Plus-Size Woman Strips Down To Bikini And Struts Down Hollywood Blvd. To Promote Positive Self-Esteem

April 1, 2014 ‐ By Jazmine Denise Rogers

Los Angeles Local News | FOX 11 LA KTTV

When Amani Terrell stripped down to her bikini and strutted down Hollywood boulevard, she says she was hopefuly that her stunt would help to promote good self-esteem in women and rid Hollywood of its obsession with perfection.

“You cannot seek validation from other people,” Terrell told Good Day LA. “You have to seek validation from yourself. This world is very cruel.”

Terrell, who is a plus-size woman, says that Hollywood promotes the misconception that you have to be thin in order to be beautiful.

“All you see are thin women,” she said. “I came up with this idea because I live in Hollywood and there’s this mass hysteria about perfection—especially in this town. It’s a misconception that big women have low self-esteem. I don’t have low self-esteem.”

The aspiring television producer also confessed that while she realizes that she needs to lose weight, this in no way means that she doesn’t love herself.

“I’m 260 pounds. I know I do need to lose the weight. However, I still love myself regardless.”

While many applauded Terrell for her efforts, including one postal worker who revealed that her daughter is depressed because of her weight, others were not so kind.

“Be kind to yourself. Love yourself. It starts in your mind,” she said in closing.

What are your thoughts on Amani’s efforts? Do you think she’ll have an impact on the way plus-size women view themselves?

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  • Blumenstrauss

    In a world where diabetes is spreading at an alarming rate, this is not a positive message.

  • Richard Vandiamondsworth

    Most men are with women who look like this, not ‘rexic h-wood bimbos.

  • Cloud Air

    the last girl i dated was 230lbs and 5’6 i miss her huge creamy thighs so much smh

    i like big girls

    the girl i’m dating now is like 200 something and like 5’5.. she is really top heavy with a gorgeous face

    its weird cuz the last girl was huge butt with small boobs, but this one is huge boobs and small butt

    if u were to ask my fave.. i kinda feel like i’m more into the huge butt thing

  • Bemccfel Gabdesbra

    she got guts, could not be me.

  • Me

    is that why she’s got fake eyelashes and fake straight hair? Says self-hatred to me.

  • Anony

    My question to you is how far will you go to impose your views on her, though?

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  • Jan

    I am a gym rat. I will always encourage a healthy lifestyle not just physically, but mentally as well. When women ask about weight loss tips, I tell them to really get down to bottom of why they want to be smaller. I also advise them that being rail thin isn’t easy or attractive. I am the last to say oooh she is fat or she needs to lose weight, because I know how unhealty eating, genetics, and low activity lifestyles can be. A lot of skinny, fit, and fat shaming goes on. So many myths and stereotypes of what we are supposed to look like.

  • Me

    Even if she was thin, this is unacceptable. Parents, please show your child love, affection and some attention because this is what becomes of children who are starved for those things smh.

  • guest

    Since when has , “ACCEPTING OBESITY” ,been deemed as cool or ok within the community? And why promote that ? Shes too damn young and big to be telling little girls that its “cool” to be bigger than an NFL lineman at age 20 . This FATCEPTANCE has got to stop . That ain’t think by any means . Thick doesn’t have ROLLS in it .

  • fujoshifanatic

    As others have said below, why are you promoting self acceptance as you are with a flipping wig on your head?! Take that off (and put on some decent clothes), and maybe you would have a cogent argument for your cause. :-

  • Stacy D. Smith

    This seems to be anything, but a healthy display of self-esteem.

  • TisMy2Sense

    I really love how people are automatically commenting that being overweight is unhealthy. There are millions of skinny people who have diabetes, heart disease, and the like. One’s size does not really determine that they are healthy or not. I’m 5’3″, weigh 280, I DO NOT suffer from diabetes or heart disease or high blood pressure, despite the fact that these things run in my family. I have successfully had two children, who during both pregnancies never gained more than ten pounds and returned back to my pre pregnancy weight. I have been tested time and time again for all diseases that afflict my family members and the like. I run with my sons & can dance hours without getting winded. I do these things almost daily. I have never allowed my size to hinder me from doing anything that I wanted, even when others didn’t like it.
    Bottom line being overweight has nothing to do with the amount of food one consumes or being unhealthy. Being overweight has everything to do with emotional issues not being addressed properly. Most overweight people have used food and other things to help make them feel better about themselves, they are simply trying to protect themselves from others’ opinions and feelings about them. Try reading up on it in Louise Hays’ book, Heal Your Life.
    I applaud this woman for her courage to do what she did. It does challenge the very notion that smaller is better. I applaud her for working on herself and learning to love herself where she is in her weight loss journey.

