Shanesha Taylor Reportedly Released From Jail On Bail; Funds Raised For Her Now At $66,000

March 31, 2014  |  

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According to The Grio, supporters of 35-year-old Shanesha Taylor have a lot to celebrate about, because the homeless mother of two has reportedly been released from jail on bail. In the wee hours of Monday morning, the Scottsdale, Ariz. mother was released from jail after having her bail paid for, and says that she is “home and safe,” wherever that is. Her children are still in custody of Child Protective Services. Taylor will be free on bond as she awaits a trial for her charges of felony abuse.

If you didn’t know her story, the charges stem from Taylor’s desperate decision as a homeless mother of a six-month-old and a 2-year-old, to leave her children in a hot car with the windows cracked as she went inside of an insurance company building for a job interview on March 20. She would later claim that she couldn’t find anyone who could watch her kids during the interview. Someone passing by the car saw the children inside and called police, and 45 minutes after they came to the scene, Taylor came out of the insurance building and back to her car. She was arrested.

We told you late last week that a fundraising campaign had been set up in Taylor’s honor by 24-year-old Amanda Bishop. In an interview with TheGrio, Bishop said that she was inspired to start the fundraising opportunity after seeing Taylor’s Facebook page and seeing that she was simply a desperate woman who made a terrible mistake:

“It’s not like Shanesha was out drinking and partying. She was trying to better her situation. She was trying to get a job. She was trying to get herself out of the rut that she was in.

The story underscores the desperate situations parents, especially single moms in poverty, are forced into to make ends met. What’s wrong with the picture here? Is it wrong that she was put in a position to make that decision or is it wrong that so many people are even in this position to begin with?”

We told you on Friday that the fundraising campaign had already made $27,000, but just days later and upon Taylor’s release, it has brought in $66,000 with 31 days left to go. Bishop told TheGrio that the money was going to go Taylor’s legal fees and to help care for her children and improve the embattled mother’s situation. A message was left on the fundraising page today, allegedly by Taylor, thanking the more than 2,000 donors for their support:

Thank you to all who love and support me. I am home and safe. I was released early this morning by the grace of god. And the charity of a wonderful church community here in Chandler, AZ. I appreciate everyone who felt move enough to help a complete stranger. I LOVE you all.  As to the comments that this fund is fraudelent, please understand there are a lot of people looking to profit from my misfortune. This fund is absolutely real and my first disbursement is pending in my account. Again thank you all for you support. My family and I greatly appreciate it.


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  • sally hernandez

    how dare you say she should not be a mother, you have NO idea what she may have been through to be in the situation, ANYTHING could have happend. how horriable to say she shouldnt be a mother , stop assuming. THe father of her child could be dead,or homeless also. Its HIS fault that hes not around not this womens the people did not ask for you support nor did this women so keep your negative comments to yourself

  • Careful

    Well, the children are here, so asking “why she had them” is fruitless. Let’s aim to do more preventative work in our black communities to keep from having more Shanesha Taylors. Raise men instead of boys to understand all forms of responsibility. Model and empower our girls to prioritize education and value themselves.

  • wtdp

    I think all the sympathy comes from the fact that she’s crying in the mug shot, no more, no less. A different picture of her and this wouldn’t even have been a story, after all it happens quite a lot.

  • James Myers

    I’d be inclined to lend a hand rather than lend an opinion. Sometimes just step back and think about where you are in life and others trying to get there.

  • ddw5473

    Go lady! All the best to you!

  • b davis

    These so called americans critize from the sidelines, of this game called life. The most self-righteous, unforgiving, evil people I have ever lived amongst while observing.

  • Leo

    Plain and simple, it’s called felony child abuse. Makes no difference where she went when she left them in the car. She was gone for an hour and 15 minutes. FELONY CHILD ENDANGERMENT. Needs to be held accoutable. By the way, not homeless. That’s what she told the cops to try and get out of trouble.

    • billesuor

      You are correct, Leo. Seems like many of the folks on this board want to be “victims”, too…

  • Trisha_B

    You guys keep reporting on this woman that put her child in danger but have done NO coverage on the Relisha Rudd case (the 8 yr old that is missing in DC). The man who had her was found dead yesterday, now things are turning for the worst. This is one of the very few cases of black children missing getting huge news coverage & y’all have done 1 lil post on it. But keep reporting on this women getting money for leaving her babies in a hot car where they almost died. Smfh

  • monitorette

    It’s CRAZY how sometimes the SOCIETY only purpose seems to CRUSH people’s lives.

