand. Then I pointed out to someone that that was Mary Mary and she was screaming what she pointing over here for? She ain’t never seen people? Hello? What are y’all looking at? Erica was so embarrassed trying to silence her and let her know she was overreacting. She was like a ticking time bomb it didn’t take anything to set her off. The way she was fussing and carrying on you would have thought someone wronged her.

        • guest

          Shoot, it was probably her husband lol BUT in all seriousness, Erica said that Tina was difficult to work with.

        • Guestest

          Smh, that’s crazy

    • belle

      What made her vile??

  • AlphaOmeg Knowthyself

    lol@ everyone up here talking about keep it to yourself…uh this is a reality show is it not? Every minute of her life is to be recorded for the worlds viewing pleasure. I’m sure she had no idea this would transpire and now she has to deal with it in front of the cameras. So it was alright for her to invite ppl in when things were looking good but now that there are trials and tribulations she’s not supposed to say anything? This is why we as black ppl have high blood pressure, stress and we stroke out because we are under the impression that shyt isnt supposed to happen to us and when it does we should keep it to ourselves and hum spirituals..foh…and her sister is wrong for telling her to calm down, she’s supposed to be supportive and say you dont want him no more? good lets pack his shyt up..smh i cant help but think even this shyt is scripted..maybe we should all go read a book…

  • leo

    I can’t fathom the pain she is feeling and dealing with, but I know she will rise out of this like a phoenix out of fire to recapture her life. My heart and prayers go out to her as she deals with this betrayal………..

    • mary

      people God Bless us all, I guess we all got an opinion, but in the long run she will follow her heart, and maybe it’s just what it is call a Reality show. Get over it get out of it and if you are a follower just watch, it is what it is, God Bless my sister and Give her strength wisdom and knowledge to make her choice. Your viewer.

  • Tameka (BloggerPoet)

    We can forgive, but you don’t have to stay to do so. This man put her health and life at risk by cheating. He’s not invested in the marriage so why stay? Men cheat because they can and they know that after the crying and screaming they will be taken back.

  • Gingerbread31

    I listened to their mother talk and it sounds like she took too much of control and puppeting from their father. Then I listened to Erica say that she knows how Tina feels and her husband co-signed that statement. Now Tina is going through this and she is going to them for advice. Women you are beautiful and when yall sing…OMG! Don’t just sing God’s words;live them. Break the shackles and find a man that has the heart of God and dance again!

    • J

      I also felt the same way about their mom and their father, so I did some research. They married and divorced 3 times, and then he finally married another woman, so she has been through the fire with him smh.

      • Gingerbread31

        Thanks for sharing!

        Wow! I felt sorrow and grief from her as she was talking but I had no idea to this extreme. Three times…and then left…..there’s no pain pill to stop a broken heart. I feel so sad for her.

    • Phillygurl

      You are preaching, all these folk talking forgiveness, don’t understand what forgiveness is. Tina can forgive and move on, she shouldn’t have to be stuck in a rut of a marriage. Second, what about repentance, shouldn’t Teddy prove he’s changed?

      • Gingerbread31

        I agree! He doesn’t seem sincere to me. His attitude reads, “You’ll be back.” I hate to type this but I think she will go back…

  • Reynolds Tanya

    I applaud her the hardest thing is to realize the man you love and cherish considers your efforts disposable…Being a Christian does not shield you from cheating but ,honoring your vows and the union before God should count for something. Men and women cheat but when you know your worth and trust becomes an issue “IT’S TIME TOO GO”

  • Michelle

    Did Erica really just say “like a ni**a on the street? LOL

    • ******

      I was thinking the same thing, I had to make sure that is what I heard, LOL

    • Cali’sGirl

      Right!!! So glad I’m not the only one who did catch that!!! ” Go get ’em E” !!!