    • thatguy0101

      Hahahahaha D*MN!!!! 5’3 280lbs???? Sheesh! lol Im a man, Im 6’2″ 225 and Im athletic shape with some mass…. Sweety I know you want to be positive and all but being 5’3 and 280lbs is NOT healthy!

      • Machone

        No she’s not fat, she’s thick! LOL

    • Alexious Johnson

      How is it possible that you are 5’3 and 280 lbs????
      I am 5’3 and the heaviest I have ever been was 165. And it was pure misery….. my knees and hips hurt my back hurt and i was often winded….and i was not an inactive woman….I now (and have for the past four years)weigh 134 and still have a lil cushion and can safely and easily lose another 15 and still be in an ideal range for my height and body type….. you may not yet suffer from ailments related to obesity and poor diet choices but they are no doubt on there way sweetie.. and perhaps you should read some literature on the way digestion fat storage and the metabolism works…..on a basic scientific level being over weight is the result of consuming more calories than you burn. how much and what are you eating to be able to “run” with your children and dance for hours on end without being winded and still weigh 280…..

  • Shar

    Try being skinny, because being over weight has never been healthy.

  • Guest

    She talks about SELF esteem and SELF acceptance and yet she’s exposing herself to errrrrbody else. SELF esteem is about the inner man/woman- not exposing YOUR insecurities to the world. The world is not who you need to accept who you are or what you look like. She’s not okay with it but she WANTS the world to be. If she accepted herself than she had nothing to prove.

  • Kiki

    Take off the wig and make-up and then talk about healthy self-esteem.

    • thatguy

      Thats actually pretty good , hahaha. WELL SAID !!! Talking about promoting self-esteem , WHILE WEARING FAKE HAIR !!

      • Kiki

        “Be kind to yourself. Love yourself. It starts in your mind,” Yes, your mind. Under your borrowed hair

  • candy cane

    She has gumption and anyone that has enough courage to do what she did gets a round of applause from me on the real.

  • thatguy

    Ones standard of beauty differs from one person to the next . What one guy likes , the other one may not. But being 20 and nearly 300 pounds just isnt healthy at all. Don’t promote that crap of “self-esteem” ! She knows shes big and needs to lose weight. So instead of strutting down Hollywood Blvd in a 2 piece, how bout RUNNING to the gym to get some of that unhealthy fat off. Its not going to go away on its own and its not gonna get any easier as you age

  • Joanne1979

    Can she love herself with clothes on. I didn’t buy her dinner so I have no interest in her naked body.

  • Alexious Johnson

    If she had positive self esteem she would not have allowed herself to get this large…..jmho…..

    • Joanne1979


  • atieno

    mhhh what is the difference between
    plus size,overweight and obese and where does this lady fall in
    i like her bra and how it has fitted her boobs
    she should have worn a costume that worked for her body size
    i don’t thinking showing a lot of skin or little skin is an accurate reflection of good self-esteem
    hollywood is not reality ,too many agendas and mixed messages the bottom line is the dollar so we our lives should not emulate what we see in hollywood

  • Mimsy

    If she can put on a bikini and walk the streets..then why not put on some
    sweats and walk those streets to lose weight?! It’s not about a standard
    of beauty. But I see diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood
    pressure, arthritis stuffed in that bikini

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  • soisaid

    well, she could have done that on a beach where bathing suits are necessarily supposed to be worn. people already walk around the streets of hollywood half naked. lots of people with self esteem love attention. maybe she was going more for the attention and if so she reached her goal.

