That Awkward Moment When Someone Blows Up The Bathroom At Work…

April 3, 2014  |  

We’ve all been here before. We ate something bad at lunch. Beans maybe. And then we had nowhere to run or hide when our bowels got to acting up so, much to our coworkers’ dismay, we blew up the bathroom at work. Or we were on the receiving end of the blow up. The responsible coworker who knows a salad with chipotle dressing is about as spicy as we can get throughout the day. And yet when we go to handle our business are met with the funkiest of stenches that make our nose hairs burn. It’s just one of the many things that make us say damn, damn damn! throughout the day at work, and yet we’ve found a way to have a laugh at it.

Check out the video above as we expose the hilarity that ensues during that awkward moment when someone blows up the bathroom at work…



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  • Awww man…I remember one time I stopped up the stool!!! I was soooooo embarassed!!!!

    • Kristen

      Haha! That happened to me once at my old job! Thankfully it was early in the morning and it was just a few of us there! The cleaning lady couldn’t stop laughing at me!

  • Motorcity Mami

    Well maybe they shouldn’t ask people to be at work that damn early! Folks haven’t had time to get their morning sh*ts out!!

  • Maria Kathleen Williams

    Light a match..let the sulfur burn, it eliminates the sh^^ smell!

    • MsLadyE

      It works. My aunt used to do that.

  • Maria Kathleen Williams

    I’m sorry, but if I was farting like that fella was in the video, I’d too scared of $hY&&ing my pants before I got first piece of tissue on the toilet lid!

    • hollyw


  • Kiki

    My old manager used to eat fruit (mainly bananas) in the mornings and used to drop suttin ROTTEN by mid-day. It was like a fire drill every time he walked past to go to the toilet- everybody exit the building.

  • biglittlemason3

    It’s hard enough having to use the bathroom behind somebody else, but if you do, flush before you go and flush over and over after. But nothing is worse than somebody leaving that sh*t in the toilet and not flushing…..stank azzes…..LOL!

    • MsLadyE

      You’re right. There’s nothing worse than going to the bathroom and seeing a “dead snake” in the toilet! YUCK!!

      • Maria Kathleen Williams


    • Chey


  • lockstress

    I can’t even go on my floor…too much traffic.
    Find you a nice quiet floor that no one goes to and handle yo scandal!

    • hollyw

      LMBOOOO! You literally knocked the breathe out of me with “yo scandal”!!! Daaag, why it gotta be so clandestine, though?!

      Low – key, I do the same exact thing if I can’t wait til home, though.. o.O

  • bigdawgman

    I swear, I don’t know what these old people on my job are eating, but DAMN!! Makes you wanna vomit just walking past the door! Especially the women’s bathroom! It will burn hairs out your nose!

  • Chanda

    In some cases it’s not just the poo that’s the problem. Some bathrooms are left smelling like azz. You can’t Poo Pourri that.

    • Maria Kathleen Williams


  • R LongPig

    Courtesy flushing. Flush as soon as it drops. Don’t get why people save it to funk the whole place up!

    • This works!!! I discovered this a couple years ago. But it’s kind of embarrassing flushing several times while still in the stall.

  • Aiych

    Folks should look into getting Poo Pourri, that stuff is great

  • Marley80

    I have found that sprays that are used to clean are so much more effective than aerosols like Febreeze. We keep bleach in the kitchen at my job and I pour that in the toilet when someone has “blessed” the bathroom. It gets rid of the smell within minutes.

    • Angie

      GREAT IDEA! Glad you shared!

    • Guest

      I would be careful using bleach – I read somewhere that mixing bleach and feces or urine can create harmful gases.

      • Marley80

        Interesting. The toilet is flushed when I use it. Thanks for the info!