  • lockstress

    She made a bad decision in a depserate situation. Poor girl was trying to do right by her kids. Give her a break.
    Placing those kids in foster care is doing more damage. Its not right.

  • Live Laugh Love

    I really hate that she had to go through that when all she was trying to do was get a job so she abd her children were no longer homeless…. I wouldn’t have left my kids in the car being a single mother is hard enough but going through it alone and having to do everything yourself is the worse

  • Artese Johnson

    You know what pisses me off? She was put in jail for leaving her kids in the car but yesterday I saw a news story about some rich white man who admitted to molesting his son & 3 yr old daughter who is serving his punishment, which is PROBATION at home (a mansion) bc the judge felt that, “he wouldn’t fare well in prison.” It’s Sh!t like this that pisses me off.

    Enough of my rant. It’s really unfortunate that she didn’t have anyone to watch her children while she went on a job interview. I would have at least kept the car running with the AC. Furthermore, what would she have done with the kids if she had got the job? I wish her & her children good luck.

    • lockstress

      He MOLESTED…physically harmed the child. PSychololgically damaged her but yet no jail time. Thank you sista…thank you!

    • 9Boots

      The judge was most likely paid off.

  • Cherry Coke

    Wonder if the WW who left her kids in the car to have sex was charged with a felony too?

    • Artese Johnson

      Read my post regarding the rich white man that admitted to molesting his kids. The judge gave him probation.

      • Cherry Coke

        Oh that DuPont heir?

        • Artese Johnson

          Yes, I believe so. It’s crazy~

          • Cherry Coke

            Vile disgusting human being.

  • Donna Moore

    Hopefully, we won’t have other mothers leaving their kids unattended “to better themselves” in hot cars, so they can get donations. My only issue is… I would have been running back in forth every 5-10mins to check them. 45mins is a long time to sit knowing your kids are unsafe. And YES! I AM Asingle mother.

    • FromUR2UB

      She didn’t leave the kids in the car to get donations, a**hole.

      • redcells

        Donna Moore didnt say that the mother purposely left her kids in the car in order to get donations. So dont suggest that. And Im amazed that you are using profanity. I though you were more intelligent that that.

        • FromUR2UB

          1) I’m a grown woman. I say what I wish to say.
          2) I don’t care what you think about that.

    • QuikDraw

      She was in an INTERVIEW, trying to get the job. I’m pretty sure she didn’t want her potential employers to think she didn’t take the interview seriously because she kept running out every 5 minutes. Cmon people.

  • MeMe

    If this story would have turned out differently for the children we would not be supporting her. I understand in black America we want to support every black person, but her being African American does not make this acceptable. You’re homeless, really need a job, take your kids in with you. We all fall on hard times but we still have to use common sense. And yes, I am African American, and NO I do not support what she did. I don’t know her story but if she was struggling previously to her second child, why have a second child?

    • FromUR2UB

      Please read your comment, and then ask yourself: If I was the person conducting the interview and this woman showed up with two kids, one of them an infant,whom she might have to tend to during the inteview, would I want to hire her?

      Most people would think she should have gotten a babysitter, and if she couldn’t get a babysitter for an interview, then she probably would have trouble making arrangements for their care if she got the job. Do ya think all of this hadn’t crossed her mind? The woman was truly between a rock and hard place. And if she were white, she might not have gotten arrested in the first place. But if she had, she would have been made to look heroic by the media for looking for a job while homeless, and then got tons of job offers. So, if not us, then who?

      • Donna Moore

        PLEASE stop with the race card!! “Threw up in my mouth” smdh

        • FromUR2UB

          You threw up in your mouth because that’s all you’ve got to offer: vomit. I’m sure you swallowed it because that’s what dogs do: lap up their own vomit.

          If you folks are so tired of the “race card”, then quit dealing them.. Now, STH up!

