Porsha Speaks On Fight With Kenya, And If It Enforces Stereotype That Black Women Can’t Get Along

April 1, 2014  |  

Despite rumors that she could get the boot from Real Housewives of Atlanta for scrapping with Kenya Moore at the taping of the reunion show, Porsha Williams is moving on, still on her grind and promoting her single “Flatline” on the radio. She did just that this morning in an interview with Tom Joyner, and though she was there to talk music, of course, the conversation turned to her recent scuffle with her RHOA co-star. According to TheYBF, Williams tried to avoid speaking on it because she’s “under contract,” but once the reunion episode airs, she’ll be free to explain herself.

When asked about what happened at the reunion, Williams had this to say, according to TheYBF:

The Details Of Her Fight With Kenya:

“I’m under contract and can’t speak on it.”

If She Actually Hit Her:

I can’t say…”

What She Can Divulge About The Fight:

“That I went to the reunion show.”

If Kenya Called The Police On Her:

“No comment.”

If She’ll Do Another Reality Show If Things With RHOA Don’t Work Out:

“I’m not sure.”

If She Has Been Able To Be Friendly And Patch Things Up With Kordell:

“You know what, I’ve moved on from speaking about Kordell. I’m just in a place where I hope he’s happy. However he’s living.”

After her interview with Tom Joyner, she chatted with TJMS producer Nikki Woods for “Beyond The Studio.” While they conversed, she was asked more questions about her fight with Kenya, and if she thinks the fight and RHOA in general confirm the stereotype about black women not being able to get along:

About The Fight:

“I have no comment for that. You have to watch the reunion and see what happens.”

If She Actually Fought Her:

“I haven’t confirmed that that actually happened, I think you’re confirming that [laughs]. Did you fight Kenya? I haven’t confirmed that at all. No comment to that. Everything will come out in the wash.”

If RHOA And Fight Confirm Bad Stereotype That Black Women Can’t Get Along:

 “I don’t know if we prove that. Our cast is assorted. So some of us were girlfriends before, some of us weren’t. We’re all independent and outspoken, so when you get us together, that’s how you get the Real Housewives of Atlanta. We’re all really feisty and we all have a point and we want to make it known. “ 

So there you have it. She has to keep things on the hush for now about her behavior, but once the reunion airs, get ready for folks to start pointing fingers. Check out her convo with Nikki Woods below and share your thoughts:

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  • Marco LaGrot

    Society’s double standards,do as I say and not as I do !!

  • candy cane

    She did real good at not letting the cat out of the bag; you know folk know that you can’t speak on things and they keep asking you the same thing 100 thousand ways to try and catch you off guard and then get an attitude if you walk out of the interview. ‘I can’t discuss it’ means JUST THAT. Way to go Porsha.

  • Renee86

    What you are discussing is totally different from what I was discussing. You are definitely right to say that we should be able to INTELLIGENTLY speak our minds without it being frowned upon. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about women going on tv (or to work), making absolute fools of themselves and being malicious towards each other. There’s a way to disagree with someone without acting out. There’s a way to speak your mind (and be angry) without acting out. Should they have carry the burden to represent ALL Black women? Probably not. But when given a national platform, I think the answer is yes. If you want to act a fool, do it behind closed doors and not for the world to see.

    • SheDevilsRule

      It’s a show…them fighting and acting a fool is why everybody watch’s it. It’s called entertainment.

      • Renee86

        I understand that it’s entertainment. We are discussing whether or not it’s fair for people to say that “Black” women can’t get along every time someone gets into a fight on one of these shows.

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  • positivebeatsnegative

    You know ..the question should be “Do you think it perpetuates the stereotype “WOMEN” don’t get along, not just black women?” We have plenty of other shows that display this (ie Mobwives, Divas, RHWNJ, OC, NY and BH) Women are just catty and insecure on most occasions (but will never admit it).

    Also people love to say she had it coming and perhaps she did but does Porsha think this will change Kenya’s thoughts about her or her relationship with Kordell….nope! You can beat someone to a pulp but in the end it will not change what the said or how they feel about you. Fighting to me is a waste of time and energy, the are more powerful ways to get back a someone than slapping them because they called you the b word. Now don’t get me wrong if someone hits me I have the right to defend myself, other than that its wasted energy.