    • keqi

      Yes she did and she meant it….All reality tv ain’t scripted. I like the show because it shows two Gospel artists as real women with real women problems. Although having to relive one of the hardest things ever to happen in her life has to be hard I appreciate the honesty in her emotions. Tina is pissed and she has every right to be. I hope that everything works out for her in the end and if that means divorcing her husband then so be it.

  • MsWrightSC

    “I love Jesus. I want to be like Jesus. But I’m not Jesus” No truer words have ever been uttered.

    • Gingerbread31

      I agree. These sisters; especially Tina, have the ability to speak their emotions. Sometimes I want to snap my fingers because their words are like poetry from the soul.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    If u can’t move past it let it go & move on…life is too short to be miserable & unhappy

  • Dee

    I applaud her for staying and trying to work things out BUT am i the only one a bit uncomfy with the fact that she keeps blaming herself for the situation?

  • M.L.

    Man, so my first thought is that I’d never be able to be stay married after something like this happens. How blatantly disrespectful. However, I’ve learned to never say never. It’s intense to see her hurt and pain play out on TV like that.

  • DonaDeri

    People are always quick to say “what they would do” but unless you’re in her situation, then you don’t know what you would do. I applaud her as well for having the strength to make this public. I’m sure the producers pushed for it but there are many christian and non-christian women out there trying to figure out what to do in this situation. Will they be judged before God? Who do they talk to if not God? What happens next. I’m sure it feels good to be able to relate to someone else for a change.

  • candy cane

    Warren had alluded (?sp) to it also in the episode where Teddy confessed to him in the Bahamas.

  • lockstress

    Why should she stay? Because she married?
    Why do men put so much on women that they themselves can’t handle?
    I know myself…and my Scorpion mentality would not let me forget. I’d forgive but I could not forget and that would drive me crazy. Everything would have to be triple, double checked and I ain’t living like that.
    I feel for her even though I don’t watch the show. This is just too much info to be sharing with the world. Go get therapy and see if you can work it out. Ugh…my heart goes out to her.

    *Question….did he bring anyone into their home??? (that would seal the deal for me)*

    • blackrose

      I agree. I know myself and I would never get past the cheating so why even lie to myself and say we can move forward. This man has been blatantly disrepectful. There is no 2nd chances for that with me. He had several opprtunities to stop and did not

      • Dominique Thompson

        And once she fully forgives him and he’s out of the fire he probably will start again. That’s a character issue.

        • lockstress

          OMG…wouldn’t that just be…oh…from the words of the ever immortal MIss Sophia…I’ll kill him dead! lol

  • empresstala

    i agree with Tina, they need to let her feel what she feels and deal with it her way. sweeping it under the rug and reciting scriptures does not always help. in my opinion Black people do this a lot. some1 can actually hurt you to the core and break your spirit and it’s ok as long as you pray. i was given this little dandy piece of advice as a child and it didn’t work. I think Tina needs to let it out

    • Yvette

      I agree with Tina too in that she needs to feel what she feels and get through it in her own time and way. I don’t think she should have told the whole world though. If I were in that situation, no one would know except for whatever counselor we are seeing. I learned a long time ago to keep family and friends out of my marriage.

  • Lady

    First off I feel bad for Tina and she has every right to feel the way she feels…now I’m not trying to be mean but…Erica, your husband is very unattractive and the fact that he would even think about cheating on you is ridiculous. The problem today is that some women give these ugly men (my opinion)…too much confidence, then what do they do? go off and cheat? really. Women need to start looking out for themselves, a lot of times, the woman is accepting the man as he is, she’s being faithful to him, sticking by his side, overlooking his flaws and bear belly, and what does she get in return? Women are told they need to be perfect, they need to have looks and brains, cook and clean and they are supposed to only want one man, yet men are taught the opposite? Something is really wrong with this world! And I am not one to fall for this B.S. Men need to understand that Women have soooo many opportunities to cheat, yet they don’t, why? Because they feel that they can trust their man to be faithful and loyal, so they choose to be faithful and loyal as well…The thing is, that once women find out their man has been unfaithful, it changes the whole relationship, now the woman is more open to actually “explore” those opportunities she was once closed off to for the sake of being a good woman to you! Just a thought…We all have choices and I think some Men seem to forget that just like they can cheat, so can their woman, so they really need to think about that before they go stepping out!