  • KeepingItReal

    This woman LOST. Self-esteem is not tied to whether or not you are naked. It’s tied to how YOU feel about YOURSELF. When you have self-esteem…you do not feel the need to parade around ANYWHERE. You don’t care if OTHERS see you…you just want to make sure YOU see, acknowledge and value YOURSELF. This chick suffers from low self esteem…BIG time.

    • Live_in_LDN

      You contradict yourself several times in your statement and mould the word’s definition based around your opinion, not fact. You said that self-esteem is how you feel about one’s self…Well obviously this woman has great self esteem and body confidence if she feels like putting her self on show and not feeling ashamed, like other women her size.

      • KeepingItReal

        This woman does not have great self esteem. People who value themselves never think about “proving themselves to anyone”. Have you heard of people doing the VERY OPPOSITE of what they say they will/will not do in order to prove a point. It’s called an OVER REACTION or DEFLECTION.

        • Live_in_LDN

          Why is there a ‘black is beautiful’ mantra? Etc, etc, etc Is it because us as a race are, as you put it “proving themselves to others (whites)”? No, it’s because society tells us that we are less then and that we should be insecure about it but no, we’re not and we hold ourselves up. It is the same message, but instead of race, it’s applied to body image. I just think you have a hangup about this women’s choice to bare all and it makes you uncomfortable. Would you go on a large rant, saying the NYC Naked Coybow is insecure? No you wouldn’t.

          • KeepingItReal

            I am so glad you asked that question. The reason why there was a “black is beautiful” mantra is because black people…as a race…had LOW SELF ESTEEM as a result of 400+ years of racism and racial oppression. That mantra was used to COUNTER the feelings of low self esteem. It wasn’t used because blacks actually had self esteem. It was used to help blacks ACQUIRE self esteem. Much the way propaganda is used in this country…the more you say something…the more you believe it. That’s what advertising is all about.

  • Live_in_LDN

    I think she looks lovely.

  • Lynn Wyatt

    I loved what she did and hopes she does it at least once a week!

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  • Problem?

    damn i’d hit it. i like my girls with some meat on em. you lames can keep them boned ones.

    • LargeAndInCharge

      Marry me.

  • Taz

    I can see if she was one of those solid big girls….you know, big but not giggly. She jus looks sloppy. She needs a diet and weights

  • ThatBeMe

    No. Nooo. Noooo. Look awaaaay! Is this really going to help promote Positive Self-Esteem? If I am depressed and overweight and I see her running down the street, I would be so embarrassed and say “Do I really look like that”. Why should we embraced being overweight? This goes beyond the physical appearance. How does your arteries look from all that extra fat? I truly feel if we love ourselves from within there will always be an essence about our presence that requires no boastful actions. Just my opinion.

    • Thenji Maynard

      She said she doesn’t embrace obesity and knows that she has to lose weight. She’s simply questioning the western standard of beauty that is based on size zero and every woman aspiring to have a straight nose, bought boobs, light skin and straight blonde hair. She’s a front-line soldier out here in these cruel Hollywood streets. *Slow claps* for Amani. It’s kinda like on Pride Day Parade where you see plenty exaggerated male body parts on display. The point is to get society to “look at it” – not just the obese body or exaggerated part, but LOOK at the issue. Coz we here, and we ain’t goin’ nowhere.

      • ThatBeMe

        :-) Whistles!! I guess I should have read the entire article. I get what she is trying to do but not sure how effective it is..AND I call green on the Pride Day Parade….Chile I have never seen one but I suppose I could imagine the extra effort. Any regard, it has a counter effect on me…Now if she were healthy and large that’s a different story.

  • YoungAfrique

    That is no bueno!!!!!

  • Lovely

    She’s beautiful, you go girl! This body shaming has got to stop. We don’t need to be a size 0 to be considered beautiful, just love yourself for who you are inside and out and if anyone don’t like how you look on the outer, then F**K them, do you and be you! If she wants to lose the weight than that’s HER decision, but don’t knock her pride. Do your thing mama, let the shallow people know beauty comes in ALL sizes.

