“That’s Not What My Accountant Said:” Michelle Williams Responds To #PoorMichelle Trending Topic

April 3, 2014  |  

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When you go on Twitter you never know what you’re going to see trending in that little box on the lower-left-hand side. Today, the trending topic that caught my eye was #PoorMichelle, which turned out to be a case of Twitter dragging the former Destiny’s Child member by bringing up all the ways she supposedly got played as the lesser-appreciated member of the girl’s group back in the day, with tweets like:




But for as viciously accurate as some of these tweets may be, none of these responses topped the one from the alleged “poor Michelle” herself who address the trending topic with:
— RaPHAel DeLa Ghetto (@SuaveDandy) April 3, 2014


#POW! Now who got the last laugh?! Poor Michelle, why won’t they just let her live?

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  • Rashida

    People wish they were in her shoes! Hateful, ignorant, jealous, miserable people!

  • Chaz

    Y do these celebrites entertain these folks on social media anyway? Stop giving them satisfaction.

  • Simone Mackey

    That was a good one she came back with. Twitter is a playground for Satan and his children which is unfortunate.

  • Dominique Thompson

    Twitter has given insignificant people a voice. They wish they were doing as well as Michelle.

  • Guest


  • Tee Elyse

    It’s so easy to say and do things one wouldn’t normally do in real life, from behind a computer and keyboard these days… LOVED her comeback!!! #GoMichelle!!!!!

  • Alexis Morris

    why is the first thing black people clap back with is about how much money they have? Isnt she supposed to be christian?

    • kiki j

      What does her being a Christian have to with her talking about her back account?

      • Alexis Morris

        she shouldn’t be obsessed with material matters.

  • Weirdugetdat Jewels

    They persecute her because she left secular music and is spreading the gospel and has a pretty voice to boot. After all of the glamor and glitz of the other two pass away and it will. Michelle will still be here. Mark my words. She is on the right path.

    • Gert

      Right she has done plays, all types of productions. Her Gospel album, maybe if someone of those fools would find Jesus…they would know that, lol! Don’t hate because she is not a follower.

      • Weirdugetdat Jewels

        Yes and maam!

  • kiki j

    Social media (especially Twitter) has turned into a celebrity bully site. It’s terrible. You have to have thick skin in that industry because you never know if the people will love you or hate on you. She’s accomplished far more than most people. Even her gospel albums have been number one. If these hateful people would get some Jesus in their lives they’d know that! I’m not gonna lie I laughed at a few of the memes. They were funny and telling as well. Pictures speak a thousand words.

  • I’m just saying

    Those memes are still funny tho

  • Brett Burgundy

    That come bacc was still corny…lol she can’t win for winning

    • Alexis Morris

      it really was.

  • Gervis Lewis

    Fools need to stay off all these bs sites period .

  • Kiki

    Travelled with bey and kelly… Performed at the superbowl… Got paid millions to do so… *signs up as backing singer*

    • kiki j

      Lol right!

  • Kay

    Wait, the PoorMichelle site is mad old though. Anybody know why it’s trending now??

    • Simone Mackey

      Because people got nothing better to do than get on twitter

  • No ProblemHere

    Gracious! She was a part of the most popular group of all time, traveled the word, and made millions without getting hustled. #blessed

  • Shay-La

    It was funny But they need to leave her alone..

  • Stephanie

    Great comeback Michelle & I’m sure she has money/can afford a very comfortable lifestyle but I’ll still ask the accountant for spreadsheets & /or receipts (don’t just take the accountants word (*insert Toni Braxton & TLC here*)!!! As for the the #poormichelle pics/memes … well, pictures speak louder than words and SOME of those pics (shown here & others I’ve seen) most def showed that Michelle didn’t quite get the lavish stage/video props like the other girls!!! #ijs

  • divinnalafeme

    Why are people on twitter always f@$ki&g with people???I swear social media harbors some of the most miserable muf$kas on the planet i’m starting to feel like people need to go through psychiatric evaluations before they are aloud behind a computer.#smh

  • BabyBlue

    I’ve always thought Michelle got the short end of the stick. But, that second one had me dying. A lawn chair tho? People need to find something better to do.

    • Well…

      I know that was funny. Unfortunately in girl groups there is always the michelle. No no one every said she was broke they meant poor michelle for the being considered lesser.

      • BabyBlue

        That’s what I got out of it. Wth does money have to do with anything

  • LLR

    Social media has turned some people into disqusting human beings…really why are they trying to put her down or embarrass her… for what? Is that really necessary? People are getting nastier and nastier by the day, it’s sickening!!!

    • True Comments

      And these people saying all that stuff will most likely have nothing close to the success that Michelle has.

    • Simone Mackey

      I agree

  • IGotItLikeThat

    I really wish people would leave Michelle the f#%k alone!! No clue as to why people are always dragging her name through the mud. Love ya, Michelle!!

    • Yvette

      I agree. I do not understand the hate she gets.

      • atieno

        don’t get it,either,probably out of jealousy,but she read them well,she seems honest and has quite a mouth hehe

    • wasteofrace

      cuz people today jump on any bandwagon these days. Society is done lol

    • Gert

      Because she does her own thing and not a follower. She lives her life for her and doesn’t try to live off some folks coat tale.