    • J

      Get.out.of.my.head! Everything that you have written is so true bravo!

    • empresstala

      lol you right though. Ericka’s husband should have never even thought of cheating with his looks, but ugly or not i think a man will find a lame excuse for his cheating

    • Jan

      I also wondered why two beauitful women ended up marrying them as well. I agree , women have so much pressure to look and be perfect from men we exceed in looks, success, and mindset. I am not saying be vain or shallow, but some men need to be grateful that a good woman even looked their way. It kills me to see men attack women about their weight and looks when they aren’t idris elba either. I wish the best for them. I admire both of these women; classy, smart, and God fearing women like that inspires me

    • lockstress

      Looks ain’t got nothing to do with it. Its more ego I think. Lot’s of ugly arse men cheat. Ugh…it just adds insult to injury when that happens. lol

      • ??

        Wait they had an episode of biggie cheating on CHEATERS??? LOL

    • Maria

      the uglier they are the more they cheat … so true


      So true. The thought never crossed my mind to even entertain another man’s conversation in a previous relationship until after betrayal, its terrible what it does to something you hold so valuable and give so much to, it feels like your love is thrown right back at you in your face, and even after reciprocating the action, it doesn’t fill the void. If you aren’t happy, leave! Save us both the pain and embarassment.

      • De De

        That’s what I’m saying Bellanoire! If I’m not what you want anymore don’t stay! Simple as that….Better yet if you know you can’t be committed to one person then here’s a thought…STAY SINGLE!!! Why put another person through that hurt and pain.

    • Guest

      Would being cheated on by a good looking man (which is all subjective) make it better? LOL Cheating is cheating. Looks mean very little in the grand scheme of things. Cheating has nothing to do with outward appearance and everything to do with the person’s character.

      I agree with you about the double standards society places on men and women though. People raise their daughters with strict guidelines, curfews and thoughts of “save yourself for marriage”, “don’t bring no babies home”. People give their sons all the freedom they want and never tell them “don’t make no babies”. That’s why you have 1 gender dying to get married while the other has been raised to avoid it.

    • Denise Clay

      My favorite line in this entire paragraph: “The problem today is that some women give these ugly men too much confidence, then what they do? Go off and cheat? Really?!”

      This should be on a billboard somewhere…

      • biglittlemason3

        LOL….loved it too!

    • Phillygurl


  • Lexi

    I really applaud her for sharing her struggle. Her testimony will definitely help someone. Kudos to you Tina. Love them!

    • blackrose

      I do not applaud her. Men have been cheating for years. She is not sharing a story that is unheard of. Being a Christian does not shield you from tribulation. Christain women and all women get cheated on. I wish she would have kept this to herself and left her marriage stuggles off camera. Her marriage is a union between the two of them and God. Not the world. I feel she is selling her soul for TV. I expected more from them. I havent watched tjis season but for some rason perhaps boredom decided to read this.

      • honeypa72

        I totally agree with you. I don’t think she should have swept it under the rug, but your marriage should be protected, and you should work it out between you, your husband, the therapist, or Pastor or whoever. I think putting it all out there will definitely open up Pandora’s box.

      • JasmyneC8984

        Her husband invited others into their marriage but she is wrong for sharing her story? Smmfh

        • sue

          She could have taken a higher road.It may not be wrong that she told her story , but what is she getting out of first telling Ebony, and then telling it on an reality tv show? What is her payoff for inviting others in her marriage?

          • True

            Empathy. Support.

            • sue

              I empathize. She dosen’t know me from a whole in the wall and she doesn’t need my support. She has her family, and believe it or not her husband to support her.When this is all over, and done with IMO Tina will forgive her husband and continue on with their lives.

