‘He Acted Like A Single Man:’ Mother Of Swizz Beatz’s Daughter, Jahna Sebastian, Offers Clarity On Their Affair

April 1, 2014  |  

A few weeks ago we told you about London-based recording artist and mother to Kaseem “Swizz Beatz” Dean’s daughter, Jahna Sebastian. In a telling interview, Jahna argued that her daughter, Nicole, was not the reason for Swizz’s split from Mashonda because she made sure that she did not reveal that she’d given birth to Swizz’s child until after the troubled couple announced their divorce. Since our initial report, many of you still had questions regarding the logic behind Jahna’s decision, what prompted her to even sleep with a married man and how she can say that things are “all good” with the producer’s now-ex-wife. We were recently given the opportunity to chat with Jahna, who offered answers to some of your burning questions.

“I don’t want to be associated with those women who look out for a rich man, a baller or any other successful man to help them have an easy ride in life,” the singer/songwriter told me. “That behavior is totally the opposite of who I am and what I represent, I have always chosen to get what I want through hard work myself, even though there have always been great men around. I have always relied on myself. I work hard for my career and my child.”

Unlike the way it is now, the single mother explained that her former lover’s personal life was nowhere near as publicized as it now at the time of their relationship. In fact, Jahna says that his personal life was so under the radar in the UK, that she had no idea he was even married.

“I was not aware of him being married at the time, I thought he was single like myself and he acted like a single man,” the “I Am Free” singer explained. “He was not that well-known here anyway at that time, his private life was nowhere near as publicized in 2007 as it is now.”

“I don’t really follow other musicians lives anyway. I saw this as a meeting of equals,” she resolved before revealing that their affair had taken place prior to her learning of his marital status. “I found out that he was married after things had already happened, but it was too late.”

Shortly after this major revelation, Kaseem returned to the States and Jahna received more shocking news.

“He left to US and I was absolutely shocked to learn a few weeks later that I was pregnant as I did not plan to have children until the age of thirty and definitely not to be a single mother in a situation like that. Career, marriage, then children – in that particular order – was my plan. When things happen not as you planned, the only explanation to that is fate. A child is a blessing regardless.”

On top of learning that she would be bringing a child into the world alone, the Russian refugee was detained during her pregnancy due to immigration issues. However, instead of reaching out to Kaseem for help, she went through the process alone out of her refusal to destroy his marriage.

“When I was unlawfully detained for two months by a major mistake of the Home Office while being pregnant with Nicole, I came out of it without her father’s help or even child support at the time even though I knew from the start who the father was. If I made claims at that time, it would have created a scandal all over the place and caused the divorce, so I chose the hard way. I dealt with all my immigration problems which were actually Nicole’s as well since she could only stay in UK as my dependent, without bothering Swizz or anyone on the other side with lawsuits.”

“I wrote to every person in UK I could think of instead of sending lawyers to Swizz and destroying his marriage. I chose to go without child support for two years and the help of someone who could have easily resolved the situation with his connections.”

“My immigration case was publicized at the time but there wasn’t even one mention of his name, although with that situation it could have made even bigger headlines, but I had to save my child from becoming possible reason of the divorce. I clearly imagined how it would hurt to be in a position of a wife learning that her husband went and had a baby on the side, and so I stayed away from this.”

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  • Sherri

    Chile please!!! For this chick to say that she didn’t know much about Swizz Beats is ridiculous! So people in England don’t have internet??? She’s never heard of Google?? To me, that’s even worse to admit that you slept with a “stranger” using no protection. Then she claims that she wasn’t ready for a baby right now but obviously slept with him with no protection. She kept quiet because she didn’t want to be known as a groupie hoe that had unprotected sex with a “married” man that she “supposively” didn’t know anything about.

  • Sonyafun

    Yes, like Jahna states herself, Swizz’s life was not nearly as publicized as it is today. So, therefore her letting him know she was having his child would have just been between them because honestly I know myself and many other people had never heard of him until he became involved with Alicia and when Mashonda wrote that letter. So there wouldn’t have even been a scandal because I doubt anyone would have even cared.

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  • Andrea Knox

    This song is wack and she looks like an hungry Alicia Keys…He likes them light and skinny I see!!! lol She using Swizz now for some attention!! Beautiful baby girl tho

  • Sepp

    Why are we defending Alicia here? There was a point in time where SHE was the other woman! If you steal a man from his wife or girlfriend, don’t get mad when he cheats on you!! Men cool off quick when the side chick starts acting like wifey!