  • Lindsay

    Sigh there have been fights…physical fights on every reality show out there…no one ever asks if a fight between those people are representative of all white people…sigh…double sigh and sigh again. Porsha said some stupid stuff this season…does that mean that all black women are stupid? Kenya has been messy every step of the way…does that mean all black women are messy? Stop it!

  • soisaid

    black women can get along. all different types, all ages, all sizes and all complexions. we don’t stick around trying to be friends with women with whom we don’t share the same interests with. television is different. they are paid to be there and they are paid to put up with the b.s. that comes their way. thats their job. the better you are at your job, the more you get paid. the meaner you are the more airtime you get. “reality rules” they teach you to live by.

  • What does “However he’s living…” mean??? Shady Shady

  • kiki j

    Why was this even on here? She said absolutely nothing! And I can’t stand when black people do things and they call it feeding a stereotype. Has anyone seen mafia wives or bad girls club? No one is asking them about stereotypes. Actually nothing that white people do gets them put into a negative stereotype. Black people can’t live for every other black person. You live for yourself.

    • laa_laa1908

      “Porsha is an insecure bully who gets off on making people miserable”? #Really ?!?! Kenya yes… Porsha… that’s just not an accurate depiction.

      • kiki j

        I meant Kenya my bad turn down it’s fixed lol

        • laa_laa1908

          Lol!!! *turning down*

  • BaybeK8s

    Does Porsha even know what ‘enforces stereotype’ mean? And was the comment about “However he (Kordell) is living” a shade throw? lol

  • nss

    lol the producer thought Porsha would talk once she was off the air

  • mmmdot

    I’m of two minds about this. I think that good amount of black people and the white people who aren’t racist will know that this fight doesn’t say anything AT ALL about the stereotypes of black women. I think they’ll know that this only means that Kenya and Porsha had a fight, that people fight all the time, that there is a name for it and that it’s called assault, because ALL kinds of people of ALL races put their hands on each other in physical altercations. But for the racist white morons that believe in racial stereotypes about black people, which is unfortunately most white people in this country, I believe this fight will just CONFIRM the racist beliefs they already had about black people. The same goes for black people who suffer from internalized racism and believe terrible stereotypes about their own people.

  • coolyfett

    Interesting comments here, I think the Atlanta Housewives is the highest rated show of the brand. Off all the Housewives shows I think the Atlanta show has the highest ratings. Black people are not even 50% of this country’s population, but the show featuring Black woman gets the highest views??? Is no one seeing The Agenda?

  • monitorette

    In the above photo, Porsha Williams looks like a Black ‘Lilly Allen’!

  • StraightShooter

    I honestly wish that Porsha could’ve kept her hands to herself. No matter what someone says to you or about you, that doesn’t give you the right to use violence against that person. This is going to be bad for and also for Kenya. Kenya is going to be looked at a bully with a mean and hateful spirit. Porsha is going to be looked as just another “ratchet” washed up video vixen.

  • Leslie Juanita

    i hate the “black women can’t get along” topic. no matter how many times people bring up white casts as counterparts, people will STILL say it’s a black woman issue. these shows just aren’t real life no matter how “reality based” they are. cause in real life you have two basic groups of people. people who can walk away/ignore bullshit & people who will fight & explode when provoked (no matter how big or small the issue is). in real life you take yourself out of the issue but not dealing with people who consistently piss you off…or some people try to beat someone’s a s s & hope that resolves it. all these shows highlight character flaws that almost everyone has. it’s just under a microscope for our entertainment.
    i don’t think of this as a “women’ issue. how many dudes would sit around & have a “talk” with someone they think is disrespecting their relationship? black white, asian, hispanic? are we really supposed to believe that if this was a show of any assortment or flavor of men & these same topics were addressed it’d be peachy keen?! foh! the only difference i see is that women are a little more willing to expose themselves this way. or maybe the networks wouldn’t want to have to keep fronting hospital bills for a bunch of quick tempered dudes. just my opinion.

  • coco

    I am so sick of this crap being highlighted about black women. Also, do you guys have an editor over there, if not, I will be happy to assist. The article should have been titled: Porsh On Fight with Kenya, Re-enforces Stereotype of Black Women Unable to Get Along.
    Get it together and FIRE the editor! Jeez

    • so.funny

      You misspelled Porsha lol.

      • coolyfett

        HA HA HA hA!!!