              • biglittlemason3

                I concur, while I feel for her, there is nothing I or anyone else can do. We can pray for her, but short of that, what else can the world do. You’re right, she has family to help her (and him) if and when necessary.

                • LUVn MaryMary show


          • belle

            Would you rather one of the many mistresses came out and told the story for her?

            • sue

              Only Tina can tell her story. Is this a dignified telling of her story? I feel for Tina, and yes my ex husband cheated. The difference is I’m not a celebrity that the world is watching right now. I just don’t get telling the world about something so hurtful.

              • LadyT12

                She stated in an interview that if she had known of the infidelity previously then she would not have signed up to do the show. She was contractually obligated to film when she found out about her husbands affairs, therefore she did not have any choice but to share this difficult time in her life.

                I will say this although it would be ideal to go through something like this privately, it could be quite possible that her story can and will help someone else. Even if someone is single, it could help put into perspective just how real and difficult marriage can be. Hopefully it’ll be an eye-opener for many. And maybe, just maybe, some spouses will think twice before cheating, especially after seeing the great deal of pain it causes. Just a thought.

                • LUVn MaryMary show


              • LUVn MaryMary show

                LADYT12 comment was RIGHT ON POINT!!!!:-)

            • biglittlemason3

              It makes no difference if she tells it or they tell it, it happened, now they have to work it out…..let go and let God.

            • LUVn MaryMary show

              EXACTLY kuzz we ALL KNOW it would’ve more likely happened ESPECIALLY by the jilted SO CALLED FRIEND WHO BACKSTABBED HER!!!!!

          • Mrs.Mason

            releasing is good…holding things in like that causes way too much stress which could lead to other issues

            • sue

              Releasing is good. i don’t have a problem with her getting it out, just the venue in which she chose to tell it.

          • mal

            She gets to share her truth from her own perspective vs. one of the sidechick’s version getting out first. It is a new day: Facebook, twitter, gossip blogs. Many celebrities are getting put on the defensive when they don’t control their stories. Kudos to Ms. Campbell.

            • sue

              Why does she have to share her truth with the world? Teddy messed up. That’s on him . Why give his sidechick’s ammo? Do you think that they are not watching gleefully at the pain that they have caused her? she is giving her power way to them. Tina could have held her head high, and those sidechicks would be shaking their hands not high fiving each other.

              • mal

                For the reason I stated above. She controls the story. She has nothing to be ashamed of because she’s not the cheater. And who gives a flip about what the side chicks think? If she chooses her actions based upon THEM…she loses. Ms. Campbell needs to be taking care of herself in the manner she sees fit and, for her, that means not fronting.

              • LadyG

                Maybe some of those side chicks don’t even know he was married either… Men can be so deceitful

            • LUVn MaryMary show

              I DON’T SEE WTH Sue DOESN’T GET that it’s a REALITY SHOW she had NO CHOSE 4 IT 2 COME OUT ON TV!!!! SMDH

          • Guest

            Her husband should be the one answering questions about letting others into the marriage.

          • SheDevilsRule

            Her payoff is getting it off her chest, being able to let is all out. She will for sure help someone in her same posistion which is many I’m sure. They can identify with her & know they are not alone in their pain.

            • SheDevilsRule


          • LUVn MaryMary show

            She didn’t tell it on reality t.v…it IS HER REALITY WHILE THE CAMERA WAS ROLLING DUuuh!!!!SMH

        • Exactly Jasmyne!

        • JAG

          Sorry to say,JasmyneC8984, “she’s not wrong”. If she didn’t tell it the media would. It’s better for her to bring (her story) to light, than a tabloid. Even though many husbands cheat on their wives, not all women are in the spotlight. It takes guts to put your shame out there for the world to see.

      • Guest

        She could have kept it to herself but the story could have still gotten out. She could have waited for all the side pieces and skeletons to come falling out of the closet, but she decided to share it her way on her terms. I’m glad she did.