          • LH

            So you don’t think she is being made to look heroic by the media for looking for a job while homeless? Over $70k has been raised for her already by complete strangers, many of whom are white. I feel for her socio-economic situation too, but lets not turn it into a race issue when this can and does happen to poor people of all ethnic backgrounds. I’m just saying…

            • QuikDraw

              “Made to look heroic” refers to media outlets and their portrayal of her.
              You’re talking about the money that was raised for her by regular people who don’t control how the media reports.

              • LH

                A quick google of her name (Shanesha Taylor, Shenesha Taylor) shows that all media news outlets are reporting this story either in a neutral or mostly positive manner as in “let’s help this struggling woman”. So maybe she’s not depicted as a hero, but certainly not a villain. Most people support her including mainstream media and guess what, regular people comprise the largest most influential sector of media there is; social media.

            • FromUR2UB

              If you were concerned about the issue of race being brought into it, then you would have responded to the people who’ve suggested that black people are blindly sujpporting this woman only because she’s black, while everybody else in the world is doing it out of compassion for her situation. I suppose we’re not capable of that.

              • LH

                People who post that this woman is only being supported because she is black are, in my mind, ignorant trolls and I don’t even bother to responding to that. Feeding trolls really is pointless and the negative attention is what they want anyways. I just ignore them. My response to you was just me being concerned about keeping it real. When we pull the race card where it is not warranted, it cheapens not only the plight of all poor but also the fight against racial injustice when it really does occur. That’s all. I agree with your overall point though. This woman was between a rock and hard place. My heart goes out to her situation.

      • billesuor

        Nice try, but white people get arrested all this time for this as well…your race card is a joker…

  • news junkie

    Thanks to the community for pulling together on this. God bless her and her children.

  • FoundLove

    Sorry, but that being homeless is no excuse to leave your children in a hot care. It takes only 15 min for a child to overheat. Her children could of died! Where is the man she laid down and had the 6-month old with? Bet he’s not “homeless” She will not be getting a dime from me and people supporting this mess should be ashamed of themselves. When will people learn, if you cannot support these children, don’t have them!!

    • Tiffany Thomas

      To @Found Love. Just wait until your turn to have bad luck. See who comes to your rescue.

      • Jannyflo2

        Amen to that!!!

      • Sandia

        This woman did not have bad luck she has poor decision making skills. You have GOT to be an ignoramus if you think leaving toddler and infant children in a car are OK, as long as the parent is bettering themselves. Where would the children be until she got her first check? In the car! This woman needed to be in jail and should not be a mother. Point blank period.

        • Tiffany Thomas

          First, let me say I’m an African-American single mother to a 10 yr old boy. I hold a Master’s Degree in Special Education. I’m also the Vice-President for the National Congress of Black Women. So therefore ignorant I am not. Second, I didn’t say that I agreed to her leaving her babies in the car. What I said to that person was wait until they have bad luck. Anyone with or without kids can have bad luck. It’s just unfortunate that kids were involved when Shanesha’s bad luck came about. I’m sure she never thought that one day she would be living out of her car with two kids. However! Like all mothers she did all that she could until she just couldn’t do it anymore. Shanesha wasn’t asking for a hand out. She wanted to work or else she wouldn’t have filled out the job application.
          It is not up to us to judge others and what happened to them in the past. That time is gone and she will never get it back. Shanesha chose to focus on the future and that included getting a job to financially support her children. Remember giants do fall and you never know who will come to your rescue. One day that person just maybe Shanesha.

          • Sandia

            Even in a bout of misfortune or bad luck, you don’t resort to illegal and unethical measures. It’s not about falling off a high horse and never knowing where your help may come it’s about using your brain and your inner guide regardless of the situation one may find themselves in.

            • Lakeisha Tapplin

              So what do you do if you have two children and live in a court with them, also you are trying to go to a job interview to get out your situation? Also, what if you can pay for someone to watch your children while you go to a interview. Do you not go to the interview and stay homeless and stay on the system? It is definitely hard for single mothers in America. This Lady Shanesha made a poor decision by leaving the kids in a non-air conditioned car, but maybe if she fed them and turned the a/c on before the interview she would been better off. I am not saying its right to leave the kids in the car alone, but what should she have done, being that she was flat broke?

              • There’s lots of options… There’s MOPS, Mom’s day out, local churches, play groups, etc. Or, the obvious option – telling the person you have the interview with your situation and maybe they’d reschedule or let someone in the office sit with them while you interview… That wasn’t her only option.