  • Gabo Toura

    I applaud Jahna for thru education setting a good example for her child. Producers like gypsies travel all over the place – Swiss may’ve been slumming it in London w/o revealing secrets to her. As one who travels b/w LA & London, I know how hard things can be for immigrants. I commend the ladies for being civilised. Someone ought to copy this interview to Matthew Knowles’s new baby mama.

  • more

    I’m amazed at how insecure some of these comments sound. Ladies stop projecting you personal lives onto this women by calling her a HO………….

  • Chi-cookie

    I’m wondering if the open letter Mashonda wrote to Alicia should have been addressed to Jahna? Base on the time frame and ages of the children he could have had a affair with Jahna before begin in a relationship with Alicia. Did Mashonda rush to blame? Is possible that he was actually separate because of the affair with Jahna before dating Alicia? What if Mashonda gave Alicia too much ? Yet Jahna waited on the smoke to clear, which was in the best interest of her career. Now Alicia wears the scarlet letter. I don’t recall Alicia ever address the claim, maybe because time would reveal the truth.

  • middleagerant42

    Smh that big nose joker ain’t no earthly good. This is why I lost respect for AK. She flew with him to get the paternity test. Who does that?! She knew he was a dog he was cheating on madhonda with Alicia and going to get dna test for another woman’s child. I can’t with her. A leopard don’t change his spots. But Ak knows we are all watching so she will stay to the bitter end. Bossip already did a article with one of his jump offs putting him on blast. He hasn’t changed I’m sure he is just slicker making sure he doesn’t get caught.

    • Sonyafun

      Someone who cares about a child does this. A child knowing who their father is and having him in their life is very important. I think Alicia is very aware as she did not have her father in her life as a child. And, why wouldn’t she go with him to prove whether or not the child was his. She was seeing him and it was only normal for her to be concerned if a woman was trying to accuse him or if it was really true. It was two years later so yes, there probably was some doubt as the mother had waited so long to accuse him.

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  • wisdomspeaks

    Didn’t know he was married or not… but did you know if he had aids or not? What did you think you knew about him? Just wondering. Stop sleeping around unprotected and then being surprised that you’re pregnant or infected.

  • Sonyafun

    It seems to me she’s doing a lot of talking now because she wants attention, as she has a record that was just released. I’ve listened to some of her music and it’s really not bad. That aside, she still failed to make sure of the person she slept with, like the fact he was married. And I only mention that because she uses it as an excuse for it being alright because she didn’t know. If it’s that important she should have found out and not taken for granted that he was single. I’m pretty sure in her business or maybe with a lot of men, there would be a lot of pretending to be single. I would say she has learned a huge lesson but not knowing is not an excuse. The little girl is beautiful and I wish them the best. As far as Alicia in all this mess, I think she handles everything beautifully. I’m not so sure I could do the same. Swizz has become much more relevant in the music business and other endeavors so it seems Alicia has only been good for him but not only in that aspect. He seems like a more decent human being and father. I only hope he continues on that path and that he realizes what a very special wife he has now.

    • Bombshell

      How was she supposed to make sure he was single when he was lying the whole time? Do you look up marriage license for every person you date? I agree with most of what you say but I don’t get that part!

      • Sonyafun

        He has a name. He is in the music business. He is a rapper and like I said I don’t want to stereo type but in the business they are both in and him being a producer and rapper I feel there would be many men pretending to be single. Women need to stop being stupid and believing everything is as it appears. Pull his name up. Check him out. Talk to other people in the business. There were ways she could have found out IF she had really wanted to. This woman does not SEEM stupid so yes, she could have found out easily. I feel she cowardly did not say anything and denied her daughter a relationship with her father for the first two years of her life because she didn’t want to face what a stupid decision she made. When it was all clear she came out and thought everything would be fine and everyone would be happy and she herself wouldn’t be blamed. Just my opinion.

        • Bombshell

          Lol I might be one of those people I seriously thought he was a DJ or something! I didn’t know anything about him before Alicia still don’t! I guess I see what you saying but it was a known fact he was married to mashonda before the affair was publicized?

          • Sonyafun

            Yes, it was known by people in the business that he was married to Mashonda before his relationship with Alicia but by the general public who didn’t even know him, it wasn’t known at all. Mashonda brought it all to light. Also, it has also been stated they were separated and no, that may not make it right but it happened and I don’t know the circumstances and it’s not my business. Just saying if Mashonda hadn’t put it out there it would not have been publicized because like Jahna stated at that time he was not known as well. People need to grow up and stop blaming Alicia for something they know nothing about other than he was still married but separated from his wife.