      • belle

        maybe you should actually watch before you cast judgement then.

      • MzBrenda Tyson

        I applaud herfor telling her story. Yes women get cheated on everyday and yes so does Christian women BUT you never hear them tell their story of how they got through it. Women look up to them rather you want to believe it or not so for her to let the world see how get going through the pain and seeing she got through it may just help someone else. I can relate to her. I’ve been that woman and if it wasn’t for me talking to a woman of God giving me advice on how to get through it and how to heal from it I would be walking around a wounded vessel. She didn’t sell her soul for television.

        On another note, it’s okay for her husband to sleep with countless women and trust me they know who is his wife is but it’s not okay for her to tell her story?

        • newme

          There’s nothing wrong with her telling her story, but to use a reality show, of all things, as a vehicle from which to do so is problematic. This blog is proof of that. Marriage is hard enough as it is, but the reality (no pun intended) is that Hollywood and show business are extra hard on married couples who are part of that world. One only needs to see how short the lifespan is of Hollywood marriages, and this includes some gospel artists as well. Show business seeks to make money by any means necessary, and it that means exploiting one’s personal business to the public in order to make that money, then so be it. It seems that since the latest season of the show has started, the majority of each episode focuses on either Tina yammering about how Teddy treated her so badly, to their arguments with Mitch. In typical reality show fashion, the focus is on the drama. Their intent was to allow people to see that Christians aren’t perfect people, but you can go to any church and see that! My advice to Tina, HANDLE YOUR SCANDAL OUT OF THE PUBLIC EYE AND KEEP FOLKS OUT OF YOUR PERSONAL BUSINESS. Work out your issues with your husband AWAY from the glaring lights of Hollywood, reality TV, and anything and everyone else.

          • cinna

            After hearing what that man did to her why should should keep quiet and as you think why try to work it out with him. smh. many women in church are told to shut up and stay with men who are disrespectful, cheating or even abusive. God did not intend for us to be harmed by others on a daily basis. some women stay because they think its what God wants, but God would never condone such behavior, we are not talking about one or two mistakes but this happened throughout their marriage. she needs to be strong and get healthy and heal. im glad she told her story, other women need to see its ok to feel as she does. and no i don’t think she chose a reality show to reveal this. she is on a reality show and guess what “reality” happened and she was not gonna “be fake” about what she was going through. and as others said its better she tell her story the way she wants rather than some 2 cent side chick.

            • newme

              Again, what’s the purpose of telling the public your business? Tina DID CHOOSE the reality show to reveal this. If she hadn’t she would have just told it to Ebony and left it at that. As far as what God does and does not condone, if two people are having problems in their marriage, do you think he approves them telling everyone their business, especially considering the nature of ‘reality shows?’ She’s opened herself up to nothing more than gossip and speculation, and people tuned in to be entertained by of someone else’s hurt and pain in what is supposed to be a union between GOD AND THEM.

              • cinna

                you obviously must not be of GOD or even go to church if you think that MAN is above what God wants. the man you are married to is not above GOD nor is the union. God comes first and as i said God would not want or condone one man abusing his wife or cheating on them… that’s the devils place. that is the problem with many women in her situation, they put the man first rather than listening to whats right, what god would want. if folks stayed focused to what is right rather than trying to save a fake marriage then maybe they would be a lot happier. it seems like your more and that she told folks about it than the fact that he has been cheating on her and hurting her. Im so proud of her because what she did by telling her story is to help many women around the world who many be dealing with the same issue as she. you say its fine to tell ebony magazine but not TV viewers …smh that makes no sense. because the same folks who read magazines are the same folks who watch TV. you say shes opened herself up to gossip and speculation… no it is when you keep quiet and lie about stuff that’s when folks start gossiping, speculating and making stuff up about you. and in case you didn’t know many churches are now preaching via television…ummm that’s a show, its the media smh. if you dislike the show, or her or God then simply quite watching and quite going to church…maybe you don’t go anyway.