    • laa_laa1908

      Horrible editor. #ResumeDenied #WeWentWithAMoreQualifiedApplicant #WeWillNottKeepYourInfoOnFile #GoodBye

  • Toni Jones

    What about the Mob wives show. Stop putting us in a place that is not real for any group of people.

  • Nikki Thomas

    I support Porsha Williams. She is incredibly sweet and even comforted Kenya when they were in Anguilla and Kenya was crying about not having a baby. Kenya can’t just say and do as she pleases and expect no consequences. I don’t condone fighting but I do think Kenya was asking for it.

    • wow

      Well… you just did condone it hood-rat.

      • Nikki Thomas

        So you feel the need to call me a name because I expressed my opinion? Yes, hide behind your alias, silly child. I don’t need to argue with an obviously unintelligent online stalker who has nothing to do but reply to other people’s post rather than have a legitimate response. Grow up.

        • wow

          How are you being stalked? Also, how can someone give an legitimate response without replying? In the midst of trying to appear intelligent you actually did the complete opposite.

          • Nikki Thomas

            I am glad you asked. Now we are getting somewhere. You could have simply responded without calling me a name. I respect differences of opinion. You don’t have to agree with me. But to take it to the level you did was uncalled for. I do not condone Porsha fighting, but none of us were there. People can become provoked. I obviously support Porsha so my opinion, would of course, show that. You still did not have to go there. It’s silly. Relax, it’s just a public discussion.

            • mmmdot

              Totally agree, this fool was out of line.

              • kiki j

                I don’t understand why MN allows name calling and bullying but real quick to delete a curse word.

          • mmmdot

            Excuse you, calling someone a HOODRAT is not freaking neutral, PRODUCTIVE, or CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. It’s called using DEROGATORY LANGUAGE to BELITTLE someone. If you give a damn about trying to engage in PRODUCTIVE dialogue instead of just trying to BASH and BELITTLE you don’t call someone a hoodrat. That’s a fighting word. Kay? Just saying. Let’s call a spade a spade.

          • Guest

            You clearly have no sense. How can someone be a hood-rat by simply stating their opinion. Have several seats.

          • kiki j

            I can’t stand internet thugs. I bet you’re a lame in these streets. Have a stadium full of seats, troll. You sound extremely ignorant and then want to talk about someone else’s intelligence.

    • odkdokdo

      Love the hair, Nikki!!! 🙂

      • Nikki Thomas

        Thank you!! ☺

  • Nikkita Michelle

    I don’t think it’s an issue of black women can’t get along, they have several Real Housewives shows that have had physical violence on them and none of them have black castmates. If you look at the Real Housewives franchise as a whole, I’d say women period can’t get a long. Most of these women wouldn’t associate with each other if they weren’t in this dynamic. But, that’s what you sign up for. Let’s put several combative personalities in a room and see what happens.

    • keekee1kool1

      Exactly Nikita Michelle…I get tired of hearing that we can’t get along or we bring each other down mess. This happens in all races and ages they just put emphasis on us because we allow it… and why we have to explain ourselves all the time

  • Ms. Kameria

    I’m kind of tired of seeing the same fighting and foolishness on these shows, BUT Kenya was going to get got sooner or later. She’s been picking with Porsha since Porsha got on the show, and I’ve noticed that Kenya likes to throw rocks and hide her hands, and want to claim the victim. Somebody should’ve gotten her together a long time ago.

    • ItsRoni

      Still doesn’t mean that anyone can put hands on her. I would be fighting every damn day if it was cool to fight everybody that got on my nerves! Porsha needs to learn to control herself. I hope Kenya presses charges AND she gets kicked off the show.

      • BabyBlue

        A kicked dog will holler. Now it’s Porshas fault? She’s kept it together for the past two seasons. She reached her breaking point. Are people allowed to have breaking points? Do you have breaking point? *sigh*

        • ItsRoni

          Doesn’t matter. She can break all she wants, but she STILL has no right to put her hands on anybody. And yes, I have had breaking points, BUT I don’t have to resort to violence. *sigh* When will people learn?

          • BabyBlue

            I’ll disagree but ok

          • kiki j

            That’s fair enough but everyone doesn’t think the same or hedge control over their emotions as you. I’m the type that can take a lot and turn the other cheek. But after so long, when I break I’m gonna break somebody lol. But the difference between these ladies and us, we have the option to not surround ourselves around negative people. We can say, I’m cutting her off. She just has to deal. She hasnt established herself enough in the show to refuse filming scenes with her. You can only take so much.