            • Bombshell

              I tend to agree with you on that probably because I didn’t get caught up in the drama and I honestly wasn’t a fly on the wall for any of it! I would hope that someone shouldn’t depend on google to make sure someone is faithful or not! I wish them all well!

  • SheDevilsRule

    Let’s not forget that chick he was messin with on Love & Hip Hop. His oogly azz get’s around.

  • Sandia

    She and Alicia both got pregnant by a married man and they both sound like hurt goats. I hope it was worth it. Swizzy has four children by four different women and two were conceived during his marriage. I hope I never get so sprung that I don’t see the character of a man. Jahna is silly to not tell Swizz she had a baby because he was married. So if he still were married you would just deny your child access to her father because of your negligence? Ridiculous! Whether a man presents himself as single or taken you still need to use protection!

  • FromUR2UB

    A scandal among who? If neither of them were well known at that time, how much of a scandal could there have been? Also, sounds like she needed someone to explain to her where babies come from.

    • Sonyafun

      She just didn’t want wifey to know because she didn’t want her or Swizz to take the heat. imo

  • Roni

    Wow! That was some of the WORST singing I’ve heard in a long time! I always want to give somebody a chance but there is no chance in her voice. She should never give up her day job! Plus her story is a hot mess and totally unbelievable.

  • Mividaloca101

    I hope she didn’t think her back story took away from the fact she was a side piece who had a baby…all she had to do was a simple google search and BOOM she would’ve known. Unless she just didn’t want to know….either way I’m sorry but if my “life plans” are to not have a child until I am married, I will be on every birth control possible to make that happen, and whoever I sleep with will strap up! Sorry, I feel no kinda way for her. Some people just love to live life the hard way, I suppose.

    • Sonyafun

      I agree if she was so bent on not having a child until her thirties then one would think she knew how to prevent it from happening.

  • djs

    Alicia acts as if she really has a prize….I hope she isn’t disappointed !!!

  • kiki j

    People will continue to blame these women for what the MAN KEEPS DOING! That’s why there are so many cheating men because he knows the women will beef it out and he’ll still come out the innocent one. I love what she said,
    “If some people choose to waste their time on hating for no reason instead of working on fighting their own demons that is their problem and if it bothers them so much, may be they should look into their own unresolved childhood issues they are projecting on others. All the self-proclaimed ‘saints’ on social media hiding behind computer screens don’t really get much ahead by casting stones. Nobody is perfect.”
    Women stop putting sorry men on a pedestal.

    • ok

      omg thank you! Glad there are women who still have eyes to see!

    • True_blood

      No, no, no. we are blaming her for playing this bogus innocent game, when in reality, she didn’t WANT to know the truth.

      • Rissie75

        You know her?? How can you say her story is bogus??

      • Bopstar

        It will always be a small minded ignorant world with people like you making such stupid comments. Stop projecting your own experiences onto completely different situations. #feminism

  • sarasefree

    just because u did not let everyone know doesn’t make it right hunny!!!!!!!!!! he was still married so u that’s hoe behavior.

    • kiki j

      What part of, he didn’t announce he was married don’t people get? How come with all the cheating Swizz has done no one makes him take accountability? That’s what’s wrong with women now, always attacking the woman instead of the common denominator, the darn man .

      • True_blood

        You know, if you wait long enough before you sleep with a man, you can usually tell very early on if he’s available or not. I promise. When you act stupid, you get treated as such #ByeFelicia

        • kiki j

          Didn’t she live in the uk while he was coming back and forth from the states? I’m sure you can hide a marriage in a long distance relationship. Bye yourself

          • True_blood

            Oh puh-LEASE!! you are the type of women men look for to play. Long distance or NOT. YOU KNOW WHEN A MAN IS NOT AVAILABLE. Late nights not answering? Quick conversations? he visiting you but not vice versa? Hellooooo!! Earth to Jahna!! Earth to Kiki j!! it’s time to wake up now 🙂 Again, #byeFelicia

            • kiki j

              No boo I’m the kind of woman who has been with the same man 12 years and married for two and don’t have to deal with shenanigans because I have a good man. But IF he were to cheat I’m the kind of woman who checks her man and not some random chick who don’t know or care about me. And why you’re thinking you can read me, I’m sure you’re the kind of ratchet chick out here fighting different women every week thinking you won a prize because you still got the cheating man that don’t give af about you or the last chick lol. Girl please. Live a little, learn a little then come at me.

              • Rissie75

                #Boom **Claps**

          • sarasefree

            oh plz…….ur saying she did not know he was married? i bet u have googled someone u wanted to get info on.

  • True Comments

    Anyone gonna comment on that music video or nah

    • lookie

      She sounds horrible.