        • LUVn MaryMary show

          AMEN AMEN AMEN:-D

      • Observe and Report

        I will start by saying I have never watched the show ( i have a complex about celebrity christians on reality tv anywhoo) I think it would have been fake of her to pretend they had or have a happy marriage for the cameras for the sake of trying to put on a show. The reality is, your right all women at some point or another feel the bitter sting of infidelity but the problem with black women and particularly black christian women is that we are not given the space or room to vent and express true life emotions. Tina is heartbroken right now and if she feels like sharing her struggle with the world and her fans is cathartic who are we to take that platform from her. the black church is notorious for doing dirt and then hiding it in between the pews and really who is it helping who’s benefiting from the secret of infidelity? Its like she said as a christian woman we are not allowed to have feelings much less express them, so if her husband can’t keep the marriage between himself, his wife and the Lord whose it really benefiting by keeping it secret? He brought the world in when he continuously cheated on his faithful ( of course by her own ommision) wife so why should she have to suffer in silence?

      • sue

        i totally agree. Why are you going through this with millions watching? This should have been kept off TV. I feel as well that this is made for tv(drama).Maybe it’s me, but it dosen’t seem real. Although I’m pretty sure she has gone through a lot of pain it is hard to watch. I’m thinking ratings when I watch . Everybody doesn’t have to know your whole life story. BTW with Erica being one of the executive producers, I would of thought that she would have spared her sister the added pain of reliving this heartache.

        • cinna

          I see you are one of those who like “fake” reality tv. you think she should have been on the show pretending like all is well. smh. i think it takes a strong person to do what she did and hopefully it will give other women the strength if they need to walk away from a relationship like that. if any person watched that clip and walked away feeling nothing or not even thinking its real…well i ask this “do you have a heart?” do you know real emotion?

          • sue

            Cinna, I’m not talking about this clip of the show, I’m talking about the show in itself. The show seems to have changed this season and has become more dramatic. Teddy’s infidelity, the firing of Mitch, even Erica seems a bit more dramatic.I believe that Tina is hurting , and yes I do have a heart. IMO the show has gone from being light hearted to heavy.I posted somewhere earlier that Erica is an exeutive producer of the show and I’m sure she has a little input in what direction the show is going. Do you really believe that “reality shows” are real? They don’t just show up and put a camera in your face.

            • LUVn MaryMary show

              HELLO ONCE AGAIN IT’S REAL LIFE… UMmmm WHERE WERE U LAST SEASON when they had issues w/him& tina BEEN wanting 2 fire him???And erica HAS JUST STARTED A SOLO CAREER which can be stressful I’m SURE!!!!SMH @ U FOLK

              • sue

                Yes I watched last season, and in my opinion the show has changed. IMO the show has gotten a little more dramatic. The Tina/Teddy storyline is real. I get that. A camera in your face talking about something so private and hurtful has *ME* questioning why make it public? I’m glad Tina has decided to take time away from the cameras , and focus on herself. Tina is right she has to get better for herself then she can focus on being a better mother.I didn’t mean to offend yo by stating my opinion.

            • cinna

              DO i think reality TV over all is real? no there is some of it that is scripted (love an hip is at the top of scripted shows, that’s why i don’t watch it). Do i think this show is fake, no. to some degree all shows decide what they are willing to film and what they are not willing to film which i think this show falls into that category. I have seen some reality shows depict the cast as being extremely rich and having no problems and they just be flossing and throwing around cash (which i never believed)…then the truth leaks out that they are really going bankrupt and their homes are rented and there husband is cheating etc. it is refreshing to see a show where the “real” is shown even if it isn’t pretty. she shared her story and made the decision on how and when it was to come out rather than some side chick trying to embarrass and control their story. regarding Mary Mary’s show this season, yes it has now seen some heavier topics but isn’t that how life really is…1st things may be going well but then something happens, we cannot control how or when, it just happens. do i think she had a conversation with her team about “should i ignore what i’m going through or should i just let the chips fall while on camera”..yes i think they had that conversation and she decided to let the truth show. and i admire her strength in doing so. as a producer she had to make that decision and she did. do i think that before the season began that she was hoping he would cheat on her to make the direction of the show more dramatic…NO smh.