    • FromUR2UB

      Yeeeeesss, because those are the only two options: her size, or size 0. :?/

    • biglittlemason3

      I concur…..people need to stop needing other people to validate who they are or what they look like. This woman could careless about what others think of her and that’s the way it should be. Yes, society feels the need to set the standard, but at the end of the day, society does not pay my bills, raise my kids, or tell me how I should live my life. If she wants to be 250 pounds, or 50 pounds, so be it. She will determine how comfortable she is in her own skin….not the world. The same applies to hair, if she wants to wear a weave or be completely bald, her choice, her beauty, and you are right, beauty comes in all sizes, shapes, forms and colors!

  • Kylie

    She looks gross

  • nss

    I’m down for the cause and all, but plus-size to me means curvy not obese…just saying…

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      But in the real world plus size means anything over a size 8. Sad but true.

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    Wow that’s a lot of confidence! I’m no where near her size but I would still be too self conscious to strip to my underwear and walk down the street. Good for her! Glad she is breaking that false stereotype that plus size women are insecure.

  • FromUR2UB

    Sooo, she has to challenge her self-esteem by inviting criticism? Is that how you build up the self-esteem muscles?

  • It’s Me

    I applaud her desire and her effort to promote self esteem but I think the execution was wrong. She’s a beautiful woman who could have show cased her beauty in a nice outfit. Skin or not so skinny, a woman walking down a busy street in a bikini only screams I need attention in my opinion.

  • kickash

    if she was skinny people would be calling her a skank though unfortunately….but do you girl i see what shes trying to convey

    • guest

      right. there is a total double standard here.

  • kiki j

    Of course if this was what she wore daily it would be different because your clothes should compliment your shape. But it was for a cause so I love it ! My only advice for people who are promoting positive self-esteem for plus size children and adult, they should also promote healthy eating and daily exercise. You cannot be healthy and obese, there’s no such thing. I hate when people say “I may be big but I’m healthy.” Not possible. But as your working on a healthier you, you also need to love the current you. I get her message, I’m not mad at all.

    • Coz

      It is very true. At the most I was 280 and had NO diabetes, hypertension or “fat” related diseases. My levels weren’t even close.

      • kiki j

        I won’t have that argument. Ask your doctor if 280 is healthy

        • Machone

          If that person is 7 feet tall, I would say that’s a healthy weight….lol

          • kiki j

            Lol very true

  • Diisha

    You all missed the point! So many women of all ethnicties are judged and valued on their looks and weight. She admits she needs to lose weight, BUY she likes herself based on what people can’t see. Ihope she is on a blanket…the germs

  • Trisha_B

    Why couldn’t she walk in a 1 piece? Or even a tankini? Something that flatters her body. You can have & build your self esteem by wearing clothes that flatter your shape & size.

  • applesauce585

    She could have kept that in the confines of her home or even back yard, seeking her 15 minutes of fame; and she’ll get it!!

  • Volomon

    Always promoting the fat black woman. Rarely would fat white women be exposed like this. Trying to imply black women are fat (Gabby Sidibe et al) white white women are skinny.

    • PPP

      Oh please! White women expose their swerves and curves too, so does Hispanic women as well. This FB page Curvy Girl Lingerie has pics of a lot of them.

      • Volomon

        Curves is the redhead (Christina Hendrix) from Mad Men. What is pictured here is a fat woman. Tell me ONE time a white or Hispanic woman as big as Gabby Sidibe has been exalted as the vision of beauty?

  • Volomon

    Just because you can….doesn’t mean you should.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    I love it boo…show that flaws & all…love urself

  • nik

    she looks great to me!

  • djs

    I may be getting too emotional with all of this but it’s a struggle to love yourself when you are heavy but at the same time I struggle with obesity becoming the norm and society acting as if it’s okay. Being obese creates so many health issues/complications. I personally struggle with it and when you take care of your body it says I love me enough to take care of me. Anyway I want to learn to love me in the meantime of getting rid of the extra weight. Overall I have never had a weight issue until I was dx w/chronic illness. The extra weight is emotionally/physically challenging for me. I don’t weigh as much the young lady but I would never have the courage to do such a thing.