    • PleaseDOBetter

      Nah. She talk-sings. I’ll pass.

    • Sonyafun

      She’s alright.

    • PolkaDots

      It’s some English version of a Middle Eastern song to me. (That’s all I got)

  • DeepThinker

    Not bothering to ask a man if he is married or single = I really do not care if he is or not. It amazes me what little guys have to do to get a female in bed these days. Let him smash raw and then act clueless when you find out you are preggers. Bye Jahna Ho!

    • Rosetta Stone

      EXACTLY!!!!! EXACTLY!!!!!!!!

    • Trisha_B

      Lol right! That “thought” & “appeared” single mess is for the birds! Straight up ask him. She slept w/ that man days of meeting him. She lucky all he gave her was a baby & not some STD. This didn’t really clear her name, just shows how careless she is w/ her body. She knew who that man was, & what kind of business he was in & saw an opportunity.

    • CT

      if i see a guy without a ring and doing “single” things, im gonna assume that he is in fact single. So I guess you’re saying ring or not I need to ask every guy “Dude, you got a wife and kids at home “?

      • nosrednakal

        Sadly, yeah. I learned my lesson once by NOT asking. Then, when I began asking – I was surprised to learn that the majority of the men I met told the truth and a decent proportion WERE married. They like to pull the “dang, I would have lied if I knew you would shut me down” Oh well, thank god they didn’t for my sake. #foul

        • PleaseDOBetter

          I once had a guy do me like this over his kids. He told me that unless I asked about him having kids, we wouldn’t have told me. What kind of mess is that???

      • Trisha_B

        Or at least ask if he’s in a relationship lol.

      • PolkaDots

        You better, especially if he is in the military.

      • Nesse

        google him #itseasy

  • thatguy0101

    Hahaha, yea sure, feed someone else that BS. These chicks crack me up with there cluelessness and “suppose” innocence after all the ish hits the fan. Im not buying it..

  • candy cane

    Stop trying to clarify stuff; it’s old news now anyway!!

  • Ash

    “…I was absolutely shocked to learn a few weeks later that I was pregnant…” LOL

  • Trisha_B

    So no internet is provided in the UK? His wiki page tells it all. Who doesn’t google the person they are sleeping with? Lol i be checking everything! Facebook, Twitter, ig lol. I don’t believe she didn’t know he was married. But why even bring all that up now, 6 years later? Everyone moved on, & here she come bringing up old drama lol…all this says is Swizz never abandon his daughter like reports said. She didn’t tell him about the child. & that Swizz needed to learn to keep his pants on smh

    • DeepThinker

      People finders, white pages too! You can see what other names pop up next to his. If dude’s name does not pop up, either he’s giving a fake name and/or living with someone.

    • PleaseDOBetter

      YUP. This is ridiculous. I don’t give a good d a m n how he carried himself. He is a man in the spotlight. There is not amount of cute, money, or d i c k that is going to have me caught up in some drama because I “didn’t know” he was married. Cut the bull, Jahna.

    • nosrednakal

      …and the state judiciary case lookup. Most give at least a partial address for traffic violations -> then you can check the title/deed listings. IJS. A little cyber stalking never hurt anybody (don’t judge me) LOL

      • Trisha_B

        Lol no judging from me b/c I’ve done it lmao. He lived in a different state from me, so I checked his states systems. Saw he has been locked up for some serious things. Phone number got deleted that night!! Lol

    • Sonyafun

      Don’t mean to be mean but maybe she didn’t really know who the father was and was waiting to get a better idea before she announced who it was. The little girl does resemble Swizz quite a bit. ??????

      • eff the h0!

        Yeah, cause she got pregnant real quick by a man she barely knew. She’s full of shyt!

        • PolkaDots

          That’s what I was thinking…But I blame Swizz, he could of easily put on a condom…These entertainers think they are TEFLON DONS.

        • Sherri

          That’s exactly what I was thinking!

      • Sherri


    • Sonyafun

      Seems to me she took the easy way out. I wonder if she would have ever told him she had his child if he and his wife hadn’t divorced. Does seem a little cowardly and the child was the one suffering by not knowing her father. It’s like alright I can say something now because they are no longer together so no one can blame me.

    • Sonyafun

      She is promoting her record.