            • cinna

              first of all life is not always planned out perfectly, sometimes situations are light but in real life sometimes its hard and their decision (Erica the producer) to allow what was really occurring in or to delete it from the shooting schedule, i’m sure she talked with her sister about it before leaving it in and Tina gave the go ahead. Tina did an interview in essence about the affairs so why in the heck would she leave it out of her show???? folks are gonna know about it anyways from the interview in the magazine. do i think as you suggested that before the season they decided that they would change the direction of the show by having him cheat on her and then they would film her reaction??? ummm are you serious? the direction of the show would include many things and it is mostly discussed prior to the series beginning, unless something bad or unexpected happens then you may have to reassess the direction if something really “heavy” occurs. example, if a fight breaks out do you want to include because it may change the show since there’s been no other fights. as i said i think they did discuss this when the issue of him cheating was starting to come out. you ask if i think reality shows are real? i think often people present themselves as they want others to see them, this is why many fake couples will lie and pretend like they are “living the life” or got a “perfect marriage”. odd you even asked me since i asked you this since you felt she should have kept up the illusion that her relationship was fine. most reality has some level of realness to it for example i think he really did cheat on her multiple times, can’t get any realer than that, but what is fake usually surfaces because when drama occurs in life it occurs big time. now i do think many shows utilize a lot of editing to make the show look the way they want it to look…sure do. FYI- many times cameras do show up shooting lol..they will film stuff when folks don’t even know the cameras are recording, i have heard there are producers that will do this to their own actors because they want to set them up and get an angry reaction. so it does happen. AND NEWS FLASH: folks do get fired in real life. It sounds like you want their “image” to remain a certain way on the show rather than showing that they go through stuff like everybody. But i think Tina was courageous. many times church folks will keep up illusions and they are told to stay no matter what. I say one should never get in the way of what God has intended. many times God has placed the right man on this earth for you but sometimes women are so busy trying to stay with no good cheaters that THEY chose, they often miss out on a man God has chosen for them who is out there waiting.

              • sue

                Cinna, this post is so old that I have forgotten what was written. I refuse to go back, and look at old posts. This is old news . I’m not as invested in The Mary’s as you seem to be.So, whatever you say, okay.

                • cinna

                  if you weren’t interested or invested than why even come back and comment on this thread smh… some folks on here are so fake. i suppose you didn’t read my comment either…lol yeah right.

      • ChocolateGirlWondah

        I think it was a good thing that she did share her struggle. It shows non Christians that “church folk” ain’t perfect.

      • Yep..exactly

        I agree 100%

      • Mrs.Mason

        you don’t think that it is a powerful message to see how they work it out? to let women out there know that it happens to all women in all works of life? I think it is powerful for her to share her story with viewers and let people know that what looks perfect from the outside is not so much in the inside

        • newme

          Women from all walks of life Christian and non-Christian, were experiencing marital infidelity long before reality TV came along. If they survived without it then, they can survive without it now. Drawing from a one hour, EDITED show is not the best example to use to highlight Christian imperfections.

      • TT

        She said it herself that had she of known all this was going on she would not of signed a contract to do a show but because she has a contract she had to live her life in front of the camera…she did not do this for tv….I don’t mind her sharing this because she’s showing she’s human and that despite circumstances you still have to keep pushing

        • Mrs.Mason

          she sure did…contractual obligations…she doesn’t want to get sued…that would be messy

      • Eri Cad

        Men are not the only ones that cheat. Not even MOST men cheat. I think the bigger issue isn’t her talking about this on TV the bigger issue is what’s going on with Teddy? Why he isn’t giving her the whole story, why he’s cheated on her multiple times? They need to get into couples counseling and DEFINITELY some individual counseling.