  • Lilo

    Well more power to this woman! No matter what size you are, ALWAYS love yourself, as long as you’re healthy inside and out. Don’t let society tell you what’s beauty looks like always know that you’re beautiful. As my late mother would tell me, if you doubt yourself, just give yourself a big hug and been doing it ever since.

  • Adrienne Ferron


    • S Jo

      Skinny or fat, I don’t want to see all of that!
      They would both need to put on clothes! Lol.

      • Thomas

        She thinks she looks good because she has a dam wig on her head. Take that wig off and let’s see you walk around in a bikini, 300 pounds and a nappy head. Black women think a wig or weave cancels out all of their other physical flaws. That wig got her walking around thinking she looks like Beyonce.

        • S Jo


        • kaykay

          I read these blogs and try desperately to hear what is being said. I often find severe cases of racism, classism,pessimism, and mental and emotional degredation. Big women are not trying to prove that they are proud of being fat, no they are trying to understand why that particular imperfection bothers and better yet scares the hell out of others. So much so that they are taughted,singled out, ignored,chastized,and demeaned! Why is it when a person is too skinny we sweep that along but an obese person causes everyone alarm. They are both body image issues, they both are mental illnesses, amd they both affect healthcare along with drug,alcohol, and tobacco abuse. And I notice its often comments about black women being these big fat hideous creatures, while that may seem so we just dont hide in fat camp or spas or on farms until we get to some acceptable weight range we have to go on. We dont often run to surgery like “other” race women. We deal until we can properly change. And so what she wears a wig other race women do too! Its not a problem of the body its a problem of the mind. So how about we solve this problem and just MIND our own business! That unlike another diet pill will cure our problems pronto!

          • Cyn

            we wld mind our own business if they didnt go parading along busy streets almost all the way naked.

        • Just saying!!

          It sounds so mean but it’s kind of true unfortunately. Smdh

        • Mike Wilson

          Ahaahahahhahahahahahahhahaha!!!!!! Take off yo dam wig, Ho!

    • Guest

      If she was skinny, she wouldn’t have done that. Plus size women for some unknown reason always feel the need to prove how “proud” they are of their curves.

      • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

        That’s because society always tries to bring them down. Would you not stand up for yourself if someone constantly tore you down or would you just hide under a rock?

        • coolyfett

          Hiding under a rock may be hard for most Fat Women.

          • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista


      • Justine

        Well society puts us plus size women down and tell us what is beautiful. No I’m not gonna be stick thin just to get accepted by society. I suffered from bulimia when I was a teen and got help for it, I learned to except my body and if no one else likes it, oh well. Everyday I tell myself I’m beautiful just the way I am, I’m healthy, eat healthy, no diabetes, no hypertension, I exercise everyday to stay active, because I love myself and take good care of me. So yeah I’m proud of my curves and so is my husband.

        • Guest

          Justine, I totally understand your stance. I actually like your courage. However, I do not feel this young lady should have felt the need to walk down the street half naked to prove a point. There are other ways to broadcast “strength and love for oneself”. She could have walked around with a t-shirt stating “I’m big and damn beautiful”. I would have strongly felt her message had she done that.

          Growing up I had the opposite experience. I was pencil thin and would be teased because I didn’t have big breast or a big behind ( this was junior high, by the way). I would wear 2 pair of pants to appear thicker and eat more at lunch to gain weight. One day I said to hell with that and accepted the fact that “I am who I am”

          • belle

            Lol… I thought I was the only one who wore 2 pairs of pants. Thankfully my mother found out before my freshman year in college and nipped it in the bud!

      • Andrea Knox

        yes and it pisses me off because even her article says, she knows she needs to loose weight and she will get super skinny then say I knew I needed to loose weight to be healthy and crap!!! Hypocrite just like Monique the comedian!!! All that talk about loving the fat then they get money, loose the weight and talking badly about it!!! Girl have several seats cause she know she tired!!!

      • Joanne1979

        I love when they say “curves” too. More like shapes. Big ole circles, balls, rectangles. This is not cute and we need to stop promoting this unhealthy mess.

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      Thank you!

    • Trisha_B

      If she was skinny, she would be called names.

      • Andrea Knox

        yes, everyone is called names for being anything different then the person calling the names!!! Skinny girls catch drama for being too skinny and fat girls get the same. Thick girls are now praised with the perfect boobs and big butts. Even that can look so fake its gossip ready!!! So know one is safe from being called names

        • enlightenment

          It depends. If you’re looking at the white standard of beauty, skinny is praised…the Miranda Kerrs, Chanel Imans,and Adriana Limas. If you’re looking at the black standard of beauty, it’s all about the big ol’ butt, small waist, and flat stomach. Amber Rose, Kim K, Nicki Minaj.

          I’m skinny myself. The truth is that skinny girls AND thick girls “catch drama”,,but they don’t catch nearly as much drama a overweight, fat women.

          • guest

            Ones standard of beauty differs from one person to the next . What one guy likes , the other one may not. But being 20 and nearly 300 pounds just isnt healthy at all. Don’t promote that crap of “self-esteem” ! She knows shes big and needs to lose weight. So instead of strutting down Hollywood Blvd in a 2 piece, how bout RUNNING to the gym to get some of that unhealthy fat off. Its not going to go away on its own and its not gonna get any easier as you age .

    • Courtney Banks

      If she were skinny, there would be no point in her experiment. Did you not read the article?

    • RuthM

      She is only 20 years old and already morbidly obese. I agree that you dont have to be a size 6 to be considered healthy but THIS IS NOT HEALTHY. Her body will eventually show her the errors of her ways if it hasn’t already in the form of diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. I have overweight people in my family who complain about all of their physical ailments and ignore the fact that they all stem from their weight. It has nothing to do with society’s pressures.


    Promoting Obesity…yay.

    • thatguy0101

      Exactly….promoting ANYTHING and EVERYTHING… you how it goes lol people always screaming dont judge. Only in america is where we accept WHATEVR, lol it dont matter what the fk it is, anything and everything is acceptable..

  • Tudbee

    I’m sorry but someone should have called the cops for…….assaulting my eyes with a deadly weapon and indecent exposure.

    • enlightenment


  • coolyfett

    Man why couldnt this be a white girl?? SMH…*slams head on the keyboard*

    • djs


    • Tiki

      They do fat white girl experiments like this all the time! U need to watch ur TV!

      • Tsk

        This aint no darn experiment. This is a grown woman making a mockery of herself, her body and her family. I rly hope tht she doesnt av any kids cuz the ridicule they wld face in school ovr her antics wld be tremendous!!

      • coolyfett

        Ok so you expect me to turn on my TV to watch Fat Women? Thats what you recommend?……..

  • SMDH

    So, strutting down a busy street, three-quarters naked, promotes self esteem? Who knew. Hell of a lesson to teach young girls. Black people already over-value image and physical appearance way too much as it is. Why not promote self-esteem by instilling the value of developing an intelligent mind, a strong will and a beautiful heart??

    • kafka

      That never works, her notion of self-esteem is based on vacuous idealism. While guilt-tripping the rest of the same world, we must always applaud every asinine statements from such exhibitionists. I am big black and beautiful.

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      Actually there was a study done that says out of any other race, black women are the least insecure race when it comes to physical beauty.

      • bigdede

        I read that

      • enlightenment

        Thats’s true,

      • Tia

        I read that study too but then I know as most black women we talk a good game. We TALK good self esteem but yet we are the most overweight- which suggest depression. We perm our natural texture away or we weave it up with hair texture unnatural to our ethnicity- which suggest issues with our standards of beauty- which seem to be outward focused on other cultures. Need I go on? Alot of these studies are biased and stilted. Not that I don’t love my sistas but we gotta be real.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      Amen, lights!

  • guest

    WHY ??? Just WHY ??? She could’ve promoted positive self-esteem some other way

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      Why not this way?

      • Joanne1979

        It is gross. I would say the same if she was skinny.

      • YouAlreadyKnow

        Clearly you don’t know the difference between healthy self esteem and shameless over exposure. Proving you proud of who you are or what you look like isn’t about over exposure. Even if she was 110 lbs and 5ft 2 she’d still get a thumbs down for this inappropriate and thirty attempt for approval.