  • soisaid

    if they all decided to get along because of the kids thats a great thing. but s.b. seems like he made lots of irresponsible decisions and stepped out to let the women battle it out. which is not a manly thing to do. he alone could have ended all the drama that started,but i guess he just waited years for it to work itself out. (hunching shoulders)

    • atieno

      she’s making him sound like a douche bag ,mhhhhhh ,cud he be faithful to alicia?after dogging his previous wife

      • DeepThinker

        Alicia know what type of man she got, but she probably thinks she is above the others. Plus I think he only married her for connections and to get out of debt. SMH

        • Sonyafun

          Yes, Alicia knows exactly what kind of man she got but hopefully she will make him a better man. I don’t think she thinks she’s above the rest, I think she hopes he will change like a lot women do. As for the marriage, who knows you could be right about him but in the process maybe he’ll grow up and do the right things and realize what he’s got and I don’t mean financially.

      • SheDevilsRule

        He IS a douch bag. Him marrying Alicia was a big step up. He’s ugly as fawk, I know THAT much.

        • PolkaDots

          ” He’s ugly as fawk…” – I totally agree with that… A step up? Dunno about that. They seem to be about on the same level – If it was a step up I would say it was more like a trip.

          • SheDevilsRule


    • DeepThinker

      He saw another train and jumped on it. That train is providing him better resources than Mashonda could. Otherwise, he would not have divorced Mashonda as long as she continued to put up with him. He is such a slimy snake.

    • jau

      she said she didn’t let him know because she didn’t want to destroy the marriage. but, isn’t the marriage already destroyed after a husband cheats? I mean she could have even helped his ex-wife mashonda out by building her a bigger case against swizz. Obviously she was better off just getting pregnant instead of marriage because she doesn’t use common sense. as for alicia keys, as mashonda put it alicia already knew he was married but didn’t care. she even had mashondas son call her mommy in egyptian. I use to love alicia keys songs but, how can I take you serious when you sing love songs and songs to empower women, when you can easily turn into a snake teaming up against them. sure swizz had problems but, at least wait til he had his marriage worked out instead of moving in on him knowingly. if you sing like you know better is it bad to treat you as if you should do better?

      • Sonyafun

        That is so blown out of proportion. Mashonda was running to the tabloids or anyone who would listen to complain about any and everything Alicia did. Where was all this co parenting and companionship and putting the children first then? Didn’t she have enough sense to know her child would be caught in the middle of all her ranting one day? If anyone caused her child any kind of pain from all of this it was his own mother. She put it out there for everyone to know about without thinking what it might do to her child. I’m glad she is not still running to the media about every little thing. (for the children’s sake)

        • janel dunkley

          If your talking about mashonda I believe you need to think. Mashonda was on a show I believe love n hiphop and spilled out the beans… and who wouldn’t run to the tabloids if they are married to a well known artist and cheats with a well known singer and others lol. He left her with her house in foreclosure. I understand that she has to play her part in getting bread too but. He was obviously making more and being married he obviously bought a house for them to raise a family in. He ruined her for that moment and embarrassed her think about her family and his family and what they might of thought of it knowing that those two married with vows and he goes out and breaks the family apart. Alicia keys is forever a gabby union, joseline Hernandez, and all the homebreakers you could ever think of for that.. while still keeping in mind it took two to tangle. I utterly despise women like that, it doesn’t matter how much you wanna portray good that came from it such as having your own child you are still fkd up for that and it affects your character most of all.

          • Sonyafun

            Well I believe any woman who cares about her child would not be running to the tabloids to rant about an affair the child’s father had when she knew there were many others also who now would more than likely be brought to light. I mean in this day and age if she would have thought at all she would have known the child was going to be the one to suffer. And thinking back, Ms Mashonda hit the tabloids even before that show. I’m not in on Mashonda’s pity party. She put all her baggage out there for everyone to see so if she was embarrassed it was her fault. I would say her plan more or less backfired as I believe she wanted to destroy Alicia and fortunately that did not happen. Divorces happen every day and she decided to be public about it. What he did was between them and would have been handled in court. She made it a public circus. It would have been much worse if Alicia would have gone rounds with her and replied to all her accusations. I believe Alicia is the only one involved who was actually thinking of the kids. Alicia played a part but I don’t believe her part was nearly as destructive as most would like to believe. There was already infedility in that marriage long before Alicia. Mashonda was well aware what kind of man she married before the fact. So, no pity. I love Alicia’s music, her talent, and her character. No one is perfect and I won’t be judging her on something I know really nothing about except what I’ve read. There was a lot of wrong done evidently but not just by her. There is no reason for me to feel any differently about her. I guess some people can dislike others for doing something they think is wrong regardless of all the good things about the person but that’s not me. Whatever it is should be handled by the people involved and I’m sure this has been. Mashonda is a big girl and she’ll be fine with her huge child support and who knows what else.