            • ItsRoni

              She doesn’t have to deal with it at all. She has options. She can stay and handle the situation like a mature adult OR, if she can’t handle it, she can walk away. I see this is one of those situations where we will have to agree to disagree. That’s cool though. Take it easy!

      • kiki j

        I think to say she gets on her nerves is an understatement and minimising the emotional effect that Kenya has clearly had on her. This woman keeps repeatedly humiliating her on live tv. Public humiliation is emotionally damaging which is why if she wasn’t under contract she could have sued her. I understand that’s what she signed up for but I imagine it’s always far worse than people thought when they signed up. Porsha is a insecure bully who gets off on making people miserable and what’s disgusting is she does it with a smile. It makes her happy. And the way she keeps flirting with Apollo I bet if Phaedra wasn’t an attorney she’d beat her a s s too. SN has anyone else notice she preys on the weak? She knows Khandi and Nene will tap that
        a s s. I don’t like violence but Kenya needs to suffer consequences for her actions.

        • BabyBlue


  • DeepThinker

    Interesting the remark about Kordell- “However he is living .” Sounds a little shady. Especially given the past suspect allegations made even by her. SMH

    • Leslie Juanita

      or, she could have just replaced doing w/ living. i have a friend who does that all the time. “how you living? i’m living well!” etc

  • BabyBlue

    So, she confirmed a whole lot of nothing. I’m so sick of the “black women not getting along” speech. Am I supposed to get along with every black women I meet? Does this topic come up when the Italians fight on New Jersey? We don’t have to get along but, we can “try” to be cordial. Emphasis on TRY. It’s hard when you have someone purposely is an antagonists.

    • DeepThinker

      Yes, can’t get along with everyone, but mature adults should try to be cordial or at least civil in each other’s company.

    • Renee86

      I think the issue of Black women not getting along arises when we’re given national platforms and exhibit negative behavior for all to see. No, we don’t all have to get along but when on a national television show, I think it’s important for us to try not tear each other down. It’s important to have at least SOME class and to work conflict out in a positive way. While WE know that these women on television are not representative of all or even most Black women, there are many people out there who will associate all black women with the ones they see on tv. Imagine being in an office setting, where there are only two Black women working for the entire company. Those two Black women don’t like each other and they maliciously tear each other down in front of their colleagues. What are the other’s going to think about those women? They’re not exposed to other Black women, so what will they think of ALL Black women? It may not be fair and it definitely isn’t right but that’s the way it is.

      • BabyBlue

        I understand your point. But, this come togetherness is deeper than black women. I think black men and black women, light skinned, dark skinned, skinny and thick should get along. How is it possible to represent a people when there is still a division amongst our people? This mean mugging and hate started during slavery.sad to mention it. Our people my people need to wake up.

        • Renee86

          Very true!

      • SheDevilsRule

        You can take the girl out the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl. This show just show’s it’s a fact. NeNe try’s to talk all proper & can’t pronounce alot of word’s. She is my favorite but she is boshie as hell. I know I didn’t spell that right.

    • CAliQueen

      Exactly! Most of the time the subject alone perpetuate the stereotype of black women.

    • Addicted2RealityRubbish

      It’s all about the drama & ratings. They all try to out do each other & quite frankly, it’s getting old.

      Bad behavior = Ratings GOLD! RHONJ, RHOA, BBW LA, Love & Hip Hop, etc

      • BabyBlue

        I totally agree. It is getting old.

        • SheDevilsRule

          Then don’t watch it. Plenty of people like it. Why talk chit & hope it goes off the air? Let them make their money.

          • BabyBlue

            Lmao yeah Ok

          • Addicted2RealityRubbish

            It was MY opinion…. No need for the attack. Take a pill.

    • Addicted2RealityRubbish

      Women act this way with or without a platform and regardless of race.

      I’ve been the only African American at my workplace at several businesses & I see it all the time.

      It saddens me to no end that “we” always get a bad wrap.

      When a black woman speaks her mind, she classified as “an angry black woman” & this is OFTEN frowned upon, however when a white woman does the same, she’s GLORIFIED as a “bisch with balls”.

      Double standard anyone?

      • BabyBlue

        I totally feel you on this.