      • Widney Meridien

        What is a Testimony? what is sharing the Gospel? It doesn’t have to be reading or singing the scriptures. There is no better Gospel than sharing your life and your truth with others so they can see how you’re living the “Faith”. Sharing your story with someone can make them stronger better and more prepare to face their own difficulty and what is more loving and divine than that? She’s selflessly despite the humiliation and fear preaching the Gospel through her experiences on an international level (if you count the internet), something that a pastor of one Church could never be able to do. She is a celebrity so her marriage struggle WILL NEVER be off camera. Why not make the best of it and turn it into a teaching moment for fans and viewer? Show to them that she also has struggle but her faith will help her overcome, And even though it’s hard and she’s suffering like anybody in the given situation but she will overcome in the name of the Lord. Geeez!! Why y’all got to make this into something so negative?

        • LUVn MaryMary show

          Girrrl I’M SHOUTING AROUND from this comment HALLELUJAH AMEN:-D

      • She is being applauded because she’s choosing to endure her suffering in the public eye. God works all things out, but if no one sees your struggle, how can they learn from your breakthrough?

    • Felicia

      I think we’ll have to agree to disagree. While I admire the courage she has to share her story publicly I question the motive and what limit she has.

      Sharing the story in front of cameras, magazines and then having to relive that during “after show specials”, social media and reruns can’t be healthy for her. I also question did she do this to help other women or help herself try to overcome what’s happened?!? If it’s the latter at what point will she ask the cameras to stop rolling and discuss the issues in their marriage without the influence of others.

      • Pamela Lightner Hickman

        #ByeFelicia clearly you’re single! Her husband invited people into their marriage. Countless women and she’s wrong? Have all the seats in America!

        • Felicia

          Bye Ashy!

          Clearly you’re not capable of reading beyond the first sentence.

          Not one time did I state she’s wrong, what I did imply is that everything doesn’t need to be played out on reality TV or social media. I also questioned what prompted her to have this play out on TV..

          But now I know it’s for Bitter Betty’s such as yourself who figure that a cheating man is better than no man at all…..

      • mal

        I trust that she knows what is good for her. She stated it very clearly during the clip. There is nothing for her to be ashamed of so why hide it?

        • newme

          Tina has since voiced regrets about her decision. But the real question is are people happy that she decided to share the juice about her infidelity because it can help others and perhaps be therapeutic for her, or are they happy she shared the juice so that they can have something to gossip about?

  • serene

    I honestly do not get why men go out and cheat. Like what exactly is it that you get from your infidelity(s). Men being men should not be an excuse for everything that a man does.

    • Sweet Ga Brown

      Let Ochocinco tell it that’s the only excuse you need. Smh

    • coolyfett

      That is a answer you will NEVER understand. All humans have needs, including the male ones.

      • Rose

        Then explain. If you understand it, then it should be EASY to explain. Please, go ahead. -gives you the floor-

        • coolyfett

          No need to explain…but men will never stop seeking to be with new women. The need to have multiple women at any given time is important. Peace

          • So basically women should be able to do the same seeing as we’re humans and we all have needs so we all should be as selfish as possible. Boy you men would have a fit if women cheated as much as y’all do. Hypocrites lol

            • coolyfett

              Most men dont want wh0res, but I have no issues with those sort of women. I say have it. Have 5ex with as many men as you want.

          • LUVn MaryMary show

            U sound REAL IGNORANT&COWARDLY kuzz if that’s true then DON’T GET MARRIED DAMMIT!!!!:-[

  • Emsy

    Im guessing this was shot before she resolved in herself that she was to be blamed for his infidelity? Sigh. Aint no one said this relationship/marriage thing was easy, but lawd, does it rly av to be this hard?