              • Lori Rich

                or take the kids inside the building to the interview with you. How is that not a solutuon to the whole problem? the interviewer may not wish to allow them into the interview room, but leaving them in the waiting room with a receptionist may be unconventional but much safer for the babes themselves. If you are afraid you may not get the job because you brought them in with you> you can be certain they won’t after finding out you’ve left them in the car… (p.s. even leaving it running with a/c on alone leaves the babes in jeopardy of being kidnapped by an opertunistic car thief.)

                Just take them inside with you.

        • AllSeasonRadial

          As every two-year-old knows, opinions are like… belly buttons. Everyone has one.

          It’s absolutely terrific that you, comfortable in your room on your computer— know what this woman SHOULD have done about having kids. So how about imparting to us your insight into what she should do NOW that she HAS kids? And no home? And no job? Go back to the kid’s father? What if he’s 1) a junkie 2) in prison 3) abusive to her and/or the kids 4) any NUMBER of other possibilities that make it a “poor decision” to return to him? Then what?

          That fact that you sit there at the keyboard, smug and supercilious and pass judgment on her tells me everything I need to know about you. I don’t even need to know her backstory to know that by seeking a job to care for herself and her kids, she is already a better person than someone like you.

          Thanks for sharing that with the rest of us.

    • Alicia Sharnet’Lashay Love

      Its not her fault If her babies father didn’t stay around to help her with the kids. U don’t know her story so u shouldn’t judge her at least she was out tryin to get a job to better hee and her kids lives. I support her

      • delightfulchokolate

        She left the Windows down for the kids,and was trying to get a job to do better.She may not be right,but neither is the punishment. She should have been treated as if she needed help,not jail time.

      • Jannyflo2

        Yes. Who are we to judge???

    • FromUR2UB

      FoundLove. Does that describe a status, and do you feel so secure in that, you could NEEEEVER imagine yourself separated from that person? Maybe she did too. I mean, the woman is 35 with two very young children. She must have been careful not to have children until she thought she could manage it. I’d like to know her story because it may not be as cut and dried as people believe.

    • NeverFoundLove

      B*tch, shut up! You haven’t been in her shoes or even know her to pass judgment. I guess you’re all Little Miss Perfect living in a glass house and you’re never broke. Yeah she made a mistake by leaving her kids in the car alone, but she was trying to better herself and she probably didn’t have close family, friends or people she trust to watch her kids. There are homeless single mothers who are by themselves in this world, so don’t judge idiot!

      • FoundLove

        LOL, no Im not perfect but Im not stupid either, would never fathom leaving my child in a hot car no matter what the cause. Just like I don’t know the full story neither do you. She states she is now “home and safe”, hmmm thought she was “homeless” with nowhere to go. I’m not judging just stating facts, what she did is child abuse no matter what the reason behind it is. Yes she deserved to be arrested because what she did was foolish. Hopefully they let her go with probation.

        • Sandia

          Finally, a commenter with common sense!

        • leo

          It’s called felony child abuse. Makes no difference where she went when she left them in the car. She was gone for an hour and 15 minutes. FELONY CHILD ENDANGERMENT.

          • billesuor

            You are correct, leo. People in AZ who wouldn’t lock a dog in a car somehow manage to lock their kids in hot cars. I hope the kids go to foster and then adoption just in case this “mother” decides she need another fundraiser for over $90,000 and does it again…this time, the kids might not be so lucky!

          • Bonnie

            What’s sad is that now that she has a felony conviction, she will never be able to get a job.

        • just saying

          Shanesha Taylor was never homeless. She lied to the authorities when she actually lives with her parents and also has considerable family in the area. In fact, a great aunt said she would have looked after the kids if Shanesha had asked her to do so.

          She lives in a desert area so she should have been well aware of the co

      • Tiffany Thomas


    • Jannyflo2

      Are you kidding @ foundlove???

    • Herm Cain

      Exactly a community full of unaccountability and excuses she deserves an opportunity to earn not free pity money if you can’t afford kids don’t have em birth control or condoms are much cheaper why don’t we grasp this basic a** concept

    • dvdkzk


    • billesuor

      Pretty sure that was “men she laid down with”